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Fresh Blood

April 17, 2012
By Suzen BRONZE, East liverpool, Ohio
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Suzen BRONZE, East Liverpool, Ohio
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I hate mankind, for I think myself one of the best of them, and I know how bad I am.
-Joseph Baretti

Footsteps, That’s all I heard as Remmie and I ran down the deserted street of small town Youngstown, Ohio. The streets were quiet and bare, except for a few abandoned cars and body’s. I heard nothing, not a sound. It’s unsettling. I was becoming used to the moaning and groaning of the undead, the screams of carnage and death. I kept glancing at this stranger and smirking. We had only known each other for about a day now but we look like sisters or at least best friends. We both have the same medium dark hair and glasses. We are also both wearing plaid shirts and dark jeans. Certain facial structures are the only difference between her and I. She seemed sweet and funny too. If only the circumstances weren’t as they were. You don’t really have time to establish true friendships when you’re being chased by zombies 24/7.
“Oh, look Sammie! A motel. Maybe we can spend the night there and start searching again in the morning.” Remmie said pulling me from my thoughts.
“ Hmm I don’t know Rem. Isn’t like the number one rule to stay away from motels?”
“ It has to be better than staying out here.”
“ Maybe there’s somewhere else close by.”
“Nope we are staying here. Case closed.” Oh yeah, Remmie tends to be a little bossy at times.
I look up at the giant brown motel. It didn’t look like somewhere you wanted to stay. Not only did the color distain me but the mere look of the god awful place. The steps were covered in mud and blood and the stairs to the side reeked of urine. Defiantly not a place I’d stay if the circumstances weren’t as they were. We walk into the old building. It says it’s a Jaycees building. The paint was peeling and it was beyond freezing but I guess it will do for tonight.
“ Keep your gun ready Rem. I have a weird feeling about this place.” I murmured as we started up the stairs. A really weird feeling I thought to myself.

Legs shakings, chests heaving, we reached the third floor of the building. We were alone as far as I could see but there was another floor to venture to.

“Ok Remmie, I say we check out the fourth floor and if it’s safe we can make a shelter in one of the rooms and go to bed.” I whispered over to her. She nodded and we started up the stairs. When we reached the top we were greeted with a grotesque site. A short fat zombie lying dead on the ground, blood caked to his rotted, balding head, obviously shot in through the skull. He was missing one of his chubby arms and the other one seemed to have had a couple bites taken out of it. His bluish green color repulsed me but not as much as the smell of death that lingered around him.
I stepped forward and stepped on an eyeball that was lying detached on the floor. I gagged and whispered to Remmie to watch her step. We walked around it, cringing at the smell, and walked down one of the hallways. I randomly peak into a room and am greeted by a bullet being shot towards me and nearly missing the side of my head.
“What are you doing dumbass?” I exclaimed, startled at how close his finger was to the trigger.

“I thought you guys were zombies!” he replied

“Well we aren’t, obviously”. Remmie added staring him down.
He put down his gun and rubbed the back of his head. He appeared to be average height, maybe 5’7 or 5’8. He walked forward and looked awkwardly at us while I looked him over carefully. His dirty blond hair laid flat on his head and was matted with what appeared to be blood and sweat. He was white with a soft tint of tan to him, which went wonderfully with his green eyes. His blue Aeropostal tee shirt and dark jeans were torn and also blood splattered. I leaned forward and noticed a mustache and a tuff of a beard growing on the tip of his chin. Back in normal times I would have pictured him to be a ladies’ man “Oh! I’m Jacob Fickly by the way!” he exclaimed loudly thrusting his hand forward.

“Oh I’m Sammie Watson and this is Remmie Kidding” I replied, shaking his hand wearily. Rem gave him a smile and shook his hand also

“Who’s your friend?” I asked nodding to the rotten zombie lying stiff on floor.

“Just a hungry fella I guess.” He retorted

A growling, thumping noise from below pulls us from the awkward small talk. The monstrous noise sends chills running throughout my body.

“I think his friends are hungry to.” Remmie whispered looking worried.

“We need to hide and fast.” Jacob exclaimed, all color fading from his face.
That’s when I spotted it. An empty room…with a door! Without another moments thought I began pushing the other two into the possible safe heaven.

