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Road to the Top of Nothing

October 27, 2021
By White_Kit_Kat, Lomira, Wisconsin
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White_Kit_Kat, Lomira, Wisconsin
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This is the story of how I paved the road to the top of everything. I was born on the planet

Bordon, you would probably think I was lying if I said it. 

“I never had any schooling but I'm nearly a super-genius”. To be fair, nobody would believe these but, being an alien is quite different. 

It all began when they kicked the door down, and the bullets flew, people screamed.

“Find the father! He’s the one we’re looking for.”

“But sir, what about the wife and kid?”

“Kill them I don’t care.” So they searched the house for us. My father got us to our escape

hatch as soon as I got in and he ran off. 

My mother turned to me and said, 

“I have to go and help your father, so stay here, and if we don’t come back in 10 minutes,

leave.” I started to tear up, and I hugged her tightly. 

“But mom, I don’t know what I’ll do without you and dad.” She smiled and pushed me

into the hatch while pressing the button. I started banging on the door yelling. Then suddenly I saw my dad next to my mom. They were both shot seven times as I stood there in shock and disbelief. Tearing up, the machine took off into space. A new world appeared: more lively, white, enormous buildings. I saw a big sign that I  couldn’t read it. Then suddenly, the hatch taught me a new language. Now I could read the sign, “New York”

“New York? Where am I?” I asked myself, glancing around. This place was way better

then my home. Glancing over I saw a policeman, I thought about my parents, then without hesitation, I attacked him. As soon as he stopped breathing, I ran off into an alley. I gathered a bunch of garbage and created a homemade bomb. Finding the nearest building, which happened to be called New York Bank. As I planted the bomb, a couple more police officers came in telling me to put my hands up. Using my smartness and agility, I knocked two of them out and shot the other with his gun. I set the bomb off, then continued to enter it. I saw a bunch of green paper neatly stacked. So I took all of it, thinking it would be helpful to me in this place. 

Walking out of the bank a couple of people approached me. Me, being a little on edge,

pulled out one of the officer’s guns, that I took earlier, and pointed it at them. Instantly, they dropped to the ground.

“No, no, please don’t shoot us, we want to work for you”

“Why would I want you as my goons?”

“We have never seen anybody like you or that can do the things you can do. Plus, we

know our way around this place. And who not to mess with, also those who need to be messed with.” I

considered their offer briefly. 

 “Fine, you can come with me” They each stood up and brushed off the dirt on their

jackets. We took off into the city, taking over just about every district any gang had. Blowing up banks and other buildings that we thought people involved with the government were in. I turned this city into my playground. 

“Boss, Boss, BOSS!” One of my newest recruits to my gang comes pushing everybody out

of his way trying to get to me. Usually, the new ones try their best to impress others and make a name for themselves here. But, most of them can’t or don’t try hard enough to get there. Two of my lieutenants stopped him before he could get to me. I let him come into my room. 

“What is the matter?”

“Sir, I may have found the motherload of government officials” That did get my attention. But by the same token, multiple goons have come to me with the same accusation.

“Where is this motherload you have spoken about?” I thought to myself, I’ve checked just

about everywhere in the city. 

“In this place called the Pentagon” Now I was intrigued by this I’d never heard of

this place before.

“Where is this Pentagon you speak of?”

“Washington D.C.” I walked out into the street and motioned him to come over. 

“Where did you get this information?”

“I’ve been to Washington D.C,” I noticed he was getting cold, his teeth were chattering, and his words were visible in the air. I nodded and pointed to him to a burning barrel. He walked over to it and started warming himself up. As I pondered this Pentagon situation, I got one of my goons to get my best sports car. Thinking this could be my biggest bust of Government officials. The car arrives, the driver gets out, I enter the vehicle. I put The Pentagon in the GPS. 

 “New York to the Pentagon is 229.6 miles, the estimated time will be four hours and nine

minutes.” I started the drive, and thought to myself this will be a long trip might as well think of a plan before I get there. 

I arrived at the doorstep of the Pentagon, I noticed the shape of the building and how ironic

the name was. Sitting there in my car, I looked to see if there was any place that I could find somebody. So I could buy the tools and explosives I’ll need for this job. Driving around I finally found my guy. 

I must be“famous” because when I came up to the guy he knew who I was.

