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Son of the Hero

November 3, 2011
By Jose Paredes, norcross, Georgia
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Jose Paredes, Norcross, Georgia
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I stood there with my fists clenched at my side. I stared at my enemy with pure hatred. I could hear his laughter ringing in my ear and her shriek as he made her disappear. Voices and Voices poured in my head soon silence grew and with a tear running down my cheek I charged at him with full speed. He chuckled as I got closer and then he swung his two swords then with one he hit my head and with the other he stabbed my stomach… and then I fell to the floor.

I crossed out another day on my calendar. Seven days remained. I closed my agenda and headed outside in my swimming trunks. It was SUMMER VACTION and I was heading down to the pool. When I got there I got ready to dive. as i moved back a couple of feet away life guard grabbed my arm. Great now what I do. as the life guard pulled me away from the pool. “Hey. Let me go” I said as he took me. People looked over but I guess a sight of a kid being pulled by a life guard wasn't a bad sight. When I looked at the life guard he was just like any other until I looked at his eyes. They were shining gold. He looked around then began to speak in a sharp un-human voice “Christopher Rader your time has come and you will have to fight a battle that might end your days or save your true life and love. I’m here to tell you that you must leave here. Its not safe.” then his eyes turned normal and looked at me “What. What am I doing here?” He asked me. Then I spoke. “Um... Sir don't you remember? You were telling me… (If I told him he would think I was crazy) that I can't dive into the pool like that.) But I understand now so I’ll be leaving now.” and with that I ran off. He yelled something but I just ran because what I just heard just scared me. I wanted to be alone but then I bumped into her.
“Hey Chris. I was just… What’s up? You look as if you saw a ghost.” She said. Her black hair straight down to her back and her brown eyes sparkled. And her beautiful um ignore that I meant smile. Her smile turned serious.
“Oh um hey Selena.” I said looking back to check if anyone was following.
“What’s going on? You seem scared and nervous” she added.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” I said then she gave me her typically Selena look and I spilled. I told her. After I told her she stared at me. “Say something” I said. She started to say something but then her voice was silenced by a loud explosion and bang. I turned and saw kids and adults running everywhere but one kid stood out. Jimmy Anderson. The black haired bully was tall and had muscles. He walked in a slow pace but he stared one way. Towards us. As he got closer I noticed his eyes they were different but nothing about Jimmy was the same since pre-k. But for some reason this wasn’t the same, his eyes glowed like that life guard but in an evil way. The red glow gave me Goosebumps and then I heard the life guard’s voice in my head again. “Its not safe.” I looked at Selena and I told her to run. She didn’t hesitate and we ran without looking back. And I had a feeling I wouldn’t be taking any swim in the pool for a long time.

We ran and ran until we reached my apartments. I hoped my mom was home maybe she can understand some of this. When we entered I saw her and my mom said “Christopher. What are you doing home? I thought… then she saw our worried expressions. And for some reason I couldn’t speak.
Then Selena answered “Um sorry Mrs. Rader but the pool area was on fire and exploding.” My mom looked at me then at Selena.
“Well I’m glad you guys are okay. But Selena, you should head home because your father might be worried about you.”
Selena’s eyes widened and she said “Yes ma’am.” And then she looked at me” See ya tomorrow Chris”. And I nodded. And with that she left.
“Christopher what happened.” She sat down and so did I.
I looked at her. “This life guard with gold eyes talked to me and told me I was going to fight a battle.” Then I thought to myself why continue if she won’t even believe me.
“Its time we talk Christopher.” She said I looked at her and she believed me. I could tell and I nodded.
“Um let me tell you a story.
Before you were born there was a man with great powers of teleportation and controlling water. He helped everyone he could. He was… a great person. He was a hero to many. Everyone knew him as The Hero. His major enemy was pure evil and always wanted to obtain and free the evil spirit of The Hero. Like every full hero (offspring of two heroes), he had a good and a bad side. But In the end The Hero prevailed. But one day he met a woman and they fell in love with each other. In time he married her and always kept it secret. Until one day one that same enemy figured his weakness, which was his love for the woman. He found a way to make The Hero choose between his life and the life of his now pregnant wife…” she paused and the continued. “The Hero of course saved the woman’s life before he died he teleported his powers into the baby in the stomach.” She stopped and I looked at her red eyes.
“You are the woman. Aren’t you?” I asked. She smiled and nodded. Then it hit me.
“That means I’m the baby in the stomach.” I asked now confused more than ever.
“Yes my son.” She said “You are the son of The Hero.”
I didn’t know what to say. I was confused.

“If it’s true how come I haven’t shown any sign of powers or strengths?” I asked her wondering fact from fiction.

“I know it may be hard to understand and take things in but you must be patient. Trust me things are already occurring. The explosions and the fire was no accident.
Then I remembered what happened. I thought of Jimmy and the red glow in his eyes. “Mom is there others… like me...” I asked worried.

“Yes many.” She said “Many are good and many are bad. That leads me to my next topic.” She added “There are those who have one super parent and they either will become evil or become good. Then there’s those who are fully heroes and have both sides but one locked up good or bad.”

“What about me?” I asked worried of the answer.

“Your special because you have your fathers full good spirit but you also have to pick your personal side by making decisions of destroying or saving someone when you least except it.” She finished. “So it would be interesting to see what happens.”

“You know a lot of this” I said. She smiled and said “Your father was a good teacher. “C’mon lets go eat dinner.” She said changing the subject.
That night I dreamed of The Hero and about the story my mom told me. I awoke and got ready for today because Selena and I where hanging out at the park and we had to catch the bus. I ate breakfast and kissed my mom bye. “Be careful” she added as I headed for the door. I met Selena at the public bus stop. I wanted to tell Selena about everything my mom told me. But I couldn’t just yet. We both said hey and waited for the bus. When it came we sat near the back. Soon I got the guts and told her everything about last night. Then the bus abruptly stopped and the bus was cut in half. The bus fell to its side. I grabbed Selena and got out of the bus through the back. Then all of a sudden I got a feeling to duck and so I did. A fireball hit the front part of the bus. I turned around and it was Jimmy. I stared at him and told Selena to hide. She didn’t want to but I told her again and she listened.

“What’s your problem?” I told him scared but sounding strong.
He smiled and two fireballs rolled down to his hands and became two swords of fire and sharp metal. He got closer and I moved back. Then I moved back and tripped and fell to the floor. He got ready to swing his swords. I was terrified and I closed my eyes. I WAS DEAD. I thought to myself but when I opened my eyes I was somehow standing up behind Jimmy a couple of feet away. I was shocked and so was Jimmy and out audience watching. He ran to me and I prepared to fight with my fists but then the ground erupted to midair and Jimmy was up in air. Then out of nowhere a brunette with hair long in a ponytail, came closer and dropped the land with her hands. Jimmy was mad and ran to her and attacked but she blocked herself good. She used pieces of land to create shields and shot pieces of rocks from her hands and hit Jimmy. Overwhelmed Jimmy fell to the floor knocked out.

“Hurry. Follow Me.” She yelled and began running.

“C’mon Selena” I said to her behind some pieces of the bus.
She ran to me and we followed the mystery girl. I know it’s a bad thing following a complete stranger but c’mon she saved my life. So I followed.

I hurried to keep up with the girl and I wanted to say something but all I said was “Thanks for the help back there. And My name is Chris.”

“I know who you are Christopher Rader. I’m Tiffany Grace.” Then she turned around to meet my gaze but then she saw Selena and asked why she was here.

“She’s my friend. I wasn’t going to leave her back there.” I said
Tiffany gave me a mean stare somewhat like Selena’s stare. I looked down and turned to Selena and looked at her eyes “I’m not going anywhere without Selena… she’s like my best friend.” I finished and saw Selena smile from the corner of my eye. Tiffany looked at us and then she mumbled something. It sounded like BOYS THESE DAYS. I couldn’t help but smile and continue walking.
Later I dared to talk to Tiffany, “Where are you leading us.” I asked

“A place where you can be save. A place where there’s more of us, where we hideout.” When she answered she glared front never looking at me.

“Why. I mean what you plan on doing. And why did you save my life.” I asked wanting to know everything at once.

“Chris you will know everything in time and at the right moment.” She said still glaring forward.
I walked back to Selena which she stood feet away. “Hey” I said “hey” she tried to sound cheerful but failed. “So do you trust this girl?” I asked wanting to know here opinion.

“Well.” She started. “I think…”

“We are here.” Tiffany interrupted.
I looked up and saw the huge building. It stood tall and was black and sleek. The windows were tinted black all the way to the top. At the top of the skyscraper a sign hung. “HC” The HC was written in fancy letters. The doors where just like any other door in a building but when I entered I noticed that the place was huger than its outside appearance.

“Whoa it’s huge.” I said amazed I looked at Selena and her eyes sparkled as she saw what I did.

“Here we are HERO CORPORATION.” She said and sounded proud and for the first time we met each others gaze and she smiled.

“It’s amazing.” I replied. Kids my age, younger and older ran around doing many activities. As I passed I saw a girl shape shift as someone showed her flash card of animals. Another boy was concentrating on a metal bar and then he bend it slowly. We walked and heroes everywhere practiced. Then tiffany stopped in front of a man about 20 with light brown hair and a mustache and beard.

“Well hello Chris.” He said as he saw me. “Finally we meet.” He smiled. “I’m Merlin the Wizard. I had Tiffany bring here to HC because here all young heroes train hard and learn how to create and control powers. And you…” he stopped and looked at Selena. “May I ask who this young girl is?”

“Selena Rodriguez” she answered quickly.

“Oh.” He looked at Tiffany “Why she is here.” He asked

“Sir the boy….” she started.

“I wasn’t coming along without her. She could have been hurt by Jimmy.” I said.

“Chris this isn’t a place for humans. You must understand.” Merlin said sadly.

“Well I wont stay if...” I was interrupted by Selena. “Chris don’t worry. I won’t remain if I’m not wanted.

“Sorry my dear.” He looked at her.

“You know I was a fan of the great wizard Merlin, I know all your stories and how you a human became a great wizard. We are alike in many ways.” Selena had courage to tell a wizard that. She then started walking out.

“Selena I guess you are right. I guess you may stay if being at Chris’s side is important to you.” Merlin said and smiled “We do have many things in common.”
Tiffany glared at Merlin then at Selena. “But sir.” She said “You can’t.”

“Don’t worry my dear, she will be fine.” Merlin replied. “Now come on Chris we are in need of a talk.”
We entered a room; like an office and the room was surrounded by paintings of heroes I would say. Merlin sat down and told me to sit. He searched the desk and said “Here we go.” He took out a silver chain with a blue sphere which contained water in it. He handed it to me and stood up and walked towards a painting that stood out. This one had a blue frame that went around the larger painting. A plate was attached and it said “The Hero.”

