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Out of the Woods, Into the Fire

November 12, 2014
By ObsessiveBookworm... BRONZE, Holyoke, Massachusetts
ObsessiveBookworm... BRONZE, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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Pyro Maniac is not well liked by the other fairies in her wonderful tree colony. She's an utter waste of talent, a non-action type in a society of warriors. Even her own mother appears disappointed in her.

And so, naturally, she becomes the Chosen One. It's how these types of things work, really.

Now disguised as a human, she finds herself in Buckley, a small town at the center of a large kingdom. Here she'll meet new friends, old foes, and that mysterious shadowy figure that has been following her around this whole time.

There's trouble brewing, however, for high up in the castle, a princess is taking her fate into her own hands, in the form of a dagger. It will not end well. 

Angela D.

Out of the Woods, Into the Fire

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