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The Witches of Wystika

January 6, 2022
By peightonweber22, Wentzville, Missouri
peightonweber22, Wentzville, Missouri
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Phoebe Ziera is a second-year witch at the most prestigious witches academy in the city of Incancity. Every year on Halloween, the entire population of Incancity meets to banish the spirit race to another realm in order to prevent an all-out war. This is known as the annual conjuring put on by the High Witch Commission. On the night of the meeting, however, Phoebe and her partner Robin discover the truth about the conjuring and the lies told by the leaders of their community. As the two begin to correct their leaders' mistakes, the Commission does everything in their power to stop them and to prevent the truth from getting out.

Armin W.

The Witches of Wystika

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