“The Hero was a great man… one of my best friends. He had the idea to create this place and together we built it and created a great Academy for all heroes of good hearts. Your father had so many great ideas Chris.” Merlin explained.
All I could do was stare at the painting of the man. He had thick black hair just like me and had great structure and his eyes twinkled blue just like mine. “Mr. Merlin. Um what can you tell me about being here? Why am I here?” I asked.

“Chris, your presence is required because an evil force known as Drakon has been taking out our heroes world-wide. He has been searching for you. The Son of the Hero. “Merlin explained.

“But why sir, what have I done to him.” I asked

“The question is what your father has done to him. I’m sure your mother told you of the story of how you got your powers.” Merlin asked as he sat down.

“Yes” I replied.

“Drakon is the one who killed your father.” But The Hero was smart. He teleported his powers to you and Drakon thought he won but your father’s spirit cursed Drakon to where he couldn’t leave his old body and go to other bodies like he did before. But he wants you.”

“But why.” I asked.

“Some say for revenge but sources tell us now that he has a new way of changing bodies. And you have something to do with it.” He answered

“But I’m just me. How could I help him?” I asked nervous.

“Well no one knows for sure but Drakon and his minions of evil heroes can...”

“WAIT.” I interrupted. “He has evil heroes working for him??” I asked

“Yes.” Merlin replied. “We think that one who destroyed the bus. Jimmy Anderson might be one. Isn’t that right.”

“Yes but I’ve known Jimmy since before elementary school. We were friends until…”
“Until what?” he asked eagerly.
“Until the end of middle school. All I know is that he went on a trip to California and ever since he came back he was different but the last two times I saw him his eyes were weird. They glowed pure red.” I tried not to remember but it was always the eyes that bothered me.
“Pure red eyes…Are you absolutely positive?” Merlin asked standing up.
“Positive.” I responded.
Then a boy about my age came in and he looked really familiar but I couldn’t think. All I knew is I knew him from somewhere. He looked at me and nodded to me. I nodded back.

“You needed me sir.” He asked Merlin.

“Yes Maximums. Can you please find everything we might know about Jimmy Anderson?” Merlin said.

“Yes Sir. Right away.” And he left.

“Um how did he know you needed him?” I asked.

“Maximums is well a hero whom can see the future. But usually it’s the near future except when he recites the prophecies of our heroes.” Merlin explained.
I could have sworn I knew him, and then Merlin answered my question.

“Yes Chris. He was a friend of yours in around middle school and then he had to leave.”
Then it clicked. Max, that’s what I called him, was one of my friends I had before Selena.

“But he talked to you recently. He was that life guard at your pool.” Merlin explained “You see Maximums can control anyone for a short period and tell that person to move or act or say certain things.
I looked at Merlin in amazement.

“He was your guardian for a while, meaning he watched over you, but then he became too close to you and he would have told you about us and the heroes and you weren’t ready. So we had him ‘move’.”

“Wait, so do I have a guardian now?” I asked
“No. you were old enough to take care of yourself.” He said with a smile.
Then Tiffany entered.

“Sir there’s another explosion attack. And this time it’s near Chris’s home.” She finished.
My eyes then widened. “My mom!” I yelled and ran out.
I ran towards the entrance then Selena looked up as I was going out and saw my worried expression ad she ran after me.

Selena and I ran. And all I did was think of Jimmy destroying my home or hurting my mom. Behind me Selena yelled my name. I then noticed I was teleporting and teleporting farther and farther away from Selena. I tried to concentrate and think about my apartment and my mom and then I was there.

“Mom.” I yelled. The whole building wasn’t on fire… I was relived. But then I heard a noise in my room. I entered it and saw my mom knocked out on my bed. “Mom. Wake up.” I said trying to wake her. Then she slowed started waking up.

“What happened.” I asked she tried to say something but then someone said my name from behind.

“Chris.” His voice was much deeper than I remembered. I turned and faced him

“Jimmy. Why are you doing this? We are friends remember.” I tied to convince him. His eyes still had that red glow in them and somehow when I looked into them I saw a strange similarity but I didn’t know to who or what.

“Ahh Chris. But we still are...” he smiled.
Then he did his fireballs to swords trick. I had to do something. As he swung the swords, I used my hands as protection but the swords never touched my hands. As I opened my eyes I saw a water bubble surrounding me and my mom. I was surprised and so was he.

“What… it’s to soon…” Jimmy sounded angry. He pushed against the barrier and the water started steaming and it was breaking. But then he stopped. He then seemed as if he was fighting himself. I let the rest of the bubble down along with my hands. I saw Jimmy’s eyes and one was that same red while the other was a gold glow the same as the life guard. Max. I said in my head. Then out of no where Tiffany came and grabbed Jimmy and took him, now struggling. I grabbed my mom and asked if she was okay.

“Yes Chris. I’m alright.” She was starting. “I see now truly believe my words about your powers.” She said.

“Mom I do believe you. Now do you need a doctor? Go to a hospital? Anything?” I asked worried. At that moment a young boy about the age of ten came in and held out his hands over my mom. The bruises and scratches on my mom started healing and becoming invisible. I stared in amazement. He stopped and smiled.

“She will be fine. Michael helped.” he talked in third person.

“Thank you.” We both said as he left.

“Theresa.” A voice said from behind. I turned and met Merlin’s gaze. “I’m sorry. I should have protected you better. It’s what he would have wanted.”

“Don’t worry.” She interrupted standing up. “All you can do is protect Chris and train him well.

“Yes…I will. I promise.” He answered. “But from now on you and Chris will make home in a HC home.”
My mom nodded and I smiled. The rest of the day my mom and I spend time moving our things to our save home in HC until further noticed and that night I didn’t dream any dreams I was so tired a plainly fell asleep. But once I awoke Max entered my room. He told me tiffany and Merlin were waiting for me for training in the training court and that after Max and I would have a talk here.
I met Merlin and Tiffany at the court. Before we began Merlin said “Concentrate.”
She picked me up using the earth and I was high. I jumped off and ended up lowering myself with water that came out of my hands but then I fell. After I got up and ran to her. Then I decided to create water gloves with my hands and it worked. I tried to hit her over and over but she moved too fast plus she always had a chance to block herself with pieces of earth as shields.

“Study her moves.” Merlin yelled from the sidelines. I watched her closely and I noticed she always had an open area after she hit. So I decided to watched her hits and look for the right time to hit. When she hit me with rock rumble I closed my eyes and thought about the court. And I opened my eyes and I was behind her and I attacked her with my water powers and splashed it on her. “Good” she smiled. I helped her up and then she gave me this weird look. Then I focused where she focused. My necklace was glowing I looked at Merlin as he was walking towards us.
“Press it.” He said and I did as I was told. And then Tiffany and Merlin where gone along with the court and HC. I was somewhere extraordinary. Somewhere where water poured from all directions and the grass was pure green and waterfalls roared in the distances. I looked around and I thought I was the only one there.

“Christopher.” I turned and saw a man. It was the man from the painting in Merlin’s office. Same thick hair and same blue eyes that glowed like mine.

“Dad…I…” I tried to speak but I couldn’t say anything.

“Son I am only a hologram I left this message to tell you that you need to protect your mother and friends. I know you can do it because you are my son and you are the son of the hero. I have great faith in you.” He said smiling.

“But...but how..? I said.

“You can with the help of friendship, teamwork and the element of pure water.” He responded “Also with a gift from your father. After I disappear and you leave this place. The necklace with still is valuable. Every time you press it, it will become a weapon or tool of any sort as long as you think of the object in your head. Once you pick the weapon the weapon will be water and harden when needed to be. Giving you flexibility on your side. Unlike other heroes whom only have one choice of weapon given to them by their parents you have the choice of any weapon.” He finished.

“Thanks.” Was all I could say.

“I always want you to remember that you were important to me. And how bad I wish I was there helping you grow my son.” He said with a sad frown. “One more thing and you will be on your way. Pretty soon you will find yourself with a new ability other than the ones you got from me because you are my son.” He smiled and then everything started disappearing and then I was back at the court.
“Let’s go Chris. Training is over for now.” Merlin said as he started walking.
“Chris what happened. You disappeared.” Tiffany asked.

“It was a message from my father. He told me many things and he said I might have another power.” I explained.

“Of course. The abilities to control water and teleport are your fathers. You must have an ability of your own since you are part hero.” She said.

“So your telling me I might have another power?” I asked.

“Yes Chris.” Merlin answered me. “And we must figure what that ability is.”

I nodded in agreement.

“But now you must meet up with Max.” he said “then me and you are going to see Jimmy.”

“okay.” I said and I left the court and headed to my room.

I got to my elevator and hit the 3 for the 3rd floor. Then Selena ran in. She smiled and I told her hey.

“So Chris Are we still on for Friday.” Selena said
I tried to think what Friday was but then I remembered. “Yea.” I said 5 more days. “Of course the movie right.”
“You forgot about your own birthday didn’t you?” she laughed
I turned red and smiled. “There’s so much going on that I forgot.” I explained

“It’s okay. I’m here to remind you.” She said “So where we going.” She asked.

“Well Max wanted me to meet him at room so we could talk.” I explained.

“Well okay. Ill join you.” She said.
We walked down the hall and I opened my door. He was there.

“Hey. Your mom let me in. She told me to tell you that she was going to work and then she left.” Max said.

“Alright…well...” I was interrupted.

“Hi. I’m Selena.” She said. He met her eyes and said “Max.” and he kissed her hand.

Then I interrupted “um so you wanted to talk to me.” I said kind of angry and NO I WASN’T JEALOUS. I think… well anyways…

“Yea. You should sit down. I’m here to tell you your prophecy.” He said. Then I sat down and Selena sat right in front of me. He then walked behind me and put his hand on my shoulder. I looked at him. His eyes turned that gold and bright color. He smiled and said “Don’t worry. You will be fine.” Then his face turned serious. Then his voice came out sharp and nonhuman like yet you could hear Max’s voice inside.

“Christopher Rader, son of the hero you will be a major role of the raise and the fall of Drakon. You will soon find things about you and many truths will shock you. Drakon will find you and he will bring something in you out that will lead to so many new powers. In the end you will face Drakon in a new form. But be careful because destroying Drakon will only bring out a greater enemy. But remember true love will always defeat evil.” Max’s eyes turned normal and he felt kind of weak. I could tell.
I stood and gave him my seat and I went to sit with Selena. She stared at Max the whole time. I told her to snap out of it. “Selena. You okay.” I asked.

