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July 21, 2011
By Country_Storm_Inspired, the colony, Texas
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Country_Storm_Inspired, The Colony, Texas
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Author's note: This peice was inspired by my brother who was always trying to convince me that I was adopted when I was little.

The author's comments:
The Chapter names need some work.

I heard it, but I couldn’t believe what I heard. My parents were explaining to my older brother, Luke, that I was adopted. They were saying that my real mom and stepdad had been paying them a lot of money to keep me hidden from my real father since they got me in 1997. I also heard that my real mom was Alexis Aarons, as in the award winning actress, who was married to James Aarons, the famous director. As I stood there listening I wanted to cry, they were telling my brother that everything they had ever told me was a lie, that I was born on September 14, 1994 in Santa Monica, California, and that he had to keep it a secret because no one was supposed to know, and that they wouldn’t even be telling him if he wouldn’t have found the latest check from the Aarons’.
I was so shocked, but I decided that I should, at least, try and figure out if all of this was true, so I went to my room and got onto Google. I looked up adoption records for children born in 1995. I didn’t find anything so I decided to look up Alexis Aarons. I found that she had been married once before to Jonathon, John, Connors, and that they had had a child together. It also said that the child, whose name was never released to the public, was allegedly taken away from the parents after they divorced and Alexis remarried, a supposedly abusive James Aarons. The article went on to say that there was no evidence of abuse and that no one has ever heard from the child. I decided to follow the one lead I had, and I Googled Jonathon Connors. I clicked on a link, and wrote his address and phone number down.
I knew that California was two hours behind us, so I waited until midnight, when the house was asleep, to call John Connors. “Hello?” he said when he answered the phone. “Um, Hi,” I started,” my name is Hannah Carson and I was calling to see if you had any information on where your, um, child might be?” I asked. After a few seconds of silence I heard him clear his throat and ask, “Who are you exactly and why is my daughter any of your business?” “Um, I was just wondering about you daughter because, um, I overheard my parents talking about how Alexis Aarons was paying them to, um, keep me hidden from my real, uh, dad, and that they sort of adopted my in 1997 , so I was just checking to see if I might, um, have any relation to you maybe,” I paused giving John some time to talk, so when he didn’t I continued. “ Look, Mr. Connors, I know you must think I’m wacko, because believe me even I think that I’m wacko because my birth certificate says I was born in 1995 and your daughter was born in 1994, and,” At this point John cut me off. “Hey, hey, hey, I don’t think that you’re wacko, I just need some time to think, so can I call you back tomorrow afternoon maybe?” “Um, yeah you can call me tomorrow afternoon, this is my cell so my parents won’t exactly need to know about this just yet.” “Okay, I will talk to you tomorrow, Hannah?”He replied. “Yeah, um, bye.” I said then hung up.
As I lay in bed after the conversation, I couldn’t stop thinking about what all of this meant, because If John turned out to be my real father then what would I do, would I go live with him or with Alexis, or would I stay here and live with these people I have called my family all of these years, and if John isn’t my father then I just look like an idiot and I’m back to square one. With all of these thoughts preoccupying my mind I didn’t drift off to sleep until 3:45am.

The author's comments:
the chapter names need some work.

