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Is There An Easter Bunny MAG

By Anonymous

   1. Rabbits, also known as bunnies, cannot walk in an upright position to deliver baskets and stuffed toys to children, but there are many things that are living that can. Therefore, maybe he has helpers.

2. The Easter Bunny delivers to all the children who celebrate Easter, but not all families celebrate Easter. That cuts down the Easter Bunny's work load by 12%, which can make his life easier.

3. The Easter Bunny has one night to get his work done and make all his necessary stops. Since he is going by foot, or should I say hop, it is physically impossible to make all necessary stops in a matter of hours. Well, if it is possible that the bunny delivers the packages, then it is probably possible that he might be able to use some sort of vehicle to drive himself.

4. The net worth of the Easter Bunny's "basket" is an economic impossibility. The Easter Bunny would have to be a trillionaire in order to pay for all those gifts, unless, of course, he has grants and donations from caring parents.

5. This Easter Bunny must be pretty darn strong, because again, it is physically impossible to haul all that weight.

In conclusion, the Easter Bunny must be the man!!! ?

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i love this so much!

A.M.L BRONZE said...
on Oct. 16 2014 at 10:19 pm
A.M.L BRONZE, Los Altos, California
3 articles 10 photos 2 comments
I love how you took such a comical topic and turned it into something so serious. Great job!