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Percy and Aaron: A modern day retelling of Hades and Persephone

December 20, 2013
By Trapped-Magic SILVER, Cave Springs, Arkansas
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Summer was, undoubtedly, Percy’s favorite time of the year. For three, blissful months, she had no school, no obligations, and could do something she actually enjoyed.
If her sister or friends ever found out how she spent her extra time, they would all die laughing. Kora finding out would, strangely enough, be worse since she would never ever let her live it down…ever.
Maybe that was why she'd told them she wanted to spend the first month of break alone.
Percy stopped before the piece of land, no larger than two living rooms. Nestled between two skyscrapers like buildings and concealed by a rusty gate, proudly stating it was the Community Garden. Percy grinned as she opened the gate, ignoring the slight creek it gave as she walked over to an old man who was bent over a plant.
"Hey, Mr. Zack. How’re you doing?" She asked, setting aside the backpack she'd brought.
The elder man jumped slightly, looking up and smiling when he saw the golden haired teen. "Percy my girl! Is it summer already?"
The girl laughed, nodding as she sat on her knees next to the man.
"I'm glad you’re here, I could use some help around this place." The teen smiled, helping Mr. Zack pull out some weeds around the tomato plants.
"Well, I'm here now and ready to get some dirt on my hands! I've been going crazy seeing nothing but concrete, asphalt, and more concrete."
Mr. Zack chuckled, nodding. "Yes, I can see how that would become dull. I’d appreciate it very much if you could start watering the sunflowers."
Percy stood, smiling.
"I’m on it Mr. Z."
Persephone, unlike the other teens in her city, who sat around all day and watch TV, preferred to be somewhere that actually had living, growing things around it. The Community Garden was just the place for that, with plants that covered the entire ground, leaving only small dirt paths for visitors. The plants, oddly enough, were perfectly healthy, despite the fact they only had one constant caretaker. Mr. Zack said it was Percy herself that caused that.
Not that the young girl would ever admit it, but plants did thrive under her care. It was almost unnatural, but neither Percy nor Mr. Zack was complaining.
Percy grabbed a hose, setting it to a gentle spray. Not to harsh for the plants, but not too light either. After helping to take care of the plants, she grabbed her backpack and went over to one of the many fruit trees.
She reached up, gently grabbing one of the ruby colored apples, examining it before carefully twisting it off the branch. She continued searching for the ripest apples and, distracted by this, didn't notice the black car rush past, only to stop and back up.
Aaron Hades.
The elder teen had been looking for something to do, but when he saw the mayor’s daughter, he simply had to stop and watch her. This would be the perfect time to grab the girl and take her to his dad, but for some reason...he couldn't. Instead he continued to silently watch the blond-brunette take a single apple and look it over, holding it carefully in one hand.
Aaron had never noticed how...attractive the blue-eyed teen was. Much more so than the other girls he'd seen. He was surprised when he found his heart jump at the teen’s soft smile, and allowed his gaze to trail up and down the girl's body.
He'd met the teen once before, for about twenty seconds when they were eight and ten. But now that he was much more mature, he drank in the sight before him. Light tan, flawless skin glowing slightly in the afternoon sun. A petite frame, but even from his angle, it could easily be seen she was lean and strong. Unbrushed, ponytailed hair fell into her eyes.
And by God, her eyes...
Her eyes were a deep blue-green, like the sea after a storm. They shone with a joy that caused Aaron to nearly bolt over right then and there to grab her. The elder teen suddenly realized what he was thinking, and mentally slapped himself. Him! The son of a mob boss was thinking this...about the mayor’s daughter no less!
Aaron began to silently scold himself, but was instantly distracted when the girl lifted a rose to her face and breathed in its sweet aroma. He was embarrassed to admit it, but he wished more than anything he was that flower. That he could touch her soft skin, feel the texture of her lips and heat of the younger teen's breath.
Hades quickly backed up into an ally when the teen turned. With backpack slung over her shoulder, she headed off, calling over her shoulder. "I’ll see you tomorrow!"
"Good-bye, Percy!" The old man replied, smiling and waving before the young girl turned the corner.
Tomorrow? The ebony haired teen watched the younger until she turned. The black car then took off, its driver reminding himself that he would definitely be coming back the next day.

