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Bo Whitley's Manor

May 26, 2011
By AnClaud24 BRONZE, Quezon City, Other
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AnClaud24 BRONZE, Quezon City, Other
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Bo Whitley has always been a strange little girl. If you had also been her neighbor I'm afraid you would say the same.
She has bright red hair, eyes like green marbles,and freckles dotted upon her nose. She never leaves the house without her basket all worn out from the seasons which passed so rapidly that it had beaten down on the color of the ribbons which hung on its handle. It was filled with daisies that she picked from a garden in front of a huge abandoned house that at a distance resembled a face of a wise old man staring up at the sky. Bo's pale face was always covered in dirt since she loved playing in the fields. Being a daughter of a shepherd, she was always used to having sheep around her since her father owned more than 700 of them. And every day she would visit them, counting each and every one of them and when she's done she would drag her old wicker basket to the weather beaten house to pick daisies from it's garden which strangely never runs out of them. Her room which was in an attic was filled with these daisies. They even hung from the ceiling all withered and dry. She even kept the creatures she found resting upon the petals of each flower in a large jar which had holes on the cover. But she was most fond of the lady bug which she would find on the middle of the flower. She had 24 of them concealed in a frame that hung above her bed. At night, before going to bed, she would look out her stained-glass window and stare at the old house wondering if anyone had ever lived there. She loved looking at the house especially in the wintertime when the snow covers it and the figure of the house looks even more like a human face all wise and covered in snow which looks like grey hair upon an old man. She was very curious about what it would look like inside the mysterious house.

I never spoke to Bo in person, but since I've been watching her all these years I could say that I know her pretty well. My name is Thomas Grey or Tom for short. I've been her neighbor for many years now. My father bought this house 12 years ago. I was 10 and Bo was only 7. Our parents got along quite well and Mr. and Mrs. Whitley always came by our house every Saturday to have dinner, but Bo was never with them when they visited, for she could never be contained. She was always out in the fields, wandering about, breathing the fresh air. While I, confined to a wheelchair, was always indoors afraid to step out the house and feel the sunlight hit my eyes. I have spent nearly my whole life not knowing what I was missing outside. I had an accident 13 years ago. I was on the balcony of our old house when I saw a Karner butterfly. It's wings were of the darkest shade of blue and flew effortlessly as it danced around the balcony. So, being a foolish kid, I tried to catch it not realizing that I was already standing on the balustrade. When the butterfly was already out of reach, It was too late, I lost balance, and fell. I underwent therapy to help me walk again. The treatment helped a bit but I could only stand for a short while. It would hurt a lot whenever I would try to walk, so I just stuck to my wheelchair and lost all hope that I would ever walk or run again. My parents decided to move, thinking that life away from the city would help me. Not knowing that 10 years later, something would change me and this dreary town.

It was spring, and Bo seems exactly the same when I first saw her, even when she turned 16 she was still obsessed with the old house. She even found the courage to break the lock of the house and go in. Since then she spent most of her days in the old house. I now work with my father in his repair shop, he said it would help keep me busy. I would work for hours in the garage, repairing the neighbor's tractors and vehicles. One cold evening as I was looking through my window, I saw a bright light coming from the windows of the old house so I opened my window to get a closer look. The strange light suddenly stopped. The next day, Bo went to the barn as always to check on the sheep, then an earsplitting shriek echoed around the farm, followed by a deafening silence. So my dad went out to check what had happened. He cautiously opened the door with a shotgun in his hand. As he walked in he saw Bo standing in one corner, shocked from the sight of her sheep or what's left of them. At first my father thought that wolves attacked them but when he inspected the sheep they had burns around their wounds. And it could not have possibly been wolves because there hadn't been any since the farm was protected by a wire fence. Then Bo had an idea that maybe these things were in connection with the strange lights that came from the old house. Reports of livestock and even children disappearing spread all over the town. My father went back home and told us what happened. He then got a suitcase beneath his bed and opened it. It was filled with miscellaneous weapons. He took out a loaded pistol and a box filled with ammo. "I need to put an end to this, otherwise, the whole town would be deserted" my father said as he loaded the shotgun. I then had a feeling that I had enough courage to go with him so I hesitantly told my father that I would come along. With a smile on his face, he nodded assuringly, and gave me the pistol. So with nothing but my wheelchair, a hint of courage, and the sound of my heartbeat, I then, for the first time in 13 years, stepped out of the house.

