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Avril, the True Outcast

September 13, 2011
By headoverheels44 SILVER, Dickerson, Maryland
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headoverheels44 SILVER, Dickerson, Maryland
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My favorite teacher ever, Mr. D, handed me my golden ticket. Actually, it was just a yellow hall pass that got me away from my ex-best friend. But it was so great that it was almost as good as a golden ticket.
“Please give my regards to the secretary.” Mr. D said as he handed me a box that had a FedEx logo on it. I took the box and smiled.
“Sure. I’ll be back.” I replied kindly as I quickly walked out the door of the room. The first words that passed through my head as my feet reached the quiet hallway were FREE! FREE AT LAST! Just like when Martin Luther King Jr. said those words for segregation, I too was free of horrible things. My problems were nowhere near King’s and his followers, but my problems were not very good for a freshman (aka “fresh meat”). Most people have informed me before hand that being on Jenny’s bad side was Social suicide, but I never really listened to them. Now that I have committed this so called ‘suicide’ I finally understood what they meant; No one really likes you when the popular girl hates you. And, to boot, my best friend since I was in kindergarten just left the school.
I walked down the short hall and entered the main office. The usual things were happening in there. The Principal was yelling at students in his office, the mail carrier was flirting with the second secretary, Jimmy was sitting in the waiting area to get yelled at, and the main secretary was playing cards on the computer.
“Hey Jimmy.” I said as I saw him first.
“Yo.” He replied with that retarded half-nod thing that was meant to show coolness.
“What’d you do this go around?” I asked as I held the box with both hands.
“Seen the flag pole today?” He asked with an evil smirk.
“No. Why?” I asked with teenage curiosity.
“The man got that animal, he calls hair, jacked.”
“You jacked Mr. S’s hair piece and hung it on the flag pole?” I asked, stating what I figured out by the clues Jimmy had given me.
“Genius, right?” He asked with a playful smirk.
“Yea, well Mr. Genius over there forgot one detail.” The main secretary said to me as she looked away from her computer screen.
“How was I supposed to know that I dropped my cap?” Jimmy retorted.
“Smart one over there dropped his baseball cap for his team last year that has his full name sewn onto the back. It was below the flag pole this morning.” The secretary said with sarcasm that the deaf could hear.
“Whatever,” Jimmy spat back. Then under his breath he added “hag.”
I laughed to myself about that as I walked up to the Secretary’s desk and set the slightly heavy box onto the edge of her desk. “Regards from Mr. D.” I explained with a smile while trying not to stare at the huge zit on the corner of the secretary’s lips.
“Ah.” The secretary said. Then she picked up the box and set it on the second secretary’s desk. She handed it to the mailman she was flirting with and finally he left. Then the Principal came out of his office with his noticeable permanent frown.
“Come on Jimmy. Your turn.” Mr. S nearly growled to Jimmy, but then he noticed me and for some odd reason nearly smiled. “Well good morning Avril.”
“Good morning Mr. S.” I replied while hiding back my creepy feeling from Mr. S’s smile.
“Say, are you in Mr. D’s class right now?” Mr. S asked. I nearly didn’t answer him because my gut was telling me not to but I did anyways.
“Well I have a new student who is heading down to that class. Could you bring him back with you?” He asked and I realized my gut had been right.
“Uh… sure.” I said, not being able to think of a way out of the situation.
“Great. I’ll get him and be right back.” Then he turned to Jimmy. “Go to my office and don’t put your nasty hands on ANYTHING.”
“Yea, yea.” Jimmy said as he slowly stood and followed the Principal down the hall of the office. Jimmy wasn’t with Mr. S when he came back, but there was a very tall boy in his place. I couldn’t see the boy’s face because of his hood.
“Take off the hood, son. This isn’t a gang place.” M r. S retorted to the boy. In response the boy did as ordered. The first thing that caught my attention was his eyes. They had a thin rim of red that was placed on the edge of his pupils and seemed to be starting to cover his iris. “Avril, this is our new student Trent. Trent, this is Avril. She has the same schedule as you.”
“What? How can he have my exact schedule?”
“He’s taking the free space that Rose left.” The principal replied and I nearly cried. They were already replacing Rose.
“I’m sorry, Avril. I know it’s hard to get over Rose’s death, but she had to be replaced at some point.”
“I guess.” I replied with a frown. Mr. S was heartless. He thought of Rose as just some person who was gone even though it was more than that. “Come on, Trent. Mr. D is waiting for us.” I said and then I looked back at Mr. S. “Don’t expel Jimmy. He’s just sad over Rose.” I explained. Mr. S was about to say something to me, but I walked out of the office. I waited outside the door until Trent finally came out. Then he followed me down the hall and we went back into Mr. D’s room. I walked straight to Mr. D and he looked at me oddly.
“Who is this?” Mr. D asked.
“Newbie.” I replied with a slight smile.
“Ah. Thanks for bringing him here, Av.” Mr. D said with a warm smile of a father. All I knew at that point was Mr. D’s kids were lucky s***. I walked back to my seat and sat down. Mr. D started the class again and I ignored every word spoken. Everyone spread the word of a newbie as the class let out. All I could do was be happy that this week of school was over.

Mental note:
Second week without Rose;
The rest of my life to go.

I started to walk away from my class when I remembered the newbie. I walked back to the classroom and saw him talking to Mr. D. I went over to them.
“Yes, I will see you on Monday Mr. Trent.” Mr. D said and then he went to his desk. Trent turned around and I had to keep myself from jumping when I saw his eyes again.
“Hey. Do you know which bus to get on?” I asked with a halfhearted smile.
“Nah. I don’t ride a bus.” He said and my heart skipped a beat. I knew where he had to go.
“Come with me, Trent. I need to talk to you.” I said as I walked towards the door. He followed and I went to the office.
“Why are we here?” Trent asked with uncertainty.
“I have to get Jimmy so we can take you where you need to go.”
“What are you talking about?” He asked me and I turned to him.
“You’re a fledgling. I see the ring around your eyes.”
“How did you even know what a vampire mark looks like?” He asked with a crooked smile. Then Jimmy walked out the door and smiled at me, but then he looked at Trent and his eyes got huge as he back away.
“What the hell are you doing with a fledgling, Av?” Jimmy yelled as his white hair moved from his eyes.
“He’s the new student.” I replied and Jimmy’s eyes got even bigger. “The academy made a mistake. He must have flown under their radar.”
“We have to take him to the academy.” I replied with a stern voice.
“It’s not our job to get another freak to the Looney bin, Av! It wasn’t our job before and it isn’t now!” Jimmy retorted.
“I’m taking him Jimmy. You can either join or go the hell home.” I said and I looked him straight in the eyes as I crossed my arms across my chest. “Choose.”
“Fine.” He replied with a sigh. “Come on freak. Time to go.” Jimmy said to Trent and Trent frowned.
“Where are you taking me?” Trent asked.
“Where you belong.”
“But how are we gonna get all the way there? It would take 2 days to get there on foot.” Jimmy asked.