“That was amazing.” Se shrieked
I rolled my eyes and Max smiled I didn’t know if he did it because of Selena’s excitement or because he saw it irate me. He stood and asked if she wanted him to try it out on her. Of course she said yes. Max grabbed her hands and she blushed and he turned all glowly eyed again.

“Selena Rodriguez, the human apprentice, you will soon receive a loss with someone you care about. He will somehow make you become a major leader in HC and you will always have a part of him within you. Also you will play a big part in a love story with twist turns and ups and downs. But in the end true love is closer than you think. (At that point I felt myself turn red.) Lastly you will help in ways you never imagined… Max’s voice came out normal at the end of that phrase.
He looked tired and weak. So I asked him what was wrong. “Ever since I tried to control Jimmy I’ve been weak.” He said never looking up. I looked at Selena and she was in deep thought.

“You okay.” I asked her
“Yea I’m fine.” With that she said that she had to go and left. I tried to offer her my help but she just left.
“Let her go.” Max said “She isn’t use to all this power things” It kind of irate me but I listened. I turned to him and nodded. “So now Merlin told me that you got to meet so you guys can see Jimmy.” He said “I would want to go but I’m really tired.” He stood out his hand and said “Friends?” I shook it and said “Yea.” And then he said we would talk later and that Merlin was waiting for me then he left.
I walked outside my room and walked to the HC entrance. Merlin was there and all he said was it was time and he then said follow me. Merlin led me to a building outside HC.
“Where are we going?” I asked
“To see Jimmy.” He answered “We locked him somewhere outside HC because if not he would know where the heroes live.”
“Smart.” I said
We entered a building that was run down and it was inhabitant. We then walked up to a red door that has ancient marks but then Merlin opened the door with his magic. It still amazed me that he used magic without his wand like In his stories. As we entered a felt a chill run down my back. Here he was, Jimmy Anderson one of my old friends, tied in chains of magic.

“Ah Chris. Finally here.” He said with a crooked smile.
“Jimmy whatever happened to you” I asked.
Merlin leaned against the wall. “What happened in California.” He asked Jimmy’s eyes turned to this scared expression for a second and then that evil smile slipped on his face and his eyes turned red. I looked at Merlin and he looked serious.

“In California, I found someone who trained me and taught me to how I am now.” He said with a smirk.

“Drakon.” Merlin whispered.

“To become evil and hurt others.” I asked.

“Yes. And it’s very good. It’s the perfect side. You can join us and together no one can stop us.” He said serious. I noticed till now that every time Jimmy spoke he talked as two people. But I didn’t give it too much thought.

“It isn’t right.” Merlin said from behind me.

“That’s what you think you old wizard.” He said with angry in his eyes. Then he smiled “But don’t worry in a while you wont have a say on anything.”

“What are you talking about.” I asked confused.

“Ever since that friend of yours tried to control me I have been having visions of the future. And in one I saw that this old wizard will give up his life to save another for the second time. Which is foolish because everyone knows you give up half your powers when give it to someone. So two times equals no more wizard.”
I turned to Merlin and he was just staring at Jimmy with rage. I tired to think of what Jimmy meant and who he was talking about when he said he gave and will give his powers to.

“I also see how everything will change in a couple of days.” He laughed

“I think we should leave.” Merlin said as we left I saw Jimmy’s eyes and they glowed brighter than before. As we left the building and started to walk to HC a loud explosion occurred behind us, it left us surprised. I turned around and the building we just came from was on fire and into pieces.

“Impossible. No one cold ever break from my hold only one person has ever.” Merlin said as we raced back to the area.

“Who?” I asked

“Your father.” Merlin said searching with his powers. “Gone.” He said.

We went in HC and when we entered, Tiffany ran asked what had happened.

“An explosion of fire, only means Jimmy escaped.” Merlin said. Tiffany asked if she should let out a search party or not and Merlin said Yes as soon as possible but they must return before night. Tiffany nodded and then she ran up to a couple kids and they followed her as they left.
Selena then came up to us “Could I talk to you.” She asked.

“Yea.” I said then she interrupted “No, I meant talk to Merlin.”

“But of course.” He said sounding just as surprised as me. “Let us go for a walk then.” He said
Then I was standing there when my entered “Chris.” She said with a smile and gave me a hug. “Hey mom.” I said.

“You hungry.” She asked. I nodded and then she said “Come on then lets go upstairs.” My mom was an amazing cook. And if I would say if she had super powers her cooking skills would be that ability.
During dinner I told my mom about my day and she listened. When I finished she said “Well don’t worry your friends are on it. They will track that boy.” With that I headed off to bed.
I dreamed a weird dream that night. In this dream jimmy was telling me about how Merlin was going to pay and how things will be different once they rule. Then the dreamed changed into a dark room and then a sharp evil voice spoke. “I killed your father and now your next.” Then I awoke. I was freaked but I got up and crossed another day. 4 more days. I whispered. My mom called me and I got dressed and the decided to try teleporting and when I did my mom jumped as she saw me. I know she still wasn’t use to it but it was always funny to see her expression.
As we ate breakfast my mom asked me what I wanted for my bday this year I told her nothing. I mean what else could I want. I had super powers.
Then someone knocked at the door. When I opened it was Selena. I gave her my seat and she started talking. “When I woke up I usually take my walks and then Jimmy came from nowhere and he almost got me.”

“Did he hurt you?” I said clenching my fists.
She shook her head. “He said to run to you and tell you.”
My mom spoke then. “I think it would be saver if Selena stays here with us. Ill talk to you father about it.” Then she stood up and looked at me. “Well I got to go to work. Look after her Chris.” She said as she left.
I poured a glass of orange juice and gave it to her. “Drink it.” I said.
“Thanks.” She said with that beautiful smile of hers. I sat next to her and smiled as she just looked at me. As I watched her I felt something in my stomach. She was beautiful her black hair tossed back and her eyes sparkling. She then put down her glass and I grabbed it and put it in the sick then she hugged me. I could feel my face turn red. My heart raced. She blushed as me slowly parted and put our heads together. I was getting closer and she was too. We were going to kiss… then… “Hey Chris.” Max said from the door. I felt weird at first as we parted. But then angry as I saw Max’s grin. It was as if he knew it was going to happen. Wait he probably did. “Hey Max I said.”
“Selena you ready.” Max asked.
“For???” I asked curious and upset.
“Well...” she started “Max invited me to Rocket Buster.”
I looked at him and then at her. Then she said “As friends. We are going as friends.”
“You can come with us if you want.” She said with a smile.
“Um he can’t because Merlin said he wants you at the court to train.” Max said. “There’s always a next time.”
“Don’t worry about me. Just go and have fun.” I said pulling a fake smile. Then Selena kissed my cheek and they left. I waited a while until they left and then I left to the court.
In the elevator I was thinking of Selena’s prophecy and how she is going to be in a love story with twist and turns. Then the elevator door opened and Tiffany was there. “Hey.” She said with a smile.

“You ready?” he asked me

“Of course are you.” I said
At the court it was only Tiffany and me. She started and made an axe out of earth. “Every hero has there own weapon.” She said. “I have an axe. Jimmy two swords. Max has knives where if you touch any one you will freeze in time. What about you.” I thought about my fathers words and I grabbed my necklace and thought of a huge sword: strong and sturdy. Then I pressed it and in no time a sword was in my hands. The sword was blue liquid then it hardened but you could still see the liquid within it. At the end a black ribbon was tied at my handle. “Is this good.” I said. Tiffany looked in amazement and she smiled and her axe got bigger and she ran towards me and I barely dodged the axe. Tan ran to her and I struck her and she pushed me down with rocks and gravel against my chest. I fell to the floor. I stood up and tried it again and ran and she this time hit me with her axe but luckily it was a side hit. I again fell to the floor. I needed to think of a way to get to her. I then concentrated and teleported behind her but she was already waiting for me. Again I hit the floor. Water erupted for my hands but that didn’t help. I swung my sword and she simply blocked it. I was really getting frustrated. I tried to check her moves but this time she had no open area. Only if I could see her moves before she struck. She stroke and I tried to block it and the two metals clanged into each other. I decided to attack her as we both were concentrating on the objects. As I attacked, she hit me with rocks that became larger rocks and I fell to the floor. But then as I got mad she and everything went backwards as if someone was turning back time. I looked around and it was me. Then it stopped and I saw tiffany running towards me and I knew what her moves where going to be. This time our weapons clanged again and instead of letting her use her earth power I shot water out of my hands and stopped her. I then fell to the floor out of exhaustion.
I dreamed so many dreams that afternoon. I was at the beach with Selena and she was holding my arm. As I got up the person I thought was m turned to Max. He smiled and the dream then became a dark room ad I could hear Jimmy’s laughter. Then a dark figure approached and he stabbed me and I woke up surprised.

“Finally.” Tiffany said as she smiled.

“Hey.” I said trying to smile since it looked as if she was really worried about me plus she was holding my hand.

“I moved you here because you fainted.” She explained.

“Really. Did I?” I said then I started to remember. “My new ability, I know what it is.” I said as Merlin and Selena entered.

“Are you okay?” Selena said as she came close and grabbed my other hand. It was kind of weird but then Tiffany let go of my hand. And she was about to leave. “I got to go…do something.” She said mad.

“NO we must all stay here and here what his new ability is.” Merlin said stopping her in her tracks. And then Max came in.
“I can control time. Somehow when I fought Tiffany I got hit so I got mad and somehow reminded time and stopped her.” I said slowly getting up.
“That would explain why you fainted and woke up until now night.” Tiffany added.
“He will soon get use to it.” Merlin said
“Plus he can’t over due himself or every time he does he will be here.” Max said.
“I wont.” I said looking at both of them.
Then Selena met my gaze and then all of a sudden everyone was out. “I’m glad you’re okay.” Selena said still holding my hand. “Yea me too.” I said trying to lighten up the mood. “When I came back with Max, Merlin told me that something happened to you, and I wanted to see you but he said he needed to talk to me.” She explained. “But I’m here now Chris.” She said with a smile.

“So what do you and Merlin talk about so much.” I asked

“Well…” she started “we have become close and he somewhat like a big brother now.” She said. “Don’t worry.” She smiled.

“What do you mean?” I said okay I was kind of jealous but its nothing.

She smiled and said. “Well you need your rest. I should go.”

“And you need yours.” I said
She smiled, kissed my check, let go of my hand and left. After a while Max came in and I rolled my eyes.

“Sup. How you feel.” He asked.

“I’m good. I little dizzy but good thanks for asking.” I said sounding friendly.

