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Enchanted to meet you

February 10, 2011
By shannonbfly, No Where, New Jersey
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shannonbfly, No Where, New Jersey
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Hi! My name is Claire. I'm 14 years old...almost 15. I'm basically your average teenager. I have long brown hair and hazel eyes. You could say I'm pretty but I don't see it. I have lots of friends that i can always count on and of course I have drama in my life....lots of it. Let me take you back to where it all started......8th grade. It was the middle of my 8th grade year and so far it was going pretty well. I had good grades, great friends, and my life at home was pretty good, but then one day the b●tch of the school, Hayley, and her crew decided to spread rumors around. She was telling people that I insulted all my friends and I just pretended to be their friends and that apparently I was a lesbian. From there my life kinda turned upside down. Me and Hayley used to be friends, we hung out the time and the best inside jokes. We told each other everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. But once 8th grade started we drifted and I was okay with that, but she thought of herself as popular, and she wasn't. She befriended the other bi**hes of the school and they formed this group that no one liked. Well the guys did, but no girls. So....she spread rumors and people started to believe them, even my friends. I told them all that they were just stupid rumors and over time they forgave me and everything was going well. Except the fact that the lesbian rumor was till goin around. But lucky for me that soon went away and no one thinks it now. So here I am now, the summer between 8th grade and high school, possibly the biggest change my life. Not only moving into a bigger school but of course my dad's boss promoted him and I had to move all the way from Massachusetts to Florida. Yeah Florida's nice, warm weather, lots of beaches and everything, but I have to leave all my friends behind. I tried to convince my dad to say no to the promotion, but he said it was the best thing that could happen to the family. June 13, my official last day in Massachusetts. All my friends came over to my house to say goodbye. It was a full out cry fest. My hardest good bye was my best friend of 12 years, Rachel. Her brown curly hair was placed in it's usual ponytail and her blue eyes were filled with tears. "Bye Rach. I"ll miss you, a lot!" "Me too! Promise you'll call me when you get there!" "I will don't worry." My dad finished putting all the boxes into the moving truck and we were off. I was now on my way to my new life. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------18 hours later and we were still driving. "Dad are we almost there?" "Almost sweetie, only a few more hours" 'This is the longest car ride of my life!' I though to myself. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally, we arrived in Florida. My dad parked in front of this gigantic house. I got out of the car and stood there starring. There before me stood a brick house, that was three stories high. "There's an in-ground pool in the back yard too." My dad whispered in my ear. "Are you serious?" Both my parents nodded and I ran into my new home. It was just as beautiful on the inside as it was on the outside. The living room and a 64" flat screen with two leather couches, that met in the corners, and a glass coffee table in the middle. The kitchen was just as big as the living room. It had the usual dishwasher, fridge, stove, etc. but it also had an island made out of marble in the middle of the room, and a table big enough to seat 10 people. The basement was huge! It had it's own flat screen with a leather couch as well, connected to the TV was a Wii, Xbox, and PS3, there was an air hockey and pool table, and a mini fridge. I ran upstairs to my room. It was.....amazing. It was as big as my back yard of my old house. The walls were painted a sun burnt orange, my favorite color, and the floor was covered in a lime green carpet. I had my own 52" flat screen, a walk in closet and my very own bathroom, which had a Jacuzzi! I started unpacking my clothes when my dad called my downstairs. "Claire, these are the Dunkins, our new neighbors." "uh...hi." I finally said, not taking my eyes off this boy. He was absolutely gorgeous. He had brown hair that went to his eyebrows, and stunning brown eyes. "Hi Claire, I'm Tracy, this is my husband Chris, and out two kids Sam and Jeremy" "Nice to meet all of you" "Well you kids can go on and get to know each other, we'll see you in a bit" my mom announced. I took Sam and Jeremy out to the back yard and sat on the edge of the pool. "Hi, how do you like Florida so far?" Jeremy asked me. His voice was so, so magical. "Okay, I guess, haven't really seen much" "Well what if I give you a nice little tour around town?" "uhhh...o-okay." I said, most likely blushing. He got up and went into the house, i followed. "Hey mom, can I take Claire to the beach and stuff, show her around a little?" I just couldn't get over his voice. "Sure sweetie, but take Samantha." He groaned but went out to get his little sister. We walked out of the house to see his little sister on the swings. "Sam come on, we're goin to the beach." "Yay! I love the beach" She exclaimed. On the walk down there no one really said anything except for Jeremy occasionally telling Sam to walk on the sidewalk and not on the road. Right when we got there Sam ran to the edge of the water. "Sorry about her, she can get annoying sometimes." Jeremy told me. "It's okay, I love little kids." We