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Wrong Dose

November 26, 2017
By EsterL BRONZE, Washington, District of Columbia
EsterL BRONZE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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When twins Skylar and Jake were born, their scientist parents used them as an experiment. Each was injected with a dose of serum meant to make them much stronger and smarter than other kids. But somebody added a chemical that changed the serum’s effects. Each twin received only half the traits they were supposed to. Skylar got the strength and speed, Jake got the brains. When they realized what had happened, the twins' parents put them up for adoption, so neither twin knew of the other.

Twelve years later, Skylar is failing all her classes, and Jake is getting bullied because he is much weaker than other kids. But then, Skylar's adoptive family decides to relocate to find a new school for their daughter, which happens to be Jake’s school. The twins meet by accident.

In the meantime, their parents have found a way to fix their original mistake: they can make one twin perfect, but at the cost of the other’s life.
How can Jake and Skylar save themselves? Will intuition and an enigmatic woman who is always one step ahead be enough?

Ester L.

Wrong Dose

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