December 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Author's note: My name is Xsaiver B i wrote this book because i myself have always wanted to be involed in something like what Ginga went through in this book and i taught it would be nicce to write it down in the from of a book and see if anyone likes it also i wrote it for a girl one of my best freinds and i will love her forever. her name is classified

Many people believe that the time of dragons has ended but the time of dragons has only just begun. Over 3 million years ago dragons once roamed the earth people think that the last dragon was slain those million years ago but little do they know that they are two remaining dragon eggs left on earth deep within a cave at the very top of Mount Everest. Legend has it that when earth has gone through its thousandth year a boy will be born in Tibet, China. When this boy comes of age he will take a journey up Mount Everest and find the two dragons and dragons will roam the earth once again.

At a small house in Tibet China there was a family that consisted of 3 people a girl the age of 15 a woman and man both the parents of this girl. Little did this family know that they are going to have somebody in the family who will one day bring dragons into the world again. Later that night the mother who was named Jasmine said to her husband “I want to go to the hospital I don’t feel too well.” So her husband Edward and their daughter Christina went to the hospital and Jasmine came to them with some exciting news. She was pregnant with a little boy who they decided to name Ginga.
When Ginga was born his parents knew nothing of the prophecy but Christina did and she told it to him one night. Christina never knew that the kid in prophecy was her brother. When Ginga turned 12 he had a little dream. In the dream he saw mount Everest and he was travelling up it when he got to the top there was something that looked like a little cave he went inside the cave he kept walking through the cave he saw ever little trap as he was going through and he avoided it and he then found himself in a room and in that room right before he saw a really huge hole and in that hole two large eggs that look like really huge colourful rocks.
When Ginga turned 16 an elderly man in his 50’s moved in next door to him. One day Ginga decided to go talk to talk to his brand new neighbour, Ginga found out that his neighbours name was Daniel. Ginga and Daniel became the best of friends. They became such good friends that Ginga told him the dream he had. When Daniel heard the dream he was extremely happy he stood up from his chair and jumped for joy. Ginga wondered why Daniel was so excited so Daniel took to his office and took out a book and showed Ginga the prophecy of the dragons and then said “Ginga if u really did have that dream this can only mean one thing you are the boy who is suppose to make this prophecy come true.” Ginga was excited at the fact that he was some kind chosen person and that he gets to raise two baby dragons because one thing Ginga loved more that anything else was Adventure. Daniel said that in three weeks he was going to go up Mount Everest and that Ginga should come along.
Ginga loved the idea and said that he would love to go but that he has to have permission from his mom first. Ginga went home and at dinner time in front of his mother, father and sister he told them the legend and the dream he had and all the things that Daniel had told him. Ginga’s parents were so fascinated by the fact that their son might be the chosen one of this prophecy so they decided to let him go to Mount Everest with Daniel

