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Horror story

May 17, 2021
By pierce-PN, Wentzville, Missouri
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pierce-PN, Wentzville, Missouri
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A little boy of 8 years old lives in a small town called poorville. his town as said in the name is very poor and they are right below the valley of a big city called rich city.The little boy doesn't eat often and usually has to eat scraps unless he steals it from the city The only thing he has to look forward to is his mom and his bed. ¨Archie! Dinner is ready come eat it while it's warm and then I'll tuck you in for bed Momma said¨. Okay momma I walked over to the small round dinner table in our bathroom-sized kitchen. Momma handed me a small paper plate with potatoes.¨Thanks mama¨ I said with a smile. I ate my potatoes and walked to my room to be tucked in bed. My momma read to me and tucked me in bed. All of a sudden I feel very cold. I open my eyes and the walls around my small bedroom are gone, leaving my bedroom dresser and radio. All I could hear was static from my radio, I looked around my room with no walls and it seemed that I was in a building made of metal. There were boxes and empty cans. Although I was in a room I watched as the cans on the floor rolled from one side of the room to the other as if the whole building was swaying. I had no idea where I was or how I got there. I walk over to the only door I see but it is way bigger than I am. I have to jump just to reach the door handle. I jump up and grab the handle hanging until the door opens all the way. The door creaked open and on the other side, it seemed to be a giant kitchen, giant tables, giant chairs, and giant plates. Everything is bigger than me but with everything being bigger than me I suspected that I would eventually see giant people too. So I crept my way down this giant kitchen and as soon as I managed to walk around the table full of dirty dishes down the hall of this large room I see giant people sitting at tables. These people looked scary and disgusting though, they were all very fat with grease from the food they were eating all over their shirts. They looked as if they were storing food in their cheeks to save for later while they continued eating and eating what looked like rotten meat and pies and rotten fruit. I started to assume that I am in some sort of restaurant. All I could think is that I don't want to be here and I need to leave. So I looked around for a way out of here. If I were to turn back I would just end up back to my newly set up room that I don't remember ending up in. So I creep down the hall under tables to try to find an exit to this place when all of a sudden I knock over a dirty grease-filled pan. Immediately one of the customers of this disgusting place looked at me and his eyes widened as if he had gotten excited. The food he was currently chewing dropped from his mouth. He stood, threw his table full of food out of the way, dropped to his stomach, and began crawling towards me as fast as he could. I ran but he was so big and I was so small that he caught me. He grabbed me right off the floor and before I could even scream. I was shoved in his mouth, my neck was snapped and I was eaten. I should have been dead but immediately afterward I woke up back in the same room curled up in a ball. At this point I was shaking with fear. I wondered how I ended up here? Why am I here and why do these people want to eat me and how am I alive? But that was not my concern, although I was freaking out I just wanted to find a way out of wherever I was. I thought to myself ¨I must be dreaming¨ right? I must be having a nightmare. I began hitting myself screaming WAKE UP ARCHIE WAKE UP? Nothing happened. I started crying and then my stomach started growling and I felt more hungry than I ever have and I'm poor. I started looking around the room for food, I knew if I tried to get food from one of the people in the restaurant I would just be eaten. I looked around my new room of boxes and cans but they were all empty. My stomach started growling some more and I fell to my knees, I looked up with tears in my eyes and saw the only thing I could eat right in front of me. It was a rat that had gotten caught in a trap. I knew if I didn't eat something I would die and it hurt too much to do nothing so I picked the rat up in both hands and took three big bites it tasted terrible. I thought I was going to die just eating it. But after I finished I felt like I had more energy than before. I'm shaking in fear. I'm just an 8-year-old boy who only remembers being tucked into bed by his mother and I planned on waking up back in my room. So I began to get the courage to look for an escape. I jumped to open the door and crept through the kitchen and I was back to where I left. After walking to the end of the kitchen in front of me I see the giant man that ate me just before doing the same thing he was before eating his raw meat and stuffing his cheeks and belly and when I looked to the right I saw a hallway with a door that said exit at the end. I felt way better as soon as I saw the sign but now it was time to make it to the door without being eaten there were at least 30 giant people who would all love to have me as their meal. But I knew I could make it as long as I was smart and careful so I crawled under tables in between their feet. I crawled under 14 tables when suddenly one of the customers moved and their giant foot knocked me right into the wall. He or she tried looking under the table but they were so fat that they fell onto the floor. Everyone in the room that was shoving their faces and groaning and talking went silent. I looked up to see a giant woman with one cheek so full it was as big as her head and the other as big as me. She must have had food saved for the month and a little extra for the day. I jumped up and climbed the table and a giant stack of plates that was tall enough to reach one of the lights above every table. As I climb these plates as fast as I could I look around and see every customer throw their tables and begin crawling on their stomachs over each other like a stampede trying to get to me. They had plenty of food but I was their only concern. They began piling over each other so that they could get to me. I climbed to the top of the pile of plates and jumped to the hanging light on the ceiling. The table and plates I had climbed fell to the ground on top of the pile of giant people trying to eat me. They got closer and closer so I started swinging from light to light. I was so close to 8 tables to pass. But one of the lights had ripped right out of the ceiling. But that wasn't going to stop me, I looked behind me and the stampede was coming so I ran. I ran like never before to that exit. 6 tables,5,4,3,2,1, ¨I made it !¨ I screamed at the top of my lungs and jumped to the door handle, the door opened and light glared into the room. All the customers burnt to a crisp. I turned to see where I was and I was on a boat. Which explained the metal rooms and the swaying of every room. There was a ladder I climbed. It took me 5 minutes just to get to the top of the boat. I finally reached the top. Immediately I started crying. I couldn't believe what had just happened. I just wanted to wake up back to my life. I looked up to the sun screaming take me home!. I stared at the sun with tears in my eyes and suddenly everything started fading away. And all of a sudden I finally woke up. I jumped out of my bed screaming and ran to my momma's room to tell her everything. It was as if I was in another world. She looked at me and held me tight and said it was all going to be okay.

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