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March 27, 2011
By SuperPanda409 SILVER, State College, Pennsylvania
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SuperPanda409 SILVER, State College, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
If this is love I don't wanna be loved.- Get Scared

‎We are made of love and all the beauty stemming from it. We are made of love and every fracture caused by the lack of it.- Sleeping At Last

I’m popping my locket open and closed, seeing the sparkling gold dust suck in and out. Looking at the clock and waiting for it to turn in 3 so we can leave. I keep glancing at Aden. His brunette hair shone in the florescent lights and his green eyes glittered with ever brimming laughter. Those flames never dying. A note landed on my desk I opened it up ‘wanna go see a movie later? –Aden’ I quickly scribbled ‘what’s playing?’ and passed it back to Marie who passed it to Aden. ‘I’m not sure but it’ll be good if you were there’ ‘too sweet’ he turned around an winked at me. Only three more minutes in study hall. I opened my locket and little more and let some dust pour out into my hand I rolled it between my fingers wishing time would fast forward 3 minutes ahead and the dust complied. There was a sudden lurch and a sickening stop when I saw the world around me fast forward our note went back in forth in no time at all reading ‘thanks, babe, anyway we don’t have to see a movie’ ‘picnic then?’ ‘sure’. We both knew where the picnic was going to be. The park with our first kiss. Forgetting the dust was still rolling in my hands I got sucked back to the end of the classroom slammed against the white board and as black memories breathed in and out of me I was transported to the memory of our first kiss.

“Aden cut it out!” We were fifteen at the time and Aden kept throwing leaves at me. It was fall and the crisp clean air felt so good on my bare legs and arms. I was wearing a red and white polka dotted dress and white flats that were now covered in leaves.
“Seriously, Tyler, let go a little.” He said and threw more leaves at me. I stood up and kicked off my flats
“Fine. Chase me. And if you catch me you get to keep throwing leaves all over me. If you don’t then you have to tell me who you like”
“Ugh no. Let’s make this more interesting. Win or lose I get to kiss you.”
“No something bad has to happen when you lose.”
“That’s not bad enough?”
“That’s it!” I took off running full speed and in a few minutes he caught up to me spun me around and kissed me. His lips were soft and warm and tasted like trident gum.
When he stopped I said “Well that wasn’t bad was it?”
He didn’t reply this time he just thread his fingers through my hair and kissed me again this time softer and more loving.
I pulled away and said “What was that for?”
“Because I’m falling for you” and that was the first time I realized what a genuinely sweet guy Aden was.

I slammed back into reality dropped the dust and looked up. Aden was there with his arm out.
“My…. Man….”
He laughed a little and said “Come on let’s go. We have to pick up some food if we’re going to picnic.”
“Ugh, I’m not hungry. Lunch was enough.” I had a late lunch period of 12:30 so it was enough to tide me over.
“Ok well then lets go.” He walked me out into the parking lot and I got into his old Buick with a bench seat so I could sit by him when he drove. Distracting, maybe. Sweet, yes. We drove to the park and I sat on the side of the bench with my legs curled underneath me. When we got to the park I got out the blanket he always keeps in the back of his car for me. After walking a bit to find the tree we were under when he was throwing leaves at me. It was now a blossoming willow after 2 years. We sat beneath it with me in his arms, my golden locket sitting on my collar bone.
“Ok let’s play ask me anything.”
“I dunno Aden..”
“Come on, Ty.”
“What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?”
“Sky diving when I was 13. It was my birthday present from my mom.”
“Hm… That’s pretty legit.”
“Thanks. It was a lot of fun as well though.”
“I bet. I’ve always waned to go skydiving.”
“Really, Ty?!”
“Yeah, why not?”
“You don’t seem like the adventurous one.”
“Get out, Ade. Right now get out. Except don’t because you’re my ride.”
He laughed “Ok lets play truth or dare.”
“Fine, then.”
“I dare you to…”
“Climb the tallest tree here”
“Easy that’s only like 5 feet”
“Fine. Do it while acting like a bear.”
“You’re ridiculous and embarrassing”
“I dared you”
“But there are children here!”
“Fine!” I groaned and started climbing the tree yelling “Roar! Roar!”
“Come on. ROAR.” I give my best growl and he laughed.. that adorable laugh…
“Now eat a leaf!”
“Fine then I guess you’re CHICKEN.”
“Aden.... Fine! But if I get sick you have to take care of me!”
“I wholly agree to those conditions. Now eat the damned leaf.” I grabbed a leaf that had the least amount of bug holes in it and ate it. Immediately I felt dizzy and fell out of the tree. Slamming and breaking branches the whole way down. My locket broke and dust poured all of Aden and myself. He rushed over to me with gold dust still matting his hair.
“Damn. Please don’t die, Tyler, I love you. Please don’t die, please, please, please…”

