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'The Beginning'

June 16, 2012
By Boota BRONZE, N/A, South Carolina
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Boota BRONZE, N/A, South Carolina
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Author's note: I thought of the idea for this book when I was thinking of superheros, I realized that almost all of them were atleast in highschool. So I thought I should change that, put it from a middle schoolers point of view.

“Hey Tilly, want to meet up with me and Lily in the new park to work on the environmental project due next month?”
“Okay meet me in the park in 30, I’m going to call Lily now.”
“Kay kay.”

I hung up and began to punch in Lily’s number.
“Hey Lily! Tilly and I were going to the new park to work on the environmental project in 30, you coming?”
“Sure, I’ll grab my bike and head out right now.”
“Okay, see yah soon.-Oh bring a notebook with you.”
“Okay, see yah soon.”

And then the phone went dead, when the call ended. I grabbed my small, worn out black bookbag, and walked out of my cluttered bedroom. I had been clean earlier today, but it was already back to the organized chaos that I had grown accustom to over the years.” Where do you think you’re going?” I heard my mom call from inside her bedroom. I turned my head to face her as I walked down the hallway, “Tilly, Lily, and I were going to the new park that they opened up a month ago, across the street, to work on the environmental project due next month, is that okay with you?”I asked, stopped at the corner of the hallway. “I guess so,” she said, “Do you have you cell phone with you?” “Yes.” I said, about to walk out the front door. “Okay, just don’t stay out to long, and stay with your friends, you have to be home by 7:00pm. Here’s is 20 bucks for you and your friends in case you get hungry.” She said handing me the dollar bill. “Don’t get in to any trouble!” She shouted to me as I ran out the door. “I won’t!” I shouted back to her as I raced out the door.
Boy was I wrong.
I stuffed the 20 in my pocket and pulled my bike out of the shed. It was a deep iridescent purple, with black stripes, the chain was a little rusty and if you pedal too fast it catches, but it’s still a good bike in my opinion.

I biked down to the end of my winding driveway, at the end of the driveway; I watched cars on the highway zip by in both directions. I looked for an opening, but there wasn’t one. So with a sigh, I pulled my bookbag off my shoulders and opened it up. I was looking for the signs I had made earlier this year, they were two medium-sized cardboard signs with straps I could attach to my arm instead o f holding them up, on them I had written in HUGE letters, ‘STOP PLEASE!!!!!!!’ I strapped them on my arms, and waited. I held up my left arm sign so I could pull out of my driveway, it probably looks stupid but it works, I made it to the other side of the street in almost no time.

At the park I pulled the signs off my arms and placed them back in the medium- sized compartment of my bookbag. I got my first good look at the park since they just finished building it a week ago, today was the grand opening, they had already had the ceremony so it was a lot less crowded then it had been at lunch time. The park in my opinion was perfect, it was mostly paved trails and there was a small clearing for people to have picnics, plus there wasn’t any of those tacky climbing toys/castles. And a plus, the woods surrounding it had been cleared of poisonous snakes and bugs to avoid any accidents, the woods were perfect for exploring and having an adventure.

I rode on my bike for awhile, until I heard someone say from behind me, “Hey Cam, what are you doing here? You come to go on the exploration too?” the person said. I stopped my bike to see who had talked to me; it was Max, the über cute guy that had moved here 2 months ago. “Hey Max, I’m just waiting for Tilly and Lily to get here so we can work on our project- wait exploration?” I asked, curiosity getting the better of me. “Me and two of the guys are doing a little exploring in the woods today with some other people from school, you’re welcome to come if you want.”
“No thanks. We really need to work on the project.” I said, already regretting turning down the offer. WHY DID I SAY NO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
“Hey dude!”A voice called, “Why you hangin’ out with bookworm?” the voice was getting closer, I turned my head to see who had spoken and saw Brad and Drake barreling down the path toward us on his skateboard, narrowly missing taking out a kid . “Hey lamebrains, long time no see?” I said.
“You know it Bookworm, little far from the library don’t yah think?” Drake retorted.
“Hey at least I know where it is half-wit.” I said with a sarcastic smile.
“Whatever, come guys lets go.” He said, and started to walk away.
“No it’s okay, I was leaving already. Bye Max.” I said, getting on my bike again, and with a quick peace out, I was off.
“Hey Cam, Ready to work on the project now?” I heard Lily shout from behind me, I stopped for her to catch up. “Yeah, we just have to wait for Tilly.” I replied as she pulled up on her bike beside me. Just then Tilly pulled up on her bike coming to a screeching halt. “Speak of the devil, we were just wondering when you would get here. Ready to work on the project?” Lily asked.
“Yeah, so do you want to work at a picnic table or out on the clearing?” Tilly asked as we pushed our bikes down the path to nowhere in particular yet.