walked towards the coast and sat down in silence for a while. " So what are you like?" He asked breaking the silence. "Well, I'm 14, almost 15, I lived in Massachusetts since I was born, I'm like a 5 year old at heart, I love animals, dance, music, and soccer, uhh that's really about it, my life is kinda boring." I turned to him and saw him starring at me. "What?" "Nothing, just something about you is, special." I was for sure blushing at this moment. "Oh thanks. So what about you?" "I'm 15, I was born in Connecticut and moved here when I was 10 because my mom's job. I love sports, music, hangin out. yeah, that's about it." "Wow, your life is more boring then mine, and I didn't think that was possible." "Your nice." "I know." I flashed him a smile and he playfully pushed me into the sand. I pushed back and somehow we ended up in the water splashing each other. "Oh my god! my hair is officially ruined!" I yelled after he dunked me into the water. "A little selfish are we?" "I was kidding. I could care less how I looked right now." He smiled at me, and I swear I almost fainted. His teeth were perfectly straight and white. I couldn't help but smile back. He looked down at his watch and said, "We better get back, it's getting late."We got his sister and headed back to my house. When we got there our parents were laughing away in the kitchen. Looked like they were getting along well. We ended up going over their house for dinner. Their house looked quite similar to mine, made of brick, three stories, really big. At dinner we found out that our families had a lot in common. At around 10 we went back home to go to bed. I laid down on my king size bed and starred at my ceiling. "This day couldn't have been any better" I said to myself and quickly fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning at 1 in the afternoon. I checked my phone and had 5 new messages all from Rachel. Rachel: Hey! Hows florida? Rachel: I miss you!!!!!<33 Rachel: Claire! Did something happen? Rachel: Text me A.S.A.P!! I responded Me: Hey Rach! Nothing happened i was just busy unpacking and what nott. Floridas good but i miss you like crazy!! She instantly texted back. Rachel: Massachusetts is boring without you! I will find a way to get there to see you, even if i have to walk! This is why I loved this girl, she always could make me smile. I laid in bed for a few more minutes when I heard a knock on my door."Come in!" "Oh honey, your up. There's breakfast, well lunch now, downstairs." "Thanks mom." I quickly ran downstairs. I got into the kitchen and saw my dad reading the newspaper and my mom making coffee. I grabbed two pancakes, two hashbrowns, and 4 pieces of bacon. "A little hungry?" my dad questioned. "Just a bit." When i was done eating I went up stairs to take a shower and get changed. I put on my favorite bikini, and a red and grey striped shirt, white hollister shorts over it. I grabbed my red converse and ran out the door to talk to the beach When i got to the beach I laid down near the coast and thought about last night. I think I was really starting to like Jeremy, and it seemed like he might like me too. I hope he does. While I was lost in my thoughts I was drenched with water. "What the hell!" I screamed. I wiped my eyes and saw two really cute guys standing over me. One had skater style blonde hair and blue eyes the other had short brown hair and green eyes. "Sorry you looked hot, we thought you needed a cool down." The blonde said obviously trying to flirt. "Actually, I was perfectly fine thank you." I got up and started walking away when I felt someone grab my arm. "Let go of my arm!" I turned around and was face to face with the brunette. "Sorry bout that. My friend is kinda annoying." he said. "Ya think." "By the way, I'm Mike and he's Derek." "Claire." "Are you new around here? I have never seen you on the beach." "Yeah, I just moved here from Massachusetts." "Oh, that's a big move." "Yeah I know, it kinda sucks." Me and Mike started talking about everything. Our lives, school, friends, sports, everything. He seemed like a pretty cool guy. "What school are you going to be attending this year?" "uhh....George Jenkins High." "Oh cool, thats where I go." Just then my phone vibrated. Mom: Claire, time to come home, we have to go shopping. "Sorry Mike but I gotta go." I started to walk towards my house when I heard foot steps behind me. "Wait, can I uhh... have your phone number? So I could text you sometime?" "Oh sure." We exchanged numbers and I went back home. Me and my mom left to go school shopping. She had this huge list of all the supplies I'll need. She basically did all the shopping, I just followed her around. When we got home my mom started making dinner. After dinner I went upstairs to lay on my bed before I fell asleep. Right before I was about to fall asleep I got a text message. Mike: Hey, would you like to go to lunch tomorrow? I didn't know how to respond. I liked Jeremy, but Mike was a nice guy and I was starting to like him too. Me: Sure. Mike: Kay, I'll pick you up around 2? Me: Sure, sounds great. I told him my address and fell asleep. I couldn't wait for tomorrow. I woke up that next morning at 1. I turned on my TV and started watching SpongeBob. All of a sudden my phone vibrated. Mike: Cant wait to see you today. (: Oh sh●t! I forgot Mike's coming at 2. I got up and ran to my shower. I put on my favorite jean shorts, my SpongeBob shirt that Rachel bought me for my birthday, and pink Old Navy flip flops. I looked at my clock, it read 1:58. 