“I can get us a ride.” I said and Jimmy laughed.
“With who? No one likes you, Av. No one will give you and me and the newbie a ride.” Jimmy pointed out.
“You think I care what humans think?” I asked. “But I’d bet they’d like to hear your secret.” I pointed out and Jimmy tensed.
With a frown he retorted, “I hate you, ya’ know that?”
“Then why do you stick around with me?”
“If I don’t who else will? And it’s not like I have any friends other than you.” Jimmy added with a deeper frown.
“So shut up or I’ll get my own ride and leave your ass here.” I said sternly and Jimmy finally shut up. I took my phone out of my jean pocket and dialed my ex-boyfriends number.
“Hey, Fall. It’s me.” I replied.
“What’d you want, Av?” He asked and I could hear the anger in his voice.
“One night stand in exchange for a ride.”
“Sounds reasonable. When you need the ride?”
“ASAP. The longer you take, the shorter our stand will last.” There was a dial tone at the other end of the phone and as I hung up the phone I heard a fast car flying down the road. Then a Ford F-150 truck stopped in front of me. I smiled at the college student and he looked at the two boys next to me. I ignored his stares and got in the passenger seat. Jimmy and Trent got in the back.
“Who are they?” Fall asked.
“Newbie and Jimmy. You know Jimmy.”
“You’re that dude who graduated last year. Fallen, right?” Jimmy asked and Fallen nodded.
“So where we goin?”
“S***. Why do we keep goin to that crazy place!”
“When you date a vampire, you’re gonna have to go to the Academy.” I mentioned and Fall frowned.
“But you’re not a vampire, you’re their captive.”
“Regardless, I need to bring this newbie to the Academy. It’s my job and yours too because we know their secret.”
“So what about the Jimmy guy? Does he know?”
“I can hear you! And I’ve been marked so figure out the answer yourself you dumb ass.”
“Okay, okay.” Fall said as he started to drive off. The 4-hour ride was long and quiet. No one talked and we all just listened to the radio. When Fallen reached the cornfield that was on the outskirts of the small town I finally spoke.
“Stop here.” I ordered.
“What? But the schools at least a mile away.” Fall commented.
“Yea, but look at the sky.” Fall, Jimmy, and Trent looked outside the car. They looked at the sky and then I heard Jimmy shiver behind me.
“You’re a b**** Av. You planned this didn’t you?” Jimmy hissed.
“It’s for your own good, Jimmy.”
“What is he talking about?” Fall asked, utterly clueless.
“It’s almost dark on a full moon night. Jimmy will turn into a vampire slave in about 15 minutes. And the Newbie will turn into a vampire.” I explained.
“But they’ll kill you if you walk with them by yourself!” Fall yelled.
“I’ll be fine.” I replied as I opened my door. I hopped to the ground and Fallen watched me as the two in the back also got out.
“Don’t die.” Fall commanded me.
“I don’t plan to. Text me when you want to meet.” I said and then I shut the car door.

Within seconds Fall sped off and left me with two about-to-be vampires.
“You’re dumb s***, Av. Getting away from your humans and staying at the town of vampires. You’re gonna get killed.” Jimmy pointed out as I started walking towards the town and they followed.
“They used to be your humans, Jimmy. They were never mine.” I retorted with a side-glance at the two of them.
“You’re still human, Avril. I’m not.”
“I may have those human’s DNA but I am NOT one of them. I hate them all and only associate with them so I don’t almost die every day.” I replied with a scowl.
“What do you mean?” Trent asked, before Jimmy got the chance to.
Ignoring the question, I said, “Trent, are you a slave or a vampire?”
“Then why don’t you live here?” I asked as I pointed to the town.
“I was adopted by humans when I was little. I just found out that I was a vampire about a year ago.” Trent explained.
“Ah, you aren’t alone in that aspect. A lot of vampire children end up coming here when they’re a teenager.” I replied and Trent’s expression became less tense. Everyone stopped talking and I quickened my walking speed. The boys kept up with me and we were almost to the edge of the town as I looked at the sky. There was almost no sun left!
“We have to hurry! If we don’t get into the city soon we won’t be able to get in!” I yelled as the three of us started running. I sprinted as fast as I could and so did the guys. We passed the sigh that said ‘do not go past this point’ right as the sun fully set. I stopped running and sat down as the land we had just been running on disappeared. There was only darkness in its place. The darkness was the barrier that kept things out of this town for this whole month following. It was because vampires become their most powerful for the month of the full moon and will kill all humans, so they are locked in this cage so humans don’t know they exist and won’t be killed. I turned to the two guys that were next to me to see their eyes become fully red and fangs come from their mouths. They were frightening, but I knew they would become sane and in control of their powers by an hour. I started walking again when I felt someone grab my neck with two hands. I flinched and then looked back to see Trent. “Let go.” I demanded but he didn’t budge.
“Blood.” He whispered with an evil voice and smile. I quickly grabbed my silver gun out of my bag and pointed it at Trent’s head.
“Let go.” I repeated. Trent’s eyes got huge as he realized this wasn’t a human gun. This was a slayer’s gun. He hissed as he backed away. “Come you two. We have to go to the academy.” I demanded and they followed a few feet behind me. I walked for a few minutes until I got to the steps of the large school. There were many buildings that made up the school, so that it slightly looked like a college. I went to the main building and up its steps. Then I looked back to see that the two guys eyes weren’t glowing red anymore. Now they were just red.
“Why do you have a slayer gun, Av?” Jimmy asked with a normal voice.
“So I wouldn’t get killed by you two.” I retorted and they shut up. “Come on, let’s get this newbie to the head master.” Jimmy nodded and then I knocked on the door of the school with a bronze handle. A young, tired looking girl opened the door. She had on the girl students’ uniform, which was a black polo, and a red skirt. The girl’s eyes were also regular red.
“Can I help you?” She asked with a fang-filled smile.
“We need to see the head master.” I replied.
“I’m sorry, but no humans are allowed in the school.” She replied and before anyone knew it the barrel of my gun was pointing at her face.
“I’m no human. Now move aside.” I said sternly and the girl hissed as she moved out of my way. The two guys followed me as I walked in. I put down the gun as I walked down the main hall of the school until I got to the door. I opened it and a woman was sitting at a computer. She looked up and quickly stood. I picked up my gun and pointed the barrel at her. Trent and Jimmy walked in beside me.
“Avril?” The lady asked and I slightly flinched.
“Hello Crystal.” I replied with a frown.
“Don’t call me Dear.” I ordered.
“Why are you here, Avril? It’s a full moon.” She pointed out.
“So, you could be killed by us.”
“Don’t forget, I am partly one of you.”
A girl screamed and then someone shoved me. I nearly pulled my trigger before I realized who the girl was. My eyes filled with tears as I steadied my shaking hands and aimed at the girl. “Avril! Don’t shoot her!” The girl yelled and I heard Jimmy gasp.
“Shut up, Rosa! Stay out of this! This is between us!” I yelled.