“Hannah Lillian Carson, don’t make me pour ice water on you head.” I heard Luke say as I lay, attempting to sleep in my bed. “numuhm,” I mumbled, then said a little clearer, ”What time is it?” “It’s 8:30,” he said, “on a Sunday. And if you don’t get up now you will barely have enough time to get dressed before church.” “blah,” I replied as I sat up in bed, ”Fine, I’m getting up now leave please. ”Okay but hurry or you’ll be walking to church.” He said as he closed the door. As I got dressed I went over the events of the night before in my head, and came to the conclusion that my life was being turned upside down by people I don’t even know, or if I do I don’t remember them.
As I walked out of my room I grabbed my phone because I had absolutely no clue when John was going to call, and even though I never took my phone to church, I knew that today I was going to have to make an acceptation. I went down stairs and immediately smelled a French Vanilla cappuccino, my absolute favorite drink, and realized that I needed it considering that I was going to be working off of around five hours of sleep. I walked into the kitchen and saw my coffee and a chocolate doughnut sitting on the counter next to a note saying: Hannah bring your breakfast out to the car, and hurry please I don’t want to be late, AGAIN!! Luke. Not wanting Luke to leave without me, I grabbed my food and ran out the door to his car.
When I walked into the church I saw all of my friends standing together in the corner. As I began walking over I tripped on the rug in the middle of the room, and was falling when someone caught me around the waist and pulled me into a standing position. When I looked over at my friends they were all staring at me and whoever caught me. I turned around to see who it was, and saw Cory Stevens, the most popular guy at the high school standing behind me, and touching my waist.
“Um, thanks Cory.” I said barely above a whisper. “No problem.” He replied then walked away. I watched him walk over to his parents then slowly turned around, and ran over to my friends. “What the Crap was Cory Stevens a junior, doing saving you, a freshman, from public humiliation??” Alyssa my best friend, also a high school junior asked. “I have no freaking idea!!” I said. Blake, Alyssa’s boyfriend, my friend, and high school senior asked, “Did you see the way he ran over to catch her, I mean if he was standing behind her it wouldn’t have been that weird, but he ran across the room and jumped over a pew to stop her from falling face first onto the floor.” Kaitlin my other best church friend started laughing hysterically, while everyone else groaned because once Kaitlin starts laughing she doesn’t stop for a long, long time. Just then Tom the Pastor walked in and everyone quieted down even Kaitlin.
Close to the end of the sermon my phone started vibrating and everyone sitting around me started giggling. I tried to inconspicuously silence my phone, but the call went to voicemail before I could. After church was dismissed I checked my phone, and saw that it had been John who called me during the sermon. I looked up from my phone to see all of my friends staring at me like I was insane, because they knew that I never, under any circumstances, ever brought my phone to church. “Hannah, what happened to make you bring your phone to church with it on vibrate?” Alyssa asked with a concerned look on her face. “Um, nothing, I just accidentally grabbed it this morning, and, um, I just need to go call this person back really quick so, um, I’m just going to, um, go.” I replied as I quickly walked away.

The author's comments:
The Chapter names need some work.