Two weeks. Two weeks since Percy had started going to the Community Garden. Two weeks since Aaron had first found an attraction towards the girl.
The pale teenager now knew, without a doubt, that he was addicted to the small girl in everyway. The sight of her always made the boy purr in a rather undignified and unmanly way. Her voice, like the wind through chimes, sent lightheadedness through him strong enough to make him both weak at the knees and his heart tremble.
He now watched Percy move about in the Community Garden, selecting fruit and veggies and placing them in her backpack. As she crouched down to tug at one of the rare weeds her shirt hiked up slightly, revealing the small of her back. The sight made Aaron jerk as his heart burnt with desire. The boy had no clue as to how she could do this to him. How a single movement, smile, even a laugh could send his mind into a spiral.
Everyday, he found himself wanting the dark blond girl more and more. Wanting to feel her warm skin against his chest, to have those blue-green eyes gaze at him with equal affection...To have her warm, smooth voice breathe out his name, but not out of fear.
Alas for now, his wishes were only granted in his dreams.
A warm laugh brought the ebony teen out of his thoughts, and watched as the object of his affection and caretaker of the garden joked. Aaron's gaze lingered on Percy's lips as they curled into a smile.
He wanted…no… he needed her.
When he returned home that night, he made a decision. He would gain permission from his father to keep the girl here in his apartment. Not even the weapons dealer would be able to deny that she had a certain appeal, and she did after all, hold a significant place in their town. Something he could use as leverage against her mother.
Although his son could have cared less about her social standing and use in his father’s war.

Percy happily stretched her arms upward, linking her fingers as she did so. The sun was warm, sinking bellow the horizon and painting the sky hues ranging from pink to gold to red.
"Miss Percy, I'm quite tired today, so I thought I would go home early."
The teen girl looked over at the old man, disappointment flashing in her eyes before she hid it.
"Oh! All right, got it. I'll just get going-"
"Nonsense! You're a good girl, Persephone. I'll give you the gate key and you just be sure to lock up when you're finished." Mr. Zack replied, grinning at Percy’s own bright smile.
"Really? Thanks Mr. Z!" She said, standing and accepting the key from the man.
"Just don't forget. Lock the gate after yourself!"
"Don't worry Mr. Z, I promise I won't forget!" Percy assured him, tying the red string through her belt loop and giving a nod of thanks.
"Well, I'll see you tomorrow kid. Good night."
"G’night Mr. Z!" Percy called in return as the man left.
The wheat haired girl smiled to herself as she went back to the tomato plant she had been kneeling at before. Her mom had asked her to bring some tomatoes and cucumbers (while she did not approve of her daughter going about her summer activities unsupervised, she was always looking for a chance to try new recipes with the fresh ingredients).
She spent another hour there, making sure all the plants had been properly cared for and picking a few of her own. By the time she decided to head home, the lampposts had already turned on.
Percy held her backpack by the straps, making sure it was zipped up before exiting the garden. She grabbed the key from her belt and started to lock the gate...
The roar of an engine made her stop and look up as a pair of headlights rushed forward. It screeched to a halt, the door opening just as she realized whom was inside. The girl opened her mouth to scream, but was cut off by an overly sweet smelling handkerchief. The car, with its new hostage, sped off. A fallen backpack the only evidence that someone had ever been there.

Percy awoke several hours later stumbling out of the black sports car, and landing heavily on the floor. She stared up in horror as the vehicle’s owner stepped out. Aaron stared down at his prize for a moment, eyes reflecting his emotions. The usual arrogance and pride were seen, but two new emotions were held within them as well.
Attraction and raw desire.
Percy gulped, trying to crawl backwards to get away, but the elder boy reached down, simply lifting the teen and holding her in his arms. He stared at her, not even trying to disguise the fact that his eyes were mapping out the younger girl’s small frame.
"I...I'm not going to help you or your father smuggle drugs, or weapons, or whatever the hell it is!" Percy managed to say, voice wavering only slightly.
Aaron shook his head, chuckling slightly.
"No, you misunderstand my intentions."
His face came closer, close enough that he could feel her warm breath against his cheeks and forehead. It made Aaron's mind a bit hazy.
"Then why am I here? What...What do you want?"
The pale boy was silent for a moment, which seemed a considerable feat to his captive since he had done nothing but talk since her “arrival.”
"What I want is you."
Percy blinked, confused. "What do you mean?"

