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June 10, 2013
By FaithSnyder16 ELITE, Metamora, Ohio
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Author's note: This has characters from my other novel in it :)

Dorms were way to loud on Friday Night. I glanced through the darkness to the outline of Amy asleep. I sighed softly and pulled the cover up closer around my neck.

It felt strange sleeping in someones dorm room. Amy's boyfriend had left when we came over and I was crying. It was his room we were sleeping in, and his roommate’s bed that I currently occupied right now. I was in a strange man's bed...I mean it doesn't count if the man's not sharing it...Really it's just a bed.

The covers were soft against my cheek and smelled spicy sweet. It was making me dizzy! At least the man smelled good... well his bed anyway.

Nick never smelled like this. He always smelled like that awful body spry you can buy in a metal can. It supposedly made women go crazy for me, but in my opinion it drove me crazy away from him. I scrunched my nose up. Maybe that's why he cheated on me... because I didn't go crazy for him when he sprayed. Ha! Sprayed! Like a skunk. Gosh that stuff smelled awful. Even if he wanted me back I could never pretend that smelled good.

His blonde bimbo and him were probably spending quality time in his apartment by now. That is if he was still in the mood after I dumped that ice water down his pants when I'd seen them together. I let out a soft sob as my tears returned once more.

Nick had been my boyfriend since the sixth grade. All he did was smile at me and I fell for him. Sure we had PLENTY of fights over the years, but we always worked things out because we loved each other. In high school we were voted favorite couple and most likely to get married.

After being together so long we got to know each others limits. Nick wanted Friday nights to hang out with his guy friends for a while unbothered. So I had let him, after all we seen each other everyday. So today when he texted me he was going out with Jace on a Tuesday I didn't care. I took the chance for girl time and went to grab some food with Amy at my favorite cafe.

What we found at the cafe was not Nick and Jace, but Nick and Allie... enjoying a romantic dinner together. I wanted to be completely sure of the circumstances so I waited as Allie raised her glass in a toast.

“To four wonderful years babe.” She giggled leaning across the table.

“Four amazingly hot years.” Nick whispered back before their game of tonsil hockey began.

Amy stood there shocked as my boyfriend of seven years kissed his apparent girlfriend of four. Allie had been one of my friends in high school. We had gotten ready for prom together, had countless sleep overs and parties, and all this time she has been dating my boyfriend behind my back. I felt Amy pull on my arm to go.

Before I realized what I was doing, I grabbed an incredibly large cold pitcher of ice water and marched over to the happy couple. I pretended to be a waitress while the two played tongue hockey.

“Excuse me, would you like your ass kicked sir?” I said smiling. Nick broke the kiss and looked up at me in horror.

“Molly! This isn't what it looks like!” Nick gasped. I smiled and shrugged, before dumping the huge pitcher of ice water over his head and all down the front of his pans. He screamed and stood abruptly, knocking into the table tipping it over. The wine and food and everything else on the table slid to one side and went all over Allie. She screamed as pasta went down the front of her dress and wine flew into her blonde hair.

Fast forward and hour and here I was, crying in a stranger's bed, probably getting tears and snot on the poor kid's pillow. I felt like a pathetic loser. I sat up brushing away my tears. I found a pen and some scrap paper on Micah's desk.


I went home, needed my own bed. Thanks for the help. Tell Micah thanks and apologize to his roommate for the mess I made of his tear stained pillow. Call you later.


I left the note for Amy to find and gathered my things. I stumbled over objects in the dark until I believed I had everything. I slowly opened the dorm door and backed out watching Amy in case she woke. The door shut leaving Amy asleep. I started to back up to the stairs but my foot caught something solid. The black lumpy mass made an oomph noise as I tripped over it in the dark hallway.

The lumpy mass turned out to be a sleeping man, well was a sleeping man. I stared at him in shock from the floor.

“Oh my god! Are you okay?” He called out softly in the darkness. His voice was unfamiliar and from the shape of his outline was too tall to be Micah.

“Yes I'm fine. I'm so sorry! I didn't see you there, it's so dark in here and...” I stopped. Wait... what was this guy doing sleeping in the dorm hallway?

“And you didn't expect some guy to be asleep outside the door in the hall? Really it's fine, I'm fine! It's my fault!” The voice said. My eyes had begun to adjust and could now see at least he was male. It was too dark to make out any features but he did have longer hair to his collar.

“Uh, okay! Can I ask why you're sleeping on the floor?” I whispered through the darkness. I heard him shift around and chuckle.

“Well, I came back to my room and found my bed already occupied. I figured you needed it more than I.” He replied. I felt heat rush to my cheeks, and was no thankful for the darkness.

“Oh! You're Micah's roommate? I'm so sorry! You should have woke me up.” I said.

“No you looked upset and finally peaceful in sleep, so I just let you sleep.” He said. I could hear a smile in his voice that I caught and smiled back.

“Thank you, really. I apologize for the pillow though, I had a rough night and woke up crying so it's a bit damp.” I said ashamed.

“No problem! My pillow and bed is always at your service should you need it.” he said, we fell silent and then he added, “That came out all wrong.” We started laughing softly and I felt like a weight had lifted. It had been the first time I had laughed since the Nick incident.

“Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I gotta go but it was really nice meeting you.” I replied standing up from the floor.

“Oh, I'm Jack by the way.” The guy said softly.

“Hi Jack, I'm Molly.” I replied before leaving down the dark hallway.

Professor Markus began to drone on and made me nod off. I hadn't gotten much sleep last night, and by my noon class it had caught up with me. I tried to pry my eyes open to take notes but they continued to close. The guy behind me kicked my chair as I nodded off, jerking me wide awake. I ignored the rude kick, thankful for it actually. And so it continued, I would nod off, my chair would be kicked. By the end of class I had all of the notes so I could study later, and had turned to thank the guy.

“Oh my god, thank you so much. I could barely keep my eyes open.” I explained The guy flashed me a gorgeous smile and laughed.

“Rough night.” He said looking at me understandingly.

“You could say that.” I joke huffing my breath.

“Yeah... me too.” He said looking into my eyes.

What in the world? What was he staring at? I felt uneasy as he looked at me. I hadn't been up to putting on make-up and doing my hair so I probably looked like I had just crawled out of bed and left. Wait... I had.

“Um, we actually met each other last night. I'm Jack.” He said smiling at me. I felt my jaw drop. This god-like man in front of me was the man whom I tripped over last night? Who's bed I had slept in?! I let out a small laugh, “Oh god, Jack! I'm sorry! I didn't recognize you, it was pretty dark in that hall last night.”

Jack shook his head and crinkled his nose. He was adorable... Man, a girl could get lost in those eyes. They were huge, wide, Bambi eyes, the colors of emeralds, and flecked with gold. When he smiled he had laugh lines that formed at the corners and were framed with thick lashes. The light caught their colors and glowed and sparkled. I was dazed by them so much I almost missed what he had said.

“That's fine! I didn't expect you to know me, like you said it was dark. I had hoped you got some sleep after you left, but from the looks of it you didn't.” He said leaning on his desk closer to me.

“I didn't. Like I said, rough night.” I whispered praying my eyes still weren't red and puffy from crying.

“Sorry,” He said with a crease forming on his brow.

“Nah, it's not like it's your fault.”

He looked at me carefully, studying my looks. My gaze moved from his eyes. I noticed he had a sprinkle of light freckles across his nose, which was slightly crooked as if he had broken it when he was little; however, it was barely noticeable if you didn't look real hard. His lips were in a smile that showed off his straight white teeth. It was big, that smile, and it seemed like his whole face lit up at the turn of his lips. Jack had a masculine square jaw with beautiful structure as if a artist had sculpted his face from marble. There was a faint shadow of dark blond stubble that made me wonder what it would feel like if I kissed him.

Everyone was gathering their books and leaving but Jack and I stayed.

“Do you want to talk about it?” He asked standing.

“Talk about it?” I asked and joined him in gathering my things.

“Why you were crying last night.” He said suddenly taking my books from me. I stared at him in shock.

“Um, it's kind of a long story.” I sighed as we walked out of the lecture hall together and into the beautiful spring day.

“I have time, not that you have to tell me, I'm just offering to listen if you need it.” He shrugged looking around the busy campus.

A breeze blew across the lawn and ruffled his dirty blond hair. He ran a hand through it to keep it from his eyes. It hung loosely around his face, and tucked behind his ears. It reached his collar and turned out slightly. He noticed me staring and I looked away.

“Well, I caught my boyfriend of seven years out on a date with another girl. Just that would make anyone upset, but not only was this girl my best friend from high school, they were celebrating their four year anniversary.” I sighed putting my hands into my blue jean pockets, and shrugging.

Jack drew in air between his teeth, “Oh yikes.” He said looking over at me apologetically.

“Yep, so I did what anyone would do... I poured ice water down his pants and over his head.” I chuckled. Jack looked at me with eyes wide.

“You did not!” He laughed throwing his head back. I laughed with him and shrugged, making him laugh harder and bend backward.