I looked up at the clouds; the bottoms have been threatening to fall out for the last three days.
“Umm…… I think we should go to the concession stand and buy some of the disposable ponchos, It looks like the clouds are about to break loose.” I said.
“Good idea, but I thought of that already.” Lily said as she pulled out the COOLEST ponchos I have ever seen from her silver messenger bag. They were a dark sky-blue, with black polka dots on one , another had in a large loopy-styled cursive, “Lily”, her name, printed across the back in a big font, and the last one, was just a simple solid-colored one, it was the same color as the other ones, a dark sky-blue. She handed the striped one to Tilly, and the solid-colored on to me, and understandably, kept the one with her name on it for herself. And just in time too, there was a thunderous crack of lightening and then the bottom of the dark, storm clouds broke loose in a down pour of rain. “Agggh!!!” we cried, as we struggled, trying to get into the ponchos quickly. I hate getting wet-Well, at least when it was cold, and by the time I had gotten into my poncho I soaked to the bone, and even though it was summer, it was cold! “So I guess we’re going to work on the picnic tables with the roofs!” Lily shouted, struggling to be heard over the sound of the pounding rain. Tilly and I nodded our heads at her in agreement.

We got our bikes and started to pedal to the tables. While we were pedaling we passed a stern-looking lady holding an umbrella and a suitcase, she looked like she came straight from in any spy movie you could ever see, where the spy was waiting at the rendezvous point with the top secret package... weird… But I just shrugged off the creeping feeling I was getting that something bad was going to happen.

I REEEEEALLY shouldn’t of done that.

Cam, Lily, and I were pedaling on our bikes when we passed, this lady on our bikes that was holding an umbrella. I almost ran into her, she was just standing in the middle of with a briefcase, looking at me with a murderous look in her hazel eyes, when I splashed her on accident when I swerved into the puddle beside her, trying not to plow into her. It wasn’t my fault she was in the middle of the path!
We were only, maybe 3 yards away from her when we heard her shout, “Hey! That man just took my briefcase!! Somebody stop him!” Before we even had a chance to turn our heads we found ourselves being shoved off path, even though we had just been riding on our bikes. A man ran past clutching the briefcase, but before he left he yanked Lily’s bag right from around her neck. Cam shot up, leapt on her bike, and shouted, “Come on guys, he’s getting away!” and pedaled after him, “Is she crazy!?!?” I shouted to Lily. “Most likely,” Lily said, as she climbed onto her bike, “But I guess we have to be crazy too, if we’re her friends! Now come on!” and started to pedal after her, despite the dangers and downpour.
“THIS IS INSANE!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs at Lily.

Through the downpour, that was getting increasingly worse by the second, I spotted Cam chasing the crook right in to the barricade that was made up of Brad, Drake, and Max. I saw the crook take a sharp turn off the path, not even a yard away from the barricade. I expected for Cam to stop, but I realized she was actually speeding up. She took a 90 degree turn on her bike, launching herself off the bike, sending it crashing into the crook’s back, knocking him to the ground. Cam had done a side flip off of her bike; she would have made the landing too if it weren’t for the rain. I watched as her feet made contact with the slick concrete, and slide, with a horrible cracking sound that sent a cold shiver up my back. She tried to catch herself, but she couldn’t get her hands in front of her in time; her head hit the pavement with a stomach-churning thwack. She was screaming in pain, Lily and I shot off our bikes and raced to her side.
When we got there it wasn’t a pretty picture, she was in a mangled pile, blood flowing like a river from the gash on her temple. Max had been the first one to reach her and was already trying to stop the bleeding. Brad had already pulled out his cell phone and was calling 911.
“Is she okay?!?”I heard a person call. I turned to see a distressed lady from channel 5 rushing toward the scary scene. She was here to cover the grand opening of the park today. She was being followed closely by a camera man and the lady whose brief case got stolen.
“What happened?” the lady from channel 5 asked.
“She took the dude out that taken that lady’s briefcase when she launched her bike at him.” Drake said, he turned to Brad, “When is the ambulance getting here?!?”
“They said they are going to get here as soon as possible, but with how bad the weather’s getting, they said- and don’t shoot the messenger when I tell you this-but, it’s going to take them at least 30 minutes to get here in this weather.”Brad said.