'Phew, just in time.' Just as I was about to continue watching TV the doorbell rang. I ran downstairs and opened the door. There stood Mike in a black AE shirt, jean shorts, and blue sneakers, he looked pretty hot. "You look great." Mike said. "Thanks, your not so bad yourself." "Haha thanks." "Bye mom, bye dad, I'm going out to lunch" I yelled to my parents. "Okay sweetie, have fun!" My mom responded. "Okay so I was thinking we go downtown to the new CiCi's Pizza that just opened up." He told me as we were walking out the door. "Sounds great." Jeremy's P. O. V Once I woke up I got into my favorite bathing suit, and blue AE shirt and slipped on my blue DCs. I was about to leave and walk over to Claire's house to see if she wanted to go to the beach, when I see her and Mike, the player of George Jenkins High, walking down the road. 'What the hell is she doing with him?' I thought. I was kinda heart broken. Wait, what am I thinking, I have a gorgeous girlfriend, why am I thinking about a girl that I barely know? I needed to get my mind off Claire, so I sat down and watched some Sports Center. Just as I turned on the TV my doorbell rang. When I opened the door I saw Jessica, my girlfriend, in really short shorts and a bikini. She was kinda a slut, but she promised me she would never cheat on me, like she did with her last 3 boyfriends, so I gave her a chance."Hey babe, you wanna go to the beach?" She asked. "Yeah, let's go." This was perfect. I was going to the beach with my girlfriend, that will keep my mind of Claire. Claire's P. O. V We got to CiCi's Pizza and it was packed, so Mike decided to take me to the nearby ice cream shop. I got my favorite, chocolate chip cookie dough, and he got mint chocolate chip. We talked about our lives and stuff and we actually had a lot in common. After we finished our ice cream we took a walk to the beach. We walked in silence until he asked, "Do you have a boyfriend?" I didn't really know what to say. I mean I liked this kid, but I liked Jeremy too, and I really wasn't looking for a summer romance. "No, I don't but I'm okay with it, since i just moved here and all. I wanna get comfortable around here and get to know people without worrying about a relationship." Once I said that his face dropped. I felt bad for him but I just couldn't handle that. When we got to the beach I saw Jeremy sitting at one of the picnic tables. "Hey Mike, would you mind getting me a water I'm kinda thirsty." "Oh yeah, be right back." "Hey Jeremy!" I said while walking over to him. "Hey Claire, what are you doing here?" "I went out with this kid Mike, he took me for ice cream and now, here we are." "Mike? Like Mike Johnson?" "Yeah, you know him?" "Yeah, he's a complete player." "He can't be, he's such a sweet kid and he's really nice." "Look Claire, trust me, you don't want to get involved with that kid, you'll just get hurt."I could tell in his face that, that wasn't what was bothering him. How did he know, if I was gonna get hurt or not? "No, I don't think I will, he's a great guy, I think you're just jealous." "Jealous? of who? Him? No way." "Whatever, I'm leaving, when you figure out what's really bothering you, tell me." I got up and walked back to Mike. "Mike, can you take me home, please." "Uhh...yeah, sure." He said, looking confused as ever. Jeremy's P. O. V "Whatever, I'm leaving, when you figure out what's really bothering you, tell me." Claire yelled at me, then she stormed off. 'What the hell just happened?' I was so confused. One minute Jess is next to me, she goes to the bathroom and Claire comes over and is accusing me of being jealous of Mike? I can't tell her what's really bothering me, because I have a girlfriend, and what if Claire doesn't like me back? Then I would make a complete fool out of myself, not gonna happen. Just then Jess came back, "Hey babe, wanna go to my house for the night? My parents are away, so I have the whole house to my self." She said while stroking my arm and playing with my hair. I was completely lost in thought until she snapped her fingers in my face. "What?"I fired back more forceful then I meant. "My house? or no?" "Uhh....no sorry, I gotta do stuff at home." Worst excuse ever, but I couldn't think about being with Jess right now. I moved her off my lap and she just stood there starring at me with an open mouth as I walked off the beach.

Claire's P. O. V Instead of Mike just dropping me off at my house I had him stay over for a little, to get my mind off of Jeremy. I introduced him to my parents and they seemed to like him, which was a good sign. We went down into my basement and started watching TV. "You have an Xbox?" He asked suprised. I nodded. "Do you have Black Ops?" Typical guy question. One reason why I bought it. Everyone was talking about it in Massachusetts so I figured what the hell, why not. Again I nodded. "Dude, can we play?" Did he just call me dude? "Uhh..sure." I learned that after all my practice playing this game I was actually pretty good and I ended up beating Mike. "Wow, your pretty good for a girl?" "What's that supposed to mean?" I said getting angry. "I was kidding, chill out. You should have seen your face!" He made a bad imitation of my face and we both burst out laughing. 