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Do They Always Come Back

October 4, 2016
By mynameisrandy GOLD, Heber City, Utah
mynameisrandy GOLD, Heber City, Utah
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Life is messy. It's not a line. It's not a series of climaxes. It can't be graphed.


Do the people you love and that love you always find their way back into your life, no matter what or who gets in the way? 

Follow as a teen being herself in a world full of everyone else's discovers love, loss, and finding something again, a feeling again, all while learning to not let these expiriences turn her hard and cold. The discovery of the link between who we think people are, who everyone else thinks they are, who they think they are, and who they want to be, shows to be a lot messier and more confusing than originally thought. And watch and see if love really brings people together, even if other things get in the way. 


Do They Always Come Back

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