“But why would you kill the head master? She hasn’t done anything to harm you!” Rosa yelled.
“She has done everything! She made me who I am!” I yelled.
“What! I don’t understand Avril!”
“You haven’t told her, Crystal. Have you?” I said through a few tears. Rosa looked at the head master, then back to me. “Crystal is my mother.” I said as set my gun down.
Rosa’s eyes got huge. “But you’re a Slayer!” She exclaimed.
“No. I’m a half breed.” I replied as I looked away from her.
“What!” Rosa yelled.
“Crystal, I’m not here for a talk. I’m just here to do my job.” I said as I put my gun into my back pocket. Then I looked at Trent. “Go on Newbie. This is where you belong.” I said and then looked at my mother. “He is your new student.”
“Thank you for bringing him, Avril.” Mother said formally.
“And I have brought Jimmy. His slave instincts are too strong. He needs to be here with his owner, Rosa.” I said with a frown.
Jimmy went over to Rosa as I started out the door. “Avril!” My mother yelled and I turned back around. “Why did you do this for me?”
“No reason,” I said, “All I know is my instincts told me I had to bring these two to you.” I lied and then I went out the door.
“Wait! Avril!” Mother yelled as I looked down the end of the hall. A large group of vampires were walking towards me and then they stopped when they noticed me. Mother, Rosa, Jimmy, and Trent ran out of the door behind me. Then a boy from the back of the group of students went to the front and gave his books to another guy. The boy was very cute. He had dark brown hair that was shaped in an emo sweep across his face; his eyes were a magnificent blue that was almost fully tainted by red. He was tall and had on the boy uniform, red shirt and black pants.
I took a step back as he took one closer to me. “Avril?” He asked with a hint of a smile and a look of longing.
“Stop her Justin. She will get killed if she leaves the school.” My mother said with a stern voice, but she didn’t need it. I knew he would stop me regardless of if my mother wanted it or not.
“Mind your own business, Crystal. I am more capable of taking care of myself than you think.”
“But you will be dealing with many fully powered adult vampires! No one could win against them!” My mother protested.
“I can.” I said harshly and she stopped talking.
“Where do you plan to go, Avril? This is a vampire town that you can’t escape from for a month.” Justin said.
“I don’t care where I go, as long as I can leave this place,” I said as I kept myself from shivering, “It reeks of my families’ blood.”
“But we are your family also, Avril. You are mainly a vampire,” Justin explained, “There are no more slayers left in the world. You only have us now.”
“So? That doesn’t mean I belong here.” I retorted.
“Yes it does. You need your family, and we need you.”
“I’m done here. Move out of my way….” I said as I lifted my gun and pointed the barrel directly at Justin. “Vampire.”
“I’d rather you shoot me if you are going to leave, Avril.” Justin said and I smiled. I pulled back the safety release of the gun.
“If you wanted to die, you should have told me.” I said with a smile.
“But what about or past! We were best friends!”
“Then I found out vampires killed my other family,” I protested, “Now, the way I think is if it has fangs, sucks blood, and lives in this town; I will kill it.”
“But what about Rosa and me!” Justin nearly screamed, “The three of us were best friends and I still wish we were!” Justin’s eyes became darker, “What about Kei?” He persuaded, “Can you kill him too, even though you love him?”
My hand started to drop my gun as I thought of Kei. Could I kill him? Could I kill the man I love just because I hate his race? I realized I was losing my will power against Justin and quickly ignored my thoughts. I re-steadied my silver gun and looked at Justin again. “I will kill him too. He is a vampire and I cannot look past that,” I smiled, “And I do not love that vampire anymore. I will never love a vampire again.” I lied. Rosa gasped and Justin frowned.
“You would really do it, wouldn’t you?” Justin asked and I nodded. “Then why did you come here, Avril? To stab our misery deeper into our hearts?”
“No.” I said as I put down my gun and looked behind me. I eyed Jimmy and Trent with sadness. “I came here to bring the people who truly belong here, back. I brought back Rosa’s lover and…” I started to say as I looked back to Justin. “Kei’s missing brother.”
“What!” Justin yelled.
“I found his brother at my school today. He acts a lot like Kei and looks much like him,” I replied, “I have paid my debt to everyone I have caused pain to because of my kind nature. I have brought a replacement for Rosa and Kei’s missing joy. Now all I have to do is repay you. Then I can leave this place for good,” I frowned at Justin, “What do you want from me Justin? What do I have to do?”
He thought for a moment and then smiled. “You must attend this school for the month you will be here.”
“What!” I yelled in protest. “I refuse!”
“That is the only way to make it up to me.” He said as he crossed his arms.
“Bastard.” I hissed. Then I looked at my mother. “Sign me the hell up. I’m stayin’ in this hell hole for the month.” My mother smiled as she went back to her room. I hated making her happy but I had to do this. It was the only way to finally be rid of this place, its people, and my sins.

Justin’s friends left and so did Rosa and Jimmy. “I have to bring Kei’s brother to him. Come Avril.” Justin ordered.
“What!” I yelled.
“You have to do everything I say or the deal is off.” He informed me and I hissed. Then I looked at the vampire behind me.
“Come on Trent, we’re gonna bring you to your real family.” I said with a slight smile and Trent joined me at my side. Then Justin came and grabbed my hand. He led me around and Trent followed. Finally we ended up at the place I remembered as the boys’ dorm. Justin led Trent and me in. When we walked in I saw two areas of couches. There were tons of couches on each side of the walkway made of wood while the couch areas were carpeted. All of the boys in the couched area looked up at us with curiosity. A boy I remembered from the last time I had been here walked up to Justin, who was now just gingerly holding my hand. I quickly got away from his grasp and quietly hissed at him. “Don’t touch me, vampire.” I ordered as the guy I remembered stopped in front of Justin.
“Hey, who’s the chick?” The guy asked.
“No time for questions. Where can I find Kei?” I asked rudely.
“Kei only sees important people during the full moon month.” The boy retorted with a frown.
“Just tell him to come here. I have something important for him. Just tell him Justin is here with me and he will come.” I ordered.
“But what is your name?”
I took my silver gun out of my jacket pocket and pointed it at the guy. “Just get Rei before I blow off your head, Vampire!” I yelled and all the vampires in the room hissed at me. “Someone go now! Or your friend here is not gonna be with you much longer!” I threatened. A boy on a couch ran up the staircase to the side of the room and the room fell still.
“Put that thing down, Av.” Justin said.
“Not until I’m done with this ass who won’t listen to me.” I replied.
“This ‘ass’ as you call him used to be one of your good friends. You know, Kyle.” Justin said.
“Who is she?” Kyle asked.
“This is Avril who ran away 6 years ago.” Justin commented as we heard the boy coming back down the stairs. When he got to the bottom of the stairs I finally saw Kei for the first time in 6 years. He had grown up into an extremely hot vampire. His eyes were now fully red; his hair was jet black, he was tall and handsome. He had on the boy’s uniform and stared at our scene. I put down my gun and looked away from his gaze. He walked over to Justin and smiled.