“That’s good, hey about the whole Selena and me. I’m sorry.” He said

“Don’t worry.” I said

“I mean in the end she will pick one of us.” He said I looked up and he said. “Yes I know how you feel about her but I wont tell her.” We both grinned.

“But we are buds no matter what. Right?” he said

“Of course.” I said
And then Tiffany came in “Hey guys.” She said looking around the room I knew she was looking if Selena was still there.

“Well I got to go. Later Chris, Tiff.” Max said as he left.

“So hero.” She said

“So.” I said with a smile.

“You know you’re not that bad.” She said sitting next to me.

“Thanks. You either.” I said laughing. She then smiled and pushed me a little. It was weird but for some reason I felt it was Tiffany’s way of showing her feelings. In a way it was kind of nice.

“Um hey. Do you think we could hang out.” She said shyly.

“Yea. When.” I asked

“Well Friday. Since I know it’s your birthday. So we could go somewhere.” She said with a smile.

I so close to saying yes but then I remember Selena. “Well I kind of am hanging out with my friends so you could join us and have fun with us.” I said with a smile.

“Yea of course.” She said smiling. “Well you need your rest and I need mine. So ill be leaving now.” She walked out and then turned around and hugged me and then left.
After a little bit my mom came in. “MY baby! Are you okay.” She said checking for cuts or bruises.

“I’m okay mom.” I said smiling “I just need my rest.”

“Okay. Honey. Sleep and ill be down here in the morning.” She said and she kissed my forehead and left.

That night I laid in bed thinking of Selena and then Tiffany and then Selena then Tiffany. Okay I was officially confused. I thought I couldn’t sleep anymore but in no time I was asleep. That night I dreamed a weird dream. I was in an empty dark room. Then a light flickered in the distance and I ran towards it and saw Selena tied to a chair I saw her scared expression. Then another light flickered on and then I saw Tiffany tied to a chair feet away. Then a red sign blew bright in the wall. Save one it said. I couldn’t decided. Then this boy in a mask came and grabbed Tiffany and left and I grabbed Selena and followed them. When we reached them outside the boy looked at me and took off the mask it was me and then it became Jimmy. I was confused… What just happened?

I awoke confused and tired still. I then saw my mom and she put a tray of pancakes and bunch of fruits. I told my mom thank you and she asked me if I was okay I told her I was good and I eat breakfast as we talked and I explained to her my new power. She then told me that she would be working late and that to behave and she left. After breakfast I went to the lobby to look for someone to talk to. Then I saw Merlin and he was talking to this guy. I walked up to them. “Chris. How are you.” Merlin asked. “I’m fine.” I said then he introduced me to the hero. “This is John.” Merlin said and the boy let out his hand and I shook it. “Hey.” I said and he nodded. “He is a younger
hero in training.” Merlin explained. “Cool. What can you do.?” I asked. “Well I’m trained in martial arts and I can read thoughts, if you ever need a extra hero I’m here.” He said proud. “Whoa that’s cool.” I said really Impressed. “Well John continues training and pretty soon he will earn a spot in the team.” Merlin said. And the John left with a bye.

“So are you sure you are okay.” He asked.

“Yes sir.” I said

“Well good because we need you in top shape. You will lead this corporation to great heights, just like your dad wanted you to” he said.

“Along with you sir.” I said

He smiled and then said “So rewinding time? That’s pretty impressing.” Merlin said.

“Yes and its useful.” Then I noticed something. “Sir does that mean I will get another power?” I asked. “you see a lot of heroes here have two powers each so does that mean I get my dad’s power plus mine?”

“That is very observing but you won’t be receiving another power.” He started talking. “You see heroes usually marry and mate with other heroes and the offspring collects an ability from each parent but you on the other hand have a mortal mother therefore only one power.”

“Oh that makes sense.” I said “But do I have the most powers on record?” I asked

Merlin put a straight face. “Well you are tied with another but that’s another story.” He said turning his frown to a smile he asked me to train with him changing the subject so I dropped it.

“With you.” I asked

“Of course.” He said with a smile.
At the court Merlin was good. He had me on the floor most of the time. He could control any element so my water powers were useless. He could fly so he did every time I wanted to teleport behind him. Then I pressed my necklace and thought of bows and arrows. I then teleported behind him and he flew up so I shot an arrow but he controlled it and it was going straight for me. So I rewind time and before I shot the arrow I shot water blasts at him and he used wind to blow the hits away then I shot my arrow and he didn’t have time to move it and it hit his chest and then it disappeared. “Very good.” He said “And I see you used the time power and you’re not so weak” Merlin said.

“I know I feel great.” I said

“Well with enough training you can maybe be as good as Tiffany.” Merlin said with a chuckle.

“But…But I beat her twice already.” I said confident.

“Ah Chris, she wasn’t fully fighting.”
“Really? Wow I guess I know why she’s your best fighter then.” I said with a smile.
“Yes she is.” He said proud
“How did you find Tiffany.” I asked
“Well...” he started. “I found her in a orphanage. I tracked her down. It was her mother’s last request before she was murdered by Drakon. She was an amazing hero.” Merlin said.
“And her father.” I asked
“Well he was no super hero but he defended his little girl until he too lost his life to Drakon and that is a hero.” He said. “I trained Tiffany since she was a little girl.”
“Wow that’s a tough life?” I said.
“And that’s why she is that way.” Merlin said
“Oh.” I said “So how did you become a wizard?” I asked

“Back thousands of years ago when I was your age I met this man who had nothing but he asked everyone he met a question and he waited for the right answer. That’s when I came along and answered him right. He explained. “You see wizards can give up there life as wizards if they don’t want it anymore but they must first find the right inherit to the power. Therefore I became Merlin the wizard.”

“So you can give up your powers?” I asked

“Yes but if I give up my powers to save a life twice then I can disappear.” He explained.
Then I thought of what Merlin said and what Jimmy said and Merlin then quickly changed the subject. He was hiding something.

“Throughout the years I lived and I then met your father and together we made a great time and we built this HC you see now.” He said. “And we gathered heroes all over.” He stopped and looked around. “Now I’m a leader of such a great empire.” He looked sad and then patted my back and said. “Lets go Selena should be here any minute.” And we walked to the entrance.

“So what do you guys talk about so much.” I asked

“Well at times I train her to attack and defense moves others we talk.” He said

“Cool. You train her?” I said

“Of course so now she can defend herself for whatever reason she needs to.” He said. Then she came and said “Hey guys.” With a smile on her face. “What you guys up to.” She asked.

“Um well we were just talking about you.” I said. I looked at Merlin and something was bothering him and I needed to ask him.

She smile and said. “Really. Hopefully it’s a good talk.” She looked at Merlin and said. “Well I need to ask you something about our last talk.” She said serious now.

“Don’t worry. Ill talk to guys later I have to do something.” I said. Then I thought to myself that I would talk to Merlin after they came back. I turned around and saw that Selena and Merlin were leaving HC.

“Chris.” Max said.

“Hey Max.” I said

“What’s up bud u seem a little concentrated.” He asked

“Oh its nothing.” I said thinking of Selena and Merlin.

“Okay.” Max said.

“Hey can I ask you something.” I said sparking a conversation.

“Sure. What is it?” Max said

“Do you know anything about how wizards disappear?” I asked

“Of course they give up their powers.” He said “Why.”

“Well do you know who Merlin gave his powers too?” I asked.

“Well no but I wasn’t here. If there is anyone who knows it would be Tiffany.” He said.
“Okay thanks.” I said
“No problem….” He stopped in mid sentence. His eyes turned gold and then they were normal. He had a scared expression on his face. “What happened?” I asked now scared to.
“We need to find Merlin.” He sounded as if he was about to cry.

“What did you see Max.” I said worried.
“C’mon we need to find Tiffany.” Max said serious. “Ill tell you on the way.”
We searched for Tiffany until we found her. She didn’t ask question and she just believed him I guess it was because she was use to him. Max grabbed a microphone “Attention. Search party. We need to find Merlin and Selena.” He said and once he said that my heart dropped. Then a group f heroes ran out of HC and then we ran out to.

“Okay Max what happened.” Tiffany asked.

He looked at her and then me “Merlin is going to fall… and then Selena….”Max’s voice sounded hoarse. My hands were clenched at my sides. “Drakon has found them. He will attack.” Tiffany looked down. “Can you remember where they are.” She asked. “yes but we can’t make it in time.” Max said.
“I can.” I said. “Tell me how the place looks.” Max started describing the place and I closed my eyes and saw it but I needed more. “I can’t do it.” I said. “Concentrate harder.” Max said putting his hands on my shoulder. Then for some reason I saw everything. “Perfect.” I said and teleported there. But then I saw Max and he was there with me. Somehow I brought him with me. If things weren’t life and death this would have been great.
Things were bad. Merlin was creating shields to cover himself and Selena. “They are still alive.” Max said running upfront. Then I saw Selena ran behind over turned cars so Merlin lowered the shield and started blasting the evil man. We were almost there, and I know you guys are wondering why I didn’t just teleport there. Well for some reason I couldn’t I thought it was because I just brought Max with me from far. Soon Drakon saw Selena and aimed at her. Selena didn’t move and she froze I tried hard to save her but she was still far and Max even though he was in front still was far then Merlin jumped in front of her and stopped the hit.

“No…” I said. Max got there and grabbed Merlin and screamed “Now you have done it.” And he ran to Drakon. I grabbed Selena and she snapped out of it. She got on her knees. “Take care of Merlin.” I told her and I ran to help Max.
Drakon’s image was evil enough. His hair was pitch black and he looked old and wore black clothing and a black cape ripped at the bottom. Max was throwing his knives that where shapes of stars. Drakon just dodged all of them. Then Drakon shot one when Drakon looked at me and it cut his cheek and then he froze in time. Then max closed his eyes and tried to control him but then he screamed and fell to the floor. I ran to him and he was knocked out. Selena then ran to me. Merlin can’t hold on anymore. He was hit by some weird hit.

“Max…Chris…Anyone.” Tiffany’s voice boomed in a static voice. I looked at Max and he had a small walkie talkie. “Here take it and tell Tiffany where we are.” She ran to Merlin and then I saw Drakon and I could see the magic run off.
“Ah…Christopher.” His voice was just as creep as in my dreams. “Well its good to finally meet. It’s a pleasure.” He said bowing.

