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By Anonymous

   You may go home and listen to the radio or puton your favorite CD, but have you really thought about how important andinfluential music is to your life? Music is a form of creativeexpression. Mozart once said that he did not write his music, God did.Stravinsky, a Russian composer, broke creative barriers to express angerwith loud, strong sounds in The Rite of Spring.

Few students findmusic class a waste of time. Although these courses are a favorite ofmany, they have been the target of budget cuts in schools across thenation. These cuts are harming the artistic side ofstudents.

Music education has been proven to raise grades inmathematics and literature classes, as well as help students learn newconcepts and open up creative doors and career opportunities. Teens whohave taken music courses tend to get into less trouble because music isa way to channel emotions.

Music courses not only offer teenssomething new to learn or an emotional get-away, but are fun, too.Places where teens learn music, whether at school or in private lessons,tend to be a way to make new friends, share stories and ideas and toopen up and express themselves.

Music is not just anextracurricular course; it is essential and healthy. Whether forpersonal enjoyment or for performance, music is signifcant for highschool students.

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