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Every Rose Has It's Thorn

May 19, 2022
By Ronnival26, Solon, Ohio
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Ronnival26, Solon, Ohio
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Author's note:

I'm Ronni and I'm a sophomore at Solon High School,I wrote this story in 9th grade and came back to it a year later because I felt like my work was going to waste so I decide to submit it here. 

It was pitch black, no one to be seen, or light to be seen for the matter. Rose and Sasha we’re standing there looking at each other terrified not knowing what to do. So they left, no one saw them... well so they thought. One day before they left, Rose and Sasha planned on hangout with Mark and his best friend Jared,who is also Sasha’s annoying little brother.Rose,Sasha,and Jared were standing in the courtyard of Junction Falls High talking about where they were going to hangout after school,That's when Mark walked up to them and said “Hey guys,we can use my dad’s lake house tonight.What time is good for you guys?”Rose and Sasha answered at the same time “6:00” and Jared followed it up with “5:00”,So Mark answered with,”Ok,so y’all can come whenever but Jared leave your house 10 minutes early because you’re always late.”They all laughed and Jared answers “Maybe I will leave 30 minutes early,just to be safe.”Then the bell rang and they all rushed to their first period classes.


The last bell rang and everyone ran out of the school,very excited,everyone talking over each other and asking “Where are you going for spring break?”And that is when Sasha answered Jared and said, “Me and Rose are going to dad’s private island”and he asked “Which one,the one down by South Carolina or the Dominican Republic?”.Sasha answered “the Dominican Republic one,Isla Monito.Ok me and Rose have to go to work I will see you later,little bro.”Sasha goes and finds Rose,they head out to their job at this old restaurant that was been there for generations.Everyone in town calls it “The Grill”.Sasha was cleaning the tables when Rose said “Omg James just posted on Instagram.”Rose shows Sasha the Instagram post.Sasha said “What to you even see in James?”.Rose begins to say,”He’s smart,athletic…”Sasha interrupts her and says,”and super cute”.Rose and Sasha start laughing and they realized that it was 5:50 already and there shift ended at 5:30.So they clock out and they start driving to Mark’s house.

As the car approaches the house,Rose and Sasha realize that Jared was not at the lake house yet and they were about to open the door to the house then Mark calls for them to come around to the back where the dock was with the boat.As Rose and Sasha were getting on the boat;Mark said  “Jared said he was running late again”,Sasha said “Typical” in a snarky tone.Rose joins in with a good idea,”Why don’t we take a little ride around the lake before Jared gets here and we can watch the sun set.”Mark said “Yeah let me get the engines started”...About 10 minutes later,they are anchored in the middle of the lake watching the sun set and Rose asked “Sasha can you grab me a beer please?”Sasha responded,”Yes happily”.And that is when everything went downhill,not for Rose,not for Sasha but for Mark.



As they are getting ready to go back to the house,Mark realizes that the engines stop working.That’s when Rose attacked him,she went right for the neck.Then Sasha bit him right in the shoulder,and while Sasha drains most of the blood out of Mark.Rose goes and gets the supplies that they brought to hide the body to use after she drinks the last drop of blood out of Mark.As Rose drink’s every last drop of Mark’s blood Sasha is getting everything prepared to dump Mark’s body in the lake.When Rose is done and Mark is dead,they start to cut his body into pieces and wrapping it in a separate traps with bricks tied around it.They both run across the lake placing the body parts in different places so no one would suspect a thing.Once they are done placing the body parts they start to push the boat back to the dock to look like it never left.As they get back to the dock they sneak around to the front of the house and get back into the car and back out of the drive-way.

              Jared’s POV 

As I drive down the long dirt drive-way with my 1970 baby blue bronco,and I see this thing flash by me.At first I thought it was an animal but it was my sister Sasha.So I parked my car on another path Me and Mark always rode down with are ATV’s.This path was one why to get to the lake,so I walk up to see why my sister was running through this part of the woods.As I move the branches to see what was going on,all I see was Mark’s body lying on the boat and Rose biting his neck.I sit there for the next 10 minutes watching them wrap up my dead best friend.As the 10 minutes go by I see them sneaking around the house but before they got into the car,Rose opened the front door.I ask myself “why did she open the front door?”


