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Mino, The Game Show Of A Lifetime

August 27, 2012
By Destinisi, Jacksonville, Florida
Destinisi, Jacksonville, Florida
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Blood as red as a rose splattered onto the floor. Stu had punctured Annie’s heart, making him the final survivor. He pulled his knife out of her chest and wiped off the blood, as she dropped to her knees. She collapsed as she splashed into a puddle of her own blood, deceased. An alarm was triggered, and suddenly the lights went red and began to flash as steam poured into the factory. The conveyor belts transporting the crates stopped dead, and the furnaces shut down as the alarm filled Stu’s ears.
All around the world, humans jumped out of their seats, either worried or excited, in the streets in the midst of the night you could hear the cheer, “Release Mino!”

Stu panicked and gasped as he moaned, “No… No I can’t be the last one…” The floor began to tremble beneath him as the walls shook around him. There was a roar in the distance, near the edge of the factory, and Stu broke into a sprint, gripping his dagger tight with pure fear. Even with the adrenaline pumped into Stu’s veins and with the fear of his life, he was still no match for Mino. Within merely a few seconds, the monster caught up to him, and with his midnight black horns on the top of his skull, he pierced Stu’s stomach, ripping apart his intestines.

The crowds roared in their homes and on the streets as they watched their screens fill with the young mans blood. Mino roared goodbye, and the show cut to its credits. With another game successful, the owner sat back in his seat, relaxed, and lit another cigar. In the abandoned factory, guards surrounded Mino, and electrocuted him, until he fell to his knees, groaning in pain. They tied him up with the strongest rope you could find, and dragged him back underground to his pen, where he would be fed the deceased contestants, that the guards could retrieve. The remaining scraps and the factory, would be turned to dust within the hour. The entire site had to be removed, from every drop of blood to every crate manufactured.

On the television, the Mino logo appeared, the name MINO with himself inside of the O. In five days, another episode would air. In the meantime the show had to find its new contestants and create the new arena.

Destin D.

Mino, The Game Show Of A Lifetime

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on Sep. 7 2012 at 6:00 am
Vagabond SILVER, New Delhi, Other
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Every end is a new beginning;
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"Begining are normally sacary endings are normally sad,
it's in the middle which makes life worth living"

OMG!! I SIMPLY CANT BELIEVE IT... epic!! tottally epic... check my story too and comment i would gladly love your feedback... it is  "A New Era"