In the morning Daniel went to Ginga’s house, Ginga came running came running down the stairs he said bye to his family and went to meet Daniel outside they greeted each other and off to mount Everest they went it took them at least 4 days to get to mount Everest when they got there it was night so they camped at the bottom of it for the night and planned on climbing the next day. When morning came Daniel woke Ginga up early they started climbing around 6:00 am and made it half way up the mountain at exactly 10:34 pm. They checked themselves for any frost bite or any thing of the sort. They rested and ate. Ginga said “Daniel how are we going to make it back down the mountain” Daniel replied you’ll see and I must tell you that Over 200 people have died trying to climb this mountain and of those, at least 120 bodies are still missing on the mountain.”
“Wow now you tell me this now” said Ginga. Daniel replied “sorry I didn’t want to tell you before we started climbing because you may get scared and not want to climb anymore” Ginga remembered the prophecy and started to see if maybe anything familiar that he saw from his dream but he saw nothing. He then asked Daniel if they could walk further into the mountain that he wanted to start looking for the cave he saw in his dream. Daniel Agreed and they went farther into the mountain they walked for 3 days and saw nothing on the fourth day Ginga spotted something it looked like a giant stone dragon he looked down and before his eyes he saw a cave bigger than anything he had ever seen, Daniel said that must be it. Daniel and Ginga found there way down to the cave and went in it was as though Ginga had been there before because everything around the cave Ginga knew about it like he had been there before, when Ginga got into the huge room he saw in his dream he quickly rushed to centre of it to see if the Dragon eggs Were really there and to his surprise they were One was Sky blue the other was black with white lighting marks on it Just as Ginga reached the big hole in the ground where the eggs were a huge bright light came from the hole and the two eggs rose out of the hole and went towards and landed right in front of him (Ginga) , he picked them up and left the cave with Daniel. They both made there way back the way they came to the tip of the mountain. Ginga said so how do we get back down “we jump” Daniel said, Ginga then looked at him weird and said “ARE YOU CRAZY IF WE JUMP WEREE GONNA DIE” Daniel said “Dude man chill I’m just kidding” Daniel took out a flare gun and shot it in air 5 times and said “ now we wait and by the way you should hide those eggs no one can see them put them in your bag ” Ginga responded wouldn’t they break in my bag” Daniel responded “ Dragon eggs are Extremely hard they are unbreakable if you drop them off this mountain they wont break once you get home go straight to your room you have to be completely alone for the eggs to hatch. A helicopter came up the mountain and took them down to the bottom
When the helicopter landed on at the bottom of the cliff Daniel introduced him to the pilot he said “Ginga I want you to meet my brother Justin if you ever need anything and you can’t find me just go to him and he will help you.” Justin said “ its a pleasure to meet you Ginga my brother has told me so much about you oh and do you mind if I see the dragon eggs I have always wanted to see dragon eggs up close. Ginga says “you can see just one” he brings out the black one with the white thunder stripes. Justin observes it and then gives it back to Ginga and said “you better take good care of that one he is a lightning dragon they can breathe lighting it looks like fire but its lightning.” Ginga smiles and says thanks for the information” right after Ginga and Daniel made their way back to china it took them 5 days to get there. On the way to china Daniel told Ginga that once he gets home the eggs will probably hatch so he should go straight up to his room so that the dragons are the first person he sees. They arrived at Ginga’s house and Ginga went straight up to his room.

While Ginga took the eggs to his he put them on his bed and just as he was a bout to leave he heard a sound that sounded like a THUMP!! ( something hitting something) it happen again and again until suddenly he heard to loud cracks he runs to his bed to his surprise they are two baby dragons on his bed. Ginga was so happy to see the dragons because now he knew that the prophecy had to be true Daniel and Ginga’s family heard the noise and came running upstairs. Christina looked on the bed and said oh guys look at baby dragons “ AWW THEIR SO CUTE” Ginga went towards the dragons and petted them both they let him pet them Christina tried to pet them but they ran away from her and went to hide behind her brother. Daniel said “since your brother is the first person they saw they will answer to him only and listen to only him whatever you decide to teach them they will do. So if he wants to teach them to be bad or good he can and they will obey him.” Daniel and Ginga’s family left. Ginga raised the dragons fed them left over’s from breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Dragons grew and grew when the dragons grew to the point where they were at his waist the dragons started to talk to him it was in a language he had never heard before but somehow he understood what they were saying they said “Greetings Master Ginga we thank you for coming to get us at the mountain. Ginga responded not knowing what he was saying you are both welcome the male said my name is Lung and the female dragon said and mine is saphira feel free to change it if you want. No I wont change it I like those names. May I ask you guys some questions the dragons responded yes you may Ginga said that language we were just speaking what language is that. Sapphire answered him through his mind but this time she was speaking in English. Its elvish a long time ago elves controlled us dragons and taught us elvish dragons can learn two languages in their life time Lung and I have already learned two Elvish and English when we talk to you while talking we speak elvish but when we talk through the mind we speak English we can also talk to others through their mind. Ginga responded that’s cool it’s very interesting. Oh I have to let you guys know that tomorrow I have to go to school ill be back later I need both of you to stay in here in my room and when I come back I will take you guys out so you can see what outside looks like both dragons smiled and said that’s sounds great but what is school. Ginga said it’s just a place where people go and learn about stuff I have to go every except for Saturday and Sunday. Lung said “that sounds interesting. Ginga replied yea I guess.

