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Mistaken Prices MAG

By Anonymous

     It was Saturday night and I was out with my boyfriendand another couple of friends. We weren't sure what to do, as usual, so wedecided to go see a movie.

My friend heard "The Exorcist" wassupposed to be good. At the ticket window they wanted to see our IDs because themovie was rated R. Everyone was old enough except me. After trying to talk to amanager and getting nowhere, I felt like I had ruined the night foreveryone.

I was furious. If I wasn't considered adult enough to see themovie, how come I had to pay adult prices for a non-R-rated show? I'm allowed torent R-rated movies, so why can't I see them in theaters?

Theaters reallyneed to reconsider the relationship between viewing age and ticket prices becauseit doesn't make sense. Since I am supposedly a child and only allowed to watchchildren's movies, I should pay children's prices.

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i love this so much!