My mind yanked to the hospital after our first kiss. Ty had gotten really bad mononucleosis, the kissing disease. It was the first time I had seen her throw up and the first time I told her I loved her.
What the hell? I felt a tug in the back of my stomach slamming me against the ground, pinning me down, I could hardly breath. I closed my eyes and sighed, I’m dying, I thought. But then…

“Tyler! Tyler you can’t die, please don’t die! God…” Her breathing stopped and the monitor flat lined. One solid beep filled the room. I started crying and yelling “I love you! I love you, gdamn it!” She opened her eyes and started breathing again. I scooped her head up in my hands and said “Please don’t ever do that again I couldn’t bear losing you.” And I kissed her softly, our lips barely touching but fireworks sparkling on the tip of my tongue. My whole body felt amazing. Every time I’m with her I just want more. She smiled and said softly “I love you too, but kissing may not be the answer right now.” “Oh right, that’s how you got sick. Sorry about that, by the way.” “Mm. It’s ok.” But just then she leaned forward and puked on the floor right near my feet. “Jesus, it’s cold..” She trailed off leaning down. Wordlessly I offered her my jacket. She wrapped it around her shoulders. She looked so small, so beautiful. I almost wanted to kiss her again. I pressed the nurse button and spoke through the intercom saying that Tyler had thrown up and she was there is a heartbeat. Normally I would look at this girl and think she was stunning but she didn’t even come close to the chestnut brown hair and gray eyes Tyler possessed. The nurse tried to flirt with me a little but I didn’t budge at all. My girl was sick, she’s the one who needed help. Not this over hormonal nurse with a taste for brunettes with green eyes. When she persisted I said “Listen, you’re a pretty girl and all but my girlfriend here just puked.” She looked taken aback but got straight to work calling in a janitor and getting a pepto-bismol colored pail in case Tyler threw up again....

Ansley: hey bestie
Me: hey, ansley
Ansley: how’s my pretty brunette?
Me: good, you? Just took a nasty fall, though
Ansley: Aden
Me: yes
Ansley: damn.
Me: come on ansley
Ansley: I know you two are in love
Me: that we are
Ansley: so I’ll lay off
Me: thanks, hon
Ansley: anytime.
Me: so what’s up
Ansley: wanna go see a movie
Me: what movie
Ansley: lesbians dancing
Me: black swan? naw
Ansley: ohhh ☹
Me: yeah, nothing personal but I thought it looked dumb
Ansley: well we could see the beiber movie
Me: wish I could but…
Ansley: Aden.
Me: yeah sorry, ans
Ansley: it’s ok, but tomorrow we’ll have a sleepover
Me: I like how you JUST decided that
Ansley: that’s why you love me
Me: duhhh
Ansley: ok I gtg sry, bye
Me: its ok, love, bye
Ansley: ☺

