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Vision Clenches

January 4, 2011
By WhenSavannahSmiles BRONZE, North waterboro, Maine
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WhenSavannahSmiles BRONZE, North Waterboro, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

Author's note: Kairi's dream, is actually a dream I had! But, I haven't met the guy yet...

Why am I in the Gym? Kairi thought.

She looked around and saw her classmates sitting around, along with her former Social studies teacher.

“I have to get to Drama.” Kairi spoke, her voice was weary and afraid, she didn’t know why, but she did know that something wasn’t right.

Her friend Jacob replied, “You can’t, there’s a kid with a gun running around. We are in lockdown.”

“Lockdown? I don’t care. This is all a dream anyway.”

With that, she stood up, and ran to the gym doors. She opened one carefully, and saw a boy, about her age running down the hall. She had only got a glimpse of his black hair before he grabbed her by the waist and put the gun to her head, and turned her face toward the police.

She started to cry in fear, but he wiped her tears and whispered in her ear, “I’m not going to hurt you, this is an act. I promise.”

For some reason, she believed him. He screamed at the cops, and ran out the school door, and let Kairi down.

“Let me go!”

“Kairi, relax!”

“Who are you?!” She panted and looked at his crystal blue eyes.

“Joe. My name is Joe.”

“Joe. Joe WHO?!”

He then grabbed her face gently, leaned in, and whispered,

“Joe Todge”

“AND THEN MY DREAM JUST ENDED!” Kairi screamed into the phone, giggling.

The voice on the other end was also laughing.
“Kai, you are such a psychopath. Why would you dream about that?” Patrick continued to laugh.

“I have no idea. All I know is I woke up with a name in my head, and his face. It’s weird though. I feel like I know him. Or knew him. Or, SOMETHING.”
Patrick paused and put his hand through his blonde hair.

“What was his name?” He then jumped off his bed and grabbed his yearbook from under the bed.

“Joe Todge...? Why...?”

“Give me a minute. Wait, how old was he?”

“I think he was like, a freshman? A year older than me..? Why does this matter?”

Patrick didn’t respond, and flipped to the high school section. He scanned the pages, and went to the last names that started with T. He swallowed.


“Patrick what are you doing?”

“He is in the yearbook.” He said surprisingly.

“Nuh uh. You lie. How can that be? I’ve never seen this kid in my life.” She jumped off her bed and fixed her messy brown bed hair in the mirror.

“Don’t you dare get your yearbook.” Patrick said sternly, as he continued to stare in astonishment.

“Ookay? I won’t.” She began to think this was all a joke, Patrick was always playing tricks on her.

“What is his hair color in your dream?”

“Black. Blue eyes.”

“” He hung up the phone, and didn’t call back.

“She has one of the abilities..She has one....”

He said it repeatedly. He too, had one of these unusual abilities. No wonder why they met. It was all part of the fate. He started to pace across his bedroom floor, kicking all the things on his floor away from him. Sweat dribbled down his forehead as he wiped it away vigorously. He thought to himself,

“She doesn’t know yet, she doesn’t understand what she has. I can’t believe this is happening.”

The potential to use these abilities were only brought out by 3 kids. They were noted as the Vision Clenches, using their abilities in their REM sleep to the extreme, often using it to see, control, or pause the future in their advantage. He began to remember when he found out his ability.

Patrick glared at the clock. 3:25 PM. Detention was almost out. In his mind anyway. He began to carve into his solid wood desk, his attention span very short. He glanced at the teacher, who was busy into her book. He despised how she gave him a detention for accidentally dropping his homework in the water. He was only in fourth grade, a 10 year old. He gave her a dirty look, and continued to carve. He daydreamed about dragons and video games, and making the clock go faster. Soon, he was asleep. He began to go into his REM sleep and dream. On his eyelids, he saw the same setting. His teacher, the desk, the depressing detention room. Thinking it was all a dream, he decided to make time stop. Right after that moment, a flash of light dawned upon him, and he awoke with a startle. He slowly brought up his head and observed the room. He gave a shrug and glanced at the clock once more. The red ticker wasn’t moving. Thinking this would be a good time to suck up, he raised his hand. The teacher seemed to be still reading, so he coughed to get her attention. Nothing. He leaped out of his seat and ran across the classroom to the teachers desk. She was completely still, reading into her book. Everything was frozen.