We had been in the dark dirty room for what felt like days, even though it must have been just mere hours. We were taking turns sleeping and it was currently Rems turn. Jacob and I were sitting across from each other, a tiny candle that we found in the room supplying only a bit of light and heat, we had been talking nonstop since Remmie dozed off in her peaceful slumber and had learned tons about each other.
I learned that he had lived in Michigan all his life but when his mother passed away from a long battle with cancer, he and his brother moved here to Youngstown, their mothers home town. He explained that he was working at the local Burger Prince, flipping burgers when his brother called saying that he saw on the news that a virus had accidently been released from a not-so-secure military base in Washington D.C and to hurry and get home. They were together up till three days ago, when finally the flesh craving bastards got his brother. He’s been alone ever since.

“Your how old?” I questioned.


“Oh, I and Rem are too!”
We sat, awkward and quiet, for about 10 minutes when suddenly I heard him clear his throat.
“So what’s your story Sam?” Jacob asked curiously, His wondering, green eyes looked me over, examining me.

I sighed “I don’t have much of one.” I replied sorrowfully, for to all aspects it was true.

“Well…how about you tell me you and Remmies story. Did you know each other before all this mess?”

“No...No we met about a day or two ago.” I said this while closing my eyes, the meeting replayed in my mind.

‘Big Bobs Gun shop’ I smiled as I read the sign hanging from the tiny little store.
I quickly ran into abandoned safety of endless survival supplies. It was dark but my eyes started adjusting quickly. I gasped when I saw all the glorious weapons, pistols, rifles, bows, and my favorite, shotguns! Thank god my dad took the time to teach me how to use these so I could go hunting with him.
As I walked I felt ... strange. Like I was being watched.
“What th-.” Before I could finish I was cut off by a figure tackling me to the ground. Survival instinct took over and my fist went crashing into the beings face.

“Ow! What’s wrong with you? God.” A female voice rang out of the mysterious stranger pinning me down.

“What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you?” You’re the one that tackled me you freak!” I yelled only for the persons hand to cover my mouth.

“Shhh! be quiet! Do you want them to hear you?” She hisses, probably refereeing to the undead that most likely are close by. It seems like you can never get away from them. She got up and walked over to a wall and flipped a light switch on, resulting in a dull light to flicker throughout the tiny store.

I squinted for a second, startled by the abruptness of light, and stared at the girl in front me. Her dark hair framed her pale face and her hazel eyes started coldly behind her dark rimmed glasses. She wore red and black tank tops, dark jeans, and an old pair of Chucks. She walked over to me, grabbing an bloody plaid shirt and gun from a stand, and started looking me over.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” She asked, slowly putting the shirt on.

“My names Sammie and I just wanted some freaking weapons. But no, you had to go all Chuck Norris on me.” I retorted

“My bad.” She said sarcastically.

“Ugh, just let me get a gun or two and then I’ll leave alright?”

“Go nuts.”
I shook my head and started to gather up some supplies. An old backpack, three guns, a couple bags of jerky, as much ammo as I could hold, and an axe was quickly found and strapped onto my back. When I was finish I turned back to the girl, only to find her looking at a tiny locket with a saddened expression. She looked so alone.

“So, what’s your name and what’s with the locket?” I asked, walking over towards her. She sighed and looked at me, eyes red and puffy.

“Remmie and this locket was a gift from my boyfriend.” She said quietly. She opened it and showed me the picture inside; it was of her and who I believed was her boyfriend. He was pale and lanky, with shaggy black hair and dark eyes. They looked in love.

“We got separated two days ago and I’ve been so worried ever since. He’s all I had and now he’s gone.” She continued, tears swelling up her eyes.
I placed a comforting hand on her shoulder and we stayed like that for about ten minutes when suddenly we hear the moaning and groaning of the undead. They sounded close by.

“Listen Remmie, It isn’t safe here. I’m leaving and you’re more than welcome to come along.” I quickly whispered. She looked at me, astonished, and nodded.

“Okay, I’ll go with you.” Remmie said, still looking shocked. I gave her time to gather her supplies then we quickly ran out of the shop and never turned back.

“And, that’s how we met.” I said, opening my eyes and looking down at the still sleeping Remmie.

“Wow.” Jacob said, “So tell me one thing. Where are you from Sam?”

“Everywhere, I come and go as I please. Been alone for about two years now so I decided I just go where the roads lead me.”

“What about your family?”