“Well, that's not all... he stood up in a hurry after that and knocked the table over, sending all the wine and food all over Allie. They deserved it though.” I said. We almost had to stop walking since Jack was laughing hard.

“Oh my god, remind me to never get you angry though!” He laughed. I rolled my eyes and looked around. Surprisingly there wasn't many people enjoying this beautiful day as I had predicted. There was a group of boys playing soccer in the grass, while a girl sat on a bench nearby writing. A couple was cuddled up on a blanket reading under the shade of a large oak tree, and a few students jogged to their next class. I heard a short scream and noticed that the soccer boys had accidentally kicked a ball in the direction of the writer, sending her papers flying everywhere. I shook my head as the guys darted after them.

“Anyway... Amy was with me and Micah's place was closer, so we crashed there. We thought Micah had told you what was going on.” I said looking over at Jack. He rolled up his long sleeves of his waffle thermal shirt and shrugged.

“He must have forgot. I'm just glad I didn't start undressing and woke you up.” He snickered. I rolled my eyes.

Jack tugged on his sleeves again and I looked at his clothes. He wore a light gray waffle thermal shirt, Levi blue jeans that were secured at his waist with a belt, and black Puma sneakers. Damn, he was so cute. The shirt hugged him, forming around his muscular arms and chest. I just was surprised he was wearing his pants like a normal person! God! It seemed that every guy in the world sagged his pants! If they sagged them any lower they'd soon be wearing them around their ankles. Jack didn't sag his pants however, they fit perfectly around his waist making him respect him even more. Give me a guy with sense to wear his pants right and I'm happy.

“So how long have you known Amy?” Jack asked. I smiled thinking about my crazy and very best friend and cousin.

“Since birth. We're actually cousins, but we were raised together so, we're basically sisters.” I replied. Amy's mom, my aunt, had lived next door to us since she had gotten pregnant with Amy. My mom and Amy's mom had been getting older and didn't have husbands but they wanted children. They decided to get invertofertilzation births and they would raise us together. It was wonderful having my aunt around while growing up, it was like having a second mother.

“Oh, that's cool, I never would have guessed you guys are related.” He said smiling. Most people didn't. Like my mom and aunt I had the Haines family blonde hair, plus sized jeans size (okay I didn't think a sixteen was plus sized but according to the stores it is.), big boobs, butt, and hips. While Amy must have taken after her donor dad, because she had dark brown hair, slender body, and subtle curves.

“Yeah we don't look anything alike.” I said to Jack as we walked. I always wondered what Amy's looked like. Did she look exactly like him? I wondered the same fro my donor dad. Did they even know we existed? It was two of the many questions that were left unanswered for the fear of the harsh reality of it all. What if I had found my donor dad and he turned out to be totally opposite from what I had pictured? How would we get along? Even worse, what if he didn't want to meet me, or just wouldn't care? I hadn't been prepared to face those scenes should they happen, so I've kept to myself, invented my own donor dad personality and moved on.

Jack walked me to my dorm since my next class wasn't until two.

“Thanks for carrying my stuff.” I said shyly as he gave me my books. His warm fingers brushed against mine as he passed them, sending a jolt of electricity up my arm.

What was it about him that made me feel like a childish school girl? I shouldn't feel this!? It had only been a day since I had been cheated on! I couldn't jump from Nick like nothing had happened! I still loved him. Jack shrugged, looking at me.

“Can I tell you something?” He asked breaking our silence. I nodded my cheeks flaming. “That guy who cheated on you... he's an ass. A dumb ass. Being completely honest, I wouldn't give him another thought Molly. If he was stupid enough to cheat on you and break your heart then he's not worth your time. I haven't known you for a day and I know that you deserve better than what you were given. You shouldn't let him and that girl kill you from living your life.” Jack said looking at me. My throat began to tighten up and tears sprang in my eyes.

“Jack, that's the sweetest thing someone's ever said to me. Thanks.” I whispered crying. He tossed his books on a near by bench and I burst into tears. He took me in his arms, his sweet scent engulfing me. I felt like for the first time I did deserve better than Nick, and maybe better was standing in front of me...

“I have to get to class, but I'm sure I'll see you later; if not I'll see you tomorrow in Markus.” He said letting go and grabbing his things.

“Jack, thank you.” I called out.

“No problem.” He said smiling.

“Hey where were you? I waited outside Markus's lecture on my way home for you, but you'd already left.” Amy said after walking into our dorm room and finding me there.

“Oh my god! I forgot completely! I got caught up and forgot I'd told you to meet me there!” I said.

“Ah! It's fine, no biggie! So what did you get caught up in?” She asked plopping down beside me on the small couch we managed to squeeze into the tiny 'living room'.

“Um, Jack, Micah's roommate? We met last night as I was leaving. Turns out he's in my Sociology class and we got talking. He walked me home and then I fell asleep.” I said trying to not make a big deal about Jack since he was really just being nice.

“Jack really? Micah says he's cool, but I think he looks a bit older than normal, like he flunked a grade. Don't you think?” She asked obviously missing the part where he walked me home.

“Not really! He looks average aged.” I said flipping through my school store catalog.

“Oh, I do. Micah says he can be really quiet. It's like the only people he hangs out with are the frat guys, other than that, he's cool.” She said pulling out homework. Frat guys?! Jack didn't seem like the party hard, drink harder kind of guy. If he was hanging out with the frat guys that Amy was talking about; those guys were bad news.

“Really? Does he know how much trouble they get into?” I asked.

“I don't know! Why would I know? He's not my roommate!” Amy shrugged and looked at me with a suspicious eye. I shrugged and dropped it so she wouldn't continue on to ask me about him. I just stood up to stretch when there was a knock at the door. Since I was up, I went and answered it.

“Jack?”I asked as the door swung open. He stood there smiling small.

“Hey! I accidentally took your notebook, I think we got them mixed up.” He said holding up my yellow notebook. I looked at my desk where an identical notebook sat. I invited him in and went to grab it.

“Hi Jack!” Amy said smiling.


“What's up?” She asked glancing to me as I walked into my bedroom and grabbed the book.

“Uh, must of got our notebooks switched, came to return it.” He said. They were silent as I handed the notebook to him.

“Thanks.” He said.

“No problem!” I smiled as he tucked his hair back.

“Hey Jack! Moe and I were just talking about you!” Amy said with a devilish smile. Ah there she was...

“Oh... um... okay.” He said awkwardly.

“Don't listen to her, she's being stupid.” I said rolling my eyes.

“No I'm not! In fact, ole Moe here is worried about ya.” Amy chuckled.


“My nickname and I'm not worried.” I shot back getting redder by the second.

“Why would you be worried?” He asked me ignoring my testimony.

“She thinks the frat guys you hang out with are bad influences.” Amy replied. My jaw dropped.

“I did not say that!” I yelled at her, then said urgently, “I didn't.” to Jack. I glanced at her. I'm gonna kill her! Yep, I'm killing her. Dead... Murder seemed fitting.

“Ah they're not too bad! But what makes you think they'd be a bad influence on me? What if I'm the bad influence on them?” He said with an impish grin that gave me goosebumps.

“Ooooo... a bad boy.” Amy said. I looked at her sternly. Seriously? There's joking around and then there's a line you cross into just being a plain ass. I grabbed Jack's sleeve and pulled him out the door, and left Amy behind. I let go once we were in the dorm's Rec Room. He looked at me amused.

“Jack, I didn't say any of that! I'm sorry she's being an ass.” I said. Jack looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

“What are you talking about? I'm fine!?” He smiled.

This would be so much easier if I hadn't wanted to hug him again. I wasn't ready to date. I'd decided that I would need time to clear my head. What if I started dating Jack and realized he's just a rebound? I didn't want to hurt him like that. The more I stood there looking at him the more I wanted to change my mind. I wanted to run my fingers through his hair and make him laugh like he had this afternoon...

“Molly?” He asked looking at me expectantly. I backed up a little worried I'd lose control and tackle the poor guy.

“Yeah? Sorry spaced out.” I said shaking my head trying to clear it.

“ I asked it you had something to say. You look terrified. If it's about earlier today I'm sorry I shouldn't have butted in like that.” He said. I shook my head and held up a hand.

“God no! I needed that... I'd just about what you said about how I deserved better... I just don't know how to let go... I'm not ready for anything new...” I winced. Jack's eyebrows furrowed together.


“Never mind, I feel stupid.”

“No! Tell me! You're obviously upset about something and I'm not getting it.” He said sitting down. I sighed and sat across from him.

“I'm not ready for a relationship... God knows when I will be, and when you said that this morning I...”

“Whoa! I didn't mean it like that! I mean you're beautiful and nice, it'd be an honor to date you but I didn't say that as some pick up line to make you like me. I said it because you told me how you felt. I didn't mean for it to come out like I was hitting on you. Like you said earlier it's only been a day.” He said sitting back and looking at me shocked. Oh my god... how could I be so stupid? I simply jumped to the conclusion that by better he meant himself.

“Oh,” I said feeling slightly disappointed by his reaction. He had called me nice and beautiful... and he's be honored to date me... just not any time soon! Great, perfect!