Aaron started down a hallway, cupping the girl protectively in his arms. "I want you. I want your pure heart. I want you."
Percy stared up at him, seeing the almost predatory gaze in his dark black eyes. "Y-you mean-? But...I-I...What?"
Aaron entered a room. Her new room. With one hand he locked the door before carefully setting Percy on the ground. He kneeled to better see the one who had ensnared his heart. Percy was tense, ready to try and run if the need came. The way Aaron stared at her was unsettling, and almost enough incentive to try and make a break for it.
The boy moved forward, with Percy backing up at the same pace. He could see the fear in her stormy eyes, but even with the scared expression, she was still so enticing to the mob boss’s son.
When the small girl met the cold metal wall, Aaron darted forward with almost inhuman speed. He trapped Percy against the wall, his hands on either side of her head, and foreheads pressed together. He now knew that all his hard work was worth it. The feel of the warm skin below his, the rise and fall of the teen's chest as she breathed quickly, drove Aaron crazy.
"I've been watching you, for quite a while now. You made me go insane whenever you laughed or smiled. I watched you. Every. Single. Day. I'd watch you help that old man, watch you pick those fruits, and vegetables, and roses."
Percy looked at her captor silently, chest still rising and falling rapidly. Aaron smiled, head dipping to whisper into her ear. She stiffened at his action, not daring to move as he continued talking. The older boy’s lips slightly brushed against the skin just behind her cheek.
"You're different from the others. You are not corrupted. You are attractive without trying to be. Your voice makes my heart blaze, and your eyes...God your eyes. I don't care if you're the town’s favorite daughter. You're mine, no one else’s. Not the city’s not even those people you call family. Mine…You have no idea how good that feels to say."
Persephone's face flushed and tried to push against Aaron’s chest in a vain attempt to get away. It didn't work, in fact, the contact made her captor purr in delight.
"I-I'm not y-yours! I'm n-no one’s! L-let me g-go!"
"Shh, just be silent for a moment. I promise not to hurt you, my dear."
The girl's hands trembled, gently fisting them into the older boy's shirt. "Wh-What are you going t-to d-do to me?" she asked, fear lacing her voice.
Aaron chuckled lightly, nuzzling the side of her face before pulling away to stare down at the younger girl.
"Hmm. In the intimate sense? Just a kiss, but nothing else until you are ready. Other than that you'll be staying here in my apartment."
Percy gulped as she stared up at the much bigger and much stronger teen. ‘Until she was ready?’ Was he planning on...

'Oh no, no, no, no! Somebody help!' She pleaded in her head.
Aaron stared down at his beauty, examining her for the first time up close rather than from afar.
"L-let me go home, please! I don't want to be here, I don't want this!" Percy finally voiced her thoughts, tone pleading.
"You'll be fine. I promise I won't let anyone hurt you." He murmured in an almost loving tone. One of his hands moved behind Percy’s back gently holding her arms in place. The other he brought up to cup the girl’s cheek.
The boy bowed his head, pressing a light kiss to Percy's slightly parted lips. The younger teen jerked slightly, but couldn't escape. His tongue gently dipped into her mouth, meeting the wheat haired girl's own tongue and try to coax it into motion. She continued to try and shove Aaron away, but the boy was very strong.
The mob child, on the other hand, was in paradise. The warmth of the girl’s skin radiated off her, and the feel of her mouth was as addictive as perfectly aged wine. At the moment, Aaron Hades was definitely not the arrogant, self-centered son of a weapons dealer. But rather someone who was gentle, who treated the person he loved as though she were a precious and rare treasure.
He finally drew back, forehead still against Percy's as she panted heavily, trying to regain her breath. After a few moments of silence, he spoke.
"So soft. So warm. I can't believe I never thought of this before."
He paused and lifted his head away to stare down at his obsession. Her gaze was almost intoxicating to the imprisoner.
"And now you are mine. Forever mine Persephone."
Aaron leaned down again and captured her lips.

Percy had been gone for two months. When Mr. Zack had found Percy's backpack, but not the teen, her mother had gone into a panic. Never before had the city council seen the woman in such a state. She refused to work, barely slept, and waited up all night in case her child appeared at the doorstep.
Percy meant a lot to the people of the city. More than some would let on out of fear of her mother. Her best friends Ian, Adam, and Cereus would join Kora whenever she went to search for Percy, and police captain Hector had every able bodied man aid the search.
A break in the case finally came when Mr. Zack mentioned to Ms. Diana how a black mustang had come everyday and would sit in front of the Community Garden. After confirming their suspicions with security footage from the local bank, there fears were confirmed.
Nolan Hades had Persephone.

