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My Duty

May 19, 2011
By minapaayal, Smyrna, Georgia
minapaayal, Smyrna, Georgia
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Brown, Inc. is one of the biggest companies in America, having a hand in nearly every industry, from pharmaceuticals to publishing to oil.
Wilhelmina Brown's duty to the family's business has been drilled into her head since she was a young girl. Get married to the man her company owning father chooses and join the family business in one of the many branches.
Months after marrying the son of a rival company in order to combine the businesses, Willa discovers a shocking truth that drives her to an old flame from her college days. Together, Willa and Ben remember their days in college, both good and bad, and rekindle their love.
When Willa finally decides to confront her father for once and choose something that makes her happy, a secret that she has kept buried for years makes an appearance. And if that wasn't enough, her father makes her choose between an artist's love and the jobs of thousands of employees. Love, or duty?

Mina B.

My Duty

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