“I'm sorry!” He said.

“No... I was mistaken!” I chuckled awkwardly. Oh no! Don't start giggling now. When I get nervous or anxious I giggle endlessly.

“I'm not really dating right now... I've been focusing on school and stuff.” He said the tip of his ears turning pink. Oh god, put me out of my misery! I just nodded stupidly, too scared to talk. I heard someone come into the room. I looked up to find Allie standing in the doorway.

“Molly? Are you okay? You just went all white.” Jack said as Allie and I made eye contact. She looked like she had been crying, and gazed at me ashamed. Jack followed my gaze to Allie and then stood.

“Uh, I should go... I'll see you tomorrow?” He asked. I nodded and Allie took his seat. He gave me a curtly nod before walking out the door.

“Molly...” Allie began looking at me with tears in her eyes.

“Allie.” I said shortly. She sighed and ran her fingers through her long blonde hair.

“I was going to tell you... I just never found the right moment.” She said sniffing back her tears. I rolled my eyes.

“Four years Allie? Like I'm really supposed to believe that in four years yo never had the chance to tell me you were sneaking around, sleeping with my boyfriend?” I laughed. How stupid did she think I was? Allie looked down into her lap. “You watched me with him. Knowing how much I loved him. You knew you'd been with him THREE WEEKS AGO when we were talking about having sex and I said I was unsure because I didn't want him to break my heart. You told me to go for it, knowing I would be heartbroken if I found out, and I did find out... and I am.” I yelled.

“That hurt me as much as it hurt you!” She cried. I laughed at her. Was she serious? “You know when he fist asked me out I refused, knowing how much you loved him, but he continued to talk to me. He made promises to both of us he obviously had no intention of keeping.” Allie argued.

“So what? He just kept asking you until he forced you into saying yes? Or did you forget your best friend had been dating him for seven years? I don't feel bad for you Allie. You knew what you were doing. You knew it was wrong and I don't care how many times he asked you because if the roles were reversed I never would have done that to you! All you are is some b**** who came up behind me, stabbed me in the back, and cheated with my boyfriend. That doesn't make you a good friend Allie, it makes you a slut. All I can say is I hope one day you'll feel exactly like I do, because I wasn't just betrayed by my boyfriend, I was betrayed by my best friend.” I yelled at her. She sat on the couch like a confused ashamed puppy with her tail between her legs. I got up and walked away. The freaking nerve of her.

I stormed out of the dorm and into Jack. He was waiting outside.

“What are you doing?” I snapped, but he looked at me understandingly.

“I was waiting for her to leave and then I was going to come back in and check on you.” He said. I looked at him. God he was so sweet...

“I'm..... fine.” I lied. Jack reached out with his hand and brushed my tears away.

“Really because you don't look fine.” He whispered. I chewed on the inside of my cheek before bursting into tears. He grabbed my arm and we began walking. He led me down the sidewalk slowly and I held onto his arm crying as the sun sank lower behind the trees.

We didn't talk, he just held my hand, and I hugged his arm trying to stop crying. Soon we'd reached the little gathering grounds most of the students called the park even though it was really just a small green space. We found a bench and sat down. Jack didn't stop me from crying, he's run his hand up and down my arm, comforting me, but letting me go on crying.

“I just don't understand why!” I whispered staring down at the sidewalk. Jack breathed in deeply thinking of what to say.

“I can't answer that Molly. I doubt even they could answer it.” He sighed.

“He lied to me, for so long... so long I trusted him. I gave him everything blinded.” I said softly.

“Everything?” He whispered looking at me with sympathy in his eyes.

“Yeah, a few weeks ago actually... after talking it over with Allie who told me to go for it, we'd been dating for seven years after all.” I said stupidly, feeling Jack's arm wrapping around me.

“God Molly... I'm so sorry...” He whispered. I gave everything, and he just balled it up and tossed it away like it was trash.

“It's like I can't trust anyone anymore.” I whispered shaking my head. Jack was quiet as the breeze rustled the new leaves.

“Do you trust me?” He whispered. I looked over at him. I don't know why I answered... his eyes just looked at me deeply.

“I do.” I whispered. He swallowed and pulled his arm around to take up my hand in his. And that's how we sat... hand in hand, my head leaning against him.

The next morning Amy demanded to know what had happened the before and I told her everything.

“Are you kidding me? She was here and you didn't tell me so I could punch her?” She asked. I had forgotten Allie hadn't just been my friend, but Amy's also. Together we'd been the 'Three Amigas' as our Spanish teacher put it. My heart sand knowing despite Amy's tough exterior she too was hurt and even missed Allie.

“Sorry.... I had a lot on my mind.” I whispered.

“What about Jack?” She asked. I shrugged and told her what happened between us after I left Allie. She smiled as I told her of him comforting me.

“Do you like him?” She asked me.

“I don't know. Right now my head is so screwed up it wouldn't even be fair for me to like him.” I said braiding my hair, getting ready for school.

“Maybe it would do you some good Moe! He sounds like a sweetheart.”

“And what if things go sour and he breaks my heart? I can barely deal with one break-up let alone two.” I replied.

“Oh geez! You know that every guy doesn't go walking around breaking girl's hearts. Think about it Moe! Maybe this was a sign! Maybe Nick hadn't been the right guy for you but you shouldn't swear off all guys because of one ass. You've only ever dated Nick, maybe it's time to see what other guys have to offer.” Amy replied.

“And you think that guy is Jack?” I said.

“Yep, and not just him... other guys too... it's limitless.” She shrugged. I rolled my eyes and shook my head.


“Well you don't have a choice because I thought this little chat would open your eyes. I told Micah we we would all go to the Kappa Delta Rho party tonight.” Amy shrugged. I groaned loudly

“Why would you do that?” I yelled.

“Because I thought you'd be gun-ho! But if you weren't then you'd have no way to say no!” She said smugly. I hated her...

I could hear the music from two blocks away. Jack, Micah, Amy and I were all riding in Amy's little Honda to the party. As we pulled up Jack looked over to Micah in the passenger seat. Their eyes met briefly and then they looked away. I looked at Jack, question on my face. He ignored me and proceeded to open the door and get out of the car. He helped me out of the car and we began to walk toward the Kappa Delta Rho house. I noticed Jack wave at a tall guy with a blonde girl. They came toward us and Jack stopped.

“Neil!” Jack said smiling.

“Hey man! Looks like a good party hmm?” the Neil replied, taking the blonde girl's hand.

“Yeah good night for it too.” He said glancing around. The blonde and I looked at them confused, but after a few more weird comments they walked away.

Inside the house Micah and Amy made a beeline to the open keg. She threw me her keys as they left Jack and I. Looks like I was driving home tonight. I hated these parties. I hated the smell of beer and puke, the sounds of stupid kids egging on a meat head frat guy to CHUG CHUG CHUG! Most of all I hated seeing the stupid, embarrassing, and sometimes dangerous things people did while drinking that they would regret tomorrow. I found my usual corner and watched the stupidity commence.

“You want a soda?” Jack asked.

“Yeah thanks.” I replied and he disappeared into the growing crowd of people. An already drunk couple stumbled into me as they made out against the wall. I moved over only to bump into another couple making out. I grew frustrated and began to make my way through the house looking for Jack.

He wasn't in the kitchen, or living room, and the next room I checked people were passing a joint around and laughing at an empty aquarium like it was a comedy TV show. I rolled my eyes and moved on, nervously knowing before entering every room. Knocking didn't help, I had already walked in on one couple and soon after did again seeing way to much at things that I didn't need to see. The thumping music was giving me a headache an I began to wonder if I had stayed in the room with the pot a bit too long and gotten a contact buzz.

I was going to give up when I spotted him with Neil in the billiards room. They looked like the were having a heated debate over something.

“I didn't plan on bringing Kate okay? Like you it just happened?” I heard Neil argue. Well that stung. Sure I didn't want to be here but Jack did so, so did I. Now finding out he didn't want me here... it hurt.

“It's dangerous. It's happening as we speak.” Jack said looking around. He made eye contact with me and their mood changed.

“Hey Molly! This is Neil! Neil's a friend of mine, Neil Molly, Molly, Neil.” Jack said as I approached.

“Nice to meet you.” I mumbled.

“I wish Kate would hurry. You met earlier, my girlfriend.” Neil smiled. “She'd like to meet you.”

“Oh,” I said awkwardly. The was a large crash somewhere in the house followed by cheers. I sighed and smiled small.

“Well, I'm gonna go look for Kate and Andrea, they're around here somewhere. We're gonna head home.” Neil said.

“Home? But you just got here?” I replied confused. Neil pretended not to hear me and continued walking. Jack frowned and grabbed my hand.

“Maybe we should go too... It's getting kind of rowdy in here.” He said.

“We just got here and Amy won't want to leave! I can't just leave her here! She has no way to get home but me!” I said.

“But...” Jack stopped hearing the tone of my voice. He nodded squeezing my hand.

“Are you okay?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I'm fine!” He said smiling. We walked through the house and outside where a massive game of beer-pong had been set up.

