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Death at the Heart

January 11, 2011
By popcoolcat89 BRONZE, flower mound, Texas
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popcoolcat89 BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too."
-Elizabeth I

Some say death comes from sickness. Some say death comes from age. I say death comes from the heart. It’s that feeling like when you’re walking down an empty road with no one there with you to give you reassurance when you need it the most. That feeling of when you love someone so dearly then they leave you with no goodbye and don’t ever come back. That’s what death is.

“Got it!” I yelled as the volleyball soared towards me at high speed. Just as I was about to hit it across the court little miss I think I can do it better than you Hailey smacked the ball before I could reach it.
“I said I got it” I told her, “in case you didn’t hear.”
“You mean in case I didn’t care.” She spit back. The bell rang for the end of gym.
Hailey was majorly getting on my last nerve. I balled my fist.
“She’s not worth it,” a low voice said behind me, “so you might as well ignore her.”
I turned around to find my boyfriend (he’s not actually my boyfriend; he’s just a boy that happens to be my friend. Yeah you get it.) Ehlie dressed in a black button up shirt, black pants, and black converse with his bleach blonde hair up in his normal spiky do and his blue eyes shining like diamonds.
“I know but I can’t help it my anger is so hard to control” I said. I smiled as I walked over and gave him a big hug “I’ve missed you too much, way, way to much.”
He chuckled “I’ve missed you too.”
“So what did you do in Paris that was so important that you had to go away for 9 months? Hmmm.”
His mouth was a thin line. “I told you I can’t tell you.”
“Why can’t you?!”
“I just can’t. “
I sighed “Fine, I’ll see you later I got to get to class or ill be late.” I grabbed my stuff for class and started walking down the hall way.
“RASHEL!!!!” I turned towards my name.
“Hey girl what’s up?” I said to my “girlfriend” Erie Trenton, who was wearing her long straight black hair down with a “Paramore world tour” t-shirt on, ripped black skinny’s, her white knee high converse decorated with black sharpie, and her green eyes gleaming as bright as the sun.
“Not much. Hey, whatcha going to do for Halloween?”
“Umm I’m having a Halloween party. What are you dressing up as or are you dressing?”
“Yeah, I’m dressing up as a zombie to scare my little brother. What are you dressing up as?”
“A vampire duh!” I said hitting the heal of my hand to my forehead. She rolled her eyes just as the bell rang.
“For the 3rd year in a row really, you’re a weirdo Rashel,” she said as she headed to math.
“Yeah I know” I mumbled as I walked to TX history.
It was only around the corner but it felt like a mile walking alone in the empty hall way. I looked up at the Jasper high prom banner. I can’t believe I only had 2 weeks till prom and nobody has asked me yet, I thought to my self, I really hope Ehlie would ask me but of course he didn’t like me like that even though I liked him . Or maybe he’s hiding his true feelings ‘cause he’s to shy, a little voice said to me in the back of my mind. Right elhie’s shy I don’t see that he stood up to the mea- Bang! Bang! Bang! I jumped to the sound of someone banging on there locker as I turned the corner. Bang. Bang. Bang! I jumped again. I looked down both sides of the hall way. Nobody. Bang. Bang. Bang. It sounded like it was coming from the inside one of the lockers.
I walked up to the lockers and heard the banging again and new exactly what the sound was. So I reached for the locker, opened it and saw Rebecca dru, my other best friend, shoved in her locker
“Awwww Rebecca! You got shoved in your locker again!” I said, “You gotta stop letting them do this to you!”
Rebecca bowed her head “I know. But those girls are so much stronger than me!”
“I know. You have to stand up for yourself. Now come on were late for class.”