During the night the dragons slept in Ginga’s room while Ginga was sleeping he had a second dream this one not as long as the first in the dream he was on a wide open filed when a bunch of animals were attacking him and he raised one hand up and said ascendo at that moment he was shot into the air. And then he woke up.

Ginga noticed the dragons were going really quickly so he got ready for school and took them out the back door and hid them in the hid them in the garage. Please stay here until I get back from school Ginga left for school at 8:00am ended at 3:00 pm then he went straight home around this time of the day there was no body around for miles so Ginga went to the garage to get out the dragons to his surprise they had grown bigger lucky his garage was big enough he knew that he had to teach them how to fly so he took to his backyard where they all the space they needed. Ginga told them to watch the way the birds fly they did and they did exactly what they saw and before they knew it they were in the air while they were up in the flying he spoke to through the their minds telling to fly back to mount Everest and that they should come back at night they said that was a great idea and they were off.

Night time came faster than Ginga expected when everybody was sleeping Ginga went out back to his backyard to wait for saphira and Lung. He waited and waited when he didn’t see them he got worried so he tried to reach them with his mind he got into the mind of Lung and asked him where they were. Lung said that they were coming that he was just going to wake up saphira. Then after 5 min saphira spoke to Ginga and said "I’m sorry I was really tired but I’m better now" Ginga told her that it was okay that he wanted to show them something so they came when they arrived they both had something in there mouth it was a saddle they said they found it in the cave Lung said that they think he’s suppose to put it on their back. So he did both dragons were both full size now.
He went on saphira’s back and they went flying for the first time while they were flying for a spilt second saphira flew a little low when a girl about the age of 17 saw the dragon. Ginga saw her and told saphira two go land near her that he wanted to talk to her and he told Lung to keep flying that he will meet him on the way. Saphira did as Ginga said and he said to the girl don’t be afraid she wont hurt you he grabbed her hand and said wanna go for a ride. She said yess I would love to, he helped her up onto saphira and climbed behind her said to saphira in elvish fly. She spread her wings and flew they met up with Lung. Ginga introduced Lung and saphira to Jenny. Ginga steers saphira towards Mount Everest and Lung followed when he they landed Lung told Jenny all about the prophecy, ever since that day Ginga and Jenny became really close. Over the years as both Ginga and Jenny grew up they thought Lung and saphira many things being nice to humans that humans are not food. Lots of time passed by since the day that Ginga first saw the dragons as eggs. One morning Ginga was with the dragons both dragons were asleep when Ginga fell down from one of the cliffs Ginga yelled “ LUNG, SAPHIRA HELP ME” saphira connected with Ginga in his mind and told him to think of her and only her and say the word ascendo and he did exactly that and he found himself being shot straight up and he went above the cliff saphira used her tail to catch him and explained to him that both of them were linked saphira told Ginga that when he gets home that he should look at his back at his right and left shoulder he will see to spiral sort of marks the blue one is hers and black one is Lung saphira flew Ginga and Jenny back home and said bye to them and went back to mount Everest before morning came.

The author's comments:
*History repeated its self a man named longwei the used he his dragon to betray and the other dragons and a war started some people say that when all the dragons died off all the magic left the humans and the dragons went it the sky and formed the dragon constellation Draco. Jenny and Ginga got married and they lived happily ever after.

Ginga wakes up in his bed and he sits there for a while and he remembers what saphira told him about the marks at his back just at that moment he felt as though those two places on the back were burning so he went to the bathroom to check it out and just like saphira said they were there .