“Hey!” Someone yelled across the yard. I turned to see what the man was yelling so angrily about only to find the one person I'd never thought would be here.

“Jack!” I gasped clutching at his arm, pulling on him to leave. Nick was charging across the lawn, beer in his hand, swaying. He obviously had too much to drink and now was in a rage.

“Hey asshole! Get off of her!” He slurred sloshing his beer in the cup. Jack pulled me back behind him and I seen Amy and Micah come out of the house. Jack inched closer to the house putting himself between Nick and me.

“Go inside.” Jack said.

“Don't hell her what to do! You're not her boyfriend.” Nick said grabbing my arm as I went toward the house. I hissed at his tight grip as he jerked me close. “I'm so sorry babe. She came on to me... I swear nothing happened.”

I let out a scream when he pulled hard on my arm making Jack step closer when I didn't answer him. No not here, not now. Not in front of all these people...

“What's your problem?” Nick asked yelling. I wasn't sure if he was yelling at me or Jack. Finally Nick's hands released me and got into Jack's face. I staggered back, bruises already rising to the top of my skin.

“Right now? My problem? Touch her again and you won't have fingers to touch anything with ever again.” Jack threatened. Amy and Micah had made it through the gathering crowd and Amy slammed through pass Jack. She hulled off and swung at Nick. Her hand collided with his face with a satisfying crunch. Nick let out a yell and turned on er. He swung and she ducked missing her completely but hitting me square in the face. There was a collective gasp and the party fell silent. I heard Amy scream as I blinked back tears. Micah was now holding Amy back as she screamed out a slur of words, “You asshole! You think you can continue hurting her like this!? I'm done! I'm not going to let you abuse her anymore you sick bastard.” Jack broke free from the grip of random party goer. I watched in horror as the men began to swing. Nick ran at Jack grabbing him around the middle and taking him to the ground. Jack kicked him off of him and they knocked over the beer pong table much to the displeasure of the players who hadn't noticed the fight. Jack punched Nick hard and they fell back to the ground wrestling as I tried to rush over and break it up. Somehow I couldn't get up, or move... All I could do was watch confused as the fight seemed to continue. Seeing Jack take down Nick for punching me made me feel good. I loved seeing Nick get the s*** beat out of him for once... maybe he'd finally understand what it felt like. Finally I snapped out of it and ran toward the men. Jack punched Nick hard and knocked him out.

I was shocked... I couldn't believe what had just happened. Jack stood up, lip busted, and clothes covered in grass stains, blood, and beer. He stumbled over to me and tilted my head back. He winced and ripped off his shirt and held it up to my cheek. I was shocked to see blood as he pulled it back. It was then I felt the pain. It blasted through my skull and shattered my brain. It brought tears to my eyes and Jack began to rush me away from the scene. Amy and Micah followed, but barley since Micah was dragging Amy to keep her from running back to Nick and spitting on his face. Jack gave Micah the keys since he hadn't got to drink yet and we sped off to the hospital.

We must have looked strange running into the emergency room. Jack's face was bruised but no longer bleeding, but he was shirtless. I was bleeding something terrible from my gashed cheekbone, and Amy who was now screaming every cuss word in the book because turns out, she'd broke her hand punching Nick. Poor Micah was the only sane and uninjured one and was forced to fill out the paperwork while the doctor saw us.

“What happened here? Looks like y'all got in a fight!” He said. Jack stood and insisted on speaking with him alone. Amy and I watched them talk through the glass doors. I wondered if Jack had known the doctor because they were talking like old friends.

“Damn, Moe. If you don't give him a shot after this I'll be pretty pissed off. I'll punch you with my other hand.” Amy whistled low. I looked at Jack. His muscular arms contracted as he spoke, bare chest toned and incredible.

“My face hurts.” I murmured. Amy dropped her ice and looked at me stupidly.

“Hmm I wonder why!?” She said in a deep mocking voice.

“Oh, um I don't know because my sister punched my ex and he punched back hitting me instead.” I snapped. Amy looked guiltily away. “What were you thinking?!” I asked. She ignored me as Jack walked back in.

“The doctor's going to cast you Amy and you are going to have to get stitches. I swear to god I will kill him.” Jack growled looking at my wound. Amy looked at me surprised.

“I guess we should have gone home.” I joked and Micah came running into the room.

“Turn on the TV! Turn on the TV!” He screamed. Jack flipped on the TV to a news station.

“The police were called after an anonymous tip placed earlier that night reported illegal drugs. There is no word as of how much drugs were found on the scene but we do know a staggering hundred and three people have been arrested for various reasons from underage drinking to of course possession and distribution of illegal substances. We'll keep you posted as soon as more information is released. I'm Angela Cooper, reporting from the Kappa Delta Rho house at Toledo University, you're watching Thirteen Actions News.” Angela Cooper said as they showed a picture of the Kappa Delta Rho house with more than a dozen police cars lighting up the neighborhood. Amy and I stared at each other in horror at the fate we so narrowly missed. Jack shook his head and looked at us.

“I knew something felt wrong.” He said. I nodded. Had Neil been the anonymous tip? I recalled Jack's conversation with him earlier in the night. It would explain why he wanted to leave so soon. Had he told Jack to save him? Jack and Micah talked, both shocked at the news. If Neil had told him he was a good actor them. I think if he had known he would have told me, so I dropped it.

A different doctor came in and took Amy to x-ray and to cast her. Micah followed her, leaving Jack with me. He held my hand as the doctor stitched me up.

“Don't worry about a thing. It's minor, you won't even scar. Good thing too! We wouldn't want to scar your pretty face.” The sweet doctor said.

He finished bandaging me up and I was released and was sent to a waiting room to wait for Amy. The room wasn't the public waiting room we had been held in when we had arrived, but a small room inside the ER. Jack pulled me into a hug. He now wore a paper shirt and it crinkled as we hugged making me laugh. Jack pulled back and held me at arms length.

“When I seen him hit you... I just... attacked. I'm sorry.” He whispered.

“Don't be.” I said back. Jack swooped down and kissed my bandaged cheek softly.

“All the same.” He said before releasing me and remaining away from me for the rest of the night.

We all trudged up Amy's and my dorm stairs. Micah had his arm around Amy's waist holding her up since she had received pain meds that made her wobble. As we neared our door something didn't feel right. Our door was cracked open an inch, and there was a sticky note on the door.

Alright Molly, you can run for now, but we need to talk. I'll be back. We will talk.


I took the note down and handed it to Jack.

“We can't stay here. Nick's been here, and he'll come back. He won't be happy either.” I said rubbing my temples. I just wanted to sleep, was that too much to ask for?

“Are you kidding me?” Amy yelled loudly. Micah quieted her.

“Let's just go to our place for tonight, we'll figured something out later. She needs to lie down.” Micah said as Amy swayed.

“Take her in the car, I need some air.” I said.

“You're seriously thinking you're going to go alone?” Jack asked. I looked at him sharply and he shook his head, “I'm going with you.”

“Fine.” I replied walking down the hall. That was the first thing he had said to me since the hospital waiting room.

Micah and Amy climbed back in the car and Jack and I began out short walk. Jack had his hands in his pockets and was silent. I don't know what I had done to piss him off but he was starting to make me angry.

“What the hell is your problem? I mean at the hospital you wouldn’t stop talking and now it's like you're pissed off at me. What did I do?” I asked putting my hands in my pockets now. Jack looked down at me surprised.

“I'm not mad at you!” He mumbled.

“So why the silent treatment?” I asked stopping in the sidewalk. Jack huffed and turned to me, the wind ruffling his hair.

“How many times has he done that Molly?” He asked looking me in the eyes. My stomach dropped.

“I don't know what you're talking about.” I said looking at him.

“Oh bullshit Molly, I heard Amy.”


“How many times?” He yelled back. I flinched away from him. Jack's eyes widened and he took a step back, shocked.

“Why is it any of your business?” I asked tears brimming in my eyes.

“Because you don't deserve that! You didn't deserve that!” Jack said loudly crossing his arms. There were times I had deserved it. The night I'd backed his truck up into that wall tearing the tail gait almost off. The fight we had where I pushed him. When I had got to rough in that play fight.

“How do you know what I do and don't deserve?” I asked tears falling.

“Are you kidding me? No woman deserves that! NO ONE deserves that.” Jack said throwing his arms up.

“What do I deserve then?” I snapped knowing that it wasn't a good comeback.

“You, Molly?” He asked looking at me, “You need someone who will fix cuts and bruises when accidents happen, not cause them. You deserve someone who's not going to scare you, or hurt you. You need a person that will love you instead of cheat on you with someone else.” Jack yelled stepping forward pointing at me. I didn't flinch this time as everything settled around us. Jack's eyes were filled with pain as he dropped his hand to my cheek, “You don't deserve this Molly.” He whispered. I blinked back tears and reached up to brush them away. I laid my hand on his arm and he looked up at me.