“Who are your guests?” Kei asked in his hot voice and a smile to match.
“A surprise for you.” Justin said as he and Kyle stepped away from Trent and me. Kei’s gaze went straight to my face and as I looked back up at him as his mouth fell open.
“Av?” He asked with a shocked look.
“Yea.” I whispered softly as I looked into his eyes. He smiled again and then stepped towards me. I quickly stepped away from him and he looked concerned. “Don’t get near me…” I said and then whispered, “Vampire,” with shame. Kei looked shocked at what I had just said. I looked over to Trent and slightly smiled. “Trent, this is your long lost brother, Kei.” I said kindly and both Kei and Trent looked shocked. “I found Trent and knew the second I met him that he was your brother. He looks almost the same as you 6 years ago.”
“Avril, thank you.” Trent said with a smile I liked.
“It is how my father would have handled this. Even if you are both vampires, family is family. Nothing more. I just did what I needed to.” I replied and then looked at Justin. “Are we gonna go?”
“Yea…” Justin started to say.
“Justin, can you get my brother settled in with a room? I will take care of Avril while you are gone.” Kei offered and by instinct Justin agreed. Royal blood has that effect on vampires, and since Kei was the most royal person here everyone listened to everything he said and did it. I knew there was no point in fighting this so I just stood there as Justin and Trent left. Kei held my hand in his.
“Let go.” I ordered.
“But I want to stay like this.” Kei said and my vampire instincts wouldn’t allow me to go against his will. He led me up the stairs and to a door. He opened it to show a barely lit room that had a few things in it, which included a dresser, bed, and desk. Kei led me in and shut the door. Then he brought me over to the bed and we sat down. Kei turned to me and smiled. “How have you been since you’ve left?”
“Okay, I guess.” I replied quietly.
“Whom have you been staying with in the human world?” He asked.
“My friend Fallen.” I replied.
“Ah.” He replied. We stopped talking and just sat there. Finally Kei talked again. “Why did you back away from me and call me a vampire earlier?”
“I’m a slayer. I can’t stand you.”
“Then why did you come here?”
“I needed to bring Trent to you. He needs his family.” I replied quietly and then Kei put his hand on my thigh. “What are you doing, Prince Kei?”
“Call me Kei, Av.” He replied kindly. “I haven’t been able to get you out of my head since you left.”
“It’s been six years, Kei.”
“It could have been 20 years, but I still would have thought of you everyday and think of how much I missed you.” He said.
“Kei, you need to look at reality. You’re a royal vampire and I’m the lowest scum ever to exist. Being a vampire and a slayer makes you the lowest s*** possible.”
“So, what would people say if you were seen with me?” I asked.
“That I was the luckiest man alive to be with the most beautiful girl ever to exist. And if they say anything different I won’t care because I love you.” He replied smoothly. I stood up and walked away from his bed and towards the door.
“I need to go Kei.” I said, as I didn’t face him. Tears ran down my cheeks of sadness and happiness all at the same time.
“Av?” He asked curiously.
“I’m going.” I said as I walked towards the door.
“Stop.” Kei ordered and my body froze. I heard him walking towards me and before I knew it Kei was looking at my teary face. He looked sad when he saw I was crying. I squinted my eyes hard and then opened again. When I did all I could see was Kei’s shoulder. I realized he was hugging me and I cried more. “Please don’t leave me again, Av. I didn’t leave my room for a month after you left last time because I was so sad. I don’t want to go through that again. Please become a vampire and become mine. Then we can be together forever.”
“Kei!” I cried as I threw my arms around him. He lifted me up so that my feet were off the ground and then he laid me on the bed with him on top of me. He looked into my eyes and then spoke.
“Please, Avril! Promise you will marry me!” Kei whispered to me and my instinct would only allow me to answer him in one way.
“Yes. I promise.” I said and he kissed me deeply and then grabbed at my shirt. He pulled the buttons of my shirt until they came undone. Then he looked up at my face.
“I will you make you a true vampire so you can never leave this town, or me again.” He whispered to me and before I could make him stop I felt a sharp pain on the side of my neck. I kept myself from screaming as I felt my blood rushing out of my body and into Kei’s mouth. Then I felt an odd feeling follow Kei licking the spot. It was the feeling of vampire blood rushing through my veins. He took his fangs out of my neck and then gave me a deep, blood filled kiss. “Now you will never be able to leave me.” He said as I looked into his red eyes.
Out of nowhere there was a knock at the door of Kei’s room. He got off of me and went to answer it. “Sir! Someone is holding the head master hostage and is threatening to kill her!” Someone yelled as Kei looked at the person from the crack in the door he had made.
“But who is it?” Kei asked.
“A…a…” The boy stuttered.
“Spit it out!” Kei yelled.
“A slayer!” The boy squeaked. “A full blooded slayer!” He added and Kei’s eyes grew grim as my heart skipped a beat.
“I’m coming.” Kei finally said after a pause. “Give me a moment,” Kei shut the door, “Since when is there a full blooded slayer!” He yelled to the room in frustration and I cringed. I buttoned up my shirt and went towards the door. “What are you doing?” Kei yelled to me.
I turned and looked him straight in the eyes. “To find out what the hell is going on.” I retorted and then left the room. Kei ran after me and finally caught up to me as I reached the bottom step of the stairs. He took my hand in his and then we walked to the main building. We went towards my mother’s office to find all of the students in the school in the hall. They all turned to us when they felt Kei’s presence. Then they moved out of our way as we went to my mother’s office door. Kei put his hand on the doorknob and I quickly stopped him. “If you just walk in he will shoot you with one of these.” I said as I held up my sliver gun. “Stay here and I will call for you once the person is unarmed.”
I turned the knob of the door and slid the door open slightly. “Stay back vampire! Or your head master will die!” A guy yelled before I could see him. I went in and shut the door behind me. The slayer saw my gun and did not shoot.
I looked at his unfamiliar face and frowned. “Who are you?” I asked.
“Vladimir,” The guy said, “And who are you?”
“Avril,” I replied, “But I thought all slayers were dead except for me. How did you not get killed like the rest of our people?”
“My parents hid me in a human family they knew well,” The guy said, “I thought I was the last of the slayers also, how did you survive?”
“I am not a full blooded slayer.” I replied.
“Are you also human?” The guy asked.
“No, I am also vampire.” I replied.
“What! How?” The guy yelled.
“I don’t know. Ask the woman you are holding.” I said with a frown and the guy dropped my mother. She started to go to me when I pointed my gun at her. “Go outside, mother.” I ordered and she did. When the door closed both of us put down our guns. “Why are you here, Vladimir? This is no place for you.”
“I had heard a rumor that the vampires at this school were keeping a live slayer captive, so I came to save the person.” He replied as his shaggy brown hair swooped in front of his eye. It made him look hot, but I didn’t have time to think about that. I had business.
