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Zenith of Pain

May 27, 2021
By jwu000, Woodbury, Minnesota
jwu000, Woodbury, Minnesota
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Her body had swollen up, and little beads were forming around her soft almond eyes. She locks eyes with you, and the signal that it sent sent you into a debilitating world of despair, for she looked at you in your former glory. She sees you as the crowds did, so long ago. You feel the beating wings of Elpis flap and hang for a moment towards you, as if savoring the tension of agonous desire. And all at once, it comes flooding back to you, and you survey the scene. 

Your sister was facing internal bleeding during her birth, and an immediate C section had to be administered in order to save both her and the baby. With no other doctors around, you see the corners of your sister’s mouth tug into a weak smile. Her hope is contagious, and you are urged by the anxious urge to live, to save, to expel the world of its horrid terrors. You have been controlled by fear and shackled by pain for too long. You see the glorious halcyon light of remembrance, of inspiration and aspiration, of oneiric scenes depicting the beauteous rejoice of life. For a moment, your grotesque reality is blinded by the angelic light of will. This time, not for yourself, but for others, you change. Your eyes flash with the former brilliance of pulsing stars, and you return the brief flash of a smile. The miracle worker has returned.

Joey W.

Zenith of Pain

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