Then there was just the sound of the rain pounding on the sidewalk for a moment everyone was silent except for Cam, but even her ear-piercing screams had dwindled down to dazed moans. But none of us dared to say what they we were thinking. There was no way Cam was going to be able to wait 30 minutes, she was going to die.
“She isn’t going to make it is she?” a small voice said, over the pounding of the rain. Everyone turned to see who had spoken; it was a small boy, barely even nine years old from what it seemed. Another boy around the same age as him was beside him holding something… a video camera.
“SHE IS GOING TO BE FINE!!!” Max roared, returning to his attempts at trying to stop the bleeding, as he did he silently said to himself in a hushed whisper, “I won’t let her die.”

We stood there for what seemed like an eternity holding umbrellas over her waiting for the ambulance that seemed like it would never show, while Max hopelessly tried to stop the bleeding. Then Cam, with a look of pure agony, leaned forward and whispered something into his ear, and silently slid back to the ground, all consciousness gone.

My heart blackened with a dark feeling of dread, but was lifted out of the gloom with a feeling of new hope as the ambulance veered into the parking lot at the church next door. Paramedics burst out of the back, wielding a gurney.
“What happened” one of the medics asked, as they surveyed the damage.
“She flew off her bike and hit her head,” Lauren said,” she is going to be all right, right?” added, sounding more and more concerned. The medics didn’t answer, the just strapped Cam to the gurney and started to wheel her to the ambulance. “Can we come with her?” I asked.
“No, there isn’t enough room in the back of the ambulance for all of you.” The medic said, lifting the gurney into the back of the ambulance, and then said “Sorry.” And quickly shut the ambulance door. Leaving us there to watch it barrel towards the hospital.
“You all can ride with me, I feel responsible so I’m going to the hospital to make sure she’s all right.”We all twirl around to see who had spoken; it was the lady whose briefcase got stolen.
“Thanks.”Lauren and I said simultaneously, “But how do we know we can trust you?” I added.
The lady chuckled, “You’re a very smart girl you know that? I’m Mrs. Smith, I work for the FBI.”
“Prove it.” I said, incredulously. The lady pulled out her wallet and showed us a badge.
“I guess we can trust you.” I said. “Come on then let’s get to the hospital already then.” Lauren said over the rain, ushering for us to hurry it up.
“Do you have room for three more?” Max asked, gesturing at him, Brad, and Drake.
“Friends of yours?” Mrs. Smith asked, nodding her head in their direction.
“I guess, but we consider them more of acquaintances.” Lauren said. The boys glared at her, so she added, “I’m kidding.”
“Okay, let’s get a move on then!” Mrs. Smith said, already walking in the direction of the car, “Come on then!” she said when she noticed that we were still standing there.

We hurried after her, silently hoping we weren’t too late.

As we reached the parking lot, she walked up to a black van and opened the side door and motioned for us to pile in, “your friend might not have all day so let’s get a move on!”

Inside the van, my jaw hit the carpeted floor. It only insured that she did work for the FBI and that it wasn’t some lie.
“Wow.” Drake said.
In the driver’s seat, I saw Mrs. Smith slip a small grin of satisfaction, but it was quickly replaced by a solemn expression.
“Did you call that girl’s parents to tell them what happened?” she said, as she pulled out of the parking lot, on to the roadway.
Oh no.
“HOW COULD WE HAVE FORGOTTEN TO CALL HER PARENTS?!?” Tilly exclaimed, whipping her phone out, and had Cam’s mom on the phone before we could even before we could pull out our phones.
“Hi Mrs. Gullerene. I don’t know how to put this, umm…...” Tilly got out with much difficulty. Max yanks the phone out of Tilly’s hand to talk, “Hey Mrs. Gullerene you need to get to the hospital quick, Cam is…” his voice broke a little, “Cam is hurt.”
“……….” I couldn’t make out what Cam’s mom said.
“The ambulance is already taking her to the hospital….At Roper St. Francis, across the bridge….It alright we already got a ride…This lady in the park that-it is a long story, I’ll explain later.” Max said, obviously wanting to hang up the phone and just get to the hospital already.
“Sure, I’ll hand the phone over to her.” Max said, holding the phone out to Mrs. Smith, “Here”
“Hello, my name is Silvia Smith. I’m sorry about what happened to your daughter…no I don’t mind,” She glanced at us, we must have had a confused look on our face because she mouthed to us, she has a few questions to ask me, before she returned her attention to the road. “…Um, well I work as a security guard…really…4 years…yes… no… well I look forward to meeting you in person, I just wish it didn’t have to be under these circumstances.” And with that Mrs. Smith hanged up the phone and handed it back to Tilly, who promptly wielded it like a knife and stabbed Max in the shoulder with it.
“Ouch! What was that for?!” Max exclaimed, rubbing his shoulder. Tilly had a satisfied look on her face.
“That was for stealing my phone.” Tilly said, putting her phone back in her denim bookbag.

