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The Door At The End Of The Hallway

June 21, 2012
By HateSinger SILVER, Evans, Georgia
HateSinger SILVER, Evans, Georgia
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"Save yourself from ignorance or be lost in a sea of fools."


A young man named Jeremy has just gotten his degree in literature, and is ready to start writing. So, he moves to New York, and finds that the real world is a much different place than his sleepy little home town. Unable to afford the kind of home he wanted, he settles for a cheap tenement. Yet, once he moves in, he finds a few surprises waiting for him. An oddly modern suite to live in, a mysterious and unsettling old woman, and a door that holds a few secrets of it's own. As time goes on, Jeremy is no longer sure what is really happening, or what is just his fevered imagination.


The Door At The End Of The Hallway

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