“I can’t believe you made me do that. I puked, and I fainted, and I fell.”
“Well you looked cute doing it. Wanna go home?”
“No offense, but yeah.”
“I’ll take you home.”
“Oh I thought you wanted to come with me and we could just hang out.”
“I would love that.”
“Ok, let’s go.”
We climbed into the Buick and I entwined our fingers together, scooting closer to him on the bench seat. He laughed.
“Just can’t get enough?” He joked
“That’s me.” I smiled at him resting my head on his shoulder, he laughed silently and I could feel his body shake a little bit. When we got to my house we walked straight to my room. He laid down on the bed and I snuggled into his body he curled our fingers together.
“Why do you love me?” I asked tentatively
“Why don’t I love you?
“Good answer.”
“Your hand is so small.” We measured and his hand was 2 digits bigger
“Well you know what they say about men with big hands. They give good back massages, let’s go.” I sat up and faced my back towards him.
He laughed and said “Ok, fine, Ty.”
He started to massage my back and when he was done he softly kissed the back of my neck. It made me shiver and fall back into his arms.
“They were right. Guys with big hands give awesome back massages.”
My breathing calmed until I fell asleep on his chest.

The first snowfall of the year. The ground is dusted in perfect white falling snow. But I’m sick. Sick as hell. I smell like sweat and sickness. I had terrible nose bleeds and a headache, my stomach hurts and I have terrible cramps. Later that day Aden came over and had roses, chocolates, and so much love in his eyes. So much broken love. He set the roses down on the table and walked over to me. “Was it the leaf?” he smiled as he held my hand. “Yes. You bi*ch.” I joked with him “I brought you chocolates…” “Thank you.” “Maybe it’ll help.” “Maybe you’ll help.” I smiled and kissed his chest as I leaned into him. He pulled me into his arms so my back was pressing against his chest. Our hands still intertwined while his arms draped over my shoulders. I leaned my head into him and he made a soft laugh deep in his throat. I could feel his body vibrate with the laugh. I made a soft, tired ‘mm’ sound. I loved him so much. I could feel his body heat circulating through my icy hands. I could feel the warm of him seep through my Snuggie. I was so cold. I needed him. So badly did I need him…

God was she beautiful. He perfect brown hair falling in her face. Even sick she was gorgeous. He brown curly hair had gotten wavy and matted but still smooth enough to run my hands through. I was running my hands through her matted hair and she just smiled at me. I could see her white, pearled teeth peeking through her rosy, full lips. Her long, thick eyelashes shielded her green, emerald eyes.
“Kiss me.”
“What? I’m sick!”
“I don’t care. I need you. Damn it all if I get sick.”
“You’re serious?”
“Yes, I’m serious!”
“What?” She was so surprised. I turned her around so she faced me and looked into her eyes.
“I’ve never. Never. Wanted somebody as badly as I want you right now. So innocent so delicate. I need you with me forever. I couldn’t do without you in my life. I would die. A kiss may be all I get, but that’s all I’d ever ask of you. I promise. I will never push you, and have never pushed you, into doing anything you didn’t want to except right now. Kiss me, Tyler.” Her eyes locked on mine for a second before she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me with everything she had in her. It started out chaste but eventually I found my lips open and her tongue slipped gently inside my mouth, searching at first, then massaging my tongue. Her tongue ran over mine erotically slow and too soon she let go and gasped for breath. She collapsed, panting, against my chest.
“Wow.” She sputtered
“Yeah.” I sighed
“Thank you” She blinked up at me
“For all the sweet stuff you said and for kissing me and for being my boyfriend…. And everything you’ve ever done” She said while curling up against my chest and intertwining our legs. It felt like the best that ever happened to me. I held her even tighter against my chest. I needed her. So badly did I need her… Just then her parents walked in. Dog Whisperer wa son the T.V. and she was sleeping on my chest. They smiled at us once they made sure I wasn’t fooling around with her. Of course not. I felt disgusted by the thought that we could ever sink so low into lust instead of love. Today was me and Ty’s 5 month anniversary. We hadn’t been going out even a year but I felt like we had be together forever. For years. Right then I knew that I wanted to marry her. Sure, we were only 16 but I felt like I needed Tyler in my life. Forever. When she had finally fallen asleep I decided to get her a promise ring. A promise that we’d be together forever I knew that it had to happen or I may just have fallen dead right then.