At the hospital, Cam was a very depressing sight in her hospital room. Her forehead had been wrapped in bandages and gauzes, she had an IV in her wrist and there were wires that connected her to these machines, and what was saddest of all were the two casts on both of her legs and her arm in a sling. Her mom had somehow beaten us to the hospital, and was at the nurses’ station talking to the nurses. Mrs. Smith walked over to her said stroked up a conversation with them to find out Cam’s condition. When she returned her expression was grim.
“What is it? Is she going to be okay?!?” Max asked, not even trying to mask how worried he was.
“They said the gash on her forehead will heal quickly, but it’s going to leave a nasty scar, she broke both of her fibulas and tibias… so she will be in a wheelchair for about the next 2 months.” Agent Smith said. The hospital room became completely silent.
“Ughhhhh….” somebody faintly moaned, it was coming from Cam.

Everything was black, I heard voices in the distance, swirling around me, yet I couldn’t see them. I moaned my head was killing me, it felt as if there was a raging stampede inside my head, trying to break free of my skull. But the feeling was groggy, like it wasn’t in full force, as if it was sleeping, but still there, sedated almost. Slowly things started to appear through the darkness that had clouded my vision, helping me to relax, but for only a moment.

I came too, surround by people, strapped with wires, needles in me, dazed and confused. It took everything I had not to totally and, COMPLETELY FREAK OUT.
“What’s going on? Where am I?” I asked, nerve-rattling dazed.
“Hey Cam, you’re in the hospital.”
There was a short pause before I said anything, then I just laughed (which REALLY hurt!) and said, “Hey, it could always be worse.”
“That’s funny, especially since it’s coming from you.” Brad said with a smirk.
“What do you mean by that?” I asked, sort of worried about the answer, but not wanting to show it.
No one spoke, so I asked again, but to everybody now, “What did he mean by that?”
Finally somebody spoke up, it was Lily, “You’re going to be in a… in a wheelchair for the next two months.” I didn’t know what to say, what could I say? The hospital room was blanketed in a thick silence. Then I thought of what to say, “Two months, right?” Tilly slowly nodded her head. Then I said, “Well, it could be worse, could be in a wheelchair forever… but now the question is who is going to push me around for the next couple of days until this heals up.” I gestured to my arm in the sling. Everybody did a small laugh; I was almost always been able to lighten the mood.
“I am sorry but visiting hours are over, you need to leave.” A nurse said, that had come into the room.

The next day I was FINALLY allowed to get out of bed. I was told by one of the nurses not to wander around the hospital too much, because I was supposed to have an important visitor arrive later on today. But I wasn’t really paying attention; all I could do was think about getting outside of these four excruciatingly dull walls. Then nurse wheeled in a wheelchair, it was a standard hospital wheelchair, the nurse helped me into it and wheeled me outside my tiny room. I shouted, “FREEEEEEEEEEEEDOM!!!” and tried to make a hasty escape by quickly wheeling myself down the hallway.

