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a day from hell

December 30, 2010
By EmoValentine, acworth, Georgia
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EmoValentine, Acworth, Georgia
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Author's note: one day my dad couldn't get a hold of my mom or me or my sister so he had a worried look and he had his knife in his hand in case my mom gave him a worried look but she didn't and i just got an idea.

hi i know it must be weird knowing that you are reading a dead girls story you didn't know i was a dead girl did you well this will help you to under stand and hopefully find my murderer this is the story of Abigale white.

it all started when i was just 11 years old. my parents had brought me home from the hospital, i was having chronic nose bleeding. i was drugged up when they brought me home so i was remembering slowly but sherly. my father and my mother where acting strange, i didn't know why, but i do remember when we got home our house had been robed i didn't know who did it but i could tell that my parents knew something i didn't. they weren't acting very hurt or surprised, when we got inside all our family pictures had been smashed and, the only things left in the house where the pictures and a broken clock it was stuck on the time 10:27am i dint know why they left a broken clock but i did i know that i had to find out why. i asked my mom if she was sad or or upset she just walked away her face didn't change it was that dull i don't care look i sat in the living room staring at the clock it wouldn't move i finally just picked it up and i found that the 10:27am was a sticker and that the real front had the initials D.T.M i tried to think of some one i knew with the initials D.K.T i thought and i thought and yet nothing i was still a little dozy i just was hoping i was having a dream in the hospitable but i waited for days it seemed but it was just a couple hours and i found that i was not having a dream this was real but it seemed so fake so weird so different and then it hit me whose the initials were.

i went ot my mother ant told her who did it i told her that it was david tomis she said "do you any have proff" and i took her to the clock and i showed her it she said those could be anyones inatiales and walked away with that same face now i was about to cry i just stood there motionless as the tears stared to rool down my face i wanted one of my parent to comfirt me but i knew that they wouldnt i just stood there hoping it was a dream i was praying i was begging but the minutes felt years and i soon realized that it wast a dream and in those few seconds of realizing that i heard a scream a screech and then just silents i stopped crying and realized once again my pares had just been killed and the worst part was i didn't want to cry no i wasn't brave i was just the oppeset i was scared alone cold no family and i think my nose was bleeding again great that's just hat i needed

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