“Valak?!? This is an honor to be in your presence sir”

“The pleasure is all mine”

“What do you need? I got swords, daggers, guns, rope, knives-”

“Explosives, sticky bombs, C4 anything that makes a big boom” He nodded and pulled out

a box. It had the writing Explosives in military form. This assured me that these are military-grade, high-class, dud-proof explosives. After he opened it, I picked out the ones that I needed. I had ten bombs total. When I went to pay him, he declined the money. I shrugged and put the money back into my pocket. Walking back to the car, I thought to myself, if a stranger knows who I am and we’ve never met before. It tells me I’m on the internet, TV, news/newspapers. I didn’t know that this was bad at the time, so I just continued to the car. 

Once I got to the car, I went over the plan three times just to make sure that it

was foolproof. I planned to take my biggest bombs and plant them in the most used, populated, biggest areas in the building. Then take the smaller ones and blowholes on the outside of the building so I would have multiple ways to get in and out in a hurry. The ultimate goal was to kill as many Government officials as possible, hopefully, all of them here. 

The plan began with me setting the smallest ones up outside on three walls. Then go inside

to create a distraction big enough that I could dodge the metal detectors. After that, take bigger bombs and plant them in some of the smaller of the bigger rooms, which would take three more bombs. Finally, get to the most used and highly populated rooms without being noticed by anyone.  

Get outside and blow it all up, the plan being a success. 

So, that’s exactly what I did, but before I could pull the pin to blow it up. This medium size

spacecraft landed in front of me. Someone that looked similar to me walks out of it, dressed as a police officer, just in different clothing. 


“How do you know my name?”

“You are one of the most wanted aliens in the galaxy”

“So? These people deserve everything I have brought against them”

“Do they? People here have done nothing to you” This guy was starting to make me angry

but, he was stopping me from pulling the pin. 

“The government took everything that I loved away from me. They need to


“Valak this isn’t your home planet, this place is called Earth. People here had nothing to do

with your family getting killed” This stopped me cold, a flashback of my parent’s faces popped in my head, the look of sorrow. I stood there in silence and shock.

“Yes, our government did kill your parents. But, your father did a lot of bad things against

the government. Things that put a bounty on his head. I’m sorry that your mother was killed in the process.” I dropped the pin. The stranger cuffed me and brought me into the ship. We left to go to the Galactic Court for Most Wanted Aliens. It took us about three Earth months, but it felt like thirty minutes. As we walked into the courtroom I saw dozens of aliens here. Some were mutated, others big-eyed, a few skinny. Most of them just looked as if they belonged in prison. 

I walked onto the podium in the center of the room. The judge spoke with a thunderous


“Valak of Bordon, you have committed crimes on the planet Earth, and have killed

hundreds of Earthlings as the result of the actions of your government killing your parents. Which was caused by your father’s bad doings against them. You have been sentenced to 2000 years, in a prison that grants you immortality. You will suffer the same injuries as the people you have hurt and killed. But, you will never die. What are your final words?” I thought a moment before I started to speak. 

“I wish to apologize to the Earthlings that I have hurt and their families. I wish to give all of

the things and money I stole back to the people that I hurt. I want them to know that they didn’t deserve the things I did to them. Again, I apologize sincerely for everything. I wish only good fortune for them.” My parent’s faces came into my mind. But, this time I felt hatred against them, mostly my father. I blame him for this mess that I caused. 

The guard walked me into these weird doors. When I came out of the threshold of the door

I felt different. My clothes had changed into a navy blue jumper, with the number 9543 and my name next to it. The guard shoved me into a capsule, it started to move backward. Then it dropped, and it dropped fast. I gathered myself when it stopped. I couldn’t believe how many aliens were stuck here. This was the place I was going to be for the next two thousand years.

“Simulation coming to an end,” The computer said “The character Valak has been almost

completed” The virtual reality goggles get lifted from Vincent’s head. Vincent gets up from his chair. He looks around, all he sees is Valak’s head, walls, and a sliding door. He walks out of the door, then continues down the hallway until he sees wide stairs. So Vincent decides to walk up the stairs. When he reaches the top of the stairs, this silhouette moves in this big office-like room. 

“What was that?” He whispered to himself. As Vincent creeps towards the room, the

woman turns to him. He froze in his tracks, she waved for him to come into the room. Slowly, he walked into the room. 

“Are you Vincent?”

“Y-yes” He truly didn’t know what to say at the moment.

“You had the Valak simulation correct? Well done, I’ll let you go and choose a life

you want to live. Any preferred selections?” Vincent stared at her with amazement.

“I want to live a rich and happy life” She nodded, and opened a door, and motioned

Vincent to walk through it. So he did, and it was the life he chose. Or was it?

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