Then I noticed as I had been thinking to myself Vladimir’s eyes had hooked on my neck where Kei had bitten me. I quickly put my hand over the spot and pointed my gun back at him. “Why are you still here, Slayer? You should be hiding in the outskirts of the town by now.”
“Why are you calling me slayer? You are the same.” He argued.
“I am a half breed. I don’t belong to anyone. Not even the slayers.” I said as I pointed the gun back at him. “My Gun is the same. It is no ordinary slayer gun. It can shoot regular and vampire bullets. Each shot I have set up is the opposite of the one after it.”
“Are you trying to make me your enemy? You act like it. Are you on the vampire side?” Vladimir asked and my mind hurt from so many quick questions.
“I’m not trying to make you my enemy, I would never do that. You are a son of my father’s people, whom I love.” I replied and he seemed shocked.
“Then why are you at their murder sight?”
“I am here to save your people who have perished in this place. I will take them out of here at the end on the month so they can finally be at rest.” I replied.
“Then why do you have the bite of a Vampire?” Vladimir yelled and his eyes glowed a magnificent tint of gold through his green gems called eyes.
“It is the debt I must pay to these people. They are blood related and I still hate them, so I have to pay with it in blood.” I replied sorrowfully.
“But you can’t Av! It’ll kill you!” Someone yelled as I looked over and saw Fallen stand up from behind the desk.
“I told you to stay quiet!” Vladimir hissed at Fallen.
“Fall! What the hell are you doing here?” I yelled in dismay.
“You two know each other!” Vladimir exclaimed as he looked from Fall to me and then back to Fall many times.
“Yes, but why did you bring a human with you!”
“Fallen is not a human…” Vladimir started.
“…I am one of you.” Fall added with a smile.
“Wait! There are two full blooded slayers still existing!” I yelled.
“Yes, but soon there will be three.” Fall said.
“Who else?” I questioned and Fall laughed.
“You will be, Avril.” Vladimir said. “Leave this place with us and you finally can become a full slayer.”
“Yes! Come with us!” Fall said sweetly as he walked around the desk and towards me. Then I felt the door open and a wave of new air follow it. I blinked and when I opened my eyes I saw Kei standing right in front of me. He stood there in a tall, straight manner.
“Touch her, slayer, and you die.” Kei warned and Vladimir pulled his gun out. He pointed it at Kei and I quickly acted. I moved from behind Kei and pointed my gun at Fallen.
“What the hell are you doing, Avril?” Vladimir yelled.
“You shoot him, I shoot Fallen.” I replied dryly.
“You would shoot your own boyfriend?” Vladimir yelled because he knew about Fall and me. We used to be lovers and are now just on off dating.
I looked at Fall who was staring at me. “I will if I have to.”
“But I love you, Av! How can you shoot me when you told me you loved me less than a month ago?” Fall protested.
“She lied to you if she did.” Kei said with a smile. “She loves me. That is why we are now blood bound.” Fallen and Vladimir were shocked. “She cannot leave this city now…” Kei walked over to me, stood behind me and wrapped his arms lightly around my waist. “So leave us alone.”
Fallen was dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe it. “What?” He asked finally.
“When I came here, Fall, I wasn’t planning on coming back to you. I…I just couldn’t.” I started. “Before any of this happened I was planning on leaving school in the next month. I couldn’t stand being around humans while I thought my race was dead. I had to go or I would go crazy.” I said as I held back tears.
“But you said you would see me soon!” Fall exclaimed. “You said we could get back together! What happened to all of that?”
“I was lying to you, Fall. It was hard to lie to you, but I knew you would stop me if you found out.” I explained.
“Then when you said you loved me…was that a lie too?” Fall yelled and I pushed Kei’s hands away from me. I put my gun down and went over to Fall. I brushed my fingers across his soft face.
“I would never lie about that, Fall. I do love you.” I said kindly.
“Then why won’t you come with me?” Fall protested.
“I thought you were human.”
“But I’m not! I’m just like you!”
A tear escaped me as I looked into Fall’s sad eyes. “I’m a monster, Fall. I’m not like you or the vampires. I’m my own kind.” I replied sorrowfully. “But I had to choose a side. I had to choose whom I would belong to. You weren’t my choice, Fall. Kei was.”
“But why!”
“Because…” I just couldn’t say it.
“Tell me.” Fall said.
“Because I could not let you become attached to our child.” I said as tears covered my cheeks.
“Child!” Kei yelled.
“What child?” Vladimir added.
“What are you talking about, Av?” Fall asked.
“I’m pregnant…” I chocked on the words. “With your daughter.”
“Avril!” Kei exclaimed.
“None of you have to worry! It will be gone soon enough!” I yelled.
“Are you getting an abortion?” Kei asked.
“No. No one will allow me to, so I will kill the child.”
“But why!” Fall yelled.
“I don’t want this child! It would break my heart to know that someone would have to be an outcast like me! I wouldn’t be able to handle knowing what she would go through later!” I cried and then wiped the tears away. “She will hate me like I hate my mother. She would also hate you too. Just as I did for my own father.” I said to Fall. “I shouldn’t have been made and neither should she!” I screamed and Rose, Jimmy, Justin, Trent, and my mother came into the room with a shut of the door. I turned to them and their faces turned grim. They heard what I said. They all looked at my tear-drenched face and looked sad for me. “You know what, Justin, this isn’t worth it. I would rather be in debt than have to ever see you people! I hate slayers and vampires! For all I care you can all go die!” I screamed as I sprinted to the window in my mother’s office. Fall followed me as I opened the window and jumped. When I hit the ground I quickly ran off. Then I heard someone else hit the ground, like they had copied me. I heard the person’s footsteps copying mine as I ran faster. Once I couldn’t hear any other footsteps I stopped and look where I was. The place I had stopped was in the only uninhabited part of town. I sat down in the dead cornfield and leaned against the darkness that made up the cities boundary. My tears finally stopped as I rested. My heartbeat and breath slowed slightly, while I was still on the adrenalin high from running so much. I closed my eyes and felt calm. Then I heard fast footsteps, but they were too quiet to be a humans. I opened my eyes to see a pair of green ones looking back at me. They were the eyes of a magnificent black cat. Cats were usual for this city. Cats enjoyed being around vampires, and most claimed a vampire as their possession.
“Mrroowwww.” The cat said, starting its own conversation with me in its language. I smiled at the small cat. It was the size of a stuff animal and looked like one that had come to life.
“Hello there.” I said kindly and the cat seemed to understand that meant it could come near me. It cautiously walked towards me and once at my legs it pushed its body against them and purred like an out of control motor. I scratched its ears and then slid my finger down its back until I got to its tail. Then I kindly slid my hand over its tail. It purred and lay on its side. The cat was a she with a white underbelly. I scratched it some more until it stood back up and hopped into my lap. She purred as she rubbed her face against mine and then lay on my chest. I cuddled the cat as I petted her. I closed my eyes and felt good.
