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You Want More

May 7, 2021
By DaniSire18, Salt Lake City, Utah
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Author's note:

Hello guys my name is Daniel, however, my stage name is Dani Sire. When writing "You Want More", I relate Rocco's life with my life. I am one of those dudes that have to balance living in two different worlds. It gets quite fun but, at times, it gets intense and quite interesting to live this interesting part of my life currently, which is my adolescence or as I call, teenhood. Rocco and I can relate to the fact that we both care about the people around us of whom are really close. We really take care of our looks and our appearance. We're both very athletic, artistic, and smart, academically speaking. We can also be very wise and smart in other aspects and have a bit of the humor that characterizes someone who is very social. So, I just really hope you guys enjoy "You Want More", because believe me, once you read an episode, YOU WON'T STOP AND WILL WANT MORE.

So a quick anecdote about my social life. My friend, Santos, was talking to this one girl Lupita. Well, Lupita is a quite shy, sweet, smart, and pretty girl that most of the people in her ambiance liked. Despite the fact that she might seem as if she’s quiet all the time, she won’t quit when emphasizing when someone does something erroneous. That’s something that Santos liked about her, because she used that part of her personality to actually help him when he first got to our school. So yeah, it kind of makes sense that he has a certain affection for her. The weird thing is he would always LITERALLY adhere to her like if he was a paper that was stuck to her. He would also adhere to her in the sense of believing every single word she said as if she were the religion he wouldn’t stop following. One day, they were talking during lunch about so many things they shared in common, including how ambitious they both are, the good way though. Then, out of nowhere, he asks her if she’d liked to go out sometime on the weekend. Then he got ME involved!!! ME!!! Rocco Boyd. The worst part of all is that I had to spend time with Lupita’s friend, Victoria. She’s cute and all, but come on, I was going there to be a third wheel. Anyways, the day came, and I forgot I had her on social media. She texted me before I made my way there, and she was actually cooler than what I expected. Anyways, so we all made it there. Santos tried to make it arcane that he liked Lupita, but to the rest of us, it seemed as if it were a double date, and Victoria and I were just playing violins in the middle because third wheels would not be the right term for it. It’s just that at times I DON’T understand Santos. He might have thought that it was just a gathering between friends, and I mean the invite could mean something ambiguous, but STILL. He tries to make it seem to EVERYONE in our school that the FACT that he loves Lupita is just an anecdote. Lupita is NOT stupid, and NEITHER is Victoria, whom I honestly wouldn’t mind hanging out with again. I was feeling quite ambivalent about what has happened so far. On one side, I feel as if Victoria and I are actually chill and I actually felt as if we have chemistry. Yeah, at times she seemed quite an ambivert, which I didn’t understand, but she’s really chill. 

Santos is doing the right thing and it’s not that Lupita feels weirded out. However, on another side I wonder, what if maybe Victoria is doing it for commitment to helping her friend out? What if Santos gets friend-zoned HORRIBLY?!?!?! Adding to that, this whole hangout has lasted 120 minutes so far!!! Last thing, can we just talk about how I LIED about this being an anecdote??? Trust me though, there are a lot more interesting things to this story that hasn’t been told. So stick around with me if YOU WANT MORE…

