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January 11, 2016
By CEWritingManiac GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
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CEWritingManiac GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
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I woke up to the sounds of glass crashing and floors thumping. I turned and looked at my husband who was far in his sleep. I giggled a little at the thought of it. I arose from the comfy bed, saddened that I had to leave it. As I walked to the door, I heard, yet again, another crash coming from downstairs. I tip-toed down the stairs, and peeked my head around the corner of the room to see what caused the commotion. I saw my two kids playing around in the kitchen. I laughed and stood at the doorway. “ So what are my two little pumpkins doing here?” I said aloud. They turned their heads around and stopped the giggling. Busted, I thought. I wanted to step inside to start cleaning up but stopped midway. There was glass shards sitting right there, waiting for the victim to step right on it.
“ Mommy, we were only just playing around we didn’t mean to make a mess.” my little girl said. She was so precious, but yet I knew I couldn’t just let them off the hook this time. No matter how cute those faces were. I activated the personal cleaner and it started to clean up the mess.
“ Sweetie, you can’t just mess around in mommy’s kitchen. Then I would have nothing to use to make some delicious breakfast for everyone.” I said while making a weird face that caused her to laugh. I knelt down and touched her rosy cheeks. She leaned towards me and gave me a hug with her tiny little arms.
“ Okay mommy… but what about Jack? He did it too.” charlotte said.
“ I will talk to jack, okay? Go get ready for school. while you’re up there go to dad and wake him up.” I said while grinning. Today was going to be a busy day.

“Daddy! Daddy! Wake up! Wake up!” I opened one eye playfully and smiled. It feels good to wake up and see your beautiful daughter. I got up and carried her down from the bed. As I set her down on the ground, she immediately sprinted off. I smirked and went to get ready.
I went downstairs to the smell of waffles and bacon. My wife always makes the best food. That’s one of the reasons why I love her. That, and the fact that I’d probably burn the house down trying to toast bread. I quietly tip-toed behind her and wrapped my arms around her tiny waist. She smiled and showed the dimples that always won me over.

“Can I grab a plate to go?” I said. I wanted to get to work early so I can get my stuff done and come home before the kids went off to bed.

“Don’t you want to sit down and enjoy this breakfast that I managed to cook for you?” she smirked while she said that and I knew she was just teasing. I laughed a little and shook my head.

“ Where’s jack and Charlotte?” I turned to see if they were hiding, but there were just empty chairs.

“ They are getting ready. Have you forgotten that you have to take them to school today?” She said with worry in her voice. Yes I did forget. I thought.

“ Of course not. Thats why I am rushing.” I lied. As if reading my mind, she responded saying.

“ You forgot didn’t you? David you have to remember these things.Just eat for now and I’ll take the kids. Okay?” she gave me a warm smile and kissed me.

“ I love you amy.” I said smiling.
“I love you more. Now eat or you will be late for work!” She told the kids to come down and then packed up her things. She handed me my briefcase and said her farewell. I kissed the heads of my precious kids, and my beautiful wife and left for work.

I waved goodbye to David and hurried back inside. Now I just need to drop the kids off to school. Great. I wondered. I had nothing really important to do today and expected David to take the kids, but he has a lot of work to do this week so I left him to it.
“ Charlotte! Jack! Come down you’ll be late to school.” I shouted.

“ Would you like me to prepare lunch? It will be ready in five minutes” our personal chef said. It wasn’t human either. It was this machine that came with the smart home system.
“ That would be amazing thank you chef.” I ran up the stairs and went to the kids playroom. Nothing. I went to charlotte’s room. Nothing. Jack’s room was, you guessed it, Empty.  I prayed that they were in the bathroom brushing their teeth, but again. Nothing. Last place to check was David’s and I bedroom. Their they were for sure. I gave them a worried look, only to see that there was no destruction. Even though my face was relaxed, I still felt worried and scared because they were quiet for too long.

“ Mommy we are all ready for school.” Charlotte whispered. I bent down and picked her up.

“ Don’t scare me like that! You too Jack. Mommy was really worried and we have to go to school quickly before you miss out on the super fun activity party at school today.” I smirked. Charlotte smiled, showing her tiny teeth. I put her down and went to my closet to get my jacket when I noticed something. It was a bag filled with gifts. I was curious as to why they were there in the first place. I shook the thought and closed the closet door. I put on my jacket and watched as the kids picked up their lunch bags and backpacks. I scurried them into the car and got them buckled up. I shut the car door and dropped my bag to the empty seat next to me.
We had finally arrived to the school and I took them out the car. They ran to the door and disappeared into the hallways. Oh how I love my kids. I went inside the car and drove off. I need a spa. Yeah that’s what I need. A looong massage that can take the stress away from today. I glanced at the digital watch on the car. I got time.
I signed in at the massage firm and waited until they called me in.
“Mrs. Amy?” the woman said aloud.

“ Oh yes, i’m here.” I said raising my hand in an awkward “t-rex’ way. She smiled and nodded as if saying, you can put your hand down and come in with me.

“ The masseuse will be here shortly. A robe is provided for you in that cabinet over there.”the lady said. Her name tag said Linda. Linda , i thought,  what a nice name and lady. I quickly stripped down to nothing and waited until the masseuse came in to release the stress I had. *knock**knock*  I turned my head to see who it was. I didn’t really looked at the face at first but then I noticed something. It was a guy. Not just any guy. This guy stalked me for three years, and begged me to go out with him. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t ugly. He was quite charming, but not really the type of guy I was into. I quickly stared at the floor before he could catch a glimpse of who I was. I was too late.

“ Amy? Is that you? “ he said. His eyes widened with excitement.

“ Yeah, hey Ian. How are you?” I said with hesitation. Ian just shrugged his shoulders and began to talk about the process. I didn’t quite pay attention, but to be nice I gave him a smile to reassure him that I was.

“ Wow, may I just say.. How much you’ve changed. You look splendid amy.” he said with a wide cheeky grin. I felt flattered but it just didn’t feel right. There is something odd going on and I am not liking how suspenseful and awkward this is getting.

“ Thanks Ian. You look like you’re doing good.” I said. Why can’t we just get started? Does he make small talk with every customer? As if he read my mind. He looked at the time and apologized.
“ Amy, I need you to take off your robe. Like all the way off. An-” I cut him off short, letting him know that I got his point.

“I know. Ian could you possibly get out of the room and let me do my business.” Ian didn’t budge. He just stood there with a confused look on his face. I made little hand movements suggesting he get out. Ian made an o shape with his mouth and left the room. I grabbed the straps and slowly untied them. I began to take off the robe when I noticed that Ian was standing right in front of the door.

“AHHHHHHHHH! Ian! Wh-” He came forward and forced a small towel in my mouth. He tied my hands up, along with my feet. he carried me to the dark room that looked utterly terrifying.

“ Amy. Amy. Amy. All these years I confessed my loving devotion to you. And what do you do? YOU REJECTED ME! We would have been perfect together, but nooooo David Mc-Fancy pants just swooped in and snatched you from me.” Ian said. His eyes were red and his hair was wild. No longer was he the Ian I knew. He was him and more. I tried talking but my mouth was stuffed with towel. I was short of breath, and needed water. I made a loud sound and tried showing him I needed to breath. Just when I wanted to have a good stress-free day. I thought. I kept making the sound and wiggled in the chair. All Ian did was slap me. I mean SLAP me. Tears began to form in my eyes and I thought about the kids and David. I didn’t even know what time it was.

“ You are going to pay for ALL THOSE YEARS. YEARS! That I was heartbroken and aching from you bitter response to my affections. But don’t worry. I’ll make sure to treat you right and show you how great of a man I can be. Then and maybe then I will let you free.” This guy was going nuts. I was there crying, but not of remorse, it was the safety of myself and if I was to come home. I hope David realize the time I’ve been absent and come searching for me. Right now I could use some help from him.

I walked to my car, after a long day of hard work. I hummed a song and thought of how I was going to surprise my wife with a delicious dinner date . I could already imagine those dimples showing and her hazel eyes beaming with joy. I called her cell just to give the heads up. - Hey this is Amy, sorry I missed your call. If you want you could leave a message or just hang-up. You choose….. -*Beeeeeep* I hung up the phone and tried again. It went straight to voicemail. Hmmm strange I wondered. She never misses my calls. I shook the thought out of my head and started the car.
I was about five miles away from the house and my mind was buzzing with thoughts. Everything was going just right, except I didn’t feel that way. My wife has been silent all day. No calls, no texts, nothing. I began to think about calling her again, but something inside me said not to. Maybe her phone is dead. And maybe she is very busy. Don’t worry david. Stop acting crazy. I thought to myself. If only that felt as reassuring as it sounds. I was in the midst of going home when suddenly my phone was buzzing. A text from Amy. It read:
To David

I knew something was wrong. I had to go and help her.I turned around and headed to the spa place.

I was screaming in pain and sadness. I felt like a tortured ragdoll. Ian was on my phone and texted David. I kicked around again, but in doing so it was like a death wish.
“ Amy, stop fighting. You know he isn’t right for you. I AM! SO SHUT UP AND SIT STILL.” Ian yelled. He stood from the chair and walked towards me. I thought he was going to strangle me but he didn’t. He took the towel out of my mouth. Never have I ever felt so free.

“ Ian,” I croaked “ You don’t have to do this. I have always felt flattered by your affection but I never wanted to date you. You were like a brother to me and I just didn’t see you that way.” He looked at me with the most sadness in his eyes. He freed me from the towel ties and let me stand up. I went to get dressed and went back to the room. I thought he was going to set me free, but he didn’t. Instead, he grabbed my neck and shoved me into the wall behind me. There were sudden knocks on the door and I began to scream. Ian slapped me, and punched me until I became nothing but bruises. He again shoved a towel in my mouth and told me to keep quiet.

“ Who is at the door? Why are you here?” Ian shouted.

“ Let go of my wife! I don’t know who you are but set her free!” David. I thought. I love him but he shouldn’t have come. Wait no. I wanted him to save me but not like this. I didn’t want to see him get hurt. I walked towards Ian and slapped him. This made him fill with rage. He opened the door and punched David as soon as he saw his face. I took the towel out of my mouth and shouted to David. My eyes were filled with tears and this time I let them pour down my cheeks for a long time.

“ Amy….. I love y-” David said. I was screaming my heart out. I watched as the blade run in and out of david’s abdominal area. I stood up and quickly ran to him and hugged his conscious, yet lifeless body.  I stayed there a while hugging David and felt the heartbeat in his chest. It was slow but audible. I never wanted this to happen. I never wanted things to end like this.

“ See amy. I am the only one left. David isn’t good for you.”Ian said. He looked at me with utter disappointment, and I quickly stared at the floor where my husband laid. He looked lifeless but I knew he wasn’t dead. It was hard to take this all in.

“Ian, please hear me out. Let me call 911 for david and I will hide while you let them take him. Then we can talk. Whatever you want just please. I don’t want you to have death on your hands. Let him live…… please.” I cried. Ian grabbed my shoulder and hid me in a nearby closet. I heard him call 911 and told them that david was hurt. What I noticed was Ian knew everything about David. He didn’t stop once to tell me what he should say. He finished the call very soon and told me to come out.

“There, it is all settled they will come you will hide and we will both be happy.” Ian looked calmer, as if he was relieved about all this. I sat down in the chair i was tied to earlier and waited for him to talk. As I was waiting there though, I started to think of a plan . Once the ambulance came I will hide but not far, then I will run out and scream for help so that way I can get their help in getting me out of here. I was sure that this will work, but then Ian had a better idea.

“ Amy go to the closet. The ambulance is here and I don’t want you to get ANY ideas.” I walked inside the closet and waited. There was a sudden lock turn in the door knob. No no no no, he locked me in! I said to myself. Pacing back and forth, I had thought of what I could do to escape this horrifying place.

I couldn’t remember much about what had happened. I was only conscious of what that guy was saying to my wife. How could I have been so stupid? I should have remembered to take the kids to school and came back to work at home. Stay with my wife who I will probably not see ever. I heard a sudden knock on the door and knew it was the ambulance. Their footsteps scattered across the floor and examined the situation.
“ Sir, what happened to this guy?” a woman said.

“ I was doing my job as a spa masseuse and I came across this body. There was a man here and he had stabbed him right when I tried to save him. It was horrifying for me. He was my best friend….” the guy responded.

“ We are going to take him to the hospital okay?” the woman asked. I was trying to talk but couldn’t. I was thinking of my wife and I was overcome with sadness. I just wanted to be her savior in the time of need.

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