“That makes one of us.” I said

I pressed my necklace and thought of my sword. “Impressive.” Drakon said. “My turn.” He said then his hands turned black and shady. His weapon was a huge… well truthfully I don’t know. It was a weapon that had and end like a sharp sword but the handle had pointy things sticking out. Then pretty soon it was inches from my face. I blocked it with my sword and the swords clanged. He was strong for an old man. “Hmm. Good.” He said then I pushed him away and erupted water from my hand. And then he used his free hand to create a black portal that my water blasts disappeared. Then they shot from above me and I dodged them in time. I teleported behind him and then he shot star shaped metals from the bottom of his weapon. I dodged one and broke one with my sword. “Amazing. You wont be such a bad host.” He said with a smiled. He raced towards me and grabbed my arm and then black powers found way up my arm and I couldn’t feel my arm. I then rewind time and he was racing towards me again but this time I teleported and teleported until I confused him and I ripped his cape. “Ah you brat.” He said and then he aimed dark bullets shot out from the side of his sword. I almost got hit but I rewind time and “You… he began to say. I pressed y necklace and my sword became a shield. Brat...” he finished and the bullets bounced off the shield. “How can you know what I’m going to do next?” he asked mad. “A secret.” I said trying to sound strong but I was weak because of what I did. I threw my shield and it hit his hand and he dropped his sword. The shield came to me and he ran to me using his dark powers and I simply hid behind the shield hoping for a miracle. Then a bright light came and got Drakon out of surprise I looked over the shield and Selena did it. She was shinning bright. “Selena.” was all I could say as I fell to the ground. Did Selena just save my life? But then everything went black. I was exhausted and I was now knocked out.

I awoke on my bed in HC. I was laying there trying to remember what exactly happened that afternoon. I tried to sit up but then my mom came in and said “Hi honey.”

“Hi.” I said

“How do you feel.” She asked me as she placed her hand on my head.

“I’m fine. Where’s Merlin.” I asked my mom looked down and said “He’s gone.”

“How about Selena.” I asked afraid of the answer.

“She is fine…but she is missing.” She said. “No one knows where she ran off to.” My mom explained.

“What happened? What happened after I lost conscious?” I asked

“Well I think it would be better if your friends told you.” She said. “They are outside waiting. They came in the morning. They said Max saw you waking up so they decided to be here when you do.” She said. “I’ll tell them to come.” she left and then Tiffany and Max entered.
“Hey Chris.” They both said. “Hi.” I said they asked how I was but at that point all I cared about was everyone else. I wanted to know what I missed.

“What did I miss yesterday?” I asked

“Well when I woke up I saw you on the floor and Selena between you and Drakon but Drakon looked like he took a beating from someone. But then he began getting up and I was going to help Selena but then she somehow shot him with rays of lights.” Max explained. “I ran to get her because she fell and fainted. “Then Max was getting up and I didn’t know what to do.” He stopped and looked down.

“Then I got there thanks to Selena’s coordinates.” Tiffany took over. “I ran to Max and Selena, I then attacked Drakon, it was simple since he was so weak. Then Jimmy came from no where and took me on and took Drakon.” She lifted her sleeve and it was wrapped in bandage. “Third degree burn.”

“And so where is Selena.” I asked

“She’s gone.” Tiffany said. “We brought you and Selena to the HC hospital and left you there until night when you mom came looking for you so we got you to bring you here but Selena was gone.”

“Where is Merlin.” I said
They both looked at each other and then me. “Well weren’t aren’t sure.” Max said
I couldn’t take this anymore. Selena gone. Jimmy and Drakon roaming around together and Merlin is gone.

“Well what you plan on doing now.” I asked

“Well since Tiff is second in command it’s her call.” Max said looking at her. “But I sent off a search party to look for Selena.” He said looking at me and I nodded to him.

“I plan on doing things like Merlin did.” Tiffany said with a tear run down her cheek.

“Ill help search for Selena.” I tried to get up but Max pushed me down. “You’re still weak.” He said. “You must rest.” Tiffany added. She looked tired and as if she cried all night. I agreed because not even I think I could help in the shape I am. “Well we should go.” Max said and he got up and Tiffany followed and she kissed my forehead and left. I fell asleep as soon as they left.
I dreamed about Drakon and how he and Jimmy were going to destroy me and all the heroes. I wanted to scream but I just couldn’t. My throat was dry and wasn’t cooperating.
And then I woke up and saw the clock it said 3:26 June 14, 2011. Two more days. I got dressed and walked downstairs hoping to see my mom but she was probably working. I looked at the fridge and there was a note.
Chris I left you some lunch in the fridge. I made it before I left. Behave and Take care.
Love You

“Thanks mom.” It was some chicken with rice. As I was eating a knock came at my door. I opened the door and it was Max. “Hey Chris. How do you feel.” He asked. “Truthfully I feel stronger.” I said. “We heroes that tend to happen.” He said.

“What’s wrong?” I asked

“It’s Selena.” He said. “I just am really worried.”

“I know how you feel.” I said I was just as much worried of Selena as Max was.

“How’s Tiffany.” I asked

“The boss, she’s a natural.” Max said “She left with a couple of heroes to go ask the Wise Wizard for help and help understanding.

“That’s really cool.” I said. Then I stopped because I saw Max’s eyes turn gold. I touched his shoulder and then something happened I saw the vision and then somehow transported us into the vision. The vision was about Selena. She was standing in front of us. “Selena.” I said but she couldn’t me. Me and Max looked at each other and walked closer to her. We saw her and she looked weak and tired. As we passed she seemed as she didn’t see us. I tried to touch her. Max saw it and said. “She can’t hear of nor can we touch her.” Then she snapped out of her mediation state and she looked straight at me. I thought she saw me and then she said. “Hurry.” And I knew she was talking to me and then I turned around and saw 3 kids and Tiffany walking to where Selena was. “They fund her.” I said. “They will find her.” Max corrected me. “I won’t go home yet.” Selena said. She sounded tough. “I won’t force you to. But you have to tell us what happened.” Tiffany said “In time.” She said. “Fine.” Tiffany said. “I see you are here to see the Wise Wizard to.” Selena said. “Yes.” Tiff said. “Shall we.’ She said. Then the vision went black and we were back at the kitchen. “Cool.” Max said. “Yea.” I said I guess me and Max had a lot of powers when we worked together. “So are we just going to stay here.” I asked. I closed my eyes and I felt him put his hand on my shoulder and the vision was clear. I teleported us both there.

As we teleported I heard Selena say. “Hurry.” We then teleported in front of her. “That was fast.” She said and she hugged me. “They are coming.” Max said. I turned around and saw them coming. Tiffany was surprised that we were here and Max went to talk to her. “How are you.” I asked her. “Never better.” She said with a smile. “So why do you need to talk to the wise wizard.” I asked. “Does it have anything to do with Merlin.” I asked. “Everything to do with him.” She said and then frowned.

“What are we waiting for then.” Tiffany said with Max behind her.

“Let’s go then.” Selena said. I then looked for a door or an entrance but there was nothing but an open area. But tiffany and Selena turned the same way and as Selena waved her hand a door opened out of nowhere and Tiffany opened it and entered it. I followed while the 3 heroes that came with Tiffany stood outside. The room was huge. Art of every possible decade was hanged. A huge throne was installed towards the back and pillars were there standing tall, and in the middle was a statue of a girl young. Decorations were all over the place books in shelves, newspapers in stacks and magazines of all kinds. Selena and Tiffany were both walking in front of Max and me.

“Who dares come to my palace.” A lady’ voice boomed in the distance.

“Selena Rodriguez. Apprentice of Merlin.” Selena said. When she said that we all turned to look at her. She didn’t look at us though.

“Ah well hello.” The voice changed. A little girl came out of nowhere and she was dressed in a dress from the middle ages. Her hair brown down to her elbows. She looked at me and Max then to Selena. “Well my dear you are just as beautiful as Merlin said.” She said.

“Merlin talked about me to you.” Selena asked.”

“Yes. He knew he was at his ends so he needed to prepare.” The Wise Wizards said. “He wanted me to lead you the right way, but you knew it was coming to my dear.” She said as she walked over to Max and turned to a teen girl. “This one told you your prophecy correct.” She asked. “Yes. Max answered. Then I remembered Max told Selena she would lose someone close to her and she will be a leader of HC and that she would always care something of his.” Then Selena suddenly remembered.

“So. Selena is now leader of HC.” I asked. The wizard looked at me and smiled. “Yes son of the hero. Selena is leader and commander.” The wizard said. “So what did Merlin leave Selena?” Max asked. “Selena knows.” The wizard said. Then I looked at Tiffany. I saw rage in her eyes. Selena took her part in HC. Selena looked at me and then back at the wizard. “So my dear can you tell us what happened.” The wizard said.

“Well… I ran back and told Tiffany where we were and then Merlin told me that I needed to find the wise wizard and he said he wouldn’t make it. He then asked for my hand, I held out my hands and he transferred his powers to me. Then he disappeared and said to help them.” Selena let out a tear. “I didn’t know what I was doing but I saw Chris on the floor so I ran in-between Chris and Drakon and screamed and rays of light shot out of me. So therefore I have Merlin’s powers, he gave up his powers to save our lives.” Selena said.

“Wait so that’s why Merlin disappeared. Because this is the second time he gave his powers to save a life.” I said

“Exactly. You see once a wizard gives up his powers to help save a life twice he disappears.” The Wise wizard said

“Tiffany. Who did he give his powers first.” I asked

“Don’t ever ask me that again.” She said angry.

“That isn’t important at this point. Part one of the Selena’s prophecy is complete and the other was in undergoing.” The wise wizard said.

She blushed. Of course it was the love story. Max looked down and I had a feeling he knew what she was talking about.

“Also Tiffany’s.” The wise wizard said. And Tiffany looked at Selena and then I noticed that I never knew Tiffany’s prophecy but I knew it had to be something to do with Selena and me.

“Well I must speak with Selena alone please.” The wizard said turning into a women. Tiffany, Max and me left. I tried to talk to Tiffany but Max said to drop it so I did. Tiffany walked to one of her heroes outside and asked “if we were coming.” I said I was going stay and Max was leaving. Pretty soon they flew off. I sat down on the grass and waited for Selena. Minutes later Selena came out and walked up to me. “What did I miss.” I asked curious.

“Well apparently in two days Drakon will find us. Your birthday.” She said. “And she told me I will play a part in saving our life and have an indirect effect on helping And how we will get rid of Drakon if everything goes good. Then something about love But I rather not talk about it.”

Then I saw that she had a scroll of some kind of scroll and I asked what it was for. She said it was directions on what Merlin wanted Selena to do but only one thing is told at a time.

“What does it say now.” I asked.

She opened it and it said “Train and Build a team.”
She looked at me and said “And those were the wise wizard’s words.”
I smiled and grabbed Selena’s hands and closed my eyes and teleported to HC.