So here we’re back with my story… Well, more of the story of my really weird friend Santos and the sweet, amiable, and nearly sacred Lupita. (Side note: Maybe that’s why her name is Lupita. Lupita is a diminutive of Guadalupe, that comes from the Virgin of Guadalupe from MDXXXI). Anyways going back to them, Vico (Victoria)  and I were just in the back watching this whole TELENOVELA scene. After two hours of going out, we all started ordering food, and well we were waiting to be called. Suddenly, Santos goes for IT!!! However, just as he’s about to ask Lupita out... “SANTOS!!!” yelled the employee for him to pick up food. He picks up the food, and somehow as he comes back, he sees a different glow on Lupita’s face. A guy was talking to LUPITA!!! HOLY SMOKES, SANTOS WAS PISSED!!! Santos's heart was about to break... He was acting quite arbitrary in the sense of being so uncontrolled. This is the thing with Santos, when he’s with Lupita, he’s chill but when he gets angry, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! So after the guy left, Santos asked who that was, and then it turns out it was Lupita’s ex. I NEVER EVEN KNEW SHE EVER HAD A BOYFRIEND!!! She seemed so nice and innocent that I thought she was going to go to a convent and become a NUN!!! So yeah. That happened. Then, all of us started eating and it was so quiet at the table where we were sitting. Then the silence broke... Her aunt called to pick her up... So she just said bye to Vico and me. Santos felt really bad. Once she left, the three of us were having a talk with Santos. He attributed Lupita’s departure to the fact that maybe her ex called her. Yet, we told him that she said it was because her aunt called her. He was telling us that the worst part is that he didn’t tell her anything about what he felt. I ALWAYS WONDER... why do I have such CONFUSING friends??? Seriously, what did I do to deserve this... Honestly, if this would’ve just been Vico and I going out, things would’ve been better. She’s super chill and, I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but she’s pretty!!! The whole time we were just making fun of Santos's stupid face when he would look at Lupita. It’s so incredible how someone can become so dumb when they’re in love, then again I’m not one to talk. Vico and I were having some chemistry... Anyways, we DON’T talk about that... Then Vico left, and she gave me her number because that’s the only thing she didn’t give me. I was happy, but then thinking of what Santos did got me really angry again. Damn... I definitely need to accredit Santos for making this hangout the most AWKWARD one of my life... I think it was arbitrary that because of Santos's jealousy and stupidness, Lupita and Victoria had to leave. I got SO angry at Santos and instead of fixing stuff, it went worse... 

Also, Lupita’s ex came in our direction... The thing is that I didn’t recognize him until I saw him up close. It was Nicolas!!! He has been my friend since elementary... The thing is, ever since I last saw him, he CHANGED so much. He’s the total complete antithesis of Santos. Nicolas is a very confident, buffed, and chill guy. I thought this would all turn out bad but no. Nicolas just warned Santos to not make Lupita feel bad. Nicolas was told by her that she really likes Santos, it’s just that she was too shy to say anything. So, Santos felt confused because of how Nicolas was. I just have to say that one of Nicolas’ greatest attributes is the fact that he’s a Pandora Box. He’s full of great surprises. I wonder what might Santos do once we all go back to school on Monday... CAN I JUST SAY THIS HANGOUT WAS AWKWARDLY COOL THOUGH!!! Also, what might happen with Vico and me??? Will Lupita FINALLY say yes??? Stick around...

Because I know, YOU WANT MORE!!!

Before I start telling you more about this story, I’m going to say, looks can be deceiving. So you know how I said things were going to be good after the benevolent smile and the good conversation that Nicolas had with Santos??? Things got worse now... He JOINED our school... That is NOT something beneficial neither for Lupita, or Santos or for ME!!! Basically, everyone knows me there and somehow the world is SO small that I’m friends with everyone. If something gets to happen in the next days of school, I’m SCREWED... So, it was a Tuesday, and despite the fact that my friends wanted me to sit with them at lunch, I decided to hangout with Vico. I don’t know... I mean, I guess going out with Santos and Lupita made me think that spending time with her wasn’t a disbenefit after all. Anyways, the two of us were talking about them and about maybe going out this weekend but just without SANTOS BEING A FREAK!!! Damn that chemistry we have is just burgeoning more and more and it’s AWESOME!!! Anyways, going back to Santos, I went to walk with him to go to a class together but then something befell Santos. He saw Lupita talking to Nicolas and you could tell he was flirting with her. I was suspecting that since Nicolas was saying the most BANAL pickup lines to Lupita in another class we had without Santos, but Nico wasn’t trying to make it noticeable even though... YEAH!!! The point is, Santos got really jealous... I mean, in this case, who wouldn’t get angry??? Lupita and Santos are actually just really close to becoming a “thing” and as much as Nicolas is my friend, he should just BACK OFF!!! Things don’t end here though... As much as I told Santos to calm down and think that it’s just a friends’ thing, he couldn’t bear it... So I just let him go because I mean Nicolas looks like he was purposely asking for some help from Lupita when he got injured in the back after coming from a team practice... He bared and his “abs” were showing!!! I know I shouldn’t be biased, but I support Santos even though at times he can be ANNOYING!!! So yeah, that’s when Lupita said she’s more biased, as in more interested in Santos. Lupita confessed that she felt weirded out for helping Nicolas. Then, it was on... Santos and Nicolas started fighting!!! Lupita was just in the middle and well I was trying to separate them and then we all got sent to the principal’s office!!! This is the one and ONLY time I’ve been to the principal’s office. BUSTED much??? So yeah that situation was my bane. However, my bane would also be how my reputation will go to the FLOOR after this!!! The question is what will happen with Santos and Nicolas??? Will Nicolas get expelled on his first week here??? Will Santos be separated from Lupita???