Yeah, it didn’t really work out that well. Since my left arm was in a sling, I could only push with my right arm, which was still really sore. All my effort resulted in was me pathetically pushing myself slowly in a complete circle. I must have looked so ridiculous with my determined look on my face, weakly trying to push myself with only my right arm, with all my might, but only ending in me pathetically turning in a complete circle. My nurse even laughed at me!
“I’m sorry, but that is the second worst attempt to escape I have ever seen.” Someone behind me said with a chuckle. He sounded familiar. “I’ll take her from here, if you don’t mind.” The voice added. I could almost recognize the voice, PLEASE let it not be who I think it is! I turn my head to see who it was, and what do you know, I was right, it was Max.
“Hey Max, what’s going on? Can you make yourself useful, and help me escape from this cramp room; it’s kind of difficult for me to make a quick get away with this… this thing.” I said with a small, little, depressed grin, gesturing to the sling my arm was in.
“Nothing much, why are you trying to escape any ways? The food can’t be that bad.” He said, laughing at his own joke. “No it’s not the food, I just can’t stand being in that little room anymore, or otherwise I’m going to go insane,” I said, “the food’s actually pretty good, I recommend the ham sandwich with the baked potato soup.” I drooled at the idea of baked potato soup; no one has fed me since lunch, YESTERDAY, and it is lunch time already!
“Why don’t I take you to the hospital’s cafeteria for some lunch?-That is if you want to.”Max asked me, is he blushing a little?!?
“Please! No one has fed me since yesterday!” I pleaded.
“All right then, too the cafeteria it is, here we go!” max said, pushing me to the elevator.

As we neared the cafeteria, the smells that lingered in the hallway near the entrance reached me. I was so hungry that when the smells hit me, it made me feel light headed. An involuntary “mmmmm…” left my mouth as we entered the cafeteria.
“What do you want to eat?”Max asked me as he wheeled me toward the tables.
I looked at him with an eyebrow raised, “do you really want me to answer that question truthfully?” I asked him, laughing.
He looked me in the eyes with a grin and said, “Sure, why not?”
“Fine, truthfully, EVERTHING in that display case by that cash register. But I’ll settle for a cheese burger, milkshake, and fries, I am starving!” I said with an eager grin.

As I sat at the table, I watched Cam as she devoured a Cheese burger in 10 seconds flat, then go on to work on her milkshake and fries. I have never seen a girl eat like that, especially one as banged up, and broken as her. But then again Cam wasn’t like most girls, she didn’t care how her hair looked, or what everybody thought of her, she only cared about what her friends, family, and adults thought of her. Plus, best of all, I think she likes me, but probably not, because seriously she has known most of the guys in this town all her life, and I came here only three months ago, and she only started talking to me after one of those months pasted.
“So who do you think my important visitor is going to be?” Cam asked, making me lose my train of thought.
“Huh, oh, I don’t know it could be anyone.” I answered. Cam stopped with her spoon half way two her mouth and said, “Wait, second? What was the worst escape plan ever?”
“Oh, umm… well, it’s a long story, and I didn’t just see it, I took part of it.” I replied, hoping I wasn’t blushing.
“Well, I don’t really have anywhere else to go. And even if I did I wouldn’t be able to get there without you. So… Why don’t you tell the story?” She said, smiling.
“Well, let’s just say it involved a summer camp, some of my friends, a big lake, and a kayak without a paddle and me after losing a game of cards.”
Cam let out a small laugh, and said, “Yeah, I still think what I did was worst.” Is she blushing?
“How so?” I asked, laughing.
“You saw it.”, Is what I think she said.
“When is the visitor supposed arrive anyways?” she asked, quickly changing the subject.

“At 12:45,” I looked down at my watch, “That was 15 minutes ago! Let’s go, we’re- I mean you’re late!!!” I said, leaping up from my chair. Iran to the other side of the table to Cam, who was still sitting in her wheelchair, I pulled her away from the table, and quickly began to push her to the exit.
“SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!” Cam shrieked from her seat in the wheelchair, her knuckles were pale white from griping the armrests so tightly, her eyes were wide and alert.
“No way! We are almost to the elevator! Just hold on and enjoy the ride!” I shouted to her as we barreled down the hallway to the elevator.
“Don’t worry! I wasn’t planning on letting go any time soon!” She exclaimed, with a strained laugh. We came to an abrupt stop, centimeters away from the steel elevator doors.

Inside the elevator, I said, ‘see there wasn’t anything to worry about while I was pushing you.” grinning.
“You mean other than the possibility that you could have lost your grip making me break something else.” She pointed out.
“Okay, nothing to worry about… except that.” I said grinning.

Finally the elevator reached the 3rd floor; it seemed to take an eternity for the elevator to get to the floor, and open wide enough for the wheelchair to squeeze through the opening. I hope the visitor hasn’t already left.