Aaron watched as Percy stared blankly at the wall, ignoring the plate of food the pale teenager had set in front of her.
The girl had barely eaten anything in the two months she had been held captive in the apartment. She had grown thinner and turned an almost sickly pale. But worst of all she hadn't spoken more than two words to Aaron. It worried the ebony haired teen beyond belief. He wanted Percy to feel safe and happy with him, not turn into a shadow of herself.
He had made very few romantic advances in her time there. Only a few gentle embraces and kisses on the teen's forehead, neck and cheeks while she slept. Percy still drove Aaron crazy though. He loved everything about his soul mate, but missed hearing her sweet voice and seeing her breath-taking smile.
"Percy, please. You need to eat."
A shake of the head was the only response he got from her. "You're going to die if you don't."
After a few moments of silence, Percy spoke. "I want to go home,” she whispered in a hoarse voice.
Aaron sighed before sitting on the edge of the bed. Once settled he moved over to Percy, pulling the teenage girl sideways and into his chest, holding her close. "Why did I have to fall in love with the most stubborn girl in the universe?"
Percy shivered slightly, remembering the night that Aaron had asked her to become his wife.
"Just eat something...please?" The younger Hades asked again, taking an apple from the plate and offering it to the girl.
Percy was… surprised to say the least. She would never have expected him to be the kind to resort to pleading. Hesitantly she reached up, hands wrapping gently around the fruit. Aaron, seeing a small sliver of hope, didn't move and let the object of his affection take the ripe apple of her own accord.
"I remember seeing how much you liked this kind. You always ate it in that garden. I’ve found them to be too sweet, but if it brings back your smile...then I like it just as much."
Percy stared shyly up at her pseudo-boyfriend through her limp hair. The mere sight sent Aaron’s heart on fire. The younger teen was so...innocent, just as she'd been in the Community Garden. So much kinder and purer than others their age.
After a moment, Percy looked back down at the ruby fruit, before lifting it to her lips and taking a bite. Aaron relished the sight of his girlfriend’s small smile, the first in two months. Percy quickly devoured the apple, and then licked the juice from her fingers as her captor, still having one arm around her shoulders, comfortingly squeezed her arm.
"Thank you,” he finally said, smiling at the teen and pressing his lips to the top of her head. A moment later the girl had apparently fallen back asleep.
The dark haired boy laid her back down on the bed, silently watching her still form rise and fall. The door suddenly slid open. Aaron jumped up, shielding Percy from the visitor. "Dad! What are you doing here?"
The Mob boss scowled, dark eyes angry. "The female mayor. She has sent us a message."
"The Mayor?" Aaron asked tone angry as he glanced at the slumbering girl behind him.
"She and those law monkeys have discovered the identities of several of our clientele. They are threatening to arrest them if we do not return their favorite daughter." Nolan replied, spitting the last words out like venom.
Aaron growled, placing himself between Percy and his father. "They can't have her back! She is-!"
"I am aware of your situation! I am not so heartless as to separate my only child from one he considers his true love!"
Though unaware to the bickering men, Percy had been awake for the entire argument. She held an almost painful hope as she listened to the exchange. She was going home! The thugs couldn't sacrifice so much merchandise, it was practically their lifeblood, and Aaron was the only one who really wanted her around anyway.
"Then what are we going to do? I won't lose my Persephone. I’ll leave if she is not with me. You'll have no one to continue the family business." Aaron said, actually glaring at his father.
"As I said, I am aware of your situation!"
"Then I take it you have a plan, Don Hades?" the younger asked harshly.
Nolan Hades growled smacking Aaron, relatively lightly, upside the head. As the teen stumbled, making sure to not accidently wake Percy, the lord replied.
"I do boy, but tread lightly. You may be my son but I will allow no one to speak to me in that tone."
He paused, making sure he had the younger Hades’ attention. "We shall make a...compromise."
To say Aaron was surprised was an understatement. More like dumbfounded would be a better way to describe it. "A...A compromise? They’ll assure I never see her again! They would make no compromise!"
Don Hades glanced down at Percy who, despite her best attempts, was not putting on a very convincing act. The crime lord looked back at his future heir, and gestured for him to follow him into the hallway.
“You have finished making that toxin I asked about, correct?”
“Yes, but what does that have to do with-“
“Simply give her enough to cause some pain if she is not returned to us every six months for the antidote.”
Aaron froze, and then looked back at the room the object of his current insanity slept. Cause Percy, his Persephone, pain? Seeing his son’s hesitation, the arms dealer continued.
“If you wish to keep your sweetheart by your side regularly, then inject her with the toxin before tomorrow night.”
Don Hades turned, leaving without another word. The younger Hades slowly turned back into the room, looking down at the slumbering girl. The younger of the two breathed evenly; seemingly unaware of the chaos and danger she was in.
Aaron sighed. He just couldn't give her up, not this beautiful remarkable girl that brought light to the darkest corners of his depraved mind. Even if it meant she might suffer at some point in time, he refused to lose the one who made him feel so alive. Waking Percy up, Aaron forced a smile onto his face.
"I need you to stay here. Please try not to get into trouble while I'm gone.
Percy nodded hesitantly, and the elder boy gave a small, kind smirk before leaving, making sure the door locked behind him.