“I know.” I whispered defeated. It was as if someone had flipped a switch inside turning on the light for both of us, because we moved at the same time. My arms wrapped around his neck, his around my waist. He pulled me into his warm embrace, the sweet spice smell hitting me at once. His lips brushed against mine, enticing me further into him. And with a flood of emotions we kissed. I didn't feel the pain in my cheek, or how tired I was, it was as if we disappeared into heaven. What I could feel was Jack's strong shoulders, pulling me close and I finally was able to twist his hair between my fingers sending goosebumps down the back of his neck.

Jack broke away, “You deserve this Molly.” he whispered in my ear, “You deserve this...” I smiled at him and laughed softly as he reached up to his swollen lip.

“I'm sorry, did I hurt you?” I asked brushing below the cut. He shook his head.

“No.” He said kissing me again.

“Jack we better walk... Micah and Amy.' I said. He pressed his lips together and nodded. He entwined his fingers with him. I hoped he couldn't feel my pulse racing as I buzzed from our kiss.

Micah and Amy were already asleep when Jack and I arrived. It dawned on me seeing them in bed together that there was only one space left to sleep. The floor was out of the question since it was concrete and so cold. Jack seemed to come to the same conclusion at the same time.

“I could sleep in the hall, wouldn't be the first time.” He whispered a cheeky grin showing through the darkness.

“Nonsense, we're two rational adults. Mature, not children, we should be able to handle this for once night. I'll sleep at this end, you sleep at the other.” I whispered. I laid down head facing the door, thanking god I hadn't worn the skirt I had planned on, and Jack laid down at the other. We soon found that this method wouldn't work when I tried to roll over, almost knocking Jack onto the floor. I climbed up and Jack moved over and we laid back to back now. I felt him breathing slowly as the room fell silent.

So here I was again, sleeping in this man's bed, only this time the man was sharing it. Not in the sense that most people would think, but technically I was sleeping with him. I was panicking as Jack rolled over, facing my back. I pretended to be asleep, as he draped the blanket evenly between us. I'm sure I was having a full on panic attack by then, and I rolled over out of boredom.

Between my panic attacking and rolling over, Jack had fallen asleep. I watched him unsure what to do, and afraid to move and accidentally wake him up. His lips were parted some and his slow easy breaths came out in a pattern. His eyes fluttered as he dreamed and his eyelashes brushed against the pillow. He looked so young asleep, like a little boy. I began to feel my eyes droop and begin to drift off.

I awoke to the sound of hushed whispers leaving the room and shutting the door behind them. I yawned opening my eyes. I had somehow lost my real pillow to the floor last night and must have took to using Jack. I was curled up against his side as he laid on his back. I used his shoulder and chest as a pillow, and his arm tucked around me unbothered by the arrangement. My head rose and fell slightly with his lungs and I heard the steady thrum of his heartbeat. I had almost drifted back to sleep from it's beat when Jack's other arm reached a cross absently, pulling me closer. I smiled small at the gesture and let him sleep on cradling me in his arms. I could feel the warm breath blowing into my hair as he slept, tickling my head. I smiled larger as his foot moved against mine nudging me.

“How long have you been awake?” I whispered softly in case he was still asleep. I heard him chuckle softly and pull me tight.

“A while.” He whispered back. I lifted my head to look up at him while he rubbed sleep from his eyes. I winced at the bruises on his cheekbone and left eye.

“Mm? That bad?” He asked yawning.

“Actually now, they make you look rugged.”I smiled.

“Rugged, geez.” He laughed softly. His fingers ran up and down my arm sending a shiver down my back.

“I must say that your bed was a lot more comfortable than the other night.”

“Yeah because you rolled over on me after you fell asleep last night! You slept on top of me all night.” He laughed. I sat up.

“I did not!” I said defensively. I probably had, I moved a lot when I slept.

“You did!” He laughed propping himself up on one elbow.

“Wonderful! I'm sorry!”

“Don't be... Never said it had been a bad thing.” He smiled. I laughed and pushed him back down as I got up.

Amy had left her bad meaning she would be back soon. I dug through it found a brush and tied my unruly hair back. I probably looked like a mess. Jack got up and grabbed a change of clothes before ducking into the small bathroom. He came out dressed in a Superman t-shirt and khaki shorts. I smiled to myself as he searched for something on his desk. He was too damn cute right now.

His eyes large and puppy like filled with tiredness still. He had stubble on his face. He yawned as he checked his cell phone. I sat on Micah's bed and watched him get ready. He grabbed his wallet and phone putting them in his back pocket. He patted his front pockets looking for something until he found it on his desk and put it in his front pocket. He paused wiggling his fingers as if he was think if he had everything. He nodded to himself and put on tan flip flops.

“Ready?” He asked turning to me.


“For breakfast...” He said slowly grabbing a set of keys from a pair of pants on the back of his desk chair. Breakfast? We were going to breakfast?

“Yeah.” I said standing. I looked down at my blood stained shirt and Jack walked over to his dresser pulling out a gray t-shirt with Addams on the back.

“Addams?” I asked.

“My last name.” He smiled, “It's the smallest one I got.” I took the shirt and changed in the bathroom. It was a little big but not enough that it looked bad. I came out of the bathroom and Jack smiled. “Looking' good Moe.” He joked. He called me Moe... no one but Amy called me Moe. I blushed and he took my hand and led me out of the dorm room.

“Apple,” He said scooping up his pie.

“Cherry,” I replied.


“Key Lime,”

“Banana Creme,”



“That doesn't count!” I argued laughing as we ate.

“You said types of pie, a meat pie is a type of pie, look it up!” He said pointing his fork at me nodding.

“It doesn't count!”

“It does believe me, I know my pie.” He said taking another large bite. I squinted at him, making him laugh.


“That's the same as a meat pie!” He argued with pie in his mouth so it had come out as, “At ah ame ash meh pie!” I laughed so hard as he began to laugh at having too much in his mouth. I was crying as he swallowed nearly choking. “I call cheat on you! Cheat! Cheater Cheater pumpkin eater! OH PUMPKIN!” He yelled and a pair of old ladies from across the room glared over at us making me laugh harder.

“Lemon meringue.”


“Coconut? Is there really a coconut pie?”

“I honestly don't know I was just going with the tropical theme, but I think so.” He said wiping his hands on his napkin.

“Fine, I'll give it to you. Sweet Potato.”

“Peanut Butter,”


“Blueberry,” he sad smugly as our options dwindled down.

“Rhubarb,” I said smiling at my cleverness.

“Uh....” He paused and thought, “Apple?” He said cringing. I laughed.

“HA! I WIN!” I said laughing he rolled his eyes and played with the paper his straw came in as I celebrated.

“Clearly I named the most.” He said. I laughed and he called the waitress over to order my prize, a milkshake.

“I should have said cow.” He said.

“You're gross!” I said wrinkling my nose. He just laughed as I shoved it in his face more.

Breakfast had been amazing. We told stories of our childhood, argued over the best type of pie, which lead to our hybrid game of the school game concentration.

“Actually I should have said cheesecake.” He said.

“Cheesecake is not a pie, hence the word CAKE.” I said.

“It's a pie, it's served like a pie!” He argued.

“It's cake! Why would they call it cheesecake if it was a pie?!”

“Why do they call tomatoes a fruit?”

“Tomatoes are a fruit!” I argued.

“No they aren't! Do you put them in a fruit salad?” He asked.

“Jack, it's scientifically proven that a tomatoes are fruit because it contains the seeds inside.” I said.

“So you're telling me that cucumbers and tomatoes are a fruit?” He asked raised his eyebrows.

“Scientifically yes.” I replied. We sat starting at each other for a minute.

“I don't buy it. Cheesecake is a pie.” He shrugged. I laughed and he smiled at me from across the table.

“I will prove it to you.” I said.

“You go right ahead. I still think it's a pie.” He said crossing his arms. I shook my head at him smiling and the waitress came with my milkshake to go and the check. I dug into my purse to pay but Jack snatched the check up and stuffed a twenty in.

“Jack I can...”

“No you can't.” He said standing. I opened my mouth to argue, but he cut me off again, “I want to. Just accept it because I'm gonna do it all day.” He said turning and strolling to the door.

“All day?” I asked getting up and running after him.

“I know why you brought me here!” I whispered pulling on Jack's arm.

“Oh really?” He asked looking at me as we walked into the next gallery.

“You just wanted to stare at naked women.” I joked looking up at the large painting in front of us.

After breakfast Jack took me to TMA, The Toledo Museum of Art, and we'd been walking around for a while.

Jack sighed, “How did you know?” He joked looking up at the naked depiction of Eve in the Garden of Eden. I laughed into his sleeve quietly and the docent posted at the doorway cracked a smile.

“You are so wrong.” I whispered and he let out a laugh that echoed in the building. We froze as he slapped a hand to his mouth. The docent, an older woman, chuckled and winked at me. We moved on into the Greek marble statues. I pulled away from Jack to examine the detail of a sleeping marble woman. The silk wrapped around her body looked so real and thin, like it had been draped. It was as if she could just open her eyes and wake.