'Why did Jeremy think I would get hurt with this kid? He's perfect' I thought. After out laughter died I didn't really know what happened because all of a sudden he kissed me. I thought I would feel something with this kiss, but nothing, not even a little spark, which kinda upset me. But soon enough it turned into a make-out. I pulled back because I barely knew this kid and I didn't want a relationship. Apparently he didn't like that and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me back in. I tried to pull away again but he had a tight grip on my head. He took my into the basement closet and started undressing. I knew where this was going and I didn't want to do it, I was still a virgin and planned on keeping it that way until I met the right guy. He started taking my clothes off to but I kicked him in the gut which mad him more mad. He slapped me and I screamed, hoping my parents would hear, but they must have left because no one came down. I kept kicking my legs so he couldn't do anything and he continued to hit me, which only made me scream more. Jeremy's P. O. V When I got home I laid in my bed and thought about everything. Did I really like Jessica anymore? Or do I like Claire more? After thinking about this for an hour or so I called up Jess and broke up with her. She broke into tears asking me why and saying we were perfect for each other, I just hung up on her. I knew I had to tell Claire so I got up and went next door. I was about to knock on the door when I heard a scream. The door was unlocked so I went right in. I heard another scream and I could tell it was coming from the basement. I ran down there and saw no one. Then I saw the closet door moving. I opened it to see Claire laying on her back in her bra and underwear with Mike over her practically naked. I grabbed his shoulder and punched him as hard as I could. He went to fight back, but I had a black belt in karate, he had no chance. I quickly knocked him out and went to go get Claire. She was curled up in a ball crying on the floor. I called 9-1-1 and told the police what I saw. They asked to talk to Claire but she was crying so much she couldn't get any words out. They took Mike and said he would probably go to juvy for a while because this wasn't his first case of rape. I walked back over to Claire and sure enough she was still crying. "Claire it's okay, he's gone know, your safe." I reassured her. "I-I wa-as so-o sca-ar-ed." she tried to get out in between sobs. "I know, I know, but your okay now." I put my arm around her to try to comfort her but it was kinda awkward since she was almost naked. She turned and gave me a hug, "Thank you so much." she whispered in my ear. I put her clothes back on and carried her upstairs and sat her on the living room couch. Claire's P. O. V Once I finished crying I turned to Jeremy and gave him the biggest hug. "What was that for?" He questioned. "You saved me. If you didn't show up, I don't know what would have happened." "It was nothing really, I just couldn't let someone I care about get hurt." He said smiling at me. God I loved his smile. Wait, did he just say he cared about me? "You care about me?" "Of course I do, since the first day I saw you. When I saw you with Mike, I guess I was a little jealous, because he had what I wanted, you, and I knew I couldn't do anything about. Then when you stormed off on the beach I knew I f*ed up and I'm so sorry." I just stared at him for a minute with my mouth open, shocked that he just told me all that. I didn't know what to say. He dropped his head when I didn't say anything, he probably thought I didn't feel the same way. I took his chin so he was looking at me, smiling I said, "I care about you too." We just sat there starring at each other for what seemed like hours. Then of course my mom and dad came in and ruined the moment. "Hey sweetie, how was your day?" "It was good." I responded still smiling at Jeremy. "I'm sorry Claire, but I gotta go, my mom wants a family dinner." "Okay, I'll talk to you tomorrow." "How are you gonna talk to me if you don't have my number?" 'Awwe what a cute way of asking my for my number' I thought. We exchanged numbers, he gave me a huge hug and left. I walked into the kitchen with the biggest smile on my face. "Whats got you so happy?" My dad questioned. Being the typical teenager I said "Nothing." We sat down at the table and started eating dinner when my mom said something I never thought was possible. "Claire, you have a younger brother." I starred at her with my mouth open. "Wh-what? How is that possible? You were never pregnant." "Actually, I was. When I went on that business trip, I actually came here to visit your aunt to talk to her about it. I remember telling me that you loved being an only child and you never wanted a sibling so I got scared when I found out I was pregnant. So he has been staying here for 10 years with your aunt." "That's why you always went on a "business trip" once a year?" She nodded. "Well what's his name?" "Carson." "Well I wanna meet him." My mom and dad starred at me like I had 10 heads. "What?" "You want to meet him? After what you said?" "Mom, I was like what 5? I didn't actually mean I never wanted one, just at the moment, I loved having the only child life. But once I saw all my friends with little brothers and sisters, I felt left out and you could have talked to me when you found out, not just disappeared for 9 months for a "business trip" I would have understood, and I would have loved meeting Carson when he was first born. Does he know he has an older sister?" "Yes, he does, and every year he asks when he could meet you and since we moved here for your father's job I figured it was time for us to tell you."I was still so shocked about the news, but I was happy that I had a younger brother, and I couldn't wait to see him. "So, when can I see him?" "Tomorrow, I'll call your aunt and tell her we'll be over." After dinner I went upstairs to lay down and watch some TV. I was seconds from falling asleep when my phone vibrated obnoxiously on my bed side table. Jeremy: Hey are you still awake? Me: Yes, but i was just about to fall asleep. Jeremy: Oh, okay, well ill let you go. I'll talk to you tomorrow<3 Me: Alrightyy. Byeee<3 I fell asleep that night with the biggest smile on my face.