Kairi sat on her bed, confused. Why did Patrick hang up so abruptly? She scratched her head and squinted her eyes. She yawned as she leaped off her bed, and dawdled to her bookshelf searching for her yearbook. Flipping the pages, she went to the last names that started with the letter T in the high school section. There he was. Joe Todge. Black hair, blue eyes, and a mischievous smile. Kairi dropped the book, astounded, and backed up into a corner and sat down slowly. She grabbed her phone from her pocket and pounded on the numbers.

“Mrs.Ingrid?” Patrick giggled nervously and poked her hand, which still had the book grasped. He backed off and slapped himself in the face. He gave a troublesome beam.
“This ISN’T a dream.”

He hopped on top of her desk and began to dance around, he tossed some papers off the desk and watched them fall to the ground.

“PATRICK THOMAS!” Mrs.Ingrid shook him awake.

He looked up at her groggly, and replied, “Yes, Mrs.Ingrid?”
Mrs.Ingrid’s eyes were curled up in fear, and her face was pale white. Patrick looked straight ahead, and there was papers all over the classroom floor.
“There is a Ghost, We have to get out of here. I was just sitting here reading, when all of a sudden, papers lifted off my desk, and floated down to the floor!! Let’s go! Now!”
She grabbed Patrick’s arm, and quickly lead him out of the classroom. Patrick looked back at the mess, gave a quick wink, and a pesky grin.

Her hands were shaking as she held the phone up to her ear.
“Cmon..Cmon..Pick up!” She screamed into the phone as it rang.

Patrick had his hands covering his face, sitting on the floor, when the phone began to ring. It startled him, and his head jerked to the sound. He snatched up the phone and scanned the caller ID. It was Kairi. He thought for a minute before pressing the Talk button.
“H-hello?” He spoke anxiously.
“Patrick, what the hell is going on. I am not kidding around. Tell me right now.”
“I dont know.” He lied. He didn’t know how to approach her when it came to the Vision Clenches.
“I know your lying, and I swear to god, I will end this friendship right now, if you don’t let me know what’s going on. I know you know. I have a very strong feeling in my stomach.”
“Of course you have a feeling..Your freaking psychic.” He thought and mumbled to himself.
“Kairi, I don’t know how to explain this to you. Yes, I know something, but I am not exactly sure..”
“Explain it now.” She demanded as she pounded her fist on her carpet floor.
“I will call you back later.” He hung up the phone once again and shut it off. He scrambled across the floor on his hands and knees and grabbed his laptop from the shelf. Opening it swiftly, he moved the mouse towards the firefox icon, opening the internet browser. Google came up on his homescreen, and he googled, “Vision Clenchers.” He searched the page links that came upon him. He wanted to know more about what type of Clenches their were, and how to let her know. He couldn’t. He shook his head, climbed into bed and went to sleep.

Kairi lept off the bus and watched the crowd of kids crowd into the Middle School and into the High School. So many different types of kids and cliques. She looked up at the Sun, squinted her eyes, and was determend that she was going to find out what was going on.

Patrick tapped his fingers on his desk and waited for the minute that the School would be evacuated, and brought to the Gym. If Kairi was one of his kind, the evacution would be this week.

He entered the middle school casually with his shoulders back. Hands in his pocket, he walked with confidence into the office and observed his surroundings. The secretary was busy with her typing on the computer, probably taking attendance. He glanced at the clock on the wall, it read 8:40. He waited until the secretary noticed him.
“May I help you?” She inquired as she glanced up from her computer screen, in a sweet voice.
“Yes” He said as he took out the Gun from his pocket, put it to his head and ran out of the office.

