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A Recurring Nightmare MAG

By Anonymous

   "For the dead and living, we must bear witness." These are the words written boldly across every poster in the Holocaust Memorial Museum. These are the words that hang over photographs of pale skeletal bodies behind barbwire fences that hid from the world the thousands of murders that occurred in the concentration camps each day. These are the words we vowed we would never forget, yet we have failed to fulfill this promise. Fifty years later it's happening again, though once more, nothing has been done. Fifty years later the ethnic cleansing of the Holocaust is thriving in Bosnia.

Imagine what it's like living through this. Imagine your entire town being evacuated and crammed into a church, then destroyed with a grenade. Hundreds of people, dead in seconds. This is what is happening from the war, and we have nothing to show that we tried to stop it. Nothing, but lifeless bodies filling mass graves.

The Bosnian government acts like a group of adolescents, sneaking behind the back of the nation, organizing death camps, and trying to cover it up. Massive pits of bodies are being discovered. The landscape is changing as they try to trick us into thinking it never occurred. Remains are turning up like boxes in the attic that uncover treasured memories. Baby clothes and remnants of bombed houses remind us that the victims were like us. While the Bosnian government acts like sly beasts, we act like timid lambs, waiting for this problem to solve itself.

For the dead and living, we must bear peace. We must stop people from being sent to war camps and shot, and stop women from being raped and killed. The Holocaust killed millions, and every day the death toll in Bosnia rises. We must sign the treaty of peace and shake the hand of forgiveness. We must look into the eyes of war and find compromise. "For the dead and living, we must bear witness." ?

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i love this so much!