I teleported us to the HC entrance because everyone was now preparing. Selena then said she had to go meet up with her dad first so she fell off. I got to admit its going to take me a while to get use to Selena with powers.
I was about to go start walking up to my room when finally Tiffany and Max and the other came. Then Max whispered to me “Talk to her.” He said as he passed her. I walked to Tiffany and said “Hey.” Then she said hi back. I asked her if she was okay.

“Fine…I mean I lose my position in the only thing I have to a girl who Merlin barely knew.” She said sarcastically.

“It’s okay.” I said “Selena probably won’t take that away from you.”

“It doesn’t matter.” She “I knew it was coming either way.” She started walking but I followed.

“What do you mean.” I asked

“My prophecy.” She said “It stated that someone was going to take my place in HC.”

“Really…” I asked “But you never know. Prophecies are tricky. Does it say anything else? I asked curious.

“Um not about that thought.” She said looking down.

“Then what else.” I said.

“Well something about Drakon. And if he attacks then I had to be careful because my choices could affect us all.” she said

“Anything else.” I asked pushing it

“No!” she said angry but I knew she was lying. But let it go. Then that big hero that flew Tiffany here came up to us and looked at me and then at Tiffany.

“What is it Logan.” She asked

“A set of heroes is said to be on radar.” He said

“Ill be right there.” She said “Merlin did want to build a team so we need to gather as much heroes as we can.” Se explained. Then she punched my arm and told me she would be right back and I smiled and she left. I stood up and then Max came so I sat back down as he sat down next to me.

“Max. Did you read Tiffany’s prophecy?” I asked

“Yeah why?” he asked

“Its just she just told me.” I said

“Really… Its okay man she will get over you.” He said

“Wait what.” I said

“She didn’t… I mean… nothing…Tiffany’s going to kill me.” Max said

“Tell me or ill ask her myself.” I said.

“Well… the prophecy states that she will fall for the son of the hero twice.

“How is it possible.” I asked

“Well Merlin thought she would somehow fall for you and then something would happen and she would fall again but he wasn’t sure.” Max explained.

“what else did it say.” I asked

“Well. Tiffany will help Drakon somehow but without her own will. She will be controlled.” Max said. “But so far I’m the only hero we know that can control minds of others.”

“Wow really that is tough.” I said I was speechless. Tiffany left out a lot. “Anything else.”

“No… that’s all…” Max said serious.

“So according to the wise wizard a part of Tiffany’s prophecy is occurring.” I said “but which part.’ I looked at Max.

Max and I dropped the whole conversation. “So… what are we going to do?” I asked.

“Selena isn’t here. Tiffany left.” He added “Hey how about we train.” Max said “I have been feeling like fighting lately.”

“sure.” I said

So I was going to take things slow on him because he didn’t seem like the fighting kind. So I thought. As soon as we got at the court I noticed Max was really good. He moved a lot so none of my shots hit him. He shot knives that froze me but I quickly just rewind time and pressed my necklace and my shield helped the knife hit the floor. I ran to him and my shield became my necklace again and this time I chose water gloves. I hit him once with my right hand and then he grabbed my arm and then the water glove evaporated. I looked at him and his eyes were gold and I was expecting to be controlled but then I felt a burn. I looked and his hand was on fire. He smiled at me then he looked at his hand.

“Put it out.” He said letting go of me.

I put out the fire with my water blast “Whoa.” Was all I could say…
We ended up going to the HC hospital. Michael the healer grabbed my burned arm and then he made it feel better the he wrapped a bandage like Tiffany’s on my arm. “Don’t worry. Michael help.” He said

“Thanks.” I said as he walked off. Then he walked over to Max. He checked him “You are fine.” He said “Nothing is wrong.” Then he left.
We left the hospital and we tried to think of how he got his powers.

“Did you fall on toxic waste any time soon.” I asked “Or bitten by a Firefly.” I said. Then it hit me. “Jimmy.”

“What about him.” Max said still staring at his hands.

“Well he told me ever since you tried to control him. So therefore he got that from you and you got his fire powers from him too.” I explained.

“Really… that’s cool.” Max said then Selena came in “I leave you two for a while and you get hurt.” She said looking at my bandage.” What happened?” she asked I looked at Max and then told her our Jimmy theory.

“That’s not good, because that would explain how he knew everything would turn out in our counter against Drakon.” Selena said. “Who knows what else he can see. Plus know he has the power of the future at his side and who knows what else he has up his sleeves.”

“Does Jimmy have another power anyways.” I asked

“No because Jimmy is not a son of any heroes.” Max said since Max researched him before.

“Then how did he get his powers.” I asked

“Merlin always thought Drakon somehow gave them to him.” Selena explained.

“Then I guess that would make sense. “ I said then I looked at Max he wasn’t having any visions because his eyes were normal. “What wrong.” I asked.

“I can control people.” Max said

“We know.” I said not thinking.

“Jimmy could get that power as well and a certain prophecy will make sense.” Max said

“Of course Tiffany will be controlled.” Selena said. We both looked at her and wondered who told her. “Merlin gave me his knowledge too.” She explained.

“We need to find her.” I said

“Where did she go?” Selena asked.

“She left with a couple of heroes to find heroes to build a team.” I said

“She went probably with Logan and the twins Daniel and Daniela.” Max said.

“Can we communicate with her any way?” Selena asked. “I doubt those can withstand anything from Drakon or Jimmy.”

“Yes walkie talkies.” I said then Max searched his pants and took it out.

“Tiff. Are you there?” Max said nothing at first but then

“Yes. I’m here. What are you communicating with me for?” She sounded off. I could tell.

“We just wanted to see if you were okay.” Max said

“Oh. I also wanted to ask if we still had our girls night out today.” Selena said.
I was confused but then I got it. She wanted to see if Tiffany was still same hate Selena Tiffany.

“Of course.” Tiffany said

I was now worried “Tiffany. Where are you?”

“Don’t worry Christopher.” She said then the communication was terminated.

Selena then said we need 2 more people to help us. At that moment I thought of John.

“I got the right person.” I said “find another person.” I told them as I walked to the court and there he was.

“John.” I said.

“Yes. I can help you guys.” He said.

“Good.” I said “I still got to get use to you reading my mind.” I told him as I walked back to the lobby. Selena was there with Max and this new girl. “Chris this is Alicia she can make sonic booms and run fast.” Selena explained. Alicia was a girl about 14 and had brown braided hair with brown eyes and she smiled as I nodded. Then I presented John and how Merlin trained him. They both nodded and then I saw Max and he was concentrating. He was thinking of a way to get there now.

“Help.” Someone said from behind. We turned around and I saw a boy carrying a girl in his arms.

“Daniel.” Max said as we ran to him.

“Someone get the healer.” Selena said.

Daniel put down his sister, Daniela on the couch and then in no time Michael the healer came and began healing her.

“What happened.” I asked.

“Tiffany is being controlled and it was all… (Michael then began healing Daniel)…a trick…”

“Where’s Max and Logan.” Max asked

“They were with Drakon.” Daniela spoke.

“Is Logan being controlled?” Selena asked.

“No. it seems Jimmy can only control one at a time.” Daniel said.

No matter how fast he healed them they still looked weak. They weren’t ready.

“Daniel can you think of what the place looks like?” I asked him
He nodded and closed his eyes. “John read his mind.” John closed his eyes. Then I grabbed Selena’s hand and then John put his hand on my shoulder. He knew my plan. “Everyone hold on.” I said then last minute I grabbed the healer because I knew we needed him then we were gone.

The area was nothing but deserted. Sand and rubble was there nothing and no one. Of course they were hiding Jimmy knew we ere coming. Then I saw Logan. Michael can you help him I told him as we all raced to his side.

“Keep a close eye.” Max said. “It’s a trap.”

“Thank you.” Logan said as he got up.

“Ok. Here is the plan: Logan and Alicia can take care of Drakon. And the rest can take of Jimmy and help Tiffany.” Selena said sounding like a real leader.
“Wait.” Logan said. “There’s another one. They called him Victor he can multiply himself.”
“Well John and I can take care of him.” Selena said
Then they looked at me. “Chris will take care of Jimmy.” I nodded and then said. “We can do this team.”

In no time I felt Tiffany’s earthquakes. There they were. Tiffany’s eyes where pure red like Jimmy’s. Jimmy stood next to her and Drakon on the other side and next to him was a guy about eighteen and he had straight black hair that made him look scary. Logan and Alicia started heading to Drakon as the other team started splitting. Then Selena and John headed for Victor. Then Max and I headed for Jimmy and Tiffany. As we got closer I could see the evil in both their eyes. I focused on Jimmy has I waited the impact. He took out his two swords and I pressed my necklace and took out my sword. I ran towards him and he swung his swords slightly missing me by inches. I then countered his attack but he blocked it with fire and then I put it out with water. I ran and teleported and teleported behind him and around until he was confused. Then I teleported behind him and slammed him to the floor with my sword as it shifted to a shield but then I got hit with rocks lucky I had my shield up. I looked up and it was Tiffany. I rewind time and slammed Jimmy again but this time I blasted her with water and she hit the floor. I got up and so did she. “Snap out of it Tiffany.” I said. “It doesn’t work.” Max said as he came. “I tired.” Then Jimmy got up and hit Max and they fought. Then Tiffany took out her axe and then I tried to grab my shield but apparently if I put it down it turns to a necklace. So I dodged her moves and then I had an idea but I don’t know if it would work. I dodged the hits and ran and teleported close to her then I made a bubble of water around her mouth and drowned Tiffany until she fainted. She fell on the floor and I checked her pulse and it was still beating. I set her against a rock and looked around and saw Selena and John fighting Victors as he tried to escape. Then they went out of sight. I ran to where Jimmy and Max went but instead I saw Drakon flying and Logan carrying Alicia as they flew behind him shooting sonic booms. Then I finally saw Jimmy and Max, they were equal match. They both had each others powers and fire poured everywhere and Max’s eyes glowed Red and gold and so did Jimmy’s. Then I heard Selena’s voice in my head. “Chris we need help here.” I saw them and teleported to where John and Selena were. Surrounding them where Victors and Victors. Then we all three put our backs together and I saw Selena’s hand glow pink and her eyes and John took out his woodchucks and began swinging them. I then felt my adrenaline running and water poured out of my hands. We all ran to one Victor. “Find the real one.” Selena said I hit two of them but it went through them. They hit me but it hurt. I then blasted water at most of them but nothing happened and none were went meaning none where real. Then I saw Selena hit bunch but nothing then John fought some. Then he closed his eyes and then he saw the real one and he pointed then I teleported behind Victor and hit him with water and knocked him out. John then said “Logan and Alicia need help.” I told Selena to stay with Victor. I followed John and as we passed I noticed Tiffany was missing. I didn’t pay much attention to it. I saw Logan and Drakon flying and then Michael was healing Alicia then Drakon hit Logan with his dark powers from behind and he fell to the floor. Michael began healing him and then I blasted my water to Drakon but he disappeared. We ran to Logan and helped him up as he healed. “I’m fine.” He said then Alicia got up and I said. “We got to find Max and Selena.” We ran and to where Max was and Jimmy left and Max said “You coward. Come back.” Max looked at me and said “They have Tiffany.” I frowned and said. “Come on let’s find Selena. We ran to where we left her and she was on the floor and Victor gone. Michael healed her and then she stood up. “They left.” She said weak.
“It’s not over yet.” I said angry.