Percy was surprised when Aaron returned almost a day later with a pomegranate of all things. "Here, I thought you might be hungry by the time I got back. Go ahead, it doesn't bite."
The girl hesitantly took the fruit, raising a brow at Aaron before prying open the pomegranate.
He watched as the younger teen ate the seeds, glad she hadn't refused to eat this time. Aaron took some pride in coming up with the idea to hide the toxin in the seeds. It had been a painstakingly long process, but he didn't mind if it meant he wouldn’t be perminantely separated from his bride to be.
His father had informed him of the compromise. He would be allowed to have Percy for the combined months of Fall and Winter, while her mother and sister would have her in the Spring and Summer. While six months seemed hardly long enough, he would have to be satisfied with it.
Aaron smiled as the teen girl finished the last few seeds.

The mayor, her youngest daughter, and the city’s police chief stood, tense as they waited for a convoy of black cars. Don Hades wanted to make a compromise. While opposed to it, the police captain reasoned that it might be their only chance to save Persephone.
A limo was the first to arrive, followed by five or six town cars coming to a halt behind it. No doubt each filled with enough men to turn the three people into Swiss cheese. The last car to enter was a black sports car. Exiting from it came Aaron Hades followed by two men in $1,000 business suits. Between the two stood a very scared, and sickly looking Percy.
"Nolan." Captain Hector greeted in a low voice, eyes locked with the crime lord.
The teen looked up at her name, and smiled almost unbelievingly at her mom and baby sister.
Everyone was surprised when the younger Hades gave a low growl and stood directly in front of the teen, glaring at the older female.
"Madame Mayor. I am glad to see you decided to listen to my conditions for the safe return of your little girl." The Don replied, smirking cruelly.
He paused, then continued, gesturing to his son.
"As you can see, Aaron is rather...fond of your daughter. Therefor we propose that during the Fall and Winter, she shall remain at our estate. During the Spring and Summer, she will be returned to you."
"What?" Kora exclaimed angrily, eyes shining with an almost demonic rage.
The Man chuckled darkly, glancing to the teenagers.
"Now now, if you want her alive you would find it very wise not to separate these two." Everyone fell silent. Percy began to tremble, eyes falling down.
"What if we decide not to bring her back?" said the police chief.
Aaron was the one to speak this time as he glared at the uniformed man. "I have injected a homemade toxin into her. I am the only one with knowledge of the cure. If you refuse to return her to me to administrate it every six months, she will suffer terrible pain and eventually death."
"You'd harm someone you claim to love so much?" the cop said incredulously.
With a growl the teen replied, "If it meant I would continue to have her by my side for as long as possible, then yes! I won't let anyone take my Persephone away from me!"
Silence again fell over them all. Percy remained still, eyes wide. How had Aaron gotten a poison into her? Then it clicked.
The pomegranate.
She slowly looked up at her mom. "Please, mom...Just accept the compromise...I-it's summer, anyway...I'll at least have a little time with you and Kora."
The two adults looked over to the deflated girl, startled. "Please Mom, Officer Hector...Please." she pleaded again, eyes shining with the sadness and pain from the past months.
"Aaron He-he hasn't hurt me. I-I know he won't hurt me when I'm around him. A-a-and I'll still get to be home a lot. Both of you accept the compromise. Please."
The Mother hesitated, and then sighed in defeat before looking back at Don Hades.
"Fine. I will order that all of your men be given immunity… and will allow Persephone to remain with your son during Fall and Winter."
The crime lord smirked. "And we will allow for her safe return to you in Spring and Summer."
He looked to the men holding his son’s desire. "Release the girl."
Before letting go of Percy, Aaron leaned down, gently hugging her to his chest.
"Stay out of trouble." He murmured leaning forward pressing a gentle kiss to the lips of the girl he had fallen in love with.
"I...I will."
She then turned and ran to her mother and sister, who held the teen as if she were their lifeline.
With her fate now sealed, all Aaron could do was wait until Summer ended.

It seemed that Aaron's kindness had done more than previously thought. It took time, but Persephone eventually returned the feelings he had for her.
While neither her family nor friends were happy about the compromise, soon Percy was happy to be around the older teen. And if she was happy, there wasn't much more anyone could ask.
Despite being together for a few years, Aaron still didn’t have the courage to tell Persephone he had stopped poisoning her food.
While Percy had yet to tell him she had known all along.

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