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High Price for Cheap Snacks MAG

By Anonymous

   OneSnickers bar: 30 grams of sugar. One package of Reese's: 250 calories. One hungryteenager in a hurry, one dollar, and one conveniently located vendingmachine.

For many, this situation is familiar. Whether they have forgottenlunch or just have some spare change, candy-filled vending machines are an easyand fast snack solution. While schools and vending companies may profit, though,students are hardly getting their money's worth. Student health needs to be thefirst priority, and healthier snacks should be offered in schools.

Everyyear, the average teen consumes more than 200 pounds of candy. Vending machinesfilled with snacks high in fat, sugar and calories help feed this problem.Located in many high schools, vending-machine snacks are accessible to studentsthroughout the day, but constantly snacking on these foods is not healthy.

The only apparent advantage to these snacks is the price, which rangesfrom 50 to 75 cents. In the mind of the clever and oh-so-savvy high-schooler, thecost is

reasonable. Why buy one cafeteria item for more than a dollarwhen two vending machine items can be purchased for the same price? Teenagersknow their snacks. If schools could simply offer a granola bar instead of a candybar, though, the price would be the same and the student would be betteroff.

Soy bars have 10 grams of protein and many essential vitamins asopposed to the three grams of protein that a candy bar provides. The reason foreliminating the current snacks sold in vending machines is obvious. Healthy foodsare better for the body! Teenagers whose schedules are filled with school, sportsand clubs need to have food that can fuel them through a busy day, and this foodneeds to be offered at school where students spend most of their time.

Arushed student should be able to come to school, quickly purchase a breakfast baror small box of cereal and get on with the day. An M&M's breakfast duringhomeroom on a busy morning, a sugar rush at lunch, and a trip to the nurse fromthe subsequent stomachache isn't worth the 60 cents. ?

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