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If I Were To Go Before Any One Expectes It!

April 15, 2009
By Mr.Roberts_17 GOLD, Deltona, Florida
Mr.Roberts_17 GOLD, Deltona, Florida
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I do a lot of thinking. Probably more than I should. But today I was pondering my thoughts on a certain topic. DEATH!!!! None of us know when our time is going to end unless we take the decision upon ourselves and try to control destiny. But what I was thinking is if I were to go before any of us expected it, I would only ask very little….

If I were to go before any one of us expected it I would want people to not to remember me by my death. I would want people to remember me for my life. Remember me for the smiles I helped put on your face of the warmth I placed in your heart. Remember me for my laughter and my kindness. The last thing I would want people to do when I pass on is to mourn or get depressed. When I got I want people to smile and say he was a great guy. Or he was an amazing person. I don’t want people to sit around and go oh no what do we do now. I want each and every one of you to smile and keep my laughter, smile, humor, and kindness inside of your hearts to remember when times get rough. I love each and every one of my friends and family. I may not display very much emotion but just know deep down inside I love you unconditionally, and with each day that goes by that love/bond grows stronger. I love you guys.

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PPSWW said...
on May. 14 2009 at 8:01 pm
PPSWW, Wat, Wisconsin
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:-) I love it.