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The Search For Lună de Foc

March 3, 2022
By Writer_At_Work, Mooresville, North Carolina
Writer_At_Work, Mooresville, North Carolina
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Sire Griffin is the head guard of Raven Pointe, Lord Amabel's personal guard, and her secret lover. He was shot near the heart by an unknown entity while searching for said enitity that might have killed Paulo and shot Beau in the chest. Zarah, the healing elf, told Amabel that the only way she could help Griffin is if Amabel goes to Hell and look for the Lună de Foc, also known as the Moon of Fire. Sire Leo of Raven Pointe, Lord Miriam and Lord Amabel of Raven Pointe go to a Hell portal and traverse through it. Will they exceed?


The Search For Lună de Foc

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