There is only one word to describe how Max was pushing my wheelchair down the corridors of the hospital… Petrifying. I hope that when he gets a driver’s license he is never late, because when he’s late for something… he HURRYS.

I mean seriously, he almost took off a couple of my fingers flying out of the elevator; it hadn’t even opened up all the way!
“SLOW DOWN ALREADY! We we’re late already, no point in killing ourselves hurrying to get there!” I shouted, that made him slow down a fraction. We flew through the doorway of my room, which, luckily was opened because I wasn’t able to tell if it was open until it would have been too late, as in Max and I ending up having matching casts.

My wheelchair came to a screeching halt. And despite my death grip on the armrest, I went crashing on to the bed, tumbling over off the other side.
I didn’t need that shoulder. I thought to myself, rubbing the shoulder that I had landed on.
“Ouch, can I get some help here?” I called to Max.
“I am SOO sorry! Here, let me help you up!” Max said, already picking me up as if I were a baby.
He turned towards the bed so he could sit me down, and then there was a knock at the door. Before we could reply, Drake and Brad barged in to the room with an adult coming in after them.
“Cam, Max, Are we interrupting anything?” Drake asked, not even trying to hide his amusement. I felt myself blush, although it wasn’t for any particular reason. I glanced at Max; I think he had a little color in his cheeks too.
“No” I said, “Who’s your friend in the suit?” I asked, changing the subject. Max sat me down on the bed and covered me with the blanket that was at the bottom of the bed.
“My name is Mr. Cartlin, Head of the F.B.I.”



Why was the head of the FBI visiting me in the hospital?!? My jaw taking residence on the blanket I was covered with, while I absorbed that little tad bit of information. Then I asked, “Okay, two questions,” I held up my index finger, “One are you really from the FBI?” then I held up my index and middle finger, “Two, if yes, then why in the world are you visiting me in the hospital shouldn’t you be in a meeting the president or something?”

Apparently what I had asked was funny, because then the man laughed, he actually laughed at me! “What?” I asked.
“Yes, I am the head of the FBI, and I am visiting you while you’re in the hospital to thank you.” He said.
“Thank me? I said, getting confused, “For what?”
“For stopping that man from getting away with agent Smith’s briefcase.” He said.
“Who’s agent Smith? Wait, do you mean the lady in the park, it’s no biggey.” I said, shrugging my shoulders, despite the fact that my shoulders were still extremely sore.
“Actually it is a huge ‘biggey’” he said making air quotes around, “ you stopped an enemy spy from getting away with the briefcase, it contained vital information about our countries air defense system.”
“…” I didn’t have anything to say, and in my defense what could a 13 year old say to something like that?!? There was a long pause before anyone said anything, then Max said, “Well then I guess it’s a good thing Cam pretty much plowed into the guy then, huh?” trying to get rid of some of the tension.
“Hey guys, its time!” Brad said, reaching for the remote on the table by my bed.
“Time for what?” I asked, as he turned on the news channel. On the screen the news anchor people were talking about something, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying because I had the TV on mute. Above them a video was playing, it went to full screen. Brad turned off the mute to so everyone could hear what they were saying. On the screen it showed the people on bikes racing towards a man that was clutching something. The people looked extremely familiar, but with the down pour I couldn’t tell who it was. Then it hit me, that was Tilly, Lauren, and me.
“I made the NEWS?!?” I exclaimed, to no one in particular. Max sat down beside me on the edge of the bed, he looks at me and smiles, gently reaches over and shuts my mouth, “Sorry, not really. Your jaw seems to be hanging a lot today.”
The nurse walks into the room, “Um, I came in here to tell you there are some reporters in the waiting room asking to interview you. Would like to me to send one up at a time or are you not ready to talk to that many people and want me to send them away?”
“Um, I guess I can do a few interviews.” I said, looking at Max for his opinion. He shrugged and said, “What can it hurt?”

It turns some in the English dictionary means twenty. It was interview after interview. There were people from LIVE 5 NEWS, PEOPLE MAGAZINE, ABC, US NEWS, TIME MAGIZINE, THE NEW YORK TIMES, POST & COURIER, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, and a lot of others whose names I didn’t recognize.
After the last interview the doctor came in to talk to me, it turns out that in hospital terms I’m well enough that they can discharge me earlier than expected. Yes, I get to go back to school earlier and run over some toes! I thought sarcastically to myself.
“Ready to go?” My mom asked as she finished signing the discharge papers.
“You bet.” I lied. The last thing I want to do is go back to school and have everyone bug me all day, it’s not that they mean to, but they NEVER STOP.
“I guess it’s time to go.” She said as she wheeled me out the door and to the car.