“Miss Ashwood, Miss Dru do you have a reason for being late?” the teacher asked.
“Uhhh” Rebecca said trying to find a reason without embarrassing herself.
“Yes,” I said before she could get any thing out. She gave me that look like please don’t tell.
“We had to call our parents to get our homework.” I lied smoothly
“Ok.” The teacher said in a flat tone. After history the rest of the day went fast. I had math with Rebecca and Ehlie, but I didn’t have time to talk to either of them.
I met Ehlie out side the gym. “Hey”
“Hello” he said.
“Are you walking home?” I asked
“No, but I can if you don’t want to walk alone, or I could give you a ride since you haven’t gotten your driver’s license yet.”
I glared at him for mentioning the driver’s licenses thing. I kind of got mad at the tester guy and dumped him on side of the road and drove off because he kept telling me to turn the music off. Other than that I could drive just fine. Ehlie smiled.
“Can you give me a ride with out driving like a maniac?” I asked as we walked to his shinny black Corvette. He paused as he opened the passenger door for me.
“Maybe,” he said “get in the car.”
“If we get in a wreck it’s your fault.” I pointed out as I got in the car and he shut the door behind me.
When he got in the car he turned on the engine. Man, his car sounded awesome. He put on his seatbelt then turned to me and said, “One: we won’t get in a wreck. Two: Don’t hit that box on the floor in front of you.”
“What’s in there?” I ask curiously.
“Nothing.” he said as he speeded out of the school parking lot.
”Well, if it’s nothing then why do you care what I do to it?”
“Because,” was all he said.
“Please” he interrupted “I don’t want to fight.” He said shaking his head.
“Alright” I sighed, looking out the window.
He grabbed my hand, which was hot, and said. ”I’m sorry it’s just….I….I don’t want to talk about it right now, okay.”
“Yeah,” I said.
But he didn’t let go of my hand. He rubbed his thumb on the back of my hand then let go as I felt the car come to a stop in front of my house.
”So I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” I said.
“Um,’ he said lowering his eyes looking away,”I’m leaving.” My eye’s widened
“What?!” I screamed. He winced. “You’re leaving already?! it’s barely been a day!”
“I’ve been back for two weeks.” He said still looking down.
“And you didn’t bother coming over and saying hi, calling or even sending me a text!” I said grabbing my stuff. “What a friend you are.” Opening the door and getting out. He grabbed my arm and I turned
“Please, please, don’t be mad at me. I wanted to tell you but I couldn’t.”
“Why?” I asked angrily.
“Why, what?” he asked confused.
“Why couldn’t you tell me?”
“I…I can’t tell you.”
He said looking down again. My temper flared.
“You. Can’t. Tell me. Your best friend! Wow! And after 9 months I thought you would still be that same, nice, sweet, funny, open guy you were before you left! But, boy was I wrong!” I screamed getting out and slamming the car door. I heard him speed off behind me.