"Claire, come on you gotta get up. We are going to your aunt's in an hour." My mom said nudging me awake. I moaned. "Ughh, I don't wanna get up, I'm tired." "Do you want to see your brother or not?" Just then I remembered why we were going to my aunt's in the first place. I jumped out of bed and got into the shower. I wanted to make a good first impression so I wore my favorite jeans and aeropostale shirt. "Claire come on! We need to leave!" My dad yelled up the stairs. "I'm coming dad!" I ran downstairs, slipped on my flip flops and ran to the car. It took and hour to get to my aunt's house. I was getting more nervous every second. When we were almost there I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Jeremy: Hey, do you wanna hang at the beach today? Me: Sorry, cant, im meeting my brother Jeremy: Brother? You said you were an only child Me: Yeah, thats what i thought but apparently not Jeremy: How do you have a brother? Me: I'll tell you later i gotta go. Byeee. Jeremy: Talk to ya later<3 Awwe. He put a heart. He's so sweet. Next thing I knew was we had finally arrived. Of course, to make me more nervous, my mom told me to wait in the car. My parents got out of the car and went inside. Seconds passed, it seemed like hours before my dad came out and told me to come in the house. I walked through the door and there before me stood a boy with my hazel eyes and brown hair. If he wasn't shorter then me, we could pass for twins. I stood there for what seemed like forever just starring at him. Carson's P. O. V My mom and dad arrived at my aunt's house today. My mom told me that I would be meeting my sister for the first time today. I was so nervous. What if she doesn't like me? What if I'm too annoying? All these questions were flooding through my head. Then my parents walked in, but no sister. Did she change her mind? Did she not want to meet me? I started heading up to my room when my mom told me to wait. I sat on the couch and seconds later my dad walks through the doors with a girl that looks exactly like me, same hair color, same hazel eyes, I swear she was my twin. We stood there in silence for what seemed like forever. "Carson this is Claire, Claire this is Carson." my dad announced breaking the silence. Claire's P. O. V Once my dad spoke I ran to Carson and gave him the biggest hug ever. I couldn't believe I had a brother. We went into the dining room to catch up and talk. Apparently me and Carson have lots in common. Carson was coming home tomorrow because he still had to finish packing up his stuff. After dinner we left to go back home. We got home around 8:30 and I went over to Jeremy's house. I got over and knocked on the door. Jeremy answered shirtless- oh my god, I thought I was going to faint- and I didn't realize I was starring until he told me to come inside. "So what's with this new brother of yours?" I told him the entire story. I started crying after I was done. "Claire, what's wrong? Aren't you happy?" "Yea, they're happy tears." I replied somewhat laughing. He smiled and hugged me. I thought I was going to melt in his arms. I really liked this kid, but like I said before, I don't want a relationship right now and he understood that. After playing video games for an hour or so I had to head home. I got up to leave and he followed me to the door. Before I left he gave me the biggest hug in the world. I walked home with a smile on my face. I went upstairs to get changed when a thought crossed my mind. "Hey mom, where is Carson going to be sleeping? We don't have any more rooms other then the basement." "Yes we do, the door at the end of the hall? yeah that's his room." "Really? I thought it was just a closet." wow I felt kind of stupid at that moment. I went to bed that night excited for my new brother to be finally coming home. All my life I've been good but now, woah, I'm thinking what the hell All I want is to mess around and I don't really care about If you love me, if you hate me, you can't save me, baby, baby All my life I've been good but now, whoa, what the hell "Where's the snooze button?" I moaned. I slapped on my clock until Avril Lavigne stopped playing. I glanced at my clock, it read 11:30. I rolled over to go back to bed when I remembered Carson was going to be here in a half hour. I didn't even bother getting dressed, he's my brother, he'll see me in them sooner or later. He finally got here and I helped him unpack. He was putting clothes in his dresser while I was hanging up stuff in his closet. All of a sudden he asked question I never thought I'd have to answer. "Did you really not want me as a brother?" I starred at him trying to find the words to answer him. Finally I did, "It wasn't that I didn't want you, I liked being an only child at the time, but my friends all talked about their siblings and I felt left out. There were times were I wished I had a little brother or sister, and I am so happy that I have you Carson, you have no idea excited I was to meet you." I turned around to see him with tears in his eyes. "Oh Carson, don't cry. It's okay." I walked over to him and gave him a hug to comfort him. "Thanks Claire, that's probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said." He said now with a smile on his face. Then it hit me. Jeremy has a little sister that's Carson's age. "Hey Carson, how'd would you like to meet a new friend." "I would love to!" "Kay, come with me." I ran to Jeremy's house with Carson following me. I knocked on the door and to my surprise, Sam answered the door. Carson's P. O. V Claire ran out of the house and of course I followed. We got to the house next door and when she knocked the prettiest girl opened the door. She had long black hair and really pretty blue eyes. I needed to figure out who this was. As if she read my mind Claire said, "Carson, this is Samantha, she's our neighbor." "Hi Samantha." I said not taking my eyes off of her. "Hi Carson, you can call me Sam." Just then some boy walked up behind Sam. "Claire, who's that?" I whispered to her. "That's Jeremy, Sam's older brother." "So you must be the mysterious Carson I've heard about." Jeremy said to me. "Uhh...yeah hi." "Sam, why don't you take Carson to the back yard and play on the swings, get to know each other." He told Sam. "Okay, sure!" she replied with excitement. She took my hand and led my outside. Claire's P. O. V "I think they will get along well." I told Jeremy as Sam and Carson ran off to the back yard. "Yeah, I think so too. So since we couldn't go yesterday...do you want to go to the beach?" "Sure, I'd be happy to go." "Okay, hold on let me go tell my mom." Jeremy