Then someone ran towards us. The cat looked up and hissed at the person. I opened my eyes and saw an exhausted Fallen. The cat hopped out of my lap and ran off. I wanted to join her, but I wasn’t a cat.
“God, you run fast.” Fall commented.
“Go away, Fallen.” I said and I looked at my legs. Then I heard Fallen sit next to me with his back against the darkness also. I looked up at him and he smiled.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I knew you wouldn’t agree with what I was doing.”
“But I had the right to know. I am its dad.” He pointed out kindly.
“Please go away.”
“I’m not leaving you to go through this by yourself. I’m going to stay with you, even if it means living with the vampires.”
“What!” I yelled. “Are you crazy?”
“I am. I’m crazy about you.” He said slickly. “I would do anything for you, Av. I love you.”
A tear ran down my cheek. Fallen put his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. Even though we were sitting, my head still only reached his shoulder. I laid my head on his shoulder and sighed. “You’re an arrogant bastard. You know that?” I asked.
“But I’m your arrogant bastard.” He joked with a smile.
I smiled back as my mind remembered everything that had just happened. Fall kissed me and I kissed back. But I quickly pulled away when I tasted blood. “Is your mouth bleeding?” I asked.
“No. Why?” He asked.
“I just tasted blood. The blood of a slayer.” I said and then I thought of my connection to Kei. I jumped to my feet and Fallen followed.
“What is it?” He asked.
“Vladimir…” I said as tears ran down my face.
“What?” Fall asked. I started running but Fallen grabbed my hand. “What about Vladimir?”
“I can’t tell you now. I have to save him!” I yelled and I started running, but Fallen didn’t let go of my hand. He ran with me until we got to my mothers’ office door. No one was near it anymore and I could only feel Vladimir and Kei’s presences in the room. I ran inside with Fallen and my heart nearly stopped. Kei was holding Vladimir up off the ground, but his face was against Vladimir’s neck. I ran over quickly and hugged Kei from behind.
“Kei! Stop! You’ll kill him! You’ll kill Vladimir!” I screamed and Fallen understood what was going on. Tears covered my face again.
Luckily, before Fallen could kill Kei, he let go of Vladimir and looked at me. “Avril?” He asked with his blood-covered lips. I was at Vladimir’s side before Kei could add anything to his question. I quickly put my fingers over the bite marks in his neck and he started breathing again. He was out of shock.
“Avril?” Vladimir asked as his eyes opened.
“Vladimir! I’m so sorry! I should not have left you!” I cried as tears trickled off my chin and onto Vladimir’s shirt. Vladimir lifted his arm and put his hand kindly on my cheek.
“It’s not your fault, Avril.” He said and I cried more. I slowly and carefully moved Vladimir’s head from the ground and onto my lap. I laid my head onto his chest as his heartbeat slowed. But then I fully realized what was going to become of this and my heart skipped a beat. I lifted my head from Vladimir’s chest and looked into his eyes. They were already starting to turn red. I lifted my gun out of my jacket pocket and put the end of the barrel against Vladimir’s heart.
“I won’t let you become a vampire, Vladimir. I will let you die with dignity as a slayer.” I cried.
“I want the girl I like to do it, no one else. Please, Avril.” He said and then I kissed his lips as I pulled the trigger of my gun. I lifted from his lips after the gun sounded. Vladimir’s mouth was now slightly open. Blood trickled out of it as his eyes closed for the last time. “Thank you, Avril.” He whispered and then his heart stopped. He was gone and so was part of me. I had let another Slayer die. With that thought I stood and looked at Kei. I pointed my gun at Kei.
“How could you?” I yelled.
Kei looked shocked because of my outburst. “He was food, Avril.”
“So! You knew he meant something to me and yet you killed him!”
“That is exactly why I did.”
“Then why don’t you kill Rose, Jimmy, and Justin too! They mean something to me!”
“They do not conflict with us, Avril, so they do not need to die. Only these slayers do,” He said as he looked over to Fallen. I quickly ran in front of Fallen and released my safety pin as I put the end of my gun to my head with fury.
“If you touch him, I will kill myself!” I hissed as Kei looked to me with shock, “Leave him alone!” I hollered and then suddenly noticed his eyes change.
“Come here, Avril,” He ordered and I instinctively moved directly to him. He brushed a tear from my face and then kissed me. Blood of Vladimir still lingered on his lips and I could taste it, “Is this really what you want?” He asked and I looked to him sternly.
“Then I shall leave him alone, for now.” He whispered and then looked to the slayer behind us, “Slayer, you may have a child in Avril but you must understand that she is now blood bonded to me and will never be yours. I will only keep you alive to please her.”
“We’ll see about that, vampire.” Fallen hissed, but when my mother came in she quickly stormed to me.
“You’re pregnant with a slayer’s child! Is this just a way to try to get back at me for everything?”
I hissed towards her, “You cannot tell me what to do, Crystal. After all at least the man I slept with was partially related to me and not my enemy.” She raised her hand to punch me but I pulled out my gun and pointed it towards her, “Fallen will stay at my side at all times during this month and you will make it so he can do so, understand?”
“Since when does the child control the parent?”
“I’ve never answered to you or dad and never will. Now hurry up.”
Rose ran into the room and towards me, “So you’re going to stay with us now!” She said in a squeal as she hugged me. As she did I looked over to Fallen and then quickly down to the carpet of the room. She let go of me and bounced over to Jeremy, “We’re all friends, together again!” She gushed to him as he looked to me.
“Don’t be naïve, Rose.” He said with seriousness.
“Things can never be the same. No matter what happens we have still killed all Avril came to hope for and we can never be like we used to. Isn’t that what you wanted to tell her?” He asked me as Rose turned to me, “You’re going to hate us regardless.”
“Stop it, Jeremy! She’s happy to be here, aren’t you Avril?” She asked as I quickly looked away from all. She seemed to tense, “He’s wrong, right?”
I looked to my mother and then to Kei, “I’ll be back in a while.”
“What?” My mother asked, “Please don’t go where I think you’re going.”
“I’ll be back.” I restated and then looked to Fallen, “Shall you join me?”
He came over and kissed my cheek, “Of course.” He replied with a smile and I looked to Kei.
“Don’t follow us, please.”
“As you wish.” He whispered and I quickly left while pulling Fallen behind me by our intertwined hands.

The author's comments:
This is all I have so far! If you liked this, didn't like this, or had some suggestions for changes please let me know!

I led him down the hall and to a staircase. We took the stairs down and stopped at a door. I turned to him and held back tears.
“You should stay here.”
“Why? What’s in there?”
I looked away from him, “Our people.”
His glance went to the floor, “I want to go see them.” He whispered and I sighed. I opened the door with the key I had on me at all times and then led him inside. I flipped the switch for the light and he let out a gasp as he saw all the caskets. His hand squeezed mine.
“Go back out. This is too much,” I whispered but he shook his head as he started leading me down the open row between the rows of caskets, “I bought all of these caskets for them. When I first came down here they were all still chained to killing contraptions and I did not think it was right,” I whispered as I followed him, but then he stopped when I yanked on his hand.
