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The Awakening

June 9, 2022
By James-D, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
James-D, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
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A boy named Sarvio lives in a very similar world to the one you and I do. The only difference in Sarvio's world is that some of the technology and architecture. Sarvio lives in his house, which is very industrial revolution looking, with his mom, dad, and favorite pet Pliffy. Sarvio and his father have always had a rocky relationship, but one afternoon when they have a confrontation it ends worse then usual. After the aggressive confrontation Sarvio accidentally gets hurt leaving him to become unconscious. He awakes and is confused about his whereabouts. He goes upstairs and is drawn to one of the rooms. When he got inside of the room something happened to him, changing him. He can no longer feel emotion, leaving me to question what the difference of human nature and emotion really is. Finally, after questioning the sole existence of human nature I describe how the world will be for humanity from that point on. 


The Awakening

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