walked out of the room but when he came back Sam and Carson were behind him. "Mom said they have to go with us." "That's fine, they will be busy in the sand anyway." "That's true." When we got to the beach Carson and Sam ran right to the water. They seemed pretty occupied so me and Jeremy went for a little walk. About 5 minutes into the walk Jeremy grabbed my hand. Right when his hand touched mine I felt a spark of electricity go through my entire body. I looked over at him and he was smiling, he must have felt it to. The walk was nice, we didn't really talk much, just walked. After a few minutes was sat down to watch the sunset. He broke the silence first, "Look Claire, I know you said you didn't want a boyfriend now, but I really like you, so I was thinking maybe we could go out." I didn't know what to say. I did really like him, but we haven't even started school yet and who knows who I would meet there. "Jeremy, I like you to, but I don't really feel ready for a relationship right now, schools starting soon, and the whole situation with my brother, I wanna get settled in with this place before I go into anything." I looked over at him and I could see he looked upset, but I just wasn't ready and he had to understand that. "Okay, well we better be getting back, it's starting to get pretty dark out." The walk back home was pretty awkward and no one said a word. When we got home me and Carson spent a little time together. We got ice cream and watched some TV. "I had a great time with Sam today, thanks for introducing me." "No problem kiddo." After watching about 5 episodes of SpongeBob we went upstairs to bed. "I am so glad I have a brother, no more lies between my family." ~one month and a half later~ Me and Jeremy have been hanging out a lot and he hasn't pressured me into going out which I was thankful for. But after getting to know him more and hanging around with him I was thinking maybe I could give it a shot and go out with him. What could be the worst thing to happen? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- School was starting in 3 days. I couldn't wait, but I was really nervous, the only person I knew was Jeremy. "Hey mom, where did you put all my school stuff? I want it to get everything together for my first day." I asked while walking into her room. When I walked in she was sitting on her bed looking at the floor. "Mom, what's wrong?" "Sweetie, your not going to like hearing this, but when we moved we lost your school registration papers so you have to wait another month before you can go." "What! are you serious?" "I'm afraid I am." I couldn't believe it. How could my parents do this to me? I didn't know what else to do so I left the room and just ran. I didn't know where I was running to until I got to the beach. I didn't really know anywhere else to go so it didn't surprise me when I ended up there. I just sat there in the sand with my head in my hands crying. For the first time in my life I was looking forward to go to school and now I have to wait another month. I must have been crying pretty loud because all of a sudden I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw a girl with curly blonde hair and green eyes starring at me. "Are you okay?" she asked. "Not really, but I'll be fine" and with that she walked away. 'Wow what a nice person.' I thought to myself. Just then another person came and sat next to me. This time when I looked up I a saw a boy with beach blonde surfer hair and sparkling blue eyes. "Hey, are you okay?" I told him the same thing I did that girl, "Not really, but I'll be fine." I was expecting him to walk away but instead he just sat there. "Uhh...you can go, I'll be okay. I promise." "I've heard that many times, girls are never okay when they say that." i was shocked by his reply. I wiped my tears and just looked straight out into the ocean. "I'm Jason, by the way." he said holding out his hand "Claire." I took his hand and shook it. Man, I could tell this kid was muscular. "Are you new here? I've never seen you here and I come to the beach almost everyday." "Yeah, I moved in the beginning of the summer." "Oh really? Where'd you move from?" "Massachusetts." "That's pretty far away." "Yup, it is. The only good thing about moving here was I got to meet my brother." "Meet your brother?" I explained him the whole story about Carson. I also told him about the whole school registration paper fiasco too. "So now I have to wait a whole month before I start school." "Oh, that sucks, what school are you going to?" "George Jenkins High, my neighbor told me all about the school and teachers, and I really can't wait to go, but of course I have to wait." "Oh I go there. Who's you neighbor?" "Jeremy Dunkin." I answered. "Oh, he's like my best friend, but he's going out with the school slut, which I've tried to talk him into breaking up with her but he won't listen." Girlfriend? He never said anything about a girlfriend? Wait a minute, if he had a girlfriend why did he tell me he cared about me? and why did he ask me if I wanted to go out? "How long have they been going out?" I finally spoke. "Uh...about 3 months." 3 months? What the hell? Why didn't he tell me this? I was so mad at him right now, I really thought he was different, but I guess not. "I'm sorry Jason, but I gotta go. I'll see you in school, when I get there." I got up to walk away but he grabbed my hand. I turned around and got lost in his gorgeous eyes. We stood there starring at each other for quite some time. "What do want?" I finally said. "Oh...uh...do you think..uhm..I could have your number? You know, to keep in touch." I smiled at his hesitation. "Yes, of course." He smiled back and I couldn't help but stare again. His smile was like a sparkling star in the sky. We exchanged numbers and said goodbye. I was just about to open my front door when I knew I had to do something first. I marched over to Jeremy's house and knocked on the front door. "Hey Sam, is your brother home?" "Yeah, he's up in his room." "Thanks." I ran up to his room and didn't even knock on the door. "Claire?" He stood up and walked over to me. I did the first thing that came to mind. I slapped him right across the face. Jason's P. O. V I was just laying in bed watching TV when Claire comes running through my door. I got off my bed and walked over to her and she slaps me across the face. "What the f●●k was that for?" I asked holding my face. "Because your a jerk! You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend!" S**t! I never told her about Jessica and once Claire said she didn't want a relationship I got back together with