When I got inside I stomped up the stairs into my room, threw down my backpack, put my head phones in and laid on my bed.
”So hold me when I’m here, right me when I’m wrong, hold me when I’m scared and love me when I’m gone. Everything I am and everything in me wants to be the one you wanted me to be.” I sang, “I’d never let you down even if I could, I’d give up every thing if only for your good.”
I stopped singing. I was glad it was Friday. I could hang out with my friends. Then I thought of Ehlie and how we would go to the movies every Friday just to get away from our parents and hang out, but then he went to Paris and changed. Over the 9 months he was gone he barely called or texted until he just stopped contacting all together. I sighed and closed my eyes. Sleep came right away.
In the morning I felt horrible, like a truck had just run over me. When I opened my eyes I had a major coughing fit so bad that I had to sit up just to get some air. Looking at my clock I groaned, it was 5:30 in the morning. I fell back on my pillow and sleep came once again.
“Mom,” I said hoarsely, staggering into the kitchen. I felt dizzy standing up,”where’s the Tylenol my head is killing me?”
“Its in cabinet above the sink, right Mrs. A?” said an unforgivable voice.
“Ehlie you know very well not to call me Mrs. A, its Nicole.” She said then turned to me. “It’s in the cabinet above the sink, hun.” “Wow thanks mom.” I said glaring at Ehlie. He smiled like the butthead he is.
While mom was turned around I mouthed “butthead.” He kept smiling and mouthed “You know you love me.” “Ha you’re funny… looking.” He glared at me “so mature.” He mouthed. “Well at least I can tell my best friend why you went away for 9 months unlike someone I know.” I said aloud grabbing the Tylenol and went up to my room.
When I was going to shut the door Ehlie was standing on the other side of it trying to open it. So I pushed harder. Then we were both pushing as hard as we could, me trying to close the door, and him trying to open it. He stopped and easily pushed the door open.
“Wimp.” He muttered. I glared at him. He was such a butthead.
“I thought you were leaving.” I said as I lay down on my bed and covered up. Was it just me or was It freezing in here?
“Yeah but I thought I should give this to you to say I’m sorry.” He said handing me a manila envelope.
“What’s in it?” I asked taking it.
“Just open it.” He said annoyed. He gets annoyed when he wants to see people’s reaction to something and they stall. I opened the envelope, grabbed the thing that was inside and screamed.
“Oh my gosh! How did you get these?! There supposed to be sold out!”
He shrugged, “I have sources. So you’ll forgive me?”
“That depends is this second ticket for you.” I said getting up and waving it in his face.
He grabbed my hand, “Yes it’s for me.”
“Ok, one more question: did you really think you can come in here with baseball tickets and expect me to forgive you?” I said trying to keep a serious face.
I watched his head lower a little, “No, I’m sorry.” I jumped and gave him a hug to where I was just hanging with my arms around his neck.
”Well you should have!”
He looked at me and smiled, “Thank you.” He said and squeezed me really hard knocking the wind out of me. “I love you, ya know.”
I put my head on his shoulder, “Yes, I know.” I said. After I said that he kissed me on my cheek. His lips were cold; come to think about his whole body was cold but, I decide not to say anything about it.
“You’re my best friend in the whole wide world I just wanted you to know that; since I’m not able to tell you any thing else.”
“Yeah, that kind of stinks.” I said nodding. He let go and we sat down on my bed, then I realized some thing.
“What else is in side here?” I asked pulling out the rest of the con. “What’re these? And is this another ticket?!” I said hold the ticket and the laminated papers.
“These,” he said taking the laminated papers, “are passes so we can go meet the white sox and this is so you can take one of your friends.”
“No way.” He nodded, “Oh my gosh, I love you so much, but you didn’t have to do that.” I said feeling guilty that he spent all this money, because home plate seats weren’t cheap, just for me to forgive him.
“So you forgive me?” he asked again.
“Yes, of course I forgive you.” He smiled and hugged me again.
“I got to go. You get better, find someone that wants to go, and don’t hurt yourself, Kay?” I nodded “Bye.”
I watched him walk out the door. Now I have to think about who I’m gonna take with me to the game. Hmmm. Rebecca didn’t like baseball and Erie didn’t either. Dora did but she had things to do. I could bring Jesse but Ehlie didn’t like her. He said she gave him a weird vibe. I’d rolled my eyes. I could bring Luna if she didn’t have any thing to do. I grabbed my phone and dialed her number. It rang twice then she answered.
“Hey!!” she screamed in my ear like she hadn’t talked to me in years.
“Luna you’re yelling in my ear and I have a major headache.”
“Oh, sorry.” She whispered. I laughed
“I have a question: would you like to go with me and Ehlie to a baseball game tomorrow night?”
“With Ehlie! When did he get back, I thought he was in Paris?”
“He got back two weeks ago.” I said.
“And didn’t tell us, that butthead.” She said. She’s also a friend of Ehlie’s because she’s just plain weird.
”How can you not be mad at him?”
“Oh trust me I was but he gave me FRONT row baseball tickets and passes to meet the players for me to forgive him so were cool now.”
“Oh that’s cool,” She said, “It’s the last game of the season, right?”
“Wow. Being the last game and front row those must have been are expensive.”
“I know.” I said wondering how much he’d spent. “He must’ve really wanted you to forgive him. What teams are playing?”
“The white sox and the rangers.”
“What time does it start?”
I looked at the tickets, “it starts at 2:30.’
“Yeah, sure I’ll go.”
“Cool. Well, I’ll see you later then, got to go.”
“Okay, bye.”
“Bye.” I said and hung up the phone and went to bed.

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