“STUDENTS, PLEASE EVACUATE TO THE GYM. I REPEAT, EVACUATE TO THE GYM.” The intercom blared. Kairi stood up from her seat, and began to feel odd. Some students were a bit nervous, but others thought it was just a drill, and lined up at the classroom door. Kairi followed them and got into line.

“No way.” Patrick said out loud to himself, as he was in line. He knew it wasn’t a conquencidence.

Kairi sat down on the cold gym floor, and knew what she had to do. She had seen this all before. She stood up and looked around, and ran out of the gym, slamming the door to the wall. Looking around, her breathing stopped. There he was, Joe Todge. Black hair, blue eyes, running down the hall. He grabbed her, and put the gun to her head.
“I’m not going to-” His deep voice whispered into her ear.
“Save it Joe, I know who you are.” She interrupted.
“W-what? I finally found the right girl.” He smiled, even though she couldn’t see it, his hand was over her eyes.

She couldn’t help but feel a bit frightened, she did have a pistol to her head, but she kept all her feelings inside, and waited for it to be over. Joe stared at the police in front of him, and began to run backwards with Kairi in his arms. He reached the backdoor to outside and pushed it open with his shoulder. He quickly took the gun away from her head, and locked the door with aggravation. Kairi stared at him with a questionable look, and he stared back. The awkward silence began to dawn.
“Hi...I’m Joe Todge” He said with a smirk and a burst of confidence, and put out his hand.
“You expect me, to shake your freaking hand, when you just had a gun to my skull? Are you mental?!” She shouted in his face, as hitting down his hand.
He began to grin even more.
“Spunky one aren’t ya? You got charisma. Didn’t think I’d get this lucky.”
“What the hell are you talking about.”
“You don’t know?”
“Yeah. I completely know. That’s exactly why I’m asking you.” She remarked.
“Jesus, you got a bad attitude.”
“Well, you would have one too if you
Don’t know what’s going on in your own mind.
Just had a gun threatened to your head and
are arguing with a psychopathic high schooler you met in your dream.”
“So now your dreaming about me?” He smirked and put his hands on his hips, imitating her.
She gave him the eye, and expected him to start talking. He caught the drift.
“Okay, I’ll tell you if you don’t interrupt me.”

She didn’t.

As he began to speak, he put his hands in his pockets, and tried to keep his happiness under control.

“You are a vision clench. You dream about things, and they happen. You have a psychic ability. Their are only 3, at least I think there are, and they usually come together through fate. I dreamnt about you, and you dreamnt about me. But I could only see the end of the dream,which is the reality, and you could only see the beginning. I am so happy I found you. I just gotta find one more...Anyways... So right about now, I need you to tell me when your dream ended.”

She felt the blood rush to her cheeks and told him.
“So, let me get this straight...” He began to say as he inched closer to her.“ I am supposed to take your face in my hands...” Joe spoke with a smirk as he took her face lightly. She let him, as she blushed even more. For some reason, she felt a trust. Kairi didn’t understand it, but, she really didn’t understand anything at this point. He whispered, “And whisper my name, while inching my lips towards yours...?” He began to move his face towards hers, lips almost touching when Patrick burst through the doors.
Kairi turned from Joe’s clutch, embarrassed and stared at Patrick. Patrick had sweat dripping down his face, and was breathing rapidly, and grinned at Kairi, knowing he had just ruined a moment. Joe turned away from Kairi’s face also, but, way less embarrassed. He grinned at Patrick and Stated loudly,
“Good Timing.”
Kairi widened her eyes and realised that Joe knew that Patrick was going to burst through the doors. He saw the rest of the dream. “Sly dog.” She thought to herself.
Patrick began to giggle, and ran over to Kairi and wrapped his arms around her back, squeezing her tightly.
“Thank God you are alive...But it seems you’ve been friendly with your almost killer?”
Joe smirked and laughed.
“Oh ya, she digs me.”
Kairi looked at Joe and scoffed. “Ugh. No.”
Patrick explained that he also had a power; which was to control the world around him while he was asleep.
“So, what your saying is, we are all freaks?” She stated with a slight grin.
Joe put his arm over Kairi’s shoulder.
“Yes we are Sweet Cheeks.”
She gave him her priceless evil eye, and he immediatly took his arm off her shoulder.
“So...What about the Cops? Are you going to go to jail Joe?” Kairi smirked and said it with a bit of worry.
Patrick put his arm around Kairi and looked her in the eye and said,
“Don’t worry. I got this.”