My eyes watered up and burned went I was wheeled out into the sunlight. I realized it had been inside for almost three days. I am excited to get out of the hospital, but not certain if I want to go to school, yet. But I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

On our first day back to school Lily, Cam, and I decided to carpool. Tilly and I had to help Cam get into her mom’s van, and packed the wheelchair in the back.
“Okay, I don’t think I take doing this every morning at 6:00.” Cam says to us as she struggles into her seatbelt.
“Hey, it could always be worse.” Lily said.
“I know, but still… how am I going to get to my upstairs classes?” Cam retorted.
“You’ll figure out something Cam, you always seem to.” I pointed out.
“Fine, then let’s get this show on the road.” Cam shouted, pumping her good arm in the air.

Back at school, things were completely different. People Thought Cam, Lily, and I as heroes. Cam was temporarily in a wheelchair; Lily was immersed in her writing that was inspired by what had happened. (But her writing has to be examined first to make sure it doesn’t reveal any national secrets or something like that {honestly, I wasn’t really paying attention}.) And worst of all, I had be on medical leave for the rest of the season because of my sprained ankle. (I am on the track team.)

We were heading to our next class when Cam crashed into Max, literally- She plowed right into him! Lily had been pushing her to their next class, when she tripped on a Gatorade bottle that someone had dropped. The Wheelchair got shoved forward, just as Max and the guys turned the corner. Max got knocked to the ground, and the wheelchair tipped forward at the sudden stop making Cam crash to the ground, landing right on Max.(He is SOOO going to be sore in the morning.)
I looked at the train wreck that had just happened thinking, only Lily is clumsy enough to cause something like that. And Cam is the only one unlucky enough) to take out the guy she has a crush on while in a wheelchair. Man, I love my friends.
“Only you guys could have that happen.” I said helping Lily up.
“Ouch.” She replied.

I look over at the heap of people that is my friend Cam and Max.
“You think we should help?” Lily asks me. I look at Cam laughing and trying to get up and say, “Nah, I think Cam has it under control. Come on; let’s go get a snack from the vending machine before class starts.” Lily shrugs her shoulders and heads towards the vending machine.

At the vending machine, lily and I finally get a chance to talk about everything that has happened since Friday.
“So what do you think is going on with Cam and Max?” Lily asks me, as she gets a Monster from the vending machine.
“Oh, Max is totally falling for her. They are SO going to end up dating. I mean seriously she has been crushing on him since the day they met. I think they would make such a cute couple don’t you?”I said, getting a granola bar from the vending machine.
“Who would make such a cute couple?” a voice said from behind us, Brad had came out of nowhere and startled Lily so bad, she dropped her Monster. It landed on her toe, at least it wasn’t open.
“Don’t do that!” I shouted at him, trying not to laugh, “No being a ninja!”
“Why, and you still didn’t answer my question.” He said grinning.
“We will tell you but you HAVE TO SWEAR ON YOU LIFE that you won’t tell anyone.” Lily said, trying to look deadly serious.
“Okay, I swear on my life I won’t tell anyone what you’re about to tell me.” Brad said, raising his right hand.
“I think that Max and Cam would make such a cute couple.” Lily said, with a squeal.
“LILY?!?!” I exclaimed, elbowing her in the rib.
“Ouch, what was that for, he swore he wouldn’t tell anyone?!” she exclaimed, rubbing her ribs.

Over head the late bell rang, “Come on, we have to get to class” I said rushing down the hallway to my class.

