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Our Lack of Compassion MAG

By Anonymous

   What this world needs is a little compassion. Look at us,hating people for no reason other than their physical or mental qualities. We sitin our high-and-mighty countries pointing missiles at each other that coulddestroy the world and wrench money out of third-world nations that can't put foodon the table or kids in school when we could be forgiving their debts. We fightmeaningless political battles while our children grow up with unansweredquestions about how to live their lives, and in some places are overworked,beaten, starved and dying.

This view may seem bleak and pessimistic, butit needs to be exposed. People can't keep skimming the surface saying,"Yeah, there are a few things wrong here, but it's not affecting me, andthere's nothing I can do about it." It is affecting us, and there issomething we can do about it!

We could see past differences in people,even if we don't get along with them. We could at least pretend to respect themand be polite. It is possible; it's called tolerance.

We could turn ourmany tools of destruction away from our fellow humans, and let down some of ourwalls of hatred and prejudice. That is also possible; it's calledtrust.

We could stop forcing poor nations to choose between paying offtheir debts and feeding and educating their children. It is possible, it's calledforgiveness.

We could put aside our petty disagreements, no matter howimportant we think they are and pay attention to our children. Are they doingwell in school? Are they healthy? Do they have a lot of friends? Mostimportantly, are they happy? Hopefully we all can realize how possible andnecessary this is, it's called love.

Let every human being stop andconsider this: if everyone in the world tried these ideas, would it be so bad? Idoubt it. Maybe we should try.

So, let a little compassion in your life.Let that beautiful light begin to glow in our hearts. Forgive the next person whogets on your back. Do someone a favor, thank someone, hug someone or simply passalong a smile.

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i love this so much!