I teleported us all back to HC. “Everyone needs their rest.” Selena said then she looked at me. “Tomorrow we train.” She said. I nodded and then everyone left.

“Chris. Look.” Selena said as she pulled out Merlin’s list. “Train hard and plan.” It said “I want you to train the team tomorrow.” She said. “To teach them teamwork and how powers work together.” she explained.

“How about you.” I asked

“Ill help you but I think your the best for this job.” She said with a smile.

“Okay I will do it as long as you there next to me.” I said
She hugged me and mumbled something but I couldn’t make it out.

“What.” I said

“Nothing.” She said. “You just need your rest.”

I need that’s not what she said but I let it go. She kissed my cheek and I went upstairs and she went to her room in HC. My mom was probably sleeping so I didn’t want to wake her. When I opened the door and went to my room I saw a note.

Chris, I got home and you weren’t here so I didn’t get a chance to tell you that I have a business meeting and I need to go. But I’ll be back Friday.

Love you

I took a shower and got ready for bed and in no time I was asleep. I dreamed of falling that night. Then when I woke up I was about to hit the floor. I woke up with a startle. I walked downstairs and smelled no food. Then I remembered my mom wasn’t going to be here until tomorrow. Then it hit me. Friday is my birthday. I should have been happy I was turning 16 but then I remembered that day was the day Drakon finds us. One more day was all I could say.
I ate whatever I could find and then I got ready and headed downstairs. Everyone was already there: Selena, Max, Alicia, Logan, John.

“Today Chris is going to teach us how to combine powers and work together.” She turned and saw me.

“Hey guys.” I said

Everyone said hi and then I didn’t know what to do. So I explained. “Well… Max has visions and when I touch his shoulder somehow I teleport us into the vision.” Some responded with a cool and others stared in amazement. Then I got an idea. “Everyone get a partner.” I said Max paired with Alicia, Selena with Logan, and John came up to me.

“First you must contact your partner: Physical or mentally.” Then I heard John’s voice in my head. It was working. I looked at the pairs and Max and Alicia were holding hands because both were red as tomatoes. Selena I saw Selena close her eyes and communicate with Logan mentally.

“Now once you do that you next must each chose one of you powers and at the same time use it.” I said I looked at John and we both nodded “John and I will demonstrate first.” I said I thought of my water powers and then john of his reading minds. In no time John read everyone’s mind and then I raised them with water blasts and raised them higher and higher. Everyone was impressed and then everyone wanted to go next. I put everyone down. Selena smiled at me and I smiled back. Then she and Logan went. Selena closed her eyes and then when she opened them her eyes. They lifted up everyone in the room plus all the objects then Selena gave us all a protection shield. I then heard John’s voice say cool as we floated down.

“Our turn.” Alicia said They weren’t holding hands but Max’s eyes turned gold and fire went around his hands then Alicia’s eyes turned green and then they grabbed hands and a shockwave of fire blew everywhere hitting everything except us.
“Impressive.” I said “Everyone get the concept now?” I asked everyone said yes and then they continued as each got new powers and new pairs. They kept training. I went to sit in the bench. Selena followed and asked what was wrong. “We have less than 24 hours; I just hope they are ready.” I said. ‘They will be. You did better than I thought.” She said laughing. “Are you ready.” She said serious again. “I think so.” I said. Then we both laughed and then John came to us. “Chris I need to tell you something.” He said worried. “Tell me.” I said “when I got close to Drakon and tried to read his thoughts I saw part of his plan.” He said. “He kept saying he needed to get to you before time was lost, and he needed his host which was you.” He finished. I then started remembering when I first fought Drakon and how he kept saying how a great host I was going to be.

“Anything else?” Selena asked.

“He said he found a loop hole to his father’s curse.” John said.
Then it clicked. “Merlin told me that my father cursed Drakon and he was stuck in his old body forever. But Merlin told me he was finding ways to break the curse or a loophole.” I said. “He wants to somehow change bodies into me. The hero’s powers are the loophole. He can only travel into the body that Drakon most wanted.”

“Therefore Drakon can take over your body because you have the hero’s power.” Selena said as we both got it now.

“So he is going to take over your body.” John asked

“Of course remember your prophecy Chris.” Selena said. “Drakon will change his appearance.” I sat there thinking. Drakon wants to take over me to get to my dad’s power. “It’s okay. Chris.” Selena said. “It won’t happen.”

“I know. I wont let it.” I said trying to sound tough. “Thanks John for the information. “No need.” John said and left to go train with the others.

“Don’t worry.” Selena said putting her head on my shoulder.

“I can only try.” I said as we both stood up. I walked up to the Heroes and said “Okay guys let’s take a break, and get some water and met us at the bench.”

They sat on the floor. “Now we must find a way to break Jimmy’s mind control.” I said. “Any ideas???” I asked they all looked at each other and then I looked at Selena. “We know that Jimmy controls Tiffany through the mind. How can we talk to her without getting physical? “Selena asked. “Only if we could talk to her in the head and not through words.” Logan said joking. “That’s it.” Max said it. “Selena can do it.” She can communicate through the minds and reach her. She can talk to her that way. “I see.” I said “Selena could you try it.”

“Of course But I doubt if Tiffany heard my voice it would help her only get her madder.” She said and she was right.

“only if I could.” I said

“But you can.” Alicia said. “You have been teaching us how to use team work and maybe you and Selena could reach her.”

“She is right.” Logan added

“Let us try it.” Max said.
I grabbed Selena’s hand even though I knew I could have communicated through the mind but it seemed better that way. We both concentrated on talking to Max. He heard my voice and it worked. Everyone cheered as we spoke to everyone. That afternoon we laughed and it was a great reliever. But then we went back to training. At then end of the day I said “We are ready.” To Selena and with that training was over ad we needed rest.

That night I dreamed that I was in a dark room, that same room from other nights this time I was looking at Victor, Jimmy, Drakon, Tiffany, and this new girl he had a evil smile and she had short blonde hair. Then Drakon said. “Prepare little Hero.” Then everything went black and I woke up. I went downstairs; I thought I heard my mom. I ran and I saw her sitting in a chair. “Mom.” I said. She didn’t respond so I moved in front of her. She was tied to a chair and a blue present was on her lap. It was ticking. I tried to move it away from my mom but it wouldn’t budge. 3…2…1…then I expected a bomb to explode but then the present opened and then gray smoke poured out. I couldn’t breath and I was soon on the floor. I had then another dream that felt weird. That same girl was in my dream she said something “He is almost ready.” She said “Christopher…you look cuter than I thought…” she smiled I tried to talk but I couldn’t. “Wake up.” She said. Then my eyes opened. I looked up and I was at the HC court but it was all wrong Drakon along with his team and even that girl stood there staring at me. I looked further behind them and my whole team was trapped and some were knocked out. Selena was awaking staring at me. I tried to stand up but I felt so weak. “How…How did you get here?” I asked
“Our dear Tiffany brought us here.” Drakon said with a smirk on his face. I wanted to wipe that smirk off his face but I felt so weak. Then I heard John’s voice in my head. “It’s the girl. She’s Daphne. She can control dreams and weaken your powers.” He explained I looked at Daphne her eyes were pure gray and scary. “How do you defeat her.” I asked him.

“Well… he started to say.
Then Drakon spoke. “is he ready yet!” he sounded so impatient.
“A bit longer, his father’s spirit is strong.” Daphne said.

“Jimmy, Victor go ahead and feed your needs of damaging this place. I’ll go talk to the apprentice of our now gone wizard. They left laughing as Tiffany followed them. I wanted to say something but I just was full of rage. “Merlin was the only one who took her out way before, but now that he is gone.” John said “Leave her to me.” Selena burst in our conversation.
Drakon got where Selena and the rest where. I couldn’t even move a finger because I felt all this pressure against my shoulders and I knew it was Daphne. “Hold on okay.” Selena said. “I’m waking everyone and getting them ready.” Then I saw Logan get up and Selena got ready. Drakon thought we were powerless but he didn’t know we had each other. Selena and Logan picked my Drakon and Daphne and broke everyone’s chains as soon as Daphne wasn’t on me I felt lighter and kind of stronger. I saw them floating but I knew it wouldn’t last long. “Get ready team.” Selena broadcasted to me and everyone else.
I then saw Selena and Logan break the link as she flew past me and went for Daphne. I ran to Drakon hoping the rest of the team wouldn’t show. But in no time both teams where at full battle. Drakon and I were still running towards each other.
Selena fought Daphne But not literary. They both stared at each other fighting mentally I guess. Victor took on Logan. Jimmy went for round 2 with Max and Alicia went for Tiffany. Then John talked in my head “Chris we need to get Tiffany.” I responded “Selena’s busy.” Then it was quiet then he said “I could try.” I ran closer and waited for impact. Then I heard Jimmy’s voice speak to Tiffany. I then got to Drakon and he took out his sword and I got mine out. We did sword play as I tried to get to Tiffany. “Tiffany…Its me Chris.” I said “Chris…” she said. “Don’t listen.” Jimmy’s voice ragged out. Then I said “Tiffany.” She screamed and said “Leave me alone.” Then the earth shook it helped be because Drakon fell. I teleported behind him but I couldn’t for some reason I couldn’t. I tried to use water but nothing either.

“Ha-ha.” Drakon laughed. “You’re weak. My plan is working. Now I can easily go and finish the transformation. He stood up and we began fighting again. Then I heard Max’s voice and said he was done with Jimmy. I looked over and he was on the floor. It was my chance to get tiffany. “Tiffany.” I yelled as john communicated us. “Chris. I’m scared. She said. “Fight it.” I said “I know you can.” Then she answered. “I can’t… then her voice changed and maybe I don’t want to.” Then Drakon swung his sword as he caught me off guard and I hit the floor. “Tiffany…” I said “we still got to hang out today. Remember.” Then a flash of memories popped in my head and then she spoke. “Right. Chris.” Then I looked over and Drakon was about to hit me when he was hit by earth and raised up to the sky and fell down. Tiffany ran to me and hugged me. “Sorry.” She said “Don’t worry.” I said.
Not to far Victors surrounded Max and Alicia then they used what they learned and blew every Victor but hit the real one and knocked him out. “I’ll go gather them all.” Tiffany said
I then turned where Selena and Daphne stood the battle continued for them. Bolts of lighting crossed both of them. John was looking the same way. “I need to go.” I said. I thought about my teleportation powers hoping John’s energy could help me go in their minds. I was in. it worked. I saw the two girls fighting. “What are you doing here?” Selena asked me.