I felt a lot better walking the streets of downtown with Aden. My Aden. We were holding hands when he decided we would go into the vintage shop ‘Inspired by Love’. Once inside he told me to pick the ring I liked the most. I picked out this beautiful pearl ring with gold crowning

Once in my hand he started to get down on one knee and proceeded to say:
“Tyler. Will you one day be my bride?”
“Yes of course, Aden!” He slipped the ring onto the engagement spot and kissed me right there in front of the whole store.
The clerk aw’ed and when Aden got out his wallet she said, “It’s ok, don’t pay. It’s on the house, love birds.” He tipped her a 20 still and winked. Saying we’d be back soon for a wedding band. She giggled and dropped the money into a cash register.
The ring felt so right on my finger. As we sat down at the bus stop I cuddled into his arm and said “Let’s just get married now. Let’s elope.”
“No way.. I’m not explaining that to your parents.”
“Then I will. Aden, please?”
“No. Tyler, I’m going to make our wedding special. Someday. We’ll have the best wedding anybody has ever seen.”
“I love you, Aden Rivers.”
“I love you, Tyler Marks”
“No, Tyler Rivers. I’m using your lame name until we get married.”
“Fine then, Ms. Rivers.”
“I wish.” He sighs
“Me too.” I mimic his melancholy tone. Just then the bus comes. And as we’re sitting in the back seats I wish we weren’t getting off at different stops.

Chapter 10-Aden-12:00
I walk out of my house completely frustrated that after such an amazing day Tyler isn’t with me. Which gives me an idea. I take my bike out and I ride it all the way to Ty’s house. I know which window is hers.
“Come on…” I send her a text
Aden: Open your window
I get a reply. Yes!
Tyler: Are you going to be standing there?
Aden: Yes and I need you to get me into your house.
Tyler: Aden…
Aden: Ty, I miss you!
Tyler: I miss you too.
Aden: So come on out!
Tyler: Look, I can’t my parents saw your shoes in my room and clothes and they won’t let me out for a week. Not even for school. They’re really pissed.
Aden: Damn it.
Tyler: God my mom is coming, gtg I love you forever, see you in a week, love bird
Aden: You too, dove.

I got on my bike and rode away. I was riding through the street crossing and out of nowhere car headlights came out of nowhere and I got smacked off my bicycle. The only thing I heard was the car swishing over my head as they drove away. I could feel my head smack against the pavement, the blood seeping down my skull as I blacked out.

“Hey Ansley?”
“Hey, Ty.”
“Can I ask you a question?”
“My parents found Aden’s sweatshirt in my drawer along with his shoes. What would you do?”
“Deny it.”
“I can’t”
“Why not?”
“Because I can’t, ok?”
“Why not!”
“Because I want them to know that we’re serious.”
“How serious?”
“Not sex serious but he’s the one.”
“Tyler, I’m not sure you should be making that kind of commitment we’re only 16.”
“I don’t care. I can tell.”
“I just can. Maybe its how my heart reacts when I see him, maybe it’s his eyes… I don’t know. But I can tell.”
“I dunno Tyler. It seems like you should just fess up.”
“I can’t”
“Why not?”
“Because they can’t know that we’re that serious with each other.”
“Why not!?”
“Because they’ll tell me it’s not real. I can’t handle that. I need to be with him, Ansley.”
“I dunno that’s just sweet.”
“Anytime. So what did they find, again?”
“His sweatshirt and his shoes.”
“Wow. Ok well Tyler, tell them your serious.”
“Thank you I have to go.”
“I love you.”
“You too.”
I hung up.

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on Mar. 31 2011 at 7:40 pm
SuperPanda409 SILVER, State College, Pennsylvania
9 articles 1 photo 24 comments

Favorite Quote:
If this is love I don't wanna be loved.- Get Scared

‎We are made of love and all the beauty stemming from it. We are made of love and every fracture caused by the lack of it.- Sleeping At Last

I'm trying to write more but i'm quite stuck

triathlete99 said...
on Mar. 31 2011 at 5:58 pm
triathlete99, Atlanta, Georgia
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This story is absolutely amazing! Keep writing the rest!!

GlassHeart said...
on Mar. 30 2011 at 8:44 am
Like this love story.  Great writing!