As Rose and Sasha are pulling into the driveway they see Jared pulling in behind not noticing he was on the path the whole time.As they park they notice that the front door is wide open,so they call out for Mark and there is no answer.So Rose calls her mom who is also the sheriff.As she is on the phone with her mom she says,”I think Mark was taken…”.Her mom answers with,”Where are you?Is someone with you?.Rose says,”There is no one here beside Sasha and Jared.”Sheriff Bellini answers with,”Ok,get in the car and lock the doors I’m going to call two deputies to come out there as well.I will be there in 15 minutes though”Once the sheriff and the deputies get there,they start asking Rose,Sasha,and Jared what happened.Rose and Sasha were together so they got question together,one of the deputies asked “did you guys hear or see anything or anyone?” They answer “No,we just got there at the same time as Jared and the three of us saw the front door wide open so we called out for Mark and there was no answer.”The deputy asked “did you go into the house?”Sasha responded “No,we stayed in the car same with Jared.”Then the deputy got called over to talk to Jared.And he asked the same questions to him,but Jared didn’t tell the deputy that he saw Rose and Sasha kill Mark or what Rose and Sasha are. 

Rose,Sasha,and Jared were let go and Mark was named a missing person.The next morning,Rose and Sasha had a trip planned out to go to the private island and stay there for spring break.As they were packing up the car to go to the airport.Jared came running out of the house saying,”I am coming with you guys.”At first Rose and Sasha were annoyed but Jared also sated,”I need to tell you guys something and it can’t be said there in junction falls.”The are wide eyed,staring at him,wondering what he knows.Rose and Sasha say in sync,”GET IN THE CAR”.As there driver takes them to the airport so they can get on the private plane.They are all sitting there quite Rose and Sasha looking at each other.Once they get to the airport they are still quite and the whole plane ride only Rose and Sasha talked to each other about how amazing this trip is going to be,covering up the fact that they are still wondering what Jared knows.

After the plane lands,they all get in a golf cart to go to the nice house right on the Caribbean Sea side of the island.They get there and soon after there bags do to,there is a staff team of seven members on the island and Sasha is good friends with all of them these people practically raised her.So as they all get settled in Jared comes in Sasha and Rose’s room and says,”Now we can talk”.Rose and Sasha both get really nervous but the clam done and listen to Jared.He starts off by saying “You guys are really good liars,but so am I.”He counties and says,”I saw you guys kill Mark and I know what you are”Rose and Sasha are speechless and Jared says,”I was also there to kill Mark.”Rose and Sasha are in shock and all Rose could say was “Why?”.And then Jared says,”Because he killed James”.Rose stops him for saying anything else and says “Wait, how is that possible James just posted on Instagram like 2 days ago”.Jared says,”Slow your roll,I am getting to that.So Mark told how he was going to kill James and I was supposed to help him.”Rose and Sasha both sated, “You were going to help kill James”.Jared answer in a deep sad tone “Yes,but I realized I loved him.So I went back to the spot were Mark planned to kill James and he was still there but barely breathing,So I feed him my blood.”Rose says “Wait, you’re a vampire!!.”Jared answers “Yes,and now James is one also.Because he died right after I gave him my blood,If I got there even a second later he probably would be dead right now”.Rose and Sasha both very confused so they asked,”What was Mark’s plan?”