“I don’t have one.” I said sorrowfully.


“Enough questions for now, please.”
He nodded and started playing with his gun. It felt…weird. I’ve been trying to keep my mind away from the horror around me but just talking about it made me feel better. This guy, this stranger, just sat there and listened to me. Maybe I should try to make more friends. It’s not like it’ll kill me.

An half an hour later, it was Jacobs turn to sleep while Remmie and I stood guard. I was tired, no scratch that, exhausted but I had to remain vigilant. This is a matter of life or death! Remmie was in the middle of a joke about a Jewish guy on Christmas when suddenly Jacobs jumps up out of his deep sleep.

“Whoa you okay there Jacob?” I asked

“Um yea” he replied, squirming. He looked utterly uncomfortable.

“Are you sure?” Remmie questioned.

“I’m fine! I just got to pee.” He retorted, getting up and heading for the door.

“Hey you can leave!” I yelled.

“I’ll be right back, ok. I’m just going to find a bathroom around here. 5 minutes I’ll be gone.”

“Why can’t you just…stick it out a window?” Remmie giggled.
Jacob glared at her, his face bright red.

“Whatever, just take a gun and be quick.” I said

“Can I take the shotgun?” He asked

“Hell no! This gun’s my baby!” I replied, offended. I stared at the old gun resting comfortably on my lab. This had been my main weapon, my savior. And this stranger thinks he can just take it?!

“Just let him take the flipping gun Sam. He won’t hurt it.” Rem said

They both stared expectantly at me. I sighed and threw Jacob the gun. He easily caught it and started admiring it closely. He thanked me and ran out of the door, his full bladder obviously bothering him.

“Five minutes!” I yelled to him, feeling vulnerable without my gun. Nothing I can now but wait.

Ten minutes had passed and I was starting to get pissed. How long does it take a guy to pee?! I got up and walked towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Remmie asked

“To get my gun back.” I replied, irritated. I grabbed the door handle just as two screams echoed through the building. It sounded like a young girl and…Jacob! My gun! I ripped open the door only to be greeted with a group of about five or six zombies. I slammed the door as they turned towards me and locked it.

“Crap, crap, crap!”I panicked.

“What, what, what?” Remmie asked, startled. I pushed past her and started gathering all our gear, including a flashlight I found in a toolbox, and pulled Remmie to her feet.

“It’s not safe here, we have to fight through those guys and head to a safer floor.” I whispered. She nods and on the count of three we ran out into the undead party waiting for us. Without my shotgun I was forced to use a pistol, a gun I truly despised, and Remmie was using her handy rifle. We continued shooting until all the zombies were no threat at all. I turned to find our safe room door completely totaled from us busting through. Worst of all I could hear undead upstairs. I reloaded my gun and pulled Remmie to the staircase.

“Down we go” I said with a smirk and then we start descending down the dark ominous staircase.

It takes five minutes to reach the final floor of the building. With the flashlight being our now only source of light, Remmie and I wander the dark, musty basement. We continued walking through the maze of rooms until we came upon a huge room with an empty pool.

“Cool, I wouldn’t think this crappy place would have such a nice, big pool.” Remmie exclaimed. We started examining the room for supplies when I suddenly heard whispering. I reloaded my gun and turned towards the source of the noise. It looked like a door leading to a ladies locker room. I nodded to Rem and we tiptoed over to the door. The whispering stopped so I crouched down to peep into the keyhole. All I see is a shadow move before the door swung open, cracking me in the head and knocking me back. I heard Remmie say something before I finally blacked out. I awoke sometime later in what felt like a different room. The floor was smoother and what my head was resting comfortably on something soft.

“Is she okay?” An unfamiliar female voice whispered.

“She should be fine. Maybe you should be more careful next time Sarah!” says a harsh sounding man.

“Bite me Nathan.” The girl, who I assume is Sarah, snapped.

I was growing irritated with the strangers squabbles. Who are these people anyway?

“Play nice you two.” Jacob said. Jacob! I gasped and sat up, observing the surroundings. Jacob and Remmie where kneeling next to me. The guy I assume is Nathan is leaning against the wall glaring at the tall curvy blond sitting in the corner across from me. The small brunette with a round face was the last person I saw. She was hiding behind Jacob, holding onto his shoulders, and shaking horribly. The light was flickering and the on and off motions were making me feel even dizzier. I went to run a hand through my hair and winced as I came into contact with a sore bump on my forehead. It must have been where the door caught me. Everyone was looking at me with perplexed stares.

