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Another Definition For "Stupid" MAG

By Anonymous

   Another Definition for "Stupid"

by C. G., Chicopee, MA

In the beginning I thought that the United States and Haiti were going to go to war. General Raoul C"dras, who was the leader of the ruling junta that overthrew Haiti's newly elected government in 1991, finally realized that his country was going to be invaded. He knew that President Clinton wasn't joking. In the last minutes before the U.S. invasion, C"dras finally agreed to surrender power and allow the elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, to take back control of Haiti.

I am happy that C"dras surrendered power because I think that wars are stupid. To me, if the leaders of a country can't get their way, they decide to force others to go to war. It's as if they do this to prove that they are stronger and better.

Another reason I think wars are stupid is because millions of people die and countries are destroyed by wars. It takes years and millions of dollars to repair and rebuild the damage. The only thing you can never repair is the hearts of the people who have lost mothers, fathers, sons, or daughters because of the war. It's always the innocent people who get hurt and the leaders who started these wars who get away without even a scratch. Pretty STUPID, don't you think?

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