her. "Claire, I'm sorry. I did have a girlfriend but I broke up with her when I met you, but then when you basically rejected me, I got back with her, I'm sorry." "Sorry my ass! You could have told me you had one in the first place and to think I was gonna give you a chance, well you just blew it." and with that she stormed out of my house. "F**K!" I screamed and punched the wall. I just screwed up the once chance I had with the girl I practically am in love with. Claire's P. O. V I couldn't believe Jeremy lied to me. I needed to talk to someone but he was the only person I ever talked to with my problems. Just then I remembered Jason. I took out my phone went to text him but it was 11:30 and I didn't want to wake him if he was sleeping. I thought about it for a minute, but I didn't care, I needed someone to talk to. So I finally texted him. Me: Hey, are you still awake? I really need someone to talk to. Jason: Yeah im awake. What do ya need to talk about? I explained him the whole situation with Jeremy starting with the first day I was in Florida. It took him a while to respond but when he did I laughed. Jason: I feel ya. But ya know, there's plenty of guys out there, ya know some named jason....just sayin(: Me: Really? I dont know any jasons Jason: Well i know a pretty cool jason who would love to get to know you Me: I hope i can meet him sometime(: Jason: Oh dont worry you will(; Me: Hahah. Thanks for cheering me up jason. Jason: No problem. I'll be here for you whenever you need to talk. Me: Thanks, but im getting tired and i need my beauty sleeppp. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Byeee. Jason: Okay byeee. Oh and just to let you know, you don't need anymore beauty sleep, your already beautiful. Awwe how sweet. Seconds later I fell asleep. ~a month later~ Finally! The day has come! Today is my first day school, I couldn't be more happy. I got up at 5:30 and took a shower. I stood in my closet for forever deciding on what to wear. Finally I decided on a pair of hollister shorts with black leggings that went to my knees and a pink aeropostale shirt with a white cami and my pink hollister flip flops. I left my hair straight and put some eyeliner, mascara, and a little pink eyeshadow. I also added some black and sliver bracelets before I left my room I ran downstairs and grabbed two poptarts for breakfast. I grabbed my backpack and ran into the car. "Mornin dad!" I exclaimed cheerfully. He just moaned, he's not really a morning person but my mom had to go look for a job so he was stuck driving me to school. We got to the school I gave my dad a kiss goodbye and got out of the car. I saw kids everywhere, walking, talking, giggling, meeting up with friends, I felt so alone. "Watch out!" Someone yelled. I turned my head just in time to get hit square in the face with a football. Before I could say anything everything went black. When I woke up I didn't know where I was. I sat up and saw a boy with skater black hair sitting in a chair with his head in his hands. "Uhh...where am i?" As soon as I spoke his head shot and he smiled. "Oh my god, your okay, and your in the nurses office." "Uhm..yeah I am okay, who are you? and what happened?" "I'm Eric, and I accidently hit you in the head with a football and kinda passed out so I brought you here." 'Well this is a great way to start my first day' I thought. "Oh, well thanks, but I gotta get to the main office to get my schedule." "You're new here?" "Yeah, moved from Massachusetts." "Oh well I gotta get to class, I'll see ya around." "Yup, bye." When he left the room I got up and made my way to the office. When I got to the office a middle aged women greeted me, gave me my schedule and walked me to my homeroom. As we were walking I was reading my schedule over and over again so I wouldn't get lost during the day. Homeroom- Mrs. Jenkins, room 221st period- Math, Mr. Parker, room 16 2nd period- English, Mr. Jones, room 19 3rd period- Science, Mrs. Roberts, room 25 4th period- Study Hall Lunch 5th period-Gym, Ms. Portland 6th period-Spanish, Mrs. Sanchez, room 15 7th period- Carpentry, Mr. Porter, room 30 Yes, carpentry, I have always liked designing and building things since I was a little kid. Soon we were at my homeroom and the office lady was talking to the teacher. As they were talking the whole class was starring at me. I felt pretty uncomfortable, but when I looked at the back of the room I saw a familiar face. Jason. When I looked at him he smiled and waved hi, I smiled back. I also realized that the person sitting to his left was the blonde girl that came up to me on the beach. I figured she was the popular girl because she had a group of like 10 people crowding around her. "Okay class, today we have a new student. Her name is Claire Davis, please welcome her and treat her with respect." Mrs. Jenkins said. "Claire, why don't you go sit next to Jason in the back." I looked back and saw Jason smile. I grabbed my stuff and went to sit down. "Hey Claire, let me see your schedule." I passed over my schedule. "We have everything together except Gym, I have Mr. Swisher, and...carpentry?" "Yes carpentry." "Interesting." The bell rang to go to first period. 'Here's the beginning to my first day' I thought and stepped into the hallway. I headed out to my first period class. I looked all around the school for Mr. Parker's room but I couldn't find it. I gave up and decided to go to my locker instead to drop off my stuff. I found my locker and put in my combination. I threw the stuff I didn't need until the afternoon classes into the small space. I shut my locker and continued my search for room 16. I was looking to my left when I knocked into someone. I fell backwards and my books went in all directions. I looked up and saw a cute blonde haired boy starring at me. "I'm so sorry," he said. "It's no big deal, I ran into you anyway, I should be saying sorry." I got up, brushed of my clothes and grabbed my book. I went to grab my last book which apparently this boy did too because when I went to stand up we bumped heads. "Sorry." we both said rubbing our heads. "I'm Noah." "I'm Claire, I'm new here, and I can't find my class." "Where ya headin?" "Mr Parker's room." "Oh. that's where I'm going, follow me." We walked down the hall way and when we reached the door he opened it for me, what a gentleman. "Sorry I'm late Mr. Parker, I was in the nurses office." Noah handed him a late pass slip and took his seat. Mr Parker then looked at me. "And who might you be and why are you late to my class?" 