When I stepped outside the phone was already connecting me, and by the time I got to a secluded area in the parking lot John had answered. “Hannah, thank you for calling me back so quickly, is this a good time?” he said. “Um, yeah, sorry I didn’t answer when you called; I was in the middle of church.” I replied. “Oh, it’s okay, I just wanted to ask you a few questions.” he said. “Okay, whatever you need to know.” I said. “Um, okay,” he paused, “What is your full name, birthday, and the city and state that you live in.” “My name is Hannah Lilith Carson, My birthday is July 14, 1995, and I live in Little Elm, Texas.
He paused for a moment before saying, “That’s great! I have someone in Little Elm following a lead that placed my daughter there.” “Really,” I replied, “Who?” He didn’t even miss a beat before saying, “The Steven’s their son Cory and my daughter were great friends when they were little.” I didn’t say anything for a few minutes so John went on, “I’ll call him and set up a meeting for the two of you, so that he can ultimately decide if you are my daughter.” “Um, okay.” I replied shakily while thinking that everything in my lie really was a lie, “Um, would you mind if you didn’t tell him just yet, though, because I’d like to be the one to break the news, seeing as he is my brothers best friend.” “I suppose that would be fine, but be careful, and keep the whole scandal as quiet as you can, we don’t want many people finding out.” He replied. “Okay, well I’ll talk to you later I guess, um, hey can I ask why my name..I mean your daughters real name is?” I said. “Yeah, her name is Lilith Angelica Connors, Bye Lilly..I mean Hannah” He replied slowly and hung up before I could say bye as well.
I was turning around to find Alyssa, Blake, Kaitlin and Luke when a car came screeching around the corner headed straight for me. I was frozen with fear unable to move when all of the sudden someone came out of nowhere and tackled me out of the way. I was about to hit the asphalt hard when the hero who saved me from the car turned and made it to where I landed on him. As I plopped on top of him as he simultaneously hit the ground all of the air left his lungs with a loud “oomph”. I looked up to see who my rescuer was, but was blocked by Luke yanking me up and throwing me into his car, the same car that almost flattened me. As he raced to get in the driver’s seat I saw Alyssa and my other friends staring in disbelief at Luke’s antics. My gaze moved from them to the figure sitting on the ground staring at me in the car. It was Cory, my rescuer was Cory, this was the thought going through my mind as Luke peeled out of the church parking lot, and started yelling.
“Mom and Dad want us home now, they are pissed and I don’t know why,” He started, “but they said if we aren’t home in two minutes it’s going to be BAD!” “Calm down Luke,” I commanded firmly, “we live a minute from the church if even that, and, by the way, you almost killed me back there! If it weren’t for Cory I would be dead and so would you!” “I know I may have over re-acted a little to the call, but I wasn’t going to hit you, I would have swerved!” He replied. “Sure you would have, but maybe you should have thanked Cory or acknowledged his existence in some way.” I pointed out. “Okay, Okay! I’ll call him right now and tell him to stop by tonight so that I can thank him. He can spend the night and everything.” He said as e pulled into the driveway and pulled out his phone. After a brief conversation Cory was confirmed to be coming over that night. “Happy now?” Luke asked sarcastically. “Very, now let’s get inside before out two minutes are up.” I smiled happily knowing that I had gotten my way.

The author's comments:
The chapter name needs some work

“In two weeks you’re leaving to stay with family in California.” My dad started, “Because of this your mother and I thought it would be best If you lost a little weight first, so this is the diet you will be on for the next two and a half weeks leading up to your departure.” I stared dumbfounded at my parents, “What if I don’t want to visit family in California, or go on this,” I paused to read the label, “lightning fast weight loss program, what if I’m happy here, in Little Elm, just the way I am this summer?” “Staying here is not an option, just as the weight loss program isn’t an option either.” My mother retorted tartly, “ And if you even think about arguing we can revoke your cell phone privileges, and you won’t get them back until you get home from California.” “Fine mother, whatever you say.” I replied sarcastically. “Since you choose to have an attitude I’m also cutting your hair, and I might dye it too.” “No! I like my hair its natural color and length!” I argued. “You have no choice, and Luke?” she addressed my brother who had been standing silently in the corner, “What we discussed last night, it won’t be a problem anymore.” “Luke stared at her like she was an alien. “Well you both are dismissed, but Hannah, you need to be back in here in 45 minutes, so that I can do your hair, and you can start the program.” She said with a fake sweetness.
As soon as my mother stopped talking I jumped up and stormed to my room. The first person I called was Alyssa. “Hello?” She answered the phone. “Alyssa I have an emergency!” I practically screamed into the phone. “What is it Hannah?” Alyssa inquired. “My parents are shipping me off to California for reasons I can’t exactly tell you just yet, and my mom’s gone psycho crazy and is cutting and coloring my hair and changing everything about me, and the worst part is the part I can’t even tell you!” By now I was in tears, sobbing into the phone uncontrollably. She paused for a moment before saying “Sweet Pea, I’m here to listen, and whenever you can tell me what you need to tell me, I’ll be here waiting, but until then, you need to talk to someone who knows.” “Thanks Alyssa, I’ll call you back in a little bit.” I stuttered as I hung up the phone.

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For whoevers reading or read this thatnks so much! I'm working on the rest of it, and if you ahve any suggestions or comments feel free to tell me so I can make it better!