People are nosy. It’s as plain and simple as that, ever since Friday Cam, Tilly, and I have barely had anytime to hang out by ourselves. It’s like we’re celebrities or something now. All we did was the right thing, and Tilly and I didn’t really even do that much of anything. All we did was trail after Cam to make sure she didn’t do anything crazy, and we even did a pretty sucky job at that. I thought to myself as I doodled in my social studies notebook pictures of what happened on Friday. Okay they weren’t so much of doodles as full-fledged sketches. I was fully involved in my ‘doodling’ when my social studies teacher, Mrs. Gertrude snatched up my notebook and raised it up above her head.
“What do we have here, some pictures? Well, if they are so important that you don’t pay attention in my class why don’t we let the whole class see them and we can hear what they think of them?” Mrs. Gertrude said, with distaste. She placed the notebook under the Elmo and started at the beginning of my notebook, which she knew for a fact contained only ‘doodles’ I shrunk down into my chair, no one ever sees my drawings except for the art teacher and my friends. She showed the class all the drawing I had made that had corresponded with the lesson she was teaching that day. There were pictures of the civil war, the fall of Rome, the titanic, the Hunley, ww1 &2, a few mammoths, a booth for voting, and things like that, and then she got to what I had been drawing about Friday. I had drawn Cam and Max flirting in the park with Brad and Drake in the background barreling towards them(didn’t mean for the class to see that), us scrambling into the ponchos, the man in mid sprint clutching the briefcase, Cam leaping onto her bike, the three of us barreling down the path after the guy, Cam in mid back flip when she had jumped off her bike launching it at the bad guy, Cam sprawled in pain on the trail with her limbs in odd angles laying in a growing pool of her own blood, the man unconscious with Cam’s bike on top of him, and then she got to the half finished picture of Max crouched over Cam trying to stop the bleeding with tears running down his face and the rain falling all around them. The classroom was dead silent, and then one of my classmates said, “They look like they are photos.” Another classmate added, “That must have been terrifying.”
“It was.” I muttered under my breath, I glanced to my right at Cam, she looked as red as cheery she probably gone under the table if she wasn’t in the wheelchair, I feel so sorry that the entire class saw the picture I drew of her and Max flirting.
“I didn’t realize…” Mrs. Gertrude started, “That is an interesting way to take notes Lily, we didn’t know you were an artist.-Can we ask you and Cam about what happened last Friday, I know everybody is wanting to know, do you mind?”
“I guess so, if Cam’s alright with answering some of the questions with me.” I said, looking at Cam with pleading eyes. She shrugged and said, “I guess so.”
“What’s with the picture of you and Max?” one of our classmates asked Cam.
“Umm… next question!” she said, a little too hastily.

After a few minutes of Q&A, the golden question was asked, “Why did you go after the man who stole the briefcase in the first place?”
Cam looked that student straight in the eyes, and said just eight little words,
“It felt like the right thing to do.”

“So do you think we will be allowed to go back there now, this time without supervision?” Lily asked Cam and I, as we made our way toward all of our parents.
“I don’t know, but we’re going to find out soon.” Cam said, with a doubtful smile.
When we were in front of the parents Cam asked, “Can we please go to the park? We really need to finish our environmental project, we haven’t even started it!” with her eyes wide with a begging look.
After a few minutes of talking amongst themselves and displeased looks, Lily’s mom said with a sigh, “We guess so. But please, be careful.”
“We will.” We shouted, as we headed out the door.
“That’s what you said last time.” I heard Cam’s mom mutter as we headed out the door.

Once we were in the park, we decided to just wander around for a while and see the entire park. We walked down a couple of trails until we got hungry and decided to go to the concession stand.
“What can I get you ladies today?” the employee asked us, as he tried to seem like he wasn’t staring at Cam. He was failing.
“We will take two chili cheese dogs, one with extra mustard, and one hot dog with relish, hot mustard, ketchup, and a smear of mayonnaises.” Lily said, “-Oh, and a bottle of coke.”
“That sure is a lot of food.”He said, shaking his head, as he handed us our food.
“Yeah… not really. But thank you, have a nice day.” Lily said, handing me one of the chili dogs, and Cam her relish hotdog.
“You too. Come again soon.” He said to us as we were leaving.
“This is a pretty good hotdog, don’t you think so?” Lily asked me as we pushed Cam around the park, eating.
“Yeah I guess so, but I don’t think mine is agreeing with me.” I said, looking down at my stomach as it churns inside me, making me nauseous.
“There is a trash can over there. Don’t puke on me please.” Cam said to me, as I started to push her down the path again.
“I’ll be fine, come on let’s check out the rest of the park.” I said, trying not to lose my lunch.
We started to walk again, half way over this small hill, my stomach decided to give way.
“OH GOD, move it or lose it!” I shouted to a group of roller skaters that had been behind us. I sprinted towards the trashcan.
“Tilly!” I heard Lily shout, as she made her way after me.

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