'Wow jerk' I thought. "I'm Claire Davis, I'm new here, sorry I got lost trying to find the room." "Oh you're the new girl from Massachusetts, I have been looking forward to meeting you. Go on and take a seat next to Bridgette." I looked around and saw a girl with wavy, long black hair waving. I walked over and sat down. "Hi! I'm Bridgette, obviously, nice to meet you." "You to." I day dreamed for the rest of the class while Mr. Parker talked about angles and geometry stuff. Before I knew it the bell rang. Noah came up behind me and snapped me back to reality. "So what's your next class?" "Uhm....english, with Mrs. Jones." "Oh sweet, I got her too." He ended up walking me to class. As we were walking I saw Jeremy with some girl. I was guessing it was his girlfriend. He turned my way and caught my eye. He smiled but I quickly looked away. I was still mad at him for not telling me the truth. We got to English class and they were reading some book, but since they already started it I didn't have to do any assignments for it, so I just sat in silence for the whole class. The rest of the morning classes were extremely boring. Finally, it was lunch time. I entered the cafeteria and saw people everywhere. There were cliques all over the place. The nerds, jocks, popular crowd, and so many more. I had no idea where to sit. I grabbed my lunch and saw an empty table so I went and sat down. Seconds later Bridgette, from math class, came over and sat by me. "Hey, you seemed so lonely over here, do you wanna come and sit with me and my friends?" I figured sure why not so I got up and followed her to her table. There were three boys and three other girls. "This is Eli, Miles, Zeke, Rosie, Michelle, and Gracie." She said pointing to each one of them. "Hi, everybody." I said. They all waved and I went and sat in between Bridgette and Eli. They were all talking about some movie they went to see last week so I was kinda left out. I guess I was spacing out when I was a hand waving in front of my face. I quickly turned my head and saw Eli smiling. "What?" "You were starring like that for at least 5 minutes straight." He laughed. "My bad, I was kinda outta the conversation." I looked back and saw them still talking about the movie. "It's okay, so am I, I couldn't go to the movie because I had to babysit my little brother." So me and Eli ended up talking the whole lunch. He was a pretty cool kid. Played sports, muscular, cute laugh, funny, interesting life. I could tell we where going to be really good friends. Gym and Spanish were really boring. Finally came carpentry, I couldn't wait. I walked into the room and up to Mr. Porter's desk. He was laying back in his chair with his eyes closed. He slightly opened them, laughed and said, "Hairdressing is down the hall." wow sexist much? "As fun as that sounds, I'm here for carpentry." "Okay, since we just lost Kevin, you can be partners with Tyler." I looked around and saw that I knew no one in this class, and it was filled with boys. I saw a boy with long dark brown hair wave his hand. I walked over and sat by him. "Hi, I'm Claire." "Tyler" "I heard. So what are we doing?" "Building birdhouses." I loved building bird houses. It was the first things I learned how to make. Tyler was cute, and he seemed like a pretty nice guy until, "Here, you can decorate it." he said with a smile. What a jerk. "Um, no I'm good, I'd rather build it instead, but you can go ahead decorate it the way you like." I returned with a smirk and got to work. The class quickly ended and Tyler didn't say another word to me. I hurried to my locker to get my stuff and go home. I closed my locker and right in front of me was Tyler. "Holy sh●t dude!" "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." "It's fine, what do you want?" "I just wanted to say, I'm sorry, I was kinda a jerk back in carpentry, I just had a rough breakup and I was still a little mad I guess." did he really just apologize? "Uh...it's okay, I understand, it happens to everyone." "Yeah, well, and I was kinda wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime, are you busy tomorrow?" He asked looking down at his shoes. He seemed nervous for some reason. "No, I'm not, I would love to hang out sometime." He looked up smiling. "Great, I'll see ya tomorrow." "Yeah see ya." I made my way out of the school. Free at last, or so I thought. I started walking home when I saw Jeremy with his friends and girlfriend. 'You have to get over him!' My mind yelled at me. I knew I did, but there's just something about him, I can't stop thinking about him. Maybe hanging out with Tyler tomorrow will help keep my mind off of him, I hope. Jeremy's P. O. V School was over and I walked outside with a bunch of my friends. Before I got out of the school I saw Claire talking with one of my football teammates, Tyler. She was smiling and laughing and it hurt me knowing I hurt her so bad. I was going to go over there and talk to her but then Jessica pulled me outside. "Babe, what's wrong today? You seemed so out of it." She asked trying to be concerned. She didn't like me talking to other girls, she got insanely jealous, which kinda annoyed me but I deal with it. "Nothing, just a lot on my mind." I replied. "Okay, well I hope everything turns out okay." and with that she walked off with her friends. I caught up to her and started joking around with my friends when I saw Claire. I saw her looking at me, but she quickly turned her head and walked away. Seconds later, Tyler pulled on my arm. "What do you want?" "I was wondering if I could have Claire's number, I know your her neighbor so I figured you would have it." I sighed. I did have it, but I something in my head told me not to give it to him, but I did anyway. "Thanks bro, see ya tomorrow." I know I have to let her meet new people and make friends since she moved here but there's something about her and I want her to be mine. Only thing is, I don't think she'll ever forgive me. Maybe if I just spend more time with Jess and my friend it'll keep my mind of her, I hope.

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Favorite Quote:
People can only break you if you let them.

I really don't like the way this story was written. You could have done a better job on the plot and wording. Not to mention you didn't use poper spelling nor grammer AND you didn't have a proper layout for your story.



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 Blah, blah blah.


Is how you show change in time not this -----------------------------.


 Another thing is there are no paragraphs! You definatly should work on bettering your writting before you try to except compliments about 'wow she's such a good writter.