I slowly guided my wheelchair along the tall grass that lead to the old house. I stared in adulation as I was face to face with the eerie house that I've only seen through my window. Bo was standing by the entrance with a blank expression on her pale face. My father finally introduced me to Bo, a person I thought I've known for 12 years. "Why haven't I seen you before?" she asked with a puzzled face. "Well...I don't go out very often" I said with a smile. She then opened the door to the house and we all went in. The darkness greeted us as we went deeper and deeper into the house. Bo showed us the place where she thought the light came from. It was a small wooden door, that according to Bo, lead to the basement. When we finally opened the door, all we saw was a rotten staircase leading to a pitch black basement. My father slowly went down the stairs and Bo followed while I stayed behind.

30 minutes has passed, Bo and my father hasn't showed up yet. I've been having a weird feeling that someone was watching me. But it was too dark to see. I couldn't even see my own hand. Suddenly I heard something crash behind me, so I turned around and slowly went near the place where I heard the noise. As I got nearer the darkness started to turn into a blinding light then something jumped on me! I couldn't see anything, or hear anything but screeching and screaming. I could feel hot blood run down my face as I felt a sharp pain on my head. . I couldn't do anything since the gun flew off my hand. Then suddenly I heard gunshots and the screeching stopped. I now realized that I was out of my wheelchair and was lying on broken glass. Everything was blurry and unclear but I could still make out the shape of my father. The next thing I knew I was on our couch. I still couldn't see anything but shapes and colors. I could hear Bo and Dad telling my mom about what they saw. They said that it's eyes were as bright as the sun. That was probably the reason why I lost my vision. Then my dad said that they had killed the creature using five bullets.

That night I woke up by the sound of a loud crash. My eyesight was back, but my head was still hurting like crazy. I peeped out our living room window to see what has happened. It seemed quiet outside, nothing or no one was out there. Then I saw Bo, she probably heard the noise as well. I watched as she slowly walked towards the old house. Then something that looked like a shadow dashed towards Bo! Almost like a lightning bolt, it was too fast to see it's figure, and it left a strong force that shook the house. After that Bo was no where to be seen as the silhouette disappeared into the house. I hurried to the door on my wheelchair as I carried my father's shotgun. This could not have been the creature that attacked me earlier for it was bigger and it's eyes did not bear out any light. "There could have been more than one", I thought to myself, so I quickly went in the old house. I immediately saw the broken glass from where I was lying. The creaking floorboards and the sound of the wheels of my wheelchair gliding on the floor was all I could hear. I then slowly opened the basement door and went down, and had no choice but to leave my wheelchair behind. I grasped the handrail with fear of tumbling down the stairs. Each stair made my legs feel numb. It was almost like they weren't there at all. When I finally reached the bottom I knelt down and spotted a lantern under a blanket of cobwebs so I picked it up and tried to switch it on and after a few clicks, the whole basement was flooded with light. I immediately noticed a hole in the wall that maybe lead to an underground tunnel. The creatures may have lived in there for many of years and only now have they found a way to the surface. Bo may have awakened them after she has found a way into the house. The only way to find out was to go in it. The hole was small but big enough for me to crawl in . So I started crawling my way through the hole with my father's shotgun strapped to my back, not knowing where this tunnel may lead.