Patrick went to a dark corner at the end of the doors, put a hat over his head, and went to sleep. “Wow, I can’t help but think that Patrick is being lazy.” Kairi said with a grin. “Nah..He aint...He’s going to make everything back to normal.” “Normal?” A bit of worry clumped up in her throat. Was she ever going to see Joe again? Wait..Why did she care? “Yeah. Like. I won’t get into trouble with the police, He will change that part.” “Oh..” She glanced over at patrick, who was snoring and drooling at the side of his mouth. “So uhm..Joe, is it?” “Don’t act like you don’t know my name.” He imitated her again, hands on hips, and pointing into her face. She rolled her eyes, but couldn’t help but laugh. “Ooooh. The Serious Kai laughs!” She glared at him again, with a serious face. “Don’t call me ‘Kai’ it’s ‘Kairi’. Only Patrick can call me ‘Kai’.” “OoooKay. I’ll just have to call you Pie.” He grinned. “Whatever.” She sat down on the pavement and looked away. “I’m glad you weren’t some chick in Second Grade.” He said, also looking away from Kairi, mocking her. “Well, now you got a hot chick right?” She grinned, and put her back towards his. “Mhm.” He chuckled. Silence began to dawn, and soon, Patrick had woken up from his sleep, and the others were asleep. “YO LOVE DOVES. WAKE THE HELL UP!” He screamed in Joe’s ear. Joe looked up at him groggly. “What the freak man...” “I fixed everything! Your cool dude. No Po-Po shutting us down.” Kairi didn’t stir, and her head was on Joe’s shoulder. Patrick glanced at Kairi, and then at Joe, smirking at him. “So Joe...You met the all and wonderful Kairi Erar?” He questioned, even though he knew the answer. “Yep, she’s something else isn’t she?” He sighed happily. “Mhm. She’s a keeper though. Treat her right, hard to get though. Good Luck.” He winked at Joe. “Whatever man.” Kairi smiled in her sleep, because, really, she wasn’t really asleep after all. Kairi awoke in her bedroom, on her carpeted floor. She was very confused. How did she get here? Sitting up from the floor, she heard voices. Under her bed? Crawling across her floor, she stumbled to her bed. “Shh, Patrick, shut up.” A voice whispered from underneath her bed. “Guys. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” She yelled, while whispering. “Maybe if we are quiet, she will forget that we are here.” Patrick giggled. She lifted up the blanket and saw Patrick and Joe laying next to eachother, both shamefaced. “Guys. What is going on. If my mum comes in here, and finds two 15 year old guys under my bed, she’s going to be really suspicious.” “Kai, don’t worry about it, she’s not going to find us.” Patrick giggled again. “Yeah, kairi, so your probably wondering why your here, and how you got here because your ALWAYS confused.” She got up on her knees, and knee-walked to her bedstand, and switched on her lamp. “I’m going to ignore that comment, and I expect you to tell me whats going on right now, or else I’ll scream RAPE!” She whispered, but in a yelling tone. Whispering harshly he spoke, “Jesus, calm down, I’ll tell you. You past out back at the school, and it’s dangerous for all of us to be seperate. We are the three Vision Clenches, and we need to stick together.” “Well, JEEZ. Thank’s for letting me know THAT when we broke into my house!” She spat back, still whispering “Why do you have to be so gdamn difficult?!” Joe asked with frustration, trying to keep the whispering tone. “Because, Your a freaking Dbag! You come into my house, without my permission, and you always seem like you wanna frustrate me!” He paused and grinned. “That’s the truth.” Patrick sat up on Kairi’s bed, and enjoyed the fight. He hoped there would be more to come.