“What is it?” He asked as I could not bring myself to look away from the red wood casket at our right.
“My dad,” I whispered and he quickly looked to the casket. I let go of his hand and went to the casket. I opened it slowly to see my father’s pale face that sent tears down my face. He was in a long sleeve white shirt and dress pants that were still torn all over and covered with dried blood just as I had found him seven years ago, exactly one year before I left this school, “On a rack my uncle killed him,” I whispered, “And my mom didn’t even stop him. She just watched the father of her child being ripped in half.”
“Is that how they all died?”
I shook my head and stood as I wiped away tears from my face, “Most were shot in the throat or beheaded. Only serious offenders such as my father were murdered so brutally,” I turned to my father again, “I caused him to be killed. I caused the last straw to break in the royal families eyes and killed everyone in here. I killed my dad, your parents, and now have killed Vladimir. I’m horrible.”
He hugged me from behind, “Do not blame yourself!” He whispered into my ear and I turned to him. I squeezed myself tightly to him and cried harder.
“I’m so sorry!” I cried and held me even tighter. When I finally calmed down I let go of Fallen and took his hand in mine. I led him to the back of the room and opened a dust covered book, “What were your parent’s names?” I asked and Fallen looked at the book also.
“Maria and Joseph Soul,” He whispered and I quickly flipped through the book. When I found the two names I took Fallen to two coffins, “These are their coffins?” He asked as he looked to me and I nodded. He slowly opened the top coffin on top of two others and presented a woman that was beautiful and flawless except for the small hole in her neck where dried blood lingered on the neck of her dress, “Mom,” He whispered and then kissed the woman’s head. He then closed the coffin and I quickly helped him pull the coffin off of the other two. He opened the second one to show a very similar looking man that also had the same wound as his wife, “Dad,” He whispered and then kissed the man’s head before turning to me, “Thanks for this, Av. I really wanted to see them again.”
I nodded, “I knew you would,” I whispered, but then looked up as someone knocked on the open door. Justin smiled sadly towards me.
“Sorry to interrupt, but Kei thought it would be best if this boy was put down here also.” He whispered as he walked in with a limp Vladimir in his arms. I quickly went over to him and took Vladimir from him. I squeezed the corpse against my chest.
“Thanks Justin.” I whispered and then started to walk away but he grabbed my shoulder.
“Was Jeremy right?” He asked with sorrow, “Can we never go back to the way things were?”
I looked away from him, “I was not my true self then, Justin and I am never going to go back to being what I used to be. I am a proud slayer and I can never forgive Crystal for what she has done.”
“Can you forgive the rest of us though?”
I looked away from him, “I don’t know,” I whispered and then carried Vladimir to the back of the room. I used my shoe to throw open an empty coffin and gently placed him in it. I kissed his lips before closing the lid and walking over to my book. I used my father’s pen I had left in the back of the book to add Vladimir to the list, but then turned to Fallen. “What was Vladimir’s last name? He would want to be with his family.” I whispered as Justin left the room and Fallen came over to me.
“It was Hale.”
“Vladimir Hale,” I whispered and then smiled slightly as I looked to the book, “So that’s why you looked so familiar. You were the boy I was supposed to marry.”
“You were supposed to marry Vladimir?”
I put my head in my hands and let out a sigh, “Yes my father told me he wanted to marry me to a son of his good friend,” I then stood and looked to Fallen, “Could you help me?” I asked as I went over to the coffin. Fallen went on the other side of the coffin and helped pick it up. I led the coffin to a group of coffins in the further left corner of the room and we set Vladimir on top of three others. I then looked to the coffins, “Now he can be with his mother, father, and younger sister.” I whispered as I looked to Fallen who nodded towards me, “Are you hungry?” I asked him.
“A little.” He replied and I nodded.
“Come on, food should start being served any minute,” I said as I took his hand in mine. I led him out of the room, locked the door, went up the stairs, went down the main hall, and stopped in front of a pair of dark wooden doors. I opened the right door and then led Fallen in behind me. The room was flooded with vampires talking and moving around, but I felt so alone. I led Fallen to the line and noticed an older girl vampire in front of us in line looking back to Fallen.
“Looks like our blood is being served fresh today.” She said with a laugh to the girls in front of her who looked back to Fallen and their eyes widened. I quickly went between Fallen and the girl. I placed the barrel of my gun against her side and she yelped slightly.
“Mind your own business, vampire.” I hissed and the girl frowned towards me.
“So you must be Kei’s half-breed blood bank we’ve heard so much about,” She said with a smile, “I feel bad for you. Being used by such a player for food while he forces you to stay where no one wants you to be must be really difficult.” I looked away from the girl and to the food in front of us. I put a few vegetables on my plate and then put the same on Fallen’s plate. I placed a very rare steak on my plate and then watched as the rude girl paid for her food. I looked to the food worker and she quickly rang up my food on my mother’s tab.
“Put this guy’s food on there too,” I requested and she quickly did so. I led Fallen out of the line and into the crowded seating room next door. As I walked in I heard whispering start up and then saw the girl from before smile towards me. I quickly handed my tray to Fallen, “I’ll be right back,” I said and then walked over to the girl. I pulled out my gun and put the barrel against her throat as she let out a gasp, “I feel sorry for you too. Being scared of a measly blood bank must be difficult.” I said with a smile and then pulled the trigger. The group of girls screamed and I smiled towards them, “You’re not worth wasting a bullet,” I retorted as they realized I had not shot the girl but then put my hands on my hips, “But if I see you eyeing that guy with me ever again I will be willing to let a few caps fly.” I warned and then walked back over to Fallen. I took his hand in mine and led him back out to the hallway. I brought him to my mother’s office and knocked on the door.
“Come in.”
I walked in the room and Fallen followed, “We’re going to eat in my room so I need the key and number.”
“Well your room is going to be in the guys dorm so that none of the girl will be near you or your…friend,” She said with a frown, “And you will have the room next to Kei.” She added and I sighed. I took a key from her hand as she held it up and then quickly led Fallen out of the room. I brought him to the boy’s dorm and went inside. No one was in the building so we quickly made our way to our room. When we got in I locked the door and then lay down on the bed near the window. I placed my food on the table between the beds and then lay down with a sigh. I watched as Fallen sat down on his bed and started eating.
“Those vampire girls make regular high school girls seem like angels,” He said with a smile, “And you scared them shitless when you pulled the trigger of your gun. It was well played.”
“I just didn’t want them looking at you like they could drink your blood. I had to teach them that if they lay a finger on you I will kill them.”
“You don’t have to protect me, Av. I can fend for myself.” He retorted and I sighed.
“Have you ever dealt with teenage vampires before?” I asked and he shook his head, “They are worse at controlling their urges than typical vampires and you have to tell them what is off limits with a little terror or they will do whatever they want,” I replied, “And I know you can fend for yourself. I just couldn’t handle the way those girls looked at you.”
“You mean how they thought I would be a nice snack?” He asked and I nodded, “If they had tried anything they would have died.”
