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Love Is Priceless

June 3, 2013
By DanielleBrown4321, Mollymook, Other
DanielleBrown4321, Mollymook, Other
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I am lost. Surrounded in darkness. ‘Where am I?’ I thought, as I struggled to get up, but ended up falling back down. I have a massive headache, but yet no heartbeat. ‘Wait’ I thought ‘No heartbeat’ I checked my pulse. ‘No! I do have a heartbeat’ I sighed in relief but my neck felt oddly strange. I put my hand on to the side of my neck and pulled my hand away. I looked at it but then quickly looked away. Blood, I put my hand back and felt two puncture wounds. Then suddenly it all came rushing back.

Felicity Young is just your normal everyday human girl. Well, until she gets involved in some supernatural cases. Her boyfriend, Daniel Smith has no idea what’s going on and why his girlfriend broke up with him. Well, until he also gets tangled up in the mess. But once he finds out who Felicity really is, will he still love her or is it a relationship breaker? And what extremes will Felicity have to go to keep her secret?

Danielle B.

Love Is Priceless

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