Kairi and the others were thankful that yesterday was Friday, there was too much going on in each of there heads. Each of them perseived each other differently. Joe thought Kairi was a Hot Mess, and Patrick as a Class Clown, and he had no idea how Kairi and Patrick could be so close. He of course thought of himself as a rebel, or better term, badass, because of the way he was naturally. But he wasn’t a failure in school or anything. Not a dropout. Just a badass.

Now, Kairi thought Patrick was like a older brother she never had, and of course the annoying kind, you can’t help but love. Joe was just a..dare she admit it, an attractive jerk. Herself? The most confident person you will meet. Some people call it cocky, but she really wasn’t, she just thought of herself most of the time before others.

Patrick saw everybody for who they were. He always tried to find the good. So, Kairi was a beautiful sister, and Joe was just a funny kid. He was simplistic, and thats how it was with him.
There they were, in the woods, making a fort. Patrick thought it would be cool to have a hang out, since they would be doing that alot latley. Kairi and Joe of course were squabbling the whole time, and Patrick was doing the most work. By about 4:00, it was done. It was a basic lean-to, and the branches were hiding it, so nobody else could find it and invade. They put a tarp on the top of it, so moisture wouldn’t be getting in. There was a fireplace in the middle, and just enough room for each of them to lay down. Kairi grinned ear to ear, very proud of the work they had done.
“Wow..This is great!” She exclaimed and twirled around with her arms out in front of it.
Joe glared at her and scoffed,
“Well, well, well Kairi. I’ve never seen you so happy.”
“It’s because your around.” She squinted her eyes back and him and shook her head.
“Guys, seriously, can you just kiss and make up already?” Patrick grinned, got in between them, and put his arm around both of there shoulders.
“I’d be glad to.” Joe smirked.
Kairi did the best thing she knew to do, which was ignore them. She crawled into the Lean-to, and laid down. She suddenly became very tired, and past out. Joe did also. Patrick looked at both of them and shrugged. “Must be the Visions.”

A graveyard. A funeral was being held. More then one at a time? Joe was dressed in black, and so was Patrick. About 7,000 people were there. Quiet. Joe looked to the sky, and it was dark and cloudy.

Kairi saw the School in terror, running, crashing into walls, screaming and hollering, and she felt the anger that teachers had, along with the fear.

Joe and Kairi both awoke at the same time, coughing and bloody noses. Patrick grinned at them. They both looked at him in terror. Kairi started crying, and Joe got up and punched Patrick in the shoulder.
“You think it’s funny Patrick? ‘Cause it aint. This isn’t a cool thing to experence.”
Patrick sat down and kept his emotions locked up. Joe stumbled over to where Kairi was, and held her hand. She stopped crying and began to speak.
“Something about the School..Panic..Kids were running like a chicken with it’s head cut off.”
Joe stammered, and spoke, “....I had a dream about a Funeral. So many people were there.”
Patrick looked at both of them and stated, “We need to stop this.”

