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Oh, Genevieve

December 12, 2015
By Jabojoe BRONZE, Ewing, New Jersey
Jabojoe BRONZE, Ewing, New Jersey
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The main character, Genevieve, is born an orphan and has supported herself into her early twenties.  To prove her worth to herself and her town, she travels the land of the elves.  Here she completes a series of tests to be allowed into their army.  Once she completes these tests, to the surprise of many, she joins a special group that was hand picked to destroy the goblins threatening elvish territory. 
On the way she travels with a handsome elvish prince who has a particular disdain for humans. Will he ever start to appreciate her? Why does she get butterflies when he’s around?
Genevieve must overcome sexist stereotypes to prove her worth to herself and her land.  But what unexpected things will happen along the way?


Oh, Genevieve

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