Jared takes a deep breath and said,”Do you guys remember the bonfire we had like two ish weeks ago?”.They answered “Yeah,we couldn’t go because we had to work.” Jared answered “Well that is where it begins,Mark knew you guys had work so it was the perfect time because Rose wouldn’t be stalking James.So he got James super drunk and led him deeper into the woods so he could kill him.” Sasha said “Well he didn’t do a very good job with making sure he was dead.”Jared laugh and said “Yeah,you would think it would be smart.But James had busted his head open so I’m guess Mark changed his tactic when I didn’t show up” 

After the trip,they all bonded even more than they were expect Rose and Jared had not getting along at first because Rose also likes James.But there was a little problem when they came back,it was Mark’s dad.He had come back after his trip,everyone thinks he is a lawyer but really he is a vampire hunter.And he found out about his son being missing,one thing Rose and Sasha didn’t know was there was camera’s on the house and on the boat.So Mark’s dad shall everything that they did.Mark’s dad apporced Rose and stabbed in the side and sayed “That is what you get for killing my son you monster”.That night they went home and started picking up thing so they can run away to a cabin that was Rose’s dad,he gave it to her before he died.They were all set to leave when Mark’s dad came into the house and killed Jared right in front of Rose and Sasha,started to tear up.Then Mark’s dad said “That was a warning”.Rose and Sasha stopped by James house and told him to come with us to be safe.That evening they got to the cabin and they were all on edge.They all took turns staying up to make sure if Mark’s dad came no one would get hurt.

As Sasha and James stay on the look out,James says “Hey,can I tell you something?”Sasha responds “Yeah,anything”.So James said “If can you tell Rose I love her”Sasha answered with “One,OMG and two nothing is going to happen we just have to figure out how to kill him without him noticing”.By the time there shift to look out was over they didn’t even want to go to bed and it was 4:00 am and Rose had woke up,so they started planning on how to kill Mark’s dad.They started off with making Rose bait and have James and Sasha come up behind him and stab him right in the back and then while Sasha does that James and Rose stab him in the heart.So they stayed up the rest on the night until the sun raised at 6:30 am and Rose started cooking breakfast,she made pancakes and eggs.When they went outside to eat,Jared head was setting on the picnic table.That is when they knew it was time and they couldn’t use their plan anymore,so they run as fast as they could even with there super speed.

“It feels like we have been running for hours” Sasha thinks in her mind.And as she stopped to take a breath,Mark’s dad was standing right behind her.Rose tried to warn her but it wasn’t in time,Mark’s dad stabbed her right in the back through her heart.Rose screams “NOOOO” and run’s up and snaps his neck.And Mark’s dad and Sasha are dead.Rose sits next to Sasha’s body,crying and said “You said you would never leave me no matter what”.And Sasha on her last breath said “James loves you” and died.James comes over and hugs Rose and they go back to the cabin with Sasha’s body and then they head into town to tell her mom and dad.When they got to Sasha and Jared’s house they told their parents that they are dead.The Next day they had a funeral for Sasha and Jared,and Rose stayed until the end but then she went up to her mom and said “I can’t stay here I have to leave town awhile.That is when Sasha’s dad came up to her and said “You can stay on the private island”.Rose responds with “Thank You” and she leaves the funeral.As she was packing James stopped by and said “I’m coming with you” Rose says “Ok,are you ready to leave soon?”James responded with “Yes,packed last night because I was planning on leaving town too.So I assumed having someone with you is better then no one.”Rose said “Yeah, you are right”.That night they got on the private plane and headed to the private island.



A couple months later,Rose and James are now dating and living on the island together.While Rose realized that it was Sasha’s birthday,she called to have the plane come and take them back to Junction Falls.As they arrived they went straight to the cemetery and found Sasha and Jared.She placed a bright red rose on her headstone and had a talk with her about James because James went to see his parents.Then after she talked to her,she got back on the plane and went to the private island again with James,they stayed there till it was time to come back the next year to place another red rose on both Sasha and Jared’s headstone to remember the friends she had lost.Rose did this every year to follow and she finally moved back to Junction Falls with James for her senior year of high school.Rose said to James, “It has been three years since I lost Sasha,It just doesn’t feel right to live on without her but I know she would want me too,so I am.” 


The End...or so they thought  

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