Joe looked in the Mirror in his bedroom. His black hair and blue eyes just wasn’t working for him today. He began to style it carefully with his fingers, biting his lip, when he gave up. On the side of his mirror he found the picture that used to be his Girl, Lillian, who did nothing but accept him for who he was, and give him everything he had wanted. She had blonde hair, and hazel eyes, and she was striking. She was a mean girl though, and he couldn’t stand the way she treated others, so he let her go. Just a week ago she had moved to California, which is a long ways away from the Woods of Maine. He smirked as he threw her in his trashcan near his bed, and put up a picture of the Three Vision Clenches all making funny faces. Kairi was giving Joe a priceless glare, and Patrick was closing his eyes, tongue out, and giving the rock on sign. Joe was just sticking out his tongue at Kairi. As he began to observe the picture, he decided that Kairi was too good for him. He put on his black tee, Wrangler Jeans and Converse, as he began to walk out the door. Suddenly, Kairi jumped out behind him, and grabbed the back of his neck. He screamed, turned around, and saw her laughing. “What the Hell are you doing here Kairi?” He yelled. “What, you can come into my house, but I can’t come into yours?” She giggled again. “No, no, it’s uhm..Fine. What’s up?” He questioned as tilting his head. “Oh..well..I wanted to thank you. You really comforted me yesterday.....Didn’t know you had it in ya.” She blushed and grinned at the same time. “Oh. Yeah. No problem. I don’t like seeing girls cry.” He looked back at her. “Mhm..well..I should go. I gotta get to school.” She gave a quick wave, as she opened his bedroom door and left the room. “Hey, Kairi, I can give you a ride.” He grabbed her shoulder and turned her towards him. “Oh..ya. Sure.” As Joe was driving to the School, all was well. They were laughing and giggling the whole way. When they got to the Middle School she was Bright with Happiness. “Thank you Joe Todge.” She grinned at him. “No Problem Kairi Erar.” He grinned back. She then leaned over cautiously, and kissed him quickly on the cheek. “Don’t do that.” He said quietly. She then got out of the car, embarrassed, and left. As he was driving away, she yelled, “I KNEW YOU WERE AN A-HOLE!” As she booked it into the school.

The school was frantic. The terror was struck into many hearts, as 4 men bolted through the school with guns. Teachers were crying, and students were hiding. Screams were blasting through Kairi’s ears, of students bodies who had been shot. Hiding in a crevice, she put her ears over her head and cried as she saw the blood seeping through the floors. One of the heavily armed men was 10 feet away from her, and shot a bullet in her side. Passing out from the pain, she thought,
“Joe Todge”

Patrick ran throughout the Middle School, trying to find Kairi, and as he ran he assumed through all of the madness, she had escaped to the highschool, and was already reaquinted with Joe. She was that kind of person, always taking things upon herself. He booked it out of the school, and felt the wind rush across his face, as he ran away from the terror. He saw Joe outside the School waiting for him, and he threw his hands in the air.
“Where’s Kairi?” Patrick shrieked. His face covered in ash, and hands and jeans covered in soot.
Joe’s eyes widened. “What!? She’s not with you?”
Patrick fell to his knees and began to sob.
Joe punched the brick side of the High School, and charged to the Middle School. When he arrived there, the School was smoking, and the air was thick and foggy. He put his arms in front of him, making it a shield, and ran in. Opening his closed eyes, he searched around. Kids bodies were scattered around, and his eyes began to burn because of the thick smoke. Running through the school, he reached the outside of the gym area. There she was, laying on the ground, blood gushing from her side. Her shirt was off, probably because she tried to stop the bleeding. Was she dead? He didn’t have time to tell. He picked her up, and threw her over his shoulder, and ran out the back entrance. He grabbed his cell phone from his pocket, coughing and gagging, and called 911. Taking off his shirt, he crumpled it up and put it on her wound. His tears were falling from his eyes. He wasn’t religious, but he put his hands together, and prayed for her life. He saw Patrick sprint across the empty parking lot, and to where Joe was. Stumbling, he sat near Joe, and stared at Kairi. Seeing Joe’s hands, he also began to pray. After he was done praying, he took Kairi’s hand in his, and watch as his sister lay dying. Joe looked up, towards the sky, and heard the ambulence approaching. He couldn’t stop thinking about how he met her. And how he found out about her.

His back had a girl upon it, and he brought her outside the smoldering building. Her side was wounded, a gun shot most likely. He took his shirt and held it to her.

He had known this was to happen. Yet, he had became attached, he couldn’t fight the feeling. And as she lay there dying, he thought about her laugh, her scoff, and her special qualities.
“oh...My gosh...” Patrick began to speak, a breath could be heard.

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