“Who are you? Where am I? Remmie what’s going on here?” I asked, growing ridged with nerves.

Remmie put a hand on my shoulder to soothe me.” Shush now it’s alright. You got knocked out of the by the door when it opened. These people are our friends.”
I nodded and turned to Jacob, “I thought you where dead. I heard all the screaming and banging.”

“Nope, came close to dying though. I ran into Erika here and got chased down here.”He said referring to the trembling girl holding onto him tightly.”Luckily we ran into Sarah and Nathan. We were going to get you two but when Sarah opened the door we just saw you fall down and blackout” He shrugged.

“And my gun?” I asked. Without further word he reached behind him and pulled out my shotgun. He placed it softly on my lap and gave it a gentle tap.

“I kept it safe for you.” He smiled. I scowled at him but had to laugh a little at his sincerity. I got up and stretched, wincing at the throbbing in my head. I couldn’t ignore the rumbling in my belly. I’m starving! Obviously Erika heard my angry belly because she handed me a can of raviolis with trembling hands. I told her thanks and began digging in; hardly chewing I was so hungry. I estimate that kit has been at least two days since I’ve ate a halfway decent meal. The atmosphere was so…awkward.

“So Sarah, Nathan. You guys got a story?” I asked after swallowing a mouthful of food. They did, in fact, have quite a story. They had met in Vegas and, after a drunken filled night, gotten married. Neither could afford a divorce so they simply went home without the other. They failed to inform each other that they lived here in Youngstown so , of course, they crossed paths. They just happened to find the other when the infection started and have been hateful allies ever since.

“Personally, between you and I, if he happened to just drop dead I wouldn’t care. I’d probably feed him to the zombies myself.” Sarah whispered to me. I had to laugh at her twisted sense of humor. Nathan didn’t seem too bad but I understand why Sarah hated him so.

“Erika how’d you end up here?” Remmie asked.

“Uh, I don’t really know. I kind of just woke up on the roof and made my way down to the third floor where I ran into Jacob. I’m really scared.” She whispered then suddenly started sobbing. Jacob wrapped his arms around her in comfort. Now the only noise I hear coming from her are soft whimpers. I sighed unsure if this really is the safest place after all.

Several hours had passed and I found myself actually enjoying myself. We sat around telling joke and funny stories, it felt comforting. It seems like I could actually call these people my friends. The only bits of hostility came whenever Sarah and Nathan spoke to each other. It’s understandable, what with their past together but you’d think they try to act civil in light of the circumstances. I decided to mention this to Rem and Jacob once.

“I feel like there’s more to their story. There’s no reason to hate people like they hate each other.” I whispered.

“Yeah you got a point but, hey, what can we do.” Jacob responded while Remmie nodded in agreement. We ended the discussion when we saw Sarah looking at us with irritated eyes.

The rest of the night was silent and I noticed some of the familiar tension was growing again. It was Jacob, Remmie, and my turns to sleep leaving hostile Sarah and Nathan with poor frightful Erika. It spelled disaster from the get go but I was too tired to care. I finally dozed off only to be woken up a short time later by yelling. I sat up, rubbing my eyes, and was greeted by a can of soup flying over the top of my head. Sarah and Nathan were standing across the room from each other, red glaring in their eyes. Erika was sobbing quietly in a corner, terrified out of her wits.

“Shut up Nathan! Just shut up!” Sarah was screaming on the top of her lungs.

“It’s true and you know it Sarah!” He screamed back.

“I swear to god, if you don’t shut up I’m going to hurt you!”

“Oh just like you hurt Kira?”

Suddenly, without warning, Sarah lunged herself across the room at Nathan, tackling him to the ground. They wrestled for a few minutes and we were frozen in fear. When we finally snapped out of it Jacob, Remmie and I ran over to pull Sarah off of the now bruised and battered Nathan.

“Now what are you guys going on about?” asks Jacob
Sarah pulled away from our holds and started pacing the room. ”Nathan is just running his mouth again.”

Nathan laughed and snarled out “Stop lying and tell them the truth! Tell them how it’s your fault Kira is dead!”
We gasped and Sarah froze. She was unable to believe that her secret was revealed.

