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The dead I'm in love with.

May 18, 2021
By chainsaw6237, Tooele, Utah
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chainsaw6237, Tooele, Utah
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Author's note:

I enjoyed writing this piece for my creataive writing class.

The author's comments:

it is all one story

Some people say that the living cant love the dead, they obviously have never met me. But it's not my fault I fell in love with him, I want to say that it was all a trick, or it was just in my head and I was just going mad. I almost wish I never fell for him, but can you blame me? He was the first person to show me real love, and not just wanting it for all the little pleasures that come with a good relationship. I wanted something real, and I got it.

I moved into a house that used to be owned by apparently witches, I know witches? I know, very absurd. But nonetheless I still like the house, it's the only house that’s within my budget. You see I’m not that rich, my mom was a kid living in the middle class and she got pregnant with me when she was 17. I never really knew who my dad was, my mom said that he just didn't love her, but loved me. I don't know where he is, my mom told me to just not worry about it, but that doesn’t mean I can't think of it. My mom was always the best person to be around though, if you were sad, she would cheer you up. But my dad would send me letters, he would never tell me where he was even though I would beg and tell him that I wanted to meet him but he says that it's best if I don't know

Sometimes I wonder if I was the problem in my last relationships, I analyzed everything that I did in all 3 of my past relationships, the first relationship I had  was in high school. It kept me happy and gave me hope and I thought we would be together forever, but like many high school relationships we didn’t last. I never thought I would have a boyfriend, I thought I would be the only girl to never have a boyfriend, but here I am. My second relationship was not the best, we had no communication and no love, all he wanted to do was use me for excuses, nothing was healthy. My third was nothing but love, all he wanted to do is be around me, but one night he was on his way to see me, the roads were slick from the rain that was coming down hard that night, and another driver swerved and hit the driver side of his car, and he passed away from a head injury. From that day on I vowed to never fall in love with another. 

And now I, Jill Hawkins, have started a new life with a new house and new possibilities. I just hope they can all be good this time.

I walk in with the last box that has all my witchy things in it, yes I’m a wicken, I believe in ghosts, demons, and gods. I felt that nothing was uncanny in what i practiced, I also saw no problem in it, growing up with a faceless dad, and a mom who only went to church to talk to all the hot single dads, means when judgment day came I would not be in the depths of hell or the pearly gates of heaven, iI would just be here all by myself, wondering if I’ve lived my life to the fullest. After setting the bow down i go to the backyard to see what is there since they didn't show it in thead for the home, when i walked outside i see a beautiful  small little flower garden with a rose bush and lavender, a calming breeze soothes its way through me, I feel content and take it as a sign that this i’ve made a good decision moving here, I look over my left shoulder that's towards the house and see my mothers urn, its black and gold, her two favorite colors and her wrapped around them just made me a little more happy. My mom's passing was of course devastating, but she always told me that it’s always good to have some sort of happiness with me if she died, so I had her cremated, so I could take her with me wherever I go.

I pick up the urn and take it to my bedroom, or at least I thought was my bedroom but instead i see a man, a man who looks to be paranormal, the ghost kind, you're probably wondering why I’m not freaking out, I’ve seen ghosts before just not as handsome as him, while i'm looking at him the guy is looking back at me, I’m just there stuck in my spot while holding my mothers urn, I see he is from the 1990s based on how he's wearing a black leather jacket, I don't know why but i’ve always seemed to like men who wear leather jackets i guess that's what made me attracted to my ex’s.. He looked as though he'd been caught, he came closer and said, “Can you see me?”I nod intently, “Can you speak?” he says with a chuckle, “Of course I can speak.” I say defensively, he laughs, oh that sweet sounding laugh, “I can tell you're going to be fun to live with.” he says with a charming smile.

“So, what's your name?” he asks me, “Jill, what's yours?” I ask “Damian.” he states, “So… Where are you moving from?” he asks politely, “Las Vegas.Where are you from?” I ask “Elko, were practically neighbors.” he says jokingly, “Ya only just like 325 miles apart.” I say while laughing, he laughs too. I start unboxing some things, “So, why did you move here?”, “Just needed to get away from people, they were never really nice until my mom died.”, “ Oh,I’m sorry doll, I didn't know.”, I don't know why, but I’ve only known him for a short period of time, it felt like I’ve known him all my life.

A few months go by and I’m fully unpacked and moved in, Damian has kept me company during the time I’ve been here, and we got to know each other very well. He told me about his past life, about how he went from west to east and from north to south on his motorcycle, that he was a biker in a gang called the “Red slots” and how all the people in it were like his family. His real mom and dad died when he was only 5 years old, he didn't know much about them but the Red Slots did, they told him that his mom was a nurse in a hospital and his dad was a mechanic, and how his parents met. Whenhis dad almost lost his finger but was lucky it only broke in a car repair accident, and how Damian’s mom patched him up. I always wanted a little romance story to happen like that to happen to me.

When I told Damian about my parents, he didn’t look at me with pity, he actually looked at me with pride, he told me that it made me stronger. I believed him, and on that same day he told me that I’m the smartest and most beautiful girl he knew. I'm happy I met him because the following day, he told me that he had fallen in love with me, and I couldn't help but kiss him on his cold yet somehow warm lips.

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