“I know,” I whispered but then sat up as a knock sounded at the door. I went and unlocked it before opened the door, “Yea?” I asked as I saw Kei.
“Come to my room and tell the slayer not to disturb us.” He ordered and I was forced to comply.
“I’ll be back in a bit, Fall. Stay here.” I said and then locked the door behind me. I followed Kei into the next room and he locked the door behind himself. He brought me over to the bed, “So how many girls have you slept with? I’ve been informed you’re a player.”
“I am certainly not a player. I have only slept with one girl and that was you.”
“They’re calling me the player’s blood bank.”
“Who do you mean by ‘they’?”
“The other students, in particular a girl in the food line today.”
“Who is she? She should not talk to you in such a way when she knows you are blood bound to me.”
I frowned, “Don’t you understand that they’ll never accept me, Kei! No matter if I am with you or am a slayer, the others will never accept me!” I hollered but was surprised when he hugged me.
“I’m sorry that girl said such things to you, but I assure you I will make them accept you. I love you and I want to marry you so they will just have to deal,” He whispered into my ear and then kissed the side of my neck, “I love you so much.”
“Kei…” I whispered but stopped when he lay me down on his bed and lay on top of me. He kissed me repeatedly as he slowly undid my shirt. I helped him take off his shirt as the kissing became faster. Suddenly he pierced the side of my neck and I let out a gasp. I squeezed his shirt in my hands as he drank and felt limp as he lifted off of me.
“Trent can’t have you and neither can Justin. Do you understand?” He asked with a frown, “I love you more than either of them ever could so don’t let them get close to you,” He whispered and then pulled up my skirt. Pain hit me and I let out a gasp as I closed my eyes. After a few minutes of pain he finally stopped and let go of me. I lay there in nothing since he had taken off my bra, underwear, and skirt quickly. He kissed me as I opened my eyes and then embraced me, “You are my woman and they can’t take you away from me. I won’t allow it.”I hugged him back but did not speak. He was in a mood that if I said anything it would make him mad because he would twist my words to make it sound like I loved either Trent or Justin. Finally I kissed him and then smiled.
“I need to get some sleep, alright?” I asked and he nodded. He let go of me and I redressed as he sat on his bed and watched. I smiled towards him before leaving the room and going to mine. When I went in I saw Fallen sleeping on his bed so I got into the shower. I washed myself off and then came out of the bathroom to change. I quietly dressed into pajama shorts and a t-shirt before crawling into my bed, but felt lonely. I slowly got up and crawled into bed next to Fallen who still slept. I lay with my back towards him and was finally able to sleep.
I woke to see Fallen was in the bathroom so I changed into the uniform my mother had put in the closet of the room. I slipped on the black polo and red skirt before looking at myself in the mirror. The clothes looked so much better on me than they did when I was here before. When I was eleven I was still scrawny, flat chested, and short. I was now tall, thin, and fully formed. I looked like a model for the uniform and smiled. My body fit in here even if I didn’t. I looked over to the bathroom as Fallen walked out. He was in a black jacket and dark jeans, “You’re going to wear that today?” He asked and I sighed.
“Does it look bad? If it does I’ll change.”
He smiled towards me, “It definitely doesn’t look bad. You look really hot in that skimpy skirt,” He said and then came over to me. He kissed me, “If you had been wearing that when I woke up to see you next to me I wouldn’t have been able to control myself.”
“Shut up,” I said as I blushed slightly, “We should go.” I added and he nodded. We left the room and went to the science wing but as we got closer to the building the people around us seemed to stare more.
“Avril!” Someone yelled and I turned to see Rose dragging Jimmy behind her as she ran. She came over and squeezed me to her as she squealed about something stupid. She looked over to Fallen after a while and then back to me, “Is he your bodyguard or something?” She asked and I shook my head.
“He has to stay here for the month and I don’t trust some of the people here.”
“You mean like that girl you yelled at?” She asked and smiled when I looked at her with shock, “The whole school’s been buzzing about what you did and the head master seemed mad when she heard.”
I sighed, “Crystal can be as mad as she wants.”
“Where’s Kei?” Jimmy asked, “I’m surprised he’s left your side since you are his slave.”
“I have no clue.”
“Oh!” Rose said, “He was talking with Trent earlier so he’s probably off with him!”
“Probably,” I said but looked to Fallen as he placed his hand on my shoulder, “What is it?”
“Those girls are here.” He whispered and I looked over to the group of girls as they stormed over to me.
“Jimmy take Rose and Fallen away,” I ordered and he quickly pushed them away from me as the group of girls stopped in front of me, “What?” I asked as I put my hands on my hips.
The girl from before pushed out her lips in a pout of anger, “You have a lot of nerve!” She hissed and then grabbed my arm and squeezed it. Her nails pierced my skin but I showed no sign of pain or fear.
“You should be apologizing to me for what you did you worthless blood bank!” She hissed and before I knew anything Kei had run in front of me and slapped the girl across the face.
“So you’re the one who said such cruel things to Avril! I should kill you on the spot for insulting her! You had no right so say such things!” He hissed and the girl quickly backed away from him, “Apologize!”
“I…I’m sorry.” She stammered as tears rimmed her eyes. She then quickly ran away as her friends quickly followed. Kei turned and pulled my arm up so he could examine it.
“That b****! Injuring you like this.” He hissed under his breath as he embraced me. I closed my eyes as I hugged him back.
“It’s alright. I’m fine.”
“You are my girlfriend and yet she treats you like you are below her! What nerve!” He kissed my arm and I felt my wounds slowly heal, “She will pay for this.”
“Don’t hurt them, Kei. They are not worth the energy,” I said but then smiled to Trent as he walked over to us, “Hey newbie. How have the students been treating you so far?”
He smiled towards me, “Much better than they have been treating you, that’s for sure.”
I let out a laugh, “You’ve got a point there, but you definitely belong here.”
“Yea and thanks to you, Jimmy, and Fallen I’m reunited with my long lost brother.”
Kei gave his brother an odd look, “What do you mean thanks to Fallen?”
Trent looked to Kei, “Fallen gave us a ride to this city when Avril asked him to.”
“In exchange for a one night stand, if I remember correctly,” Jimmy said as he, Fallen, and Rose came over to our group. I slugged his arm and he let out a hiss, “Damn, Av! Not so hard! I’m just pulling your leg! Geez! Lighten up!”
“You better be glad that’s all I did,” I hissed and he frowned towards me, “I should’ve left your ass at school. That was a big mistake on my part.”
“Shut the hell up, loser!”
“You wanna start something, goth boy!” I hissed and Rose quickly put her hand over Jimmy’s mouth.
“No he doesn’t so stop fighting you two!” She nagged and I sighed.
“Yes mother.” I joked but then looked over to the building as the bell rang.
“Let’s sit together,” Kei asked and I nodded with a smile towards him. He took my hand in his and led me into the building as the others followed. I took a seat in the back between Kei and Fallen.

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