“I can't believe the detail, to think they carved this by hand with a chisel... with so much life and detail out of a simple block of marble.” Jack whispered over my shoulder. I nodded as we moved onto something else.

“No way! Hey! Jay! Hey man!” The guard posted in the next room called out to Jack. Jay? Odd nickname for a Jack. Jack smiled tightly as if he had just ran into someone he did not care for. The guard walked over and revealed her wasn't just a guard, but he was a Toledo police officer.

“Hey Officer Mike!” Jack smiled uncomfortably. I seen a flash of confusion pass over Officer Mike's face before he smiled.

“Oh it's funny seeing you here! How's the old man? Still working at the station?” Mike said smiling at him.

“Yeah, he's at work now, just like always, can't pry him away.” Jack laughed. Officer Mike was about my age. He was taller than Jack and his skin was the color of cocoa. He was handsome and the uniform only added to his image.

“Uh Mike, this is Molly. Molly this is my friend Mike.” Jack said. I smiled as I shook the man's hand.

“It's nice to meet you. I didn't know you got yourself a girlfriend Jay. College must be working for ya.” Mike said smiling. Jack smiled tightly and took my hand.

“Yeah we better be going, I promised Molly I'd show her the mummies.” Jack said politely.

“It was nice meeting you,” I said smiling. Mike looked at me weird and Jack smiled.

“Oh okay! See ya!” He said pulling me away. We escaped into another gallery.

“What was that for?” I asked confused.

“That guy's crazy! They put him here to keep him off the streets I suppose! Sheesh weird!” Jack said shaking his head. Indeed, weird.

Spring break snuck up on all of us and I was ready to have our yearly Easter celebration. Amy and I's mom always got together and threw this huge party for our family and their friends. Amy was bringing Micah so I'd asked Jack if he wanted to come but he said no and all but ran away.

Amy was driving us home and I sat silently. I had been kind of hurt that he had said no. I had been picturing him at dinner, meeting my mom, and being my partner in all the dumb games my mom and aunt came up with.

“I hope they use boiled eggs for the egg toss. I do not need another dress ruined.” Amy said as we drove down the highway to Delta.

“I doubt it, they thought it was hilarious.” I said smiling. Last year and every year before that Amy had been my Easter game partner, but since she was bringing Micah I was now partner-less.

“Aw come on Moe! Cheer up! It's Easter!Our favorite holiday! We'll crack a few confetti eggs over each others heads and have a ball like always.” Amy said looking over for a second. I nodded and remained silent.

Why had he said no? Had it been too soon? Did he just have something planned? Or did he really not want to come?

“You know he would have come if he could Micah said something about him working all week.” Amy sighed. I shrugged. I didn't even know he had a job... I watched the new corn zoom behind us and felt the sense of being home.

“I heard Uncle Eddie and Deb will be there.” Amy said smiling. I perked up.

“Really? With Nate?” I asked.

“I assume. Mom said she's bringing a couple of her friends along. I hope it's not that stuck up b**** she used to hang out with.” Amy said.

“Kristen? I think that's her name.” I said.

“The Barbie that got caught with the psycho football coach. Drives that obnoxious pink car.” Amy said.

“Yeah we're thinking of the same person. They aren't friends anymore, haven't been for a while. After she told everyone Debbie was pregnant Deb said go to hell basically.” I replied. I hadn't seen Debbie in a while. She'd gotten pregnant my junior year in high school and had Nathan, or Nate as I called him. We didn't talk much anymore, she'd been busy with college and taking care of Nate. It will be nice to see her again.

My phone went off. I looked down at the text message from my mom.

Mom: Hurry up and get here, surprise waiting.

I groaned, “She got the damn bunny again!”

“No!” Amy gasped.

“I thought you talked to her!” I yelled.

“I did!” Amy argued.

Every year my mom brought out the bunny costume and had one of the adults wear it around. It's been a long time since I had to wear it but every time she gives it to someone she says she's got a surprise for them. At first it was cute and funny, now it's like a curse.

“She texted me, hurry up and get here, surprise waiting.” I said. Amy snickered.

“See it's not so funny when you have to wear it now is it?” Amy asked. She was gifted the surprise last year and I gave her hell for it. I should of realized I was next.

“Shut up.” I grumbled.

I loathed that damn bunny. He creeped me out every time he looked at me because he never blinks...

“Thank god Jack couldn't come!” Amy laughed loudly.

“Oh my god yes!” I said now relieved he had turned me down.

“That would have been hilarious.” Amy snorted.

“No! It wouldn't have. We need to get rid of that damn bunny. Burn it.” I said.

“Dance and chant around it as it turns to ashes. HOO HA HA HA HOO!” Amy yelled then laughed so hard it came out silent.

“Hoo ha ha? Really?” I laughed. She pulled down our road and we started laughing harder. “You have some serious mental issues.” I gasped shaking my head.

Our houses were the only two houses for a mile in both directions. We had grown up running through the fields and swimming in our giant pond. It was a good childhood living out here.

We pulled up to the old barn at my house and looked around to see who was here. I noticed a few new cars I'd never seen before.

“There's Micah.” Amy said pointing as we got out. The wind blew across the open field blowing my floral sundress around.

I looked up at the old farmhouse. It was stereotypical farmhouse, a big wrap around porch, shutters on the windows,wooden screen door that made a clatter while blowing in the wind. I smiled at the muck boots sitting on the side as if they had never moved. My mom peeked out from the back.

“Hey!” She squealed running to us. She wrapped us both into a tight hug, smothering me and Amy in her boobs like most moms did. My aunt came streaking from the house, screen door slamming behind her.

“Moe! Mee!” She squealed. Moe and Mee, the nicknames Amy and I had been called all our lives.

“Hey Mamma!” Amy said hugging Rita.

“Moe! Your surprise is inside let me go get it.” My mom said buzzing excitedly. I rolled my eyes and she disappeared into the house.

“Hi Aunt Rita.” I smiled as he hugged me.

“Hello Moe!” She said squeezing me tight.

“OH. MY. GOD.” Amy said suddenly. I turned to find the bunny walking out of the house following mom.

“Wait a minute...” I said confused.

“I know you said you didn't want him this year but he just showed up!” My mom said about to burst into giggles. Amy had her hand on her mouth as if she knew this was happening before we got here.

“So I don't have to wear the thing?” I asked as the bunny rocked from side to side.

“Nope, found a replacement, volunteer actually.” Mom said.

“Who in their right mind would volunteer to wear that thing?”I said crinkling my nose.

“I would.” The bunny said muffled. My jaw dropped and everyone started laughing.

“Mom that better not be who I think that is. I'm going to leave and never come home again.” I said embarrassed as the bunny walked over.

“I changed my mind.” Jack said inside the bunny suit. I groaned and dropped my head to my chest and Amy was laughing so hard she was crying.

“Oh Jack!” I said shaking my head. He went to pull the head off and my mom screamed.


“This isn't fair! He didn't know!” I laughed.

“She talked you into the bunny suit!” Amy laughed so hard she was bent over.

“Why?” Jack asked.

“You're in it all day buddy. Once a kid sees you in it, he can't know that it's a person. You're stuck with it.” I said laughing. Jack turned to my mom.

“Don't worry Jack, a promise is a promise. I told you Amy and Molly wouldn't want it anymore so you don't need to wear it.” My mom laughed taking the head from him and unzipping the suit. He stepped out in his Easter best, a baby blue button up shirt, khaki dress pants, with brown dress shoes. He was adorable. He walked over to me and gave me a polite hug making my mom and Rita laugh.

“Oh boy he's a gentleman, won't even kiss her in front of her mamma.” My Aunt said. Jack's ears turned red and Amy was still laughing.

“Oh stop it! You've tortured the poor guy enough.” I said brushing bunny fuzz off his shoulder. He smiled largely and we walked to the backyard. Jack seemed impressed with the set up. There were tons and tons of Easter eggs hidden in the back waiting for the kids to find them in the big hunt. The large tables were filled with food and decorations. I smiled at the mason jar flower vases.

“We take Easter very seriously around here.” I laughed as he took in the various decorations and the small area set up with out rabbits and new ducklings.

“I see that.” He said smiling.

“I thought you had to work?” I said taking his hand in mine. He smiled at me.

“They can live without me.” He whispered. We took our seats at the designated young adult table. Amy snooped at the place cards.

“Nope, no Kristen but Neil and Kathleen are coming?!” Amy said pointing behind me. We turned to see Neil and Kate from the party walking toward us. Neil was carrying Nathan and Debbie followed behind with a boy and another girl.

“You guys knew Neil before?” Jack asked. I shook my head

“Debbie's our cousin we all grew up together. We haven't met her new friends, well not “new” friends but friends until today. Small world!” I said chuckling. The small party joined us at the table, Nathan sitting on Debbie's lap.

“Hi guys!” Debbie said smiling. Neil sat next to Jack surprised to see him.

“I didn't know you'd be here!” Neil grinned.

“Could say the same for you!” Jack said laughing. Debbie's eyebrows shot up.

“You know each other already?” She asked.

“You could say that, we met once at a party.” I said waving to Kate.