“It was an accident.” She whispered. “Kira just was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“Who’s Kira and what happened?” I questioned.
Sarah just sighed and sat down. “She was my best friend. She was with Nathan and I when this mess started. One night I was standing guard and hadn’t noticed she slipped out to use the restroom. I heard the footsteps and didn’t know it was her! I…I shot her!” She cried this out, burying her face in her hands. I stood; slack jawed and had a wave of pity wash over me. I went to comfort her but was stopped by Nathan.

“Then you left her to die! Don’t try to get sympathy from these guys, you’re a murderer!” says Nathan.
Sarah cried out and withdrew her gun; in a second Nathan did the same. Both stood there, guns pointing straight for the others hearts, resembling a scene from an old western. I half expected tumbleweed to make its way across the room. This time we couldn’t intervene for we would be shot also. I closed my eyes and turned away. That’s when I heard it; the trigger being pulled, the gun being shot, and the body hitting the floor.

Everything was quiet. The only sound I heard was the ragged breathing of the survivor. I couldn’t tell who had won and didn’t want to find out. Finally, after about five minutes of horrible drawn of silence, I turned to find Nathan lying motionless on the floor. A
bloody hole right in the middle of his chest. He was dead. Sarah was standing above him looking accomplished.

“That’s the end of that.” She whispered. I couldn’t move I was so afraid. Remmie, Jacob, and Erika all appeared to share my own fear. I think the gruesome sight was finally getting to Sarah for she turned to Erika and said; “Erika come help me move him outside. It might keep the zombies from attacking us for awhile.”

Erika was shaking the whole time she was walking over to the body. For the first time in while, I actually registered the hungry growls of the undead around us. The girls picked up Nathans body and headed towards the door, when Sarah finally got the door open she was greeted by a swarm of zombies that must have been attracted to the scent of blood. The flesh eaters hungrily jumped forward, teeth bared. Erika screamed and jumped back, leaving Sarah to be the all you can eat feast.

“Help, Help me please!” She screamed as the zombies tore into her, gnawing at any and all flesh they could sink their rotten teeth into. Blood splattering around us as we remained paralyzed once again. Finally I started towards her, She started to smile as she saw my hand reach forward but the smile broke when she realized my true intentions. Instead of grabbing her and pulling us into safety I went into her pocket and pulled out her gun and ammo then promptly raising my foot and kicking her square out the door. At the last second I decided to pity her and shot her in the head. Sarah’s limp body being ravished by the undead was the last I saw before slamming the door shut and blocking it off with as much ruble I could come up with. I sat down and place my head between my knees. I could still hear Erika, she was crying like always. Her pain filled sobs where really getting on my nerves.

“Shut up Erika! Please, just be quiet for five minutes!” I screeched. Every looked at me and Erika quickly silenced herself.

“Don’t yell at her Sam!” Remmie snapped “You have no right!”

“Oh I have no right? You have no right to be yelling at me! If you hadn’t noticed I just killed Sarah!” I say, while fighting back tears. I stood up and started pacing. Nobody wanted to talk so we stayed in the ominous silence. Mid-pace I stopped and observe the remaining of us. I sighed and sat down in my previous position. Erika started crying again but this time it sounded off. It didn’t sound like her normal cry, it sounded like a growl mixed in with a wheeze. It almost sounded like she was…hungry.