“I want to talk to Daphne.” I said.

They stopped and she looked at me. “What is it cutie?” she asked me

“Your team is knocked out cold, so give up.” I said “And tell me how Drakon plans on going inside me and why I don’t have my powers.

“Its nice you tell me my team is out.” She said laughing. “That only means I can dream them here.” Her eyes turned black and Jimmy grabbed me from behind and Drakon grabbed Selena as she tried running to me. “Daphne finish destroying his father’s good spirit…” Drakon said. “So that way I can go take his body without limits and inside battles.” He said laughing.

I tried to struggle but I was so weak and I had no powers. I was desperate.

“Jimmy. You don’t need to help them. We were friends remember. We need to help others not hurt.” I said

He laughed. “I’m pure evil. You can’t reach your old friend anymore.”

“You’re pure evil because that’s the way Drakon made you.” I said
I saw Drakon’s eyes widen. “What? I never met his boy until he saved my life since this one hurt me.” He grabbed Selena harder.

“What?” I said “Then who made you this way?” I asked Feeling weaker and weaker.

“I don’t need to tell you.” He said

“No tell us.” Drakon asked curious.

“Yes sir.” He began. “when I went to California my parents left me alone most of the time, One day I was alone and a man came up to me but he was weird. He had a red glow around him.” Then Drakon let go of Selena and she fell and at the same time Daphne stopped and looked at Jimmy. “How did he look?” She asked. I didn’t understand anything until he described him. It sounded…like my father.

“You idiot.” Drakon said getting closer.

“That was the evil’s pure evil.” Daphne said “The Hero’s evil must have followed the brat until he met the Jimmy and waited until Jimmy’s heart was hurt and entered him.”

“Really.” Jimmy said.

“What…” I said as Jimmy let go of me. I moved out of the way as Drakon got closer to Jimmy.

“This is perfect.” Drakon said.
I saw Selena’s eyes widen and then Drakon and Daphne forgot about me and I could feel my powers returning. Then Daphne said “Drakon you can teleport yourself now.” Jimmy looked scared but then Drakon glowed with power and then all the power all went to Jimmy and then Drakon’s body turned to ash and Jimmy glowed and I couldn’t see anything then Selena grabbed me and we teleported out of there. We got at the court then I looked where Jimmy was and black light shined dark and then everything was quiet.

I got and saw everyone staring towards where the light came from. I turned and saw Jimmy along with Victor, and Daphne. I saw Jimmy’s eyes they were different. He had red eyes but black lingered in them. He looked ale just like Drakon and he was dressed in clothes of Drakon yet had Jimmy’s attire as well. Then I looked around and Selena and Tiffany stood on my sides. I smiled and then Max and Alicia went on my left side and then Logan and John took side with Tiffany. It was 7 against 3 but for some reason I felt that this wasn’t going to be easy. Then Jimmy stopped as he got closer and he looked at us and his eyes went black and then he shot powers to Victor. Victor became this huge monster with big teeth and then he multiplied into more monsters. Then shot powers to Daphne and black powers roamed around her hands and she smiled.

“Listen up.” I said “Max, Alicia, and Logan take care of the Victor copies.” They nodded. “Selena you can take Tiffany and John inside her mind and defeat her.” Then I felt Selena’s stare and I know it was because I was taking care of Jimmy/Drakon myself.

“Are you sure?” Selena asked

I smiled and nodded. “Remember what we learned and what we train team.” I said

Then we ran I saw Max and Alicia run to a Victor monster and create sonic fire booms and they didn’t fall easily. Then Logan fell up to one and punched and it disappeared.

One the other side Selena flew above John and Tiffany. As they reached their opponent they stopped and entered the mental fight.

I was soon inches away from Drakon. “Well brother, I mean in a sense we are brothers of powers.” He laughed. Then he created swords out of dark fire just like Jimmy except this time one was Jimmy sword and the other was dark from Drakon’s power. He laughed as he saw his new toys. I took out my sword and ran to him. He was stronger now. He kept balance as me and he fought. Then he got me as he swung his second sword behind me and I stopped the first one. It cut me from behind so I rewind time and as he swung his swords I created a water blockage. Then Drakon’s black eyes turned red as he had a vision. Then he smiled. I forgot that Jimmy could see the future so now Drakon could to. “Poor Girl.” He said it caught me off guard and he hit my side luckily it didn’t hurt as much. I got up and teleported behind him and he knew I was there. I teleported and teleported around him until I teleported above him. This time he didn’t see me so as I fell I slash him giving him a slash on his face. He screamed and I whispered yes. He looked at me and then did this weird trick. He got his dark powers and put it on his face and I quickly check on my team. Alicia and Max fought the last Victor as Logan just made another disappear. Then I turned to Selena, Tiffany, and John. Everything seemed okay I think. Then I saw Drakon and his face wasn’t bleeding but the scar was still there. Then he ran to me shooting dark balls dodging al of them and then the last one turned into two and hit me. I rewind time and blocked one with my sword and the other with water. I can’t rewind time again or I’ll be weak again. I told myself. He ran towards me and I blocked his attacks with my sword. Then he did a new move. Black lasers shot out of his eyes. I fell to the gravel. He laughed and I tried to get up with my sword but I couldn’t. I picked up my head and saw Jimmy/Drakon’s eyes turn absolute black and then he shot his laser and then I thought I was dead but then I heard Selena’s shriek. I saw her and I heard her voice in my head. “I love you.” She said. Drakon laughed and said “Poor girl.” I understood now. Drakon knew she would do this. I got up but she disappeared and she was gone.

I stood there with my fists clenched at my side. I stared at my enemy with pure hatred. I could hear his laughter ringing in my ear and her shriek as he made her disappear. Voices and Voices poured in my head soon silence grew and with a tear running down my cheek I charged at him with full speed. He chuckled as I got closer and then he swung his two swords then with one he hit my head and with the other he stabbed my stomach… and then I fell to the floor.

Puny hero.” He said his voice said as he laughed As he was about to hit me with his sword. I knew it was risky but I had to bring back Selena. I screamed as tears rolled down my cheeks and blood down my side. I rewind time before I fell to the floor. Before I got hit. Before I lost Selena. I stopped when I noticed Selena was still fighting Daphne. Then I saw Drakon’s eyes turn black as he was about to shoot the black lasers he stopped. He looked at me with fear. Then I looked at my hands, my tears became water. I didn’t have skin, my body was full water. At the corner of my eyes I saw Victor along with Max, Alicia stop. On my other side Selena stared and so did Tiffany and John as he held the knocked out Daphne. I walked towards Drakon as he stepped back.
I tried to think what happened and then my mom’s word ringed in my head. “You also have to pick your personal side by making decisions of destroying or saving someone when you least except it…”
“What are you?” he asked scared
“You’re special because you have your father’s full good spirit.” My mom’s voice said “I know you can do it because you are my son and you are the son of the hero” My dad’s message echoed… “I am the Son of the Hero.” I said to him. He swung his sword to hit me but as it came to contact I grabbed them and the broke into pieces. Then shot out laser with his eyes and I blocked them with my hands. Then I grabbed him and hit him. “I give up.” He said. I told him to leave and never come back. That was my mistake. He got up and then I walked and then he was about to shoot dark fire at me but then I teleported in front of him and hit him with a water blast but it was weird because he simply disappeared. Then Victor’s and Daphne’s powers that were added to them got off. Victor ran off and then Alicia ran after him. “Don’t worry.” Selena said. “I called Hero patrol.” Then she looked at me and smiled. Then Tiffany left with Daphne outside HC with the hero patrols. Selena ran to me and grabbed my arm and then my water evaporated and she hugged me. “Happy birthday.” She said. it was my birthday. “I totally forgot.” I said “See told you I would remind you.” She said with a laugh.

I grabbed Selena’s hand as we walked to the other team members. “Good job team.” Everyone gathered up and said “Happy Birthday Chris.” I felt so happy. I still felt as if I was missing something. “My mom.” I said running and the teleported upstairs. She was still tied and I hugged her “We did it mom.” I said. “I knew you could, Happy Birthday Chris.” Then everyone finally met up and that afternoon we didn’t go hang out. We had an old fashion birthday party. It was better than I thought. Everyone was happy. Even max was flirting with Alicia.
“Chris. Can we go outside?” Selena said. Sure I said then I grabbed her and thought about the park and we teleported there. “What is it?” I asked. “Well I want you to know that… Well…” she was shy. I grabbed her hand and the she smiled. “I love you.” She said I smiled and I said “I know.” She asked me how and I told her everything she missed and how I lost her and how much I cared for her too. Then we were close and I kissed her. No one stopped us this time then as I kissed here the nearby fountain’s water erupted and it was amazing. “Sorry” I said and we both laughed and kissed.
After that everything changed. Logan and John were asked to be part of the Hero Patrol and now they keep charge of all the evil heroes in custody. But they still visit us at HC. Max and Alicia look and search for Heroes everyday and then Tiffany and I train them to the fullest. Also Selena gave equal half of HC to Tiffany making them as close as they probably would ever get plus together they invented a shield to protect us from anymore invasions.
***one day Tiffany and I were training heroes and we were at break. And I asked her about her prophecy and how her prophecy said that she would fall for me twice and that it wasn’t over yet. Yes she got mad but she got over it truthfully tiffany and I are just friends. But she told me I was right about her prophecy but maybe it meant something else. Then we changed the subject. School started in a couple of days and my mom was going to move back home so that would mean Selena and I would go back to Lowe High School. I told her and she rolled her eyes. Then she said “Or you guys can stay here at HC Academy.” Before I could respond Max and Alicia came running towards us. Then Selena came and brought Logan and john from the Hero Patrol.

“What’s going on.” I asked

“Max had a vision. So he wanted all of us here.” Alicia said holding Max’s hand.
“Chris.” Max said “What kind of shot did you hit Drakon with.” He asked me.
“Truthfully, I don’t know.” I said worried
“Well somehow you teleported him somewhere, you got rid of him but you didn’t destroy him.” Max said.

“Just like the wise wizard said “We will get rid of him”
“Chris, Drakon’s alive.” He said and the words ringed in my head.


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