Since then he remembered that saphira told him that it connects him to the to saphira and Lung, he took a shower and when put on some clothes and ate breakfast and went to see Daniel to ask him more about the marks when he went to Daniel he was told that the marks links him directly to the dragons those marks appear on whoever the dragons chose as their leader and it always allows you to use magic the magic comes from the dragons you can use it at any time you just have to concentrate and clear your mind and think of what you want to then you to do then do it . For example see that vase on the table focus on it and it only then think of what you want to do to it. Ginga did as Daniel instructed and he took the flower out of the vase and put them back in without touching it. Ginga was excited about it and Daniel told him that the more he practices the better he will get. Ginga was about leave when he remembered one last thing he wanted to ask Daniel. Daniel told him to go ahead and ask and Ginga asked “in the legend it says that I have to get dragons to roam the earth once again what does that I mean how do I do that” Daniel said to Ginga “A long long time ago there was a time when humans and dragons lived at peace men rode dragons both dragon and man were the best of friends. But there was one man who didn’t like this nobody really knew why even till this day so he decided to take all the magic from his dragon that turned into a dragon himself. Now every other person that saw flying thought he was a dragon so they didn’t pay much attention to him then one he got the other dragons to attack man that till that day men have being slaying dragons. Now those two dragons you have listen to you and will do whatever you ask them to do so if what to use to destroy the world that’s up to you they be with you till the end but if you want them to help the world and you want to bring back the time when men rode dragons that is also up to you. The way you decide to do it is up to you that are a decision you must decide between you and the dragons and whoever else you choose to share it with. “ after Daniel told Ginga that Ginga thanked him and went back home while Ginga was in his room the doorbell of his house ran he mom answered the door and it was Jenny she asked if she could see Ginga. Jasmine called her son downstairs and then Jenny and Ginga went for a walk. Jenny said to Ginga “ I’m not sure if I introduced my self to you last night but my name is Jenny we go to the same school” Ginga responded “ yea my name is Ginga and I know we go to the same school I saw you on Friday I told u were really cute” * Jenny blushes* and says “thanks and I wanted to ask about those dragons we rode last night were they really real” Ginga smiles and says you wanna find out” Jenny response yea but how” Ginga say “where’s the nearest place here that is abandoned” Jenny responded “I’m not sure but I know a place where no one is. It’s in the shanghai forest follow me” Ginga follows Jenny and she leads him to an abandoned shed in the forest. Jenny said “ I used to come here when I was smaller is this place good enough” “its perfect” Ginga said. Ginga uses his mind to call the dragons he says “ saphira, Lung come to me Ginga sends them a mental picture of he is and when he does right above him both Jenny and Ginga hear a loud dragon roar then Ginga said there’s your answer to if the dragons were both land behind Ginga they instantly remember Jenny and saphira speaks to through her saying “ hello young one” Jenny responded with her mind too hello my name is Jenny” saphira responds and mine is saphira and over there is Lung he doesn’t talk much except to Ginga.” Jenny smiles and laughs. Ever since every day Ginga Jenny and the dragons met at that place in shanghai forest trying to think of a plan to fulfill the prophecy Ginga was sure about one thing he wanted to uses theses dragons to help the world in the en Ginga decided to go to the president of china in order to talk to him about suing the dragons in china it was hard to get to the president but Ginga did it with the help and support of his family and his brand new friend Jenny. During his talk with the president he told the president all about the legend but the president laughed at him and told him that he was that the legend was just a story. That he should leave immediately just as he was above to leave out the front door a young woman called him said he should follow her so he did and she took him to a room and she introduced her she said “my name is JINJING and I am the first lady I believe your story about the dragon and I will help you the only way to do what I think you’re thinking of doing with the dragons is for you to become president yourself and I will help you with that ill talk to some people and you will be made a senator and you can run for president” Ginga said what are the chances of me winning” JINJING said “ don’t worry about that leave that to me I promise you will win even if u are vice president” Ginga got back home and told his family and Jenny about what happened they supported him all the way in the end he became the president of china by this time Lung and saphira gave birth to new dragons and thought them everything Ginga had thought them all about humans and being nice to them and from that day on Ginga declared dragons as the official transportation in china that is why today the national sign of china is the Dragon.

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