We stared at Erika as she sat twitching and moaning in what sounded like sheer pain. The only one of us that moved was Jacob for he started walking towards her slowly.
“Erika are you alright?” He asks. She didn’t respond, in fact all she did was throw her hands up above her head and growl louder. That’s when I noticed the blood seeping from an open wound on her forearm. The wound looked almost like teeth marks. Teeth marks? That’s when it hit me, When Erika was helping Sarah and the door swung open to the zombies waiting outside. Erika jumped back and yelped. I thought she was scared but no she was infected and by the looks of it she was about to make Jacob her first meal.
“Come on Erika it’s alright. I’m here and you’re going to be alright.” Jacob soothed. The chubby cheeked beast just stared at him vacantly. I’m sure whatever was left of the cry baby was fighting to contain herself.
“Jacob do-“my warning was cut short because Jacob had gotten to close and Erika was too hungry. The undead wench jumped up and lunged herself at Jacob, Her teeth bore into the soft flesh right where his jugular was and the blood running from the bite soon resembled a red waterfall. Remmie and I quickly got out of the way and prepared our guns.
I didn’t mind having to shoot Erika but killing Jacob was going to be hard. But Erika never let go, she kept chewing away at the raw meat until both her and Jacob, who was nearly dead, went crashing through our door. I was the first to get my gun loaded so I aimed straight and shot the zombie, formerly known as Erika, right in the back of her head. Shaking I walked forward, Jacobs body was pale and lifeless but not for long. Soon the infection would set in and he would become and undead also. From the performance Erika gave us the transformation looked awfully painful and personally I wanted to spare Jacob from the indignity.
I lifted my gun and shot him right between the eyes. Quick and painless; At least, it was for him. I turned from the bloody corpse of my former ally and faced Rem, she was pale and shaking also but I knew she was still human. The door was totaled and that made the room unusable.
“Come on Rem let’s get out of this damn building” I whispered. She nodded and we began gathering up our supplies when we heard the staggering footsteps and growling moans coming from outside.
“Oh my god Sam the blood is attracting them!” Remmie exclaimed. We doubled our packing speed and booked it out of the door. The size of the horde was more than we ever expected. At least 30 zombies greeted us with the sight of decayed flesh, rotten teeth, and blood thirsty eyes. We fought them off as best as we could but had to run after taking out only about ten. Heart pounding, chest heaving we ran with all our might. We couldn’t stop for anything. As we ran I started to feel light headed, I had to stop.
“Come on Sam we are almost out!” Remmie urged pulling my arm angrily.
“I-I can’t.” I wheezed out. Remmie turned around to rummage through the bags to find me some water. Suddenly I felt a sharp pang in my shoulder and turned to find a small undead child. Without hesitation I pulled out my gun and shot it in the head. That’s when I noticed it, the small bite, the blood running down my arm, the sickness in my gut.
I had been bitten.

Oh my god. Oh my god! I was silently freaking out as I stared at the blood bite on my shoulder but on the outside I was remaining calm. Remmie was looking at me with such pity and it was making me angry. I sighed and pulled the pack off my back and set it on the ground. I placed my knives, jacket, ammo, and envelope inside of the aqua blue bag. She looked curiously at the envelope but I just shook my head, “Wait till your safe then read it. I wrote it last night.” Finally I handed her all my guns except one, a small pistol in which I emptied of ammo leaving only one bullet in it.

“Sam don’t do it.” Remmie said, realizing my intentions.

“I have to Rem.” I replied, choking on the depression fighting its way out. No I had to remain strong. Remmie was fighting back tears, I could tell. Suddenly I found myself hugging her as we both cried our hearts out. I had to pull away though; I could feel the sickening pain as the infection spread. I was sweating and trembling horribly and I know Remmie could tell that holding onto her was becoming increasingly difficult for she pulled away. I sighed and handed her the pack, she took it and stared at me wordlessly.

She began walking away when I stopped her. “Remmie,” I said placing my trembling hand on her shoulder, “Be safe please.” She nodded and walked away. I watched her until she disappeared into the darkness.
I was alone and near death. I stumbled over to the nearest corner and sat down. I placed the only bullet into the clip, spin it, then finally close the barrel. My eyesight was beginning to blur and the pain was spreading, I had only minutes before it spreads into my brain and finally turning me into one of those flesh eating bastards. It took all my strength to put the gun to my head. My heart was racing, my palms sweating; my finger rested on top the trigger. Visions of Sarah, Nathan, Erika, and most importantly Jacob, flashed through my mind, I was shaking and groaning in pain. Finally, without any further noticed I pulled the trigger and stopped myself from turning into the most despicable creature I could become:
A monster


I kept walking and I made sure to never look back because I knew if I did it would be the end of my sanity. I had been walking for only about a minute until I heard the gun shot that ended my best friend. She had to do it to save herself and I thank god she didn’t ask me to end her. I kept going forward about five more minutes until I finally noticed the tears streaming down my face, I looked around and deemed this place , a small hallway with sealed up doors, suitable to finally break down. The tears burned as they gushed out of my aching body. I fell to the ground and let the sadness finally ravish me till I was nothing but a sniffling lump.
All I could think about was my friends who were now dead. Sarah and her dark secrets, Nathan and his smart mouth, Erika who was just a cry baby, Jacob who I deem to be one of the greatest guys I ever knew. And finally Sam, her quick wits, obnoxious voice, the way she never seemed to trust (or like) anyone. The way she became my best friend in a world where I had lost everyone and was alone. We had kept each other alive and safe but in the end I couldn’t save her. Suddenly I remembered the envelope she placed in the bag. I crawled into a corner and got settled, I didn’t care much if any zombies came I didn’t really feel like living much longer anyway. I opened the bag and pulled out the smooth white parcel. I was careful to open in and to pull out the letter inside. I read the letter slowly:

Dear Remmie
If you’re reading this then unfortunately I am dead. But you’re alive so all is well. I know you where always curious of my back story. The one I refused to tell anyone. But I see you as a sister so I think you deserve to know.

It all started in Seattle Washington, where I was born into a seemly normal family. It was me and my parents and we were happy. Well, until my mother passed away from being hit by a train when I was 12. Things went downhill from there. My father began drinking and abusing me. I dealt with the abuse for two years until I finally ran away. I didn’t know where I was going but I didn’t care. I was forced to do unspeakable things for money. It was the only way to stay alive but inside I was already dead. But through it all I’m happy all this crap happened because in the end I found you.

Be safe


When I finished reading I kissed the letter and carefully folded and placed it in my pocket. I got up, whipped my eyes, and continued forward. I’m going to make it out of this for you Sam, I thought suddenly determined. With my gun loaded I went, found the front door, and busted out of it. I didn’t hesitate I just shot anything that looked even remotely hungry. I was on a rampage and it felt good. I had remained calm and subtle throughout this whole ordeal but not anymore. It’s time for some therapy.
Twenty minutes had passed and I had already killed two clips full of ammo. My breathing was becoming shallow and I was extremely exhausted. I stared at the mounds of all the dead things that lay with my bullet in their skulls. I double checked to see if they were really dead and when all things came back positive I sat down on the street.
The silence had been unnerving but there was a strange ringing in my ears. It was growing louder every second and it was giving me a head ache. That’s when I realized the wind was blowing hard and there were lights coming down from above. I looked up and saw a helicopter flying my way! I couldn’t believe my eyes, rescue had finally come. I started waving my arms and flailing about wildly and they must of noticed me because it started it descend down to the street.
I grabbed my pack and guns and ran forward with all my might, ignoring the dirt and debris flying around me. I was greeted by a grey haired man, which seemed off cause he only look about twenty-five, he boosted me onto the copter and indicated to take a seat on a bench. The bench’s where filled with survivors but as I skimmed across the faces I saw familiar eyes, dark eyes. With saggy hair to match! The eyes locked with mine and a smile grazed it’s lips. I dropped everything and lunged myself into the warm inviting arms. A soft kiss was shared.
“Seth…Oh my god Seth! I never thought I’d see you again baby!” I whispered into his ear softly.
“I’m here, shush now Rem I’m here.” He comforted, stroking my hair. We stayed like this, obvious to the people surrounding us. We rode for five minutes until we stopped and picked up and sickly looking man. The man sat next to us and I noticed how…odd he looked. He was biting his lip and clutching his arm, almost like he was trying to hide something.
Finally the man turned to me, growl and lunged forward I recognized the scenario. He tackled me to the ground and bit into my shoulder. The pain was unimaginable. I felt the man being torn from my as soft hands gripped mine. The life was draining and I knew they were preparing to off me as well but I could care less. Seth was holding on to my hands with dear life, whispering about how much he loved me. I closed my eyes and imagined Jacob and Sam smiling at me. The last thing I thought before the trigger was pulled was: I’m safe.

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on Dec. 9 2012 at 9:57 am
Freckles3 BRONZE, ------------, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"The universe is not only queerer than we suppose; it is queerer than we can suppose."
~J.B.S. Haldane

Ahhh! Chapter Eight is even BETTER!!

on Dec. 9 2012 at 9:54 am
Freckles3 BRONZE, ------------, Ohio
3 articles 0 photos 32 comments

Favorite Quote:
"The universe is not only queerer than we suppose; it is queerer than we can suppose."
~J.B.S. Haldane

This... Was.... Amazing. Absolutely beautiful. I mean, right now I'm only on Chapter 7, but it's so good, I had to comment right now! Great work!! What a horror story!!