        Just keep on waiting for it because I know YOU WANT MORE!!!

So here we are at the principal office. At that point, I just wanted to hide myself in 6 billion layers of CLOTHING!!! I swear Nicolas is so deceiving with not only his looks but also what he says. While being at the office he was talking about how the injuries were caused after the fight he had with Santos, and that thanks to him, his leg is broken. Lupita, who happened to be the one and ONLY coherent person in this whole conflict said that it wasn’t true. “Santos didn’t do anything and despite the fact that he did fight with him, the reason why Nicolas got injured had to do with something at his soccer practice!!! He’d be incapable of doing something bad and Nicolas was being quite weird anyways” she said. Santos felt happy that she complimented him. In my head, I was thinking “UGH, they’re doing it again.” And that’s when Nicolas couldn’t compose himself, and then got angry and a bunch more noise was captured in not only the principal’s office but the whole main office too. By the tone of Nicolas’s voice, he sounded so angry as if he wanted to decapitate Santos. The principal let Santos talk about his side of the story, and involved me in it. He just said that I, “purposely”, made him look elsewhere that way he wouldn’t get angry or beat up Santos for making Lupita feel uncomfortable. I have to accept that I did get angry with Santos too, but if I tried to distract Santos is exactly because I didn’t want THIS to happen. I AM one of the most popular guys in this high school and getting some stupid punishment will risk MY reputation. Also, it’d be okay if it was just me being laughed at by my friends but no... I suffer from overprotective-and-strict-parents-itis. My parents are Argentinian as much as people might not believe it, and if they find out about this, the CHANCLA will reach my face or any part of my body no matter how much I avoid it!!! Adding to that, my phone will be taken away for MORE than a month and there’s NOTHING I can do to compensate for it!!! My SOCIAL life will go to the floor. Also, I won’t be able to talk to Vico and I really like her, and I can perceive that she likes me too by her looks and everything. The point is I am composing a song for her through my phone with GarageBand. Then again, they might give me my phone back before the day I’m released from being grounded since they need to communicate with me. Mostly, it’s a good thing except for the fact that my parents somehow have an app in which they can track me wherever I go. Anyways, why am I getting worried right now??? He hasn’t given any final statement. Oh wait... what is Lupita doing? IS she seducing the principal to compensate for not getting in trouble? Oh no, this will go worse than what I expected. Also, can we just talk about how this whole conversation, more of an argument, is as long as a circuitous journey?!?!?! The school is about to close for the day and it’s 5:50!!! Anyways, going back to the whole situation at the office. Lupita actually convinced him to not tell our parents but we’re going to have in-school suspension. We’re going to clean the WHOLE entire cafeteria!!! That is not really bad for a punishment. I mean at least it isn’t a lot of homework!!! Anyways we left the office finally!!! Concurrently, Vico left her drill team practice. Somehow, I wanted to talk to her but walked away. Then, she came up to me and she just asked me if I wanted to go with her to go eat Chinese food. So, I obviously said yes, and then she kissed me. Somehow, I kissed her back and then I told her I like her. Then, she said she does too. However, she was quite skeptical of what she feels. Then, we ACTUALLY kissed!!! YOOOOOOOOOO! That made my day a BILLION times better... It’s not even my birthday, and this is the BEST gift I could’ve received. Meanwhile, Nicolas and Santos were screaming insults at each other. Lupita was crying because she felt bad about getting in trouble though. For now, I just don’t give a cucumber of what they’re doing or getting in trouble. However, what will happen on our date as an official couple??? Also will we get in trouble more than once and all because of Nicolas and Santos???

Keep waiting for the next episