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Daughter of death

January 7, 2016
By Shadow_Angel, Middleton, Manchester, Other
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Shadow_Angel, Middleton, Manchester, Other
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What sadist thought it would be sexy to strap stilts to the bottom of shoes , and what masochist went along with his salaciouse vision

"Holy s***!" Lex exclaimed, "Nightmare, what in the f***ing Overworld are you doing with my brother?"

" He is tied up at the moment" nightmare cooed
"A little help here would be nice." Vincent spoke.
"Wh- Why?" Lex questioned, trying to hide her anger.
Nightmare smiled "oh but Vincent we could play a game
"No thank you." Vincent shook his head.
"I'm stood right here!" Lex exclaimed.
Nightmare caresses Vincent's hair "please
Vincent looked at Nightmare with confusion, repulsed by how close she was.
"Please no." he spoke.
"I'm still here, you know?" Lex's voice wavered.
Nightmare 's eyes glow a crimson red as as she uses her death powers and hypnotysis Vincent

Nightmare starts to sing. A sirens song to put him in a trance "Vincent, don't listen to the song!" Lex yelled.
He laughed. "Really? You think you can trick me with music?" He glared at Nightmare. "I've been to hell & back. I've killed. I've loved. I've hated. I've even worn Majora's f***ing Mask! You think you can trick me with a song?"

Nightmare laughs and gives Vincent a creepy smile she starts to shift and transform
Vincent gulped. Lex stepped back.
Black smoke forms around her as she spreads large vicious wing ancient tattoo spread across her arms and chest souls gather around her.

In her fear & concern for Vincent, Lex hissed. Large Ender Dragon wings unfolded from her back, & her eyes glowed a deep, angry purple.
" Leave Vincent alone. " she growled.

So be it" nightmare says in a Passive voice as she absorbed the souls
She draws her synch from its sheath and grabs Vincent ready to fight With tears streaming down her face she created a shielded ball an put Vincent inside it.

Lex hissed, her headphones seemingly crumbled away, & a shaddowy form appeared in her hand. It took shape, & created a heavily enchanted obsidian cutlas.

" It's on, beach. " Lex hissed, " Lavender shows NO MERCY! "

Nightmare pushed the protection orb holding Vincent to the side to keep it safety "SO BE IT " nightmare yelled

Vincent whined, trapped in the shielded ball. Lex was no longer in control. The rage-filled, psycotic cannibal Lavender snarled, wings outstretched, eyes blazing purple.

Lanender moved to pounce, but teleported herself away before she struck. Scare her first. Torture her.
Nightmare uses her soul feelers and starts to sing

Lavender growled at Nightmare. " That will never work. I have no soul. " she laughed.
She circled Nighmare, dodging the feelers with ease.

Nightmare cracks electric boltz at the ground and its starts to crumble
Lavender flapped her wings unnecicerally, jumping into the air. " That all you got? "

No this is" she whispers in a sing song voice she calls hot magma from the cracks and it wraps around lavender

She hissed, before laughing. " I'm a Brine. "
Lavender teleported behind Nightmare, & struck her with the obsidian cutlas.

Nightmare falls to the ground and turns to smoke. "She's not gone." Lex spoke.
" She teleported, I can sense it myself you know. " Lavemder hissed.
"Can you get me outta here now?" Vincent called.

The ball shocks Vincent as he hits the orb Vincent screamed, falling to collapse. With the ropes still tied around his wrists, he stayed suspended.
"Vincent!" Lex called, temporaraly reganing control of the mortal form.
A twister of black smoke form around the ball
"Help!" he called.
Lex glided forward, striking the ball with the enchanted cutlas.

VINCENT"the smoke called to the ball nightmare fell to the ground in realisation of what she has done

Lex snarled, unable to breakl it & get Vincent out. " You idiot. Do you realise what you've done? " she snapped at Nightmare.

Nightmare  lay in shock with her eyes open she stood up and flew up to the orb. Lex glided back, holding her anger, & Lavender, back.

" kiantis nirvana cultura" nightmare sang and the orb disappeared dropping Vincent.
Vincent fell to the floor with a thud. "Ow..."
Lex ran to him & helped him up. "I got you, brother."

Nightmare stared at the both of you curiously from the sky

Lex looked up at Nightmare. "What?"

Tears streaming down her face " I'm so curious  what is love my father never showed me any and when he died all he said was 'go you monster leave'" she flew closer to the ground
"Hey, don't cry." Vincent spoke.
Maybe he was right I am a monster" nightmare dashed away but left a note with a simple piece of paper saying ' the giant house on the hell line is where I love .

Lex sighed. "Lavender, this is your area of expertees. What should we do?"
" Let Vincent go to her. " Lavender answered.
"That's a bad idea."
" Best I got. & I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want to see me. "
"No she would not like to see me, not afer that."
"Do I have to?" Vincent asked.
"Just go." Lex rolled her eyes.
Vincent picked up the note, & teleported to where it said.
As nightmare flew of to her big house on the hell line . It was a empty emotionless space she called home.walking up to the bed room ,it was a big room with a large canopy bed the fabrics coloured midnight blue , black and crimson red . She flew to the bed and flopped down she started to cry looking out the window at the cyan sky "why am I destined to be alone"
She had dosed of and she dreamed of skies of grey,hell her birth place and the spirit called crimson .

"Hey!" Vincent called up.
Nightmare opens the doors"what do you want" "About earlier," Vincent began.
Yeah" she wipes her eyes
"How about a second try at first impressions, ay?"
She raised her eyebrows questioning his words
"Hi, I'm Vincent. Who might you be .
I-im nightmare " Vincent smiled, offering a handshake. Nightmare paused then shook his hand giving him a sad smile

"Hey, you alright?" he concerned.
Yeah I'm sorry about the whole death demoness thing" nightmare looks down
"It's ok. A bubble's not as bad as an animatronic suit."

I guess so and by the way I wouldn't come here to the the hell line at dark If I were you"

He shrugged. "I'm half-Brine. I'll live."

Ok then but really why are you here"asked nightmare

"Lex told me to come." said Vincent

Oh" nightmare looked up at Vincent with a pained expression suddenly a bell tolls

"If I didn't want to come, I wouldn't have."
I'm sorry the bells have rung I have to go "nightmare pushed Vincent out of the foyer and slammed the doors

Vincent was confused. "The bells? Wha- What does that mean?"

She huffed as the bells stopped dark shadows tormented her she screamed but came to a sudden halt " I can't feel pain anymore" she told herself and walked into her bedroom

Nightmare screams as the whispers get louder "ALONE FOREVER NO ONE CARES YOU'LL BE ALONE YO ARE IMMORTAL SO YOU WILL BE ALONE FOREVER" she cried herself to sleep knowing that it was true

Vincent looked up, noticing the screams. He jumped up & ran in the direction of the screams.
"Hey!" he called out, unable to find his way around, "Hey! You alright?"

Nightmare clambered out of bed ran to the window wondering if it was all a dream but the shadows crushed her hope

Vincent found his way to Nightmare's room & knocked on the door. "I heard screaming. You ok?"
She jumps off the banister by the stairs an closed her eyes slowing the time around herself
It's going to be over no more pa- " nightmare was cut short as she landed with a loud thud
Vincent heard the thud, & teleported. "Nightmare!" he excaimed, kneeling by her side, "What happened? Are you ok?"

Groaning nightmare stood rubbing her back " tell them to stop"
Nightmare looked around frantically "shadows,pain,alone forever" she mumbled
Vincent flicked his wrist & the shadows faded away.

Nightmare 's arms started to fade
"You... You fading!"

"I'm alright I disappear for a while then reaper some distance away from the house"

Vincent let out a sigh of releif. "Ahh... For a moment I thought you were dying."

No I'm already dead silly remember daughter of death and destruction" nightmare gave a light giggle

"Ahh... Well, I'm the son of Herobrine, so I've got that annoying glowstick-eyes watching nearly my every move." he laughed.

Nightmare gave Vincent a smile she has never given anyone before
"& don't even get me started on how many personalities Lex claims to have."
She laughed properly for the first time in her life

"Seriously, there's Lex, Lavender, Lucy, Lilly..." Vincent exaggerated, "There's more, but I don't want to waste time."

[there's only lex & lavender, vincent just likes to mock her]

Nightmare fades away and in her place is a you transparent girl with cyan blue hair lighter than nightmare's midnight blue her eyes are an empty black voids she looks up at Vincent

"Hello." Vincent looked back at her with soulless, glowing white eyes.

Hi who are you"
She asked in a child like voice

"I'm Vincent. You are?"
I'm Crimson " she jumped up and down with excitement

"Crimson. That's a nice name." Vincent smiled.
Hey why are we outside the hell line manor last thing I remember where being in a cell " crimson looked around confused

"Yeah at the manor 115 years ago I can tell time has changed"crimson went on about it.

"I'm afraid I haven't been around that long."Vincent said

"Oh ok anyway back to my to my previous question why here"

"I don't know. Nightmare just jumped out the window."

Nightmare?" Crimson looking at Vincent with a confused gaze

"She jumped out the window, asked me to stop the shadows that were tormenting her, & then kinda desolved away, leaving you here."

Oh yes nightmare the girl who has my soul fused with her " crimson shifted into the form of a phoenix
"I only come out for one hour every five years unless nightmare needs me "
"Ahh." Crimson giggles "what"


Crimson flies and lands on Vincent's shoulder "Hey."
"I'm a bird I need a perch"
Vincent giggled.

"Anyway I need to get going I have to enjoy being free for an hour before nightmare wakes up"
"See ya then."
Bye see you in five years" Crimson flew away

"Bye." he waved.

The hell line manor shut all doors and Windows
"I should probably get home." Vincent mumbled to himself.

Meanwhile with lex ...........

She ran through the forest, stalking a deer. She pounced, sinking her fangs into the deer's neck. She tore at the flesh & devoured it, blood dripping from her mouth.
A body dropping from the sky gets caught in the trees the hair looks familiar

She looked up.
" Someone's here. " Lavender whispered, before relinquishing control to Lex.
"Hello?" she called.

The body flopped to the ground her black wings in shreds
"Hey," Lex crawled forward, "You alright? What happened?"

She groans and mentions repeatedly about a hell line manor
Lex wiped the blood from her mouth onto her sleeve. "Would you like me to take you there/"
Nightmare gasped and darted back in pain " you" she whisperd

Nightmare begins to shift into her death form and takes a stance position
Lex sighed. "I'm not here to hurt you."

She changes back and starts to cry " I'm sorry I didn't mean to the manor is so lonely and ...." She sniffed

"Hey, it's ok. I understand."

"And the whisper shadows"


They haunt and torment me
"They must be rogues, 'cause everyone I know certainly didn't set any shadows on you."

Oh ok how far are we from the hell line" nightmare asked with a hint of concern
"Not sure, but I can teleport."
Ok " nightmare hands lex a drawing of an old manor

Lex focused, before the world around the two seemingly dissolved, & restructured itself outside the manor.

Thank you so much " nightmare walked forward and sang a depressing melody to the house
"tanori acu sebuella nio nightmarus crimsinocu vei Lexus amornu " the doors swung open

"No problem." Lex called, before running on all fours back to the forest.
Upon entering the manor nightmare sighed and shut the doors in doing this she realised that she may just have friend if she didn't screw up

"Oh my Glob!" Lex squealed as she ran. "Someone new! A new friend!"
Ugh... Lavender sighed in Lex's head, Shut up you doughball.
"Don't ruin this, Lavender." Lex hissed.
Shadows slowly creeped up behind lex
She didn't notice them, as she usually had darkness following her.

The shadows struck her ankles and cheeks
Lex tripped & fell. "What the...?"
Shadows coiled around lex and drag her towards a tree with the words ' HELP HER ' all over it
They stab her legs but hiss at the enchantment around lex's face

Lex released a growl. "Jadilah cahaya." [let there be light]
The shadows hiss and return but out of the smoke steps a boy with raven black hair .he is transparent so you know he is a shadow

"Hello." Lex hissed.

the shadow smirked

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