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By Anonymous

   I think that Kurt Cobain is one of the biggest hypocrites ever. He was angry at the world for no reason and wrote the songs that demonstrated his hatred of everything. By selling those recordings to the public, he influenced and manipulated the minds of young people with his negative messages. For someone who was so mad about the bad things in life, it was surprising to see that he made other people's lives worse. He hated people, but had a band, a close family, a wife, and a baby. During an MTV interview, he had the baby with him, feeding her and obviously loving her. So why would he be so selfish as to take away her father because he "didn't have what satisfied him."

If he didn't want to be famous (which I personally think is ridiculous), he should never have allowed the band to be as publicized as they were. If he didn't want to be famous, he could have just stayed in the Seattle club scene and never recorded. If he didn't want to be famous, he could have bailed out on the band back in 1991 when "Nevermind" sold so many copies, instead of bailing out on his life, his family, and all his devoted fans. And if he didn't want to be famous, he NEVER should have appeared with the band on a highly rated nationally broadcast TV show (Saturday Night Live).

Everyone feels so bad for him, and I keep hearing about all of the pressure and problems in his life. I don't buy it. EVERYONE has problems and stress, but not everyone has an impressionable position in the public eye. I do feel badly for his baby daughter, who will be reminded for the rest of her life about her father's irresponsible actions because he'll never be there to love her and care for her.

He loved the world that music opened up to him, but not the music world. Music allowed him to express himself in ways that he other wise wouldn't have been able to. But he also saw the fall of so many musicians before him and could have stopped himself earlier before his demise. ?

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i love this so much!

on Nov. 27 2009 at 3:19 am
MaryJane420 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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To believe that Kurt Cobain never wanted to be famous makes no sense. If you researched his early years with the band you would know that he worked for months and years sending demo tapes to record label after record label in hopes of making it. He wanted to be popular, he wanted to change people's lives. He didn't realize what it would do to him.

He didn't kill himself out of selfishness. I can't imagine him wanting to abandon his daughter like that. Anyone who knew him would testify that he loved Frances more than he loved himself. Kurt didn't think he was good enough, for her, or for the world. And even though he wasn't right, who are you to say he's wrong?