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Recycle After Use

April 17, 2011
By spyderfly BRONZE, Lake Orion, Michigan
spyderfly BRONZE, Lake Orion, Michigan
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He told me that he'd cry a thousand tears for me and fall a thousand feet for me and break into a thousand pieces for me and he wouldn't shut up until I asked him about a thousand-and-one.


Camille is a machine, so she is emotionless. That doesn't mean she isn't able to feel.

From amateur author Nancy No-Last-Name comes an equally amateur piece of literature that doesn't ask for boundaries, regulations, or strict ruling. Just feedback.

Camille is a machine in the near future, working to please her Master. He is hardworking, to the point of becoming borderline self-destructive. She can actually self-destruct. They're not exactly a perfect match, but they try.

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Recycle After Use

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