I kept on going until I could see the end of the tunnel. When my legs started to feel like they were about to give up, I used my arms as I dragged my legs through the minuscule hole. Looking straight, I didn't notice the slope that was in front of me so I accidentally slipped down and landed on a puddle. It was hard to see because the lamp began to turn dim. I saw something in the shadows, a figure of a person, it was Bo! She went closer but she doesn't seem to see me. I called out her name and she replied with a loud and shaky voice. I looked around the place and was surprised to see some of the sheep that disappeared hours ago, as well as another tunnel right beside Bo. It looked like a storage room filled with food that the creatures would later feast on. We had to leave this place as soon as possible. I quickly guided Bo to the tunnel, hoping that the creatures won't greet us at the end of it. We slowly, and quietly crept through the tunnel as the lamp flickers and loses it's light. I peeped through the exit looking right and left to check if the place was clear. And when the creatures were no where to be seen we got up the stairs and it was even harder getting up than it was going down. Once we got up, I quickly sat on my wheelchair and Bo hopped in as well. I have never let my wheelchair run so fast that I thought the wheels would fly off. And just when we were about to reach the door the creature blocked the exit as it stared at both of us. Bo still had difficulty in seeing but she knew that the creature was there. I slowly backed up my wheelchair and got hold of the shotgun and just when it was about to snap at us, I pulled the trigger and the bullet went straight through it's head. It hurt it a little, but it wasn't enough to kill it. So I got me and Bo out of the house as fast as I could. When I looked back I saw the creature follow us but when it saw the sun rise, it whimpered and got back in the house. I now knew the weakness of this almost indestructible creature. I just needed to figure out how I'm going to get all of them out in the sunlight.

I got into the garage and started thinking as my eyes wandered about. I was running out of time and ideas and I couldn't help but feel drowsy from losing sleep. It's 9 am and the chances of me getting rid of the creatures were fading. Then when everything seemed hopeless, I suddenly thought that instead of bringing out the creatures into the light, why not bring the light to them. I just somehow needed to let the sunlight into the old house.

I told my father about it and he agreed to help. "What do you propose to do?" he asked. I told him that we should break the windows and create a hole on the roof so the sun would reach even the darkest corners of the house. So as soon as we got all the tools that we needed we headed to the house. We looked through the dusty windows but the creatures weren't there. "Good! They must be in the basement, we don't want them to rain on our parade" my father said with a smirk as he pulled up his pants and climbed up to the roof with a ladder and brought a few tools that would hopefully break the roof. The timing was great and the sun shone steadily above the house. I broke all the windows using a crowbar and immediately the sun went right through. As I hit each window, the interiors of the house began to get brighter and brighter. My father incessantly beat the roof with a hammer and after one strong blow, we heard crumbling, and the house was filled with sunshine. We were smiling with much complacency as we watched our plan work perfectly. All we needed to do was wait.

It was 11 am and still no creatures. We needed bait or anything that would lure them to the hole, so we walked home, looking for anything that the creatures would be interested in and when I said interested in I meant something it would want to sink it's teeth in. "How 'bout sheep?" my father said as we passed by the barn. Bo's father would definitely disagree but it was worth a shot. So, we gathered up the sheep, and lead them to the house. As we got nearer, the sheep became frantic as fear made them tug the rope that was on their necks. My father pulled them in and closed the door. He also covered the hole on the roof with a large quilt so that the creatures won't suspect anything. "I'll take off the quilt when you give the signal!" my father exclaimed from the roof as I waited by the window.

"Anything come up yet?" my father said with a sigh. "Nah, I think they finally got full".

Just when I finished my sentence we heard the sheep bleat. I could see two of the creatures surrounding them. So I yelled "Go!" and my father lifted the quilt. It was just now that I've seen what they look like, and never have I seen anything so horrifying. They were big and they had narrow faces much like that of wolves. Their teeth were like razor sharp knives. Their eyes were like a black hole, ready to devour everything around it. They didn't have any ears, like a mole. And they had claws that could tear a human being in half. We only saw them for a second, since they immediately burned in the sunlight and reduced to ashes and dirt. Me and my dad stood in awe, as we watched the mighty beasts vanish before our eyes, never to be seen again. We don't know if there are more, or if they would come back. All we know is that we can defeat them.

2 years later, the old house was rebuilt and word spread about these creatures. Many people from different towns and cities visited the house, and some even stayed overnight. People would camp out the house, each with their own story about the creatures. Some say that they're mutated moles. Others say they came from another planet. While others say that they're from the Ice Age. All these stories made the town popular. Bo would tour the people around the house, telling them about her encounter with the creatures. While I wrote novels about these strange creatures. And what I've learned from all this was every person or thing has it's fears and weaknesses. Like the sunlight, or the fear of falling. I myself finally conquered my fears and had the courage to continue my therapy and now I could say that I love walking. Bo finally showed me her collection of lady bugs and added a new bug to her collection, the Karner butterfly.

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