“Jack's an old friend.” Neil said.

“Huh! Funny! Small world!” The girl said sitting next to Debbie said.

“Oh I should introduce everyone! Guys this is Andrea,” Debbie said pointing to the unfamiliar girl.

“Howdy!” She said smiling.

“Hey!” I replied.

“Andrew, Andrew is Andrea's boyfriend.” Debbie continued. Andrew saluted quietly. “You obviously know Neil and Katie.” Debbie laughed.

“I'm Molly, and this is Jack.” I said taking over. Jack waved smiling.

“I'm Amy and Micah's here somewhere.” Amy said smiling.

“So you're Debbie's cousins then?” Andrea asked.

“Yup!” Amy said smiling.

“Nice to meet you guys!” I said.

“So are you and Jack dating?” Debbie asked rocking Nathan.

“DEB!” Amy laughed. I opened my mouth to answer but Jack answered before I could.

“Yeah.” He said smiling. Debbie nodded as relief flooded through me. I noticed Neil looking over at Katie who was swaying a bit.

“Katie? Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yep, just having a spell, it's gone now.” She smiled.

“She faints.” Andrea said casually as if it was no big deal.

“Oh okay.” I replied Neil smiled at me and asked to talk to Jack. They got up and walked over ear the cars and I noticed Amy narrow her eyes.

“Um... So mom got rid of the bunny.” Amy said smiling at Debbie as I watched them. Neil was once again arguing with Jack. I noticed Jack looked visibility upset so I got up and walked over to the drink table a few feet away hidden from both the table's view and the boy's view.

“Damn it! You know what they said! We can't blow this! These deals don't happen everyday!” Neil said.

“Neil, calm down. I'm working okay? I know what's going on. I can handle this.” Jack said.

“What about her?” Neil asked biting his lip and folding his arms.

“What about her?” Jack asked.

“You know what I mean Jack.” Neil argued.

“I'll figure it out, I've got time.” Jack said. I felt my heart beating faster.

“Sooner the better Jack. You can't do this. I can tell just by looking at her she loves you.” Neil whispered. I felt my jaw drop. What was going on? I crashed through the bushes scaring Neil.

“What is going on?” I asked looking from Jack to Neil.

“Molly?! Where did you come from?” Neil asked.

“What were you just talking about? If you want to go Jack, go... Don't wait around to break my heart. What ever is...” I stopped choking up on tears. Neil stepped aside looking at Jack apologetically.

“Molly, I can't explain right now. Please just believe me, you have to trust me.” Jack said. I looked at him, tears blurring my vision and I ran. I ran against the wind and into the barn.

Oh my god. Things began to click in my head. The party, the frat guys, him being so jumpy, it made sense. Jack was a drug dealer... That's why he wanted to leave! So he wouldn't get busted! Neil too! Oh god! What about Micah? Was he in this too?

What were they planning? Neil said it was a big deal that didn't happen everyday.

“Oh god.” I whispered shocked. Jack rushed into the barn behind me.

“Please I know I can't explain right now, but I promise I will in a few days. I know this looks really bad...” Jack whispered.

“Are you a drug dealer?” I asked shocked. Confusion instantly popped on his face.

“What?!” Jack asked looking at me shocked and utterly confused.

“The big deal! Neil was talking about a big deal! You wanted to leave that party before you go busted!” I said. Jack began laughing and leaned down with his hands on his knees laughing so hard.

“No! Molly! No! God no! It's not like that!” He laughed. He stopped laughing and looked at me.
“Just trust me, you trust me right?” I looked at him nervously.

“Don't do it Jack.” I whispered.

“Don't do what?” He asked taking my face in his hands as I cried.

“Don't break my heart... please.” I whispered back closing my eyes. He licked his lips and sighed. He kissed my forehead and pulled me into a hug.

“Trust me Molly.” He whispered into my ear.

Markus's class no longer put me to sleep. Jack sat beside me and between him stealing glances over at me and me peeking at him I didn't have time to sleep. That also meant however, I didn't have time to take notes either. It went on like this for weeks. We went out and dated, laughing, driving up to the lake one weekend and getting lost, our nights always ended in I love you now, and it was sealed with a kiss. It was beautiful. Jack had always made me laugh and we didn't talk about what had happened on Easter. I believed him, he asked me to trust him, so I did. He came over to the dorm and helped me study with me for Markus's class so I kept my grade, but it was too distracting having him by my side.

“Uh, Professor Williams would like me to announce that her two o'clock class is canceled. You are to tell your peers the news.” Professor Markus said. I looked over at Jack pumped! That was my class! Heck yes! I can go home and go to sleep until Jack got out of classes. Markus dismissed us and Jack walked with me.

“I'm going home and gonna sleep! Woo hoo!” I celebrated. Jack growled and pulled me in next to him as we walked.

“Shut up brat.” He laughed pulling me into a headlock and messed my hair all up. I laughed and squealed and broke free and he laughed loudly. A group of frat guys approached us in the commons green space.

“Hey Addams! Party tonight! Seven! Be there!” The head meat head called out. Jack shook his head.

“Kay!” The boys marched away.

“You going?” I asked.

“Probably not, I got a chemistry test tomorrow.” He said.

“Ah!” I smiled.

“You gonna go?”

“Are you kidding me? After last time? Nope, I'm going to take this blessing from the college gods and sleep all night.” I laughed. Jack rolled his eyes and took my hand.

“Hey... I uh... wanted to tell you something.” Jack mumbled.

“You finally believe me that tomatoes are a fruit?” I said smiling large and pointing at him with both hands.

“Nice try, they're still a vegetable.” He winked.

“So close.” I whispered snapping my fingers in a darn it motion.

“Ha yeah.” He said nervously.

“Then what's up?” I said pulling his ball cap brim down facing him. He squeezed my hands.

“I'm in love with you.” He said hoarsely. I swear the world stopped. Nothing moved as those words came out of his mouth. I'd known I'd been in love with him, I knew I loved him. I know he loved me, but I hadn't known in what way. We were torn in that are we really good buddies and dating, or were we official.

“Jack...” I whispered, “I'm in love with you.” I said laughing lightly. He smiled and the world around us began to move again. Jack smiled and pulled me into him kissing me.

“I just really wanted you to know.” He said smiling at me. My heart fluttered as he kissed me once more at my dorm door.

“I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?” He said oddly like reassuring me he'd talk to me as if I didn't believe him.

“Are you okay?” I asked confused. He smiled large and nodded.

“I'm perfect.” He said. I watched him walk away as I went inside. So weird sometimes...

My phone began ringing. God damn it! Who would be calling me at three in the morning? I answered.

“What?” It came out loud and very irritated. It wasn't until I heard Amy on the other end crying that I actually woke up.

“Moe? Can you come get me? Nola left me here, to go somewhere with some guy. I'm scared Moe.” Amy said. I sighed. Amy was calling at three in the morning, drunk, and at the frat party Jack had been invited to. I should have gone with her, I knew that Nola chick was trouble.

“I'll be there in a few minutes.” I said grabbing my keys. I was in fuzzy pajama pants with dancing teddy bears on them and was wearing Jack's Addams shirt, but I wouldn't have time to change.

I drove like a mad woman to the crazy frat house. There was already three guys passed out on the front lawn. I sighed and turned off the car. Looks like I was going to have to go find her.

I had just set foot on the grass when a dark shape jumped out from the bushes. I screamed as he dragged me into the bushes.

“RAPE! RAPE! RAPE!” I screamed until the guy put his hand on my mouth. I bit down hard on his hand as he yelled at me.

“Moe! Moe! It's me Jesus Christ!” He yelled pulling his hand back. I fought with him and kicked until he pinned me. “JESUS! MOLLY! IT'S ME!” He yelled putting his hand over my mouth again. I froze and looked up into the darkness.

“Jack!? What the hell? What are you doing?” I asked so pissed off and confused. He pulled me into the bushes and I seen Neil and Mike crouching down inside. I gasped and looked at the group wearing all black.

“What the hell?!” I said shocked.

“Might as well tell her.” Neil said.

“What is going on here?!” I screamed. Mike looked at Jack.

“Shut her up!” Mike said quietly. I gasped as Jack took of the hat he was wearing and rubbed his eyes.

“What?! You cut your hair?!” I said shocked.

“Shh.... “ Jack hushed me as a radio buzzed.

“MOVE MOVE MOVE!” It screamed.

Neil and Mike pounced holding guns. I screamed but it was drowned out by Jack's hand.

“Stay right here. Do not move. Do not speak. Nothing! Got me?” He said looking over the bush, and tugging out a gun from his belt. I was terrified now.

“Jack, don't... don't...” I started crying and curled up in a ball away from him.

“NO! No, I'm not gonna hurt you, I'm a cop dammit.” He said. A COP!?

“What?” I asked. He groaned and turned to me.

“I have to go, I'll be back, and I'll explain everything.” He said pointing.

“What's going on? Amy's in there!” I screamed at him. He looked at me surprised and nodded once. Gun shots went off and he cursed and crashed through the bushes. I watched him run up to the house with a few other guys dressed in black.

I couldn't believe this... Jack was a cop. I felt so stupid! I'd called him a drug dealer! Oh my god, I called a cop a drug dealer. He didn't tell me! Jack's a freaking cop!? What the hell?

More gun shots went off, my heart jumped from my chest. Where was he? Did he get shot? Oh my god, Amy! Where was Amy?

The house was surrounded by cops now. No sign of any of the guys or Amy. I shivered in the cold as I sat in the bush. Finally three men dressed in black walked out with four guys handcuffed. I was shocked to see Professor Markus among them. They handed them to the uniformed officers and once man began jogging to me. Jack came through the bushes and sat down tossing the gun beside him. I looked at him still shocked.

“I didn't obviously expect you to find out like this. On the morning news, yes, but not like this... That's why I said what I did today.” He whispered. His hair was cut short and styled to the front with a tiny Mohawk. He looked hot as hell, but man was I pissed off.

“You ass! Find out? You mean of course assuming you were going to tell me.” I yelled. Jack clenched his jaw.

“I was going to Moe! I couldn't until this was over! I was going to come right now after they arrested Markus and come clean.” He sighed.

“Oh really? Because it really didn't seem like it Jack.” I said. He pressed his lips together.

“I was... I swear... and, my name's not Jack.” He said shaking his head. I felt the anvil drop on my chest.

“What?” I asked shocked.

“My name's Matt.” He sighed.

“Are you kidding me?” I whispered crying, “Seriously?” I stood up, but Jack, er, Matt grabbed my arm.

“Molly please.” He said.

“Please? Are you serious? You've lied to me! LIED. The whole time. You said to trust you and I did because you were nothing like Nick. But now.... no you're worse. At least Nick was who he said he was! You like, about everything! From day one! How could you? I trusted you!” I screamed beating him in the chest with my fists. He didn't stop me and he looked at me with tears in his eyes.

“Molly, I didn't lie about anything but this. I love you, I'm in love with you I always have been.” He argued tears falling from his eyes.

“But how can I love you? I fell for a guy named Jack! Not Matt, a college student, a goofy normal guy. Not a cop.” I whispered.

“Moe we're the same guy, it's just my name is different.” He said.

“Do you even go to school here?” I asked. Matt fell silent as he looked at me blinking back tears.

“You've got to understand my position. I couldn't tell you and risk the whole thing!” He said.

“Oh really? So you wanted me to trust you, while you lied to me, but you couldn't trust me? That's rich. I... oh my god... I cannot believe this. You're freaking 21st Jump Street College Addition!” I yelled. I shook my head and ran. I couldn't handle it anymore. I ran to the car to find Amy in the front seat.

“There you are! Did you see the fireworks?” She asked. Drunk...


Amy knocked again.

“Go away!” I screamed. After she was sober the next day I told her what had happened and retrieved to my room for the next month and a half.

Jack was a cop... wait... Matt was a cop. How could he have done this? He knew what Nick had done. He knew how empty and broken it made me, so he just decided to do the same? What could I even believe from the relationship we had? Amy says everything since he hadn't used me, but in my min he had. I sobbed into my pillow.

He'd told me he loved me knowing everything had been a lie. I loved him. I know I loved him. I loved him so bad it hurt, and now it just hurt worse than I ever imagined.

I sat up and grabbed my keys. I needed to get out of here. I felt the walls pressing in, becoming smaller and smaller. I ran from the dorm to the car. I drove from the school not knowing where I was going until I turned down my home road.

The cars were missing at both houses. Mom and Rita were obviously at work.

I just sat in my car quietly crying until I had the need to swing on the porch swing. I got out and trudged up the steps, ignoring the door, the mat, and a scrawny chicken. I went to the swing and sat with my legs tucked under me. Rested my head on the cold chain and closed my eyed.

I dont know how long I was sitting there or what I was doing until I heard the car in the driveway. I cursed at the Toledo Police Cruiser. Matt got out of the car and stood there in his blue uniform.

“What?” I finally asked.

“Amy thought I'd find you here. You should have told her where you were doing Molly.” Matt said.

“Hmm sounds familiar.” I snapped. He flinched and rubbed his hands on his face.

“Molly! Nothing beside my name, my first name was a lie.” He said. I stared at him. He looked more muscular since I had last seen him. He sighed and walked up on the porch. He leaned against the railing in front of me.

“I don't believe you.” I said looking at him.

“What the hell do you want me to do Molly? I was doing my job! Then you came along and things became complicated. I didn't want to put you in danger by telling you but I didn't want to lie about it either. I didn't plan on falling in love with you.” He whispered. I looked away angry .

“I just don't understand why you made me trust you after what Nick did to me. You could at least hinted to me.” I said. He sat down next to me.

“I wanted to, my supervisor was breathing down my neck as it was, with Neil around doing the same thing, I just couldn't. I can't begin to tell you how much I regret it and how truly sorry I am.” He whispered. I looked over at him. His eyes looked at me just like he was Jack again. I seen the boy who'd sat with me at breakfast naming off pies. I seen the little spark in his eyes he'd had at the art museum. I seen his sleepy eyes and messy hair from the morning I spent with him. Jack was there, still there... but Matt... Matt had differences.

Matt looked bold and brave in every look. I seen his eyes that spoke he'd seen a lot since he'd came a cop. I looked at him as his eyes changed. Jack and Matt became one person. Matt now looked at me with the eyes Jack had given me when he told me he was in love with me. I inhaled softly surprised. He loved me... just like Jack... he wasn't lying... He loved me, just as Jack had, maybe more.

“Ja-” I stopped myself and looked away. He was there staring at me, sad and desperately hoping for me to see what he felt. “That night... what you said that night Nick hit me, about me deserving better. Did you mean it?” I asked. Matt nodded and stood, “Of course I did. That night when he hit you I... I just snapped and I couldn't stop. I meant that you deserve better, someone who loves you with every inch of his body. Molly, every time I breathe its like I only continue to breathe because of you. It hurts so bad.” He whispered wincing. I looked up at him.

“You lied to protect me...” I whispered.

“Yes!” He said as if I finally had gotten what he had been telling me all along, “And I would do it all over because you're worth it Molly. I'd do anything to have you. I'd die to protect you.” He whispered.

“Protect me...” I smiled small, “Well, I guess it's good you're a cop then.”

“I mean it, I-” He stopped, “What?”

“Matt... that's still weird... um... I know I guess. I see why you couldn't tell me now. Not saying that it wasn't the best move for you to make but, I can understand. I just wish you would have hinted, anything...” I whispered looking at him. He looked at me in shock. “When you looked at me sitting here just then... your eyes looked exactly as they did when you told me you loved me. And I love you so much it physically hurts.” I whispered tears in my eyes as I stood shrugging. Matt huffed and strode over to me and taking his face into his hands.

“I'm here to heal bruises and cuts.” He whispered searching my eyes. He smiled small before his kissed me. The world shattered around us and disappeared, it was gone. He kissed me harder than before and my lips parted. I felt like I was free falling from a skyscraper but I felt perfectly safe wrapped in his arms.

Sure the name was going to take some time to get used to, but he was worth it.

“Oh by the way...” He said breaking our magical kiss. He reached into his pocket and handed me a paper. I laughed with tears in my eyes as I opened it, he'd Googled tomatoes... proving once and for all they were a fruit. I laughed through my tears and threw my arms around him.

“Cheesecake is still a pie though.” He whispered and I laughed hugging him tight.

“Cheesecake is obviously a cake!” Amy said.

“No way!” Neil and Matt yelled.

“It's a pie, it's in pie form.” Matt said.

“Why else would it look like a pie, be served like a pie, and made like a pie if it was cake?” Matt asked beside me.

“I don't know because it's stupid? How can you even debate on this? It's even got cake in it's name. CheeseCAKE! CAKE!” Amy yelled.

“Pie!” Neil said. Katie and I shook our heads. We'd been over this before, and obviously no one had changed their mind.

“Guys, just look it up!” I laughed taking my phone out. I typed in cheesecake and gasped as I read. The guys looked at me waiting for the answer.

“Oh my god...” I whispered shaking my head, “Cheesecake is considered a pie due to the lack of flour. Cheesecake is also a pie because cake rises when it is baked where cheesecake doesn't.” I read from the page. Matt stood up with his hands in the air.

“BOOM!” He yelled and we all laughed, “I deserve that milkshake, I won.”

“No you did not!” I yelled.

“ATTENTION CITIZENS, CHEESECAKE IS IN FACT A PIE. I CALLED IT.” Matt yelled to the people in the green space.

“Right on man.” Someone yelled back and we all started laughing. He smiled so large and collapsed down beside me and I laughed shaking my head. He laid down and pulled me close to him and our friends rolled their eyes.

“So how's the police work going to you guys?” Amy asked.

“Great.” Matt said smiling. I picked a leaf from his short hair and pretended to listen as Neil told us about pulling over an old guy that was wearing no pants. I stared down into Matt's eyes and he smiled up at me.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“Mm. I love you.” I said smiling before he leaned up and kissed me.

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