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Feudal Era Japan and a Lost Vampire

May 13, 2013
By SteeleFire, Riverview, Florida
SteeleFire, Riverview, Florida
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Now fast-forward to Italy, Katerina and I have decided to spend our honeymoon here. And here
is where it all happened. We encountered them. The first original vampires. Caine, Marcus, and Altivo.
The deadly trio, many have said that if you had crossed them, well not many live to tell the tale. Altivo
being the head leader of the trio confronted us at the altar of Della Patria with an invataion to his castle
off the coast of Italy.

“Ah Alexander Corvin and Mrs. Katerina Cyrus. I would be delighted if the both of you joined my
brothers and myself for a dinner at my castle.” Altivo explained. Something about the way his pale
skin and crimson eyes did not appeal to me, and I normally am a friendly person towards the crimson
eyed ones.

“I am sorry Altivo but I must gracesiously refuse your offer.” I don't know I have said that but I did and
I could feel the acid rolling off my toungue as I did so, I only hoped he hadn't.

“Well then Alex, may I offer you and your lovely wife a room at our castle at least. Please stay the
night.” He said in an icy form that I knew I was in for trouble. And I do not know why but I took it as a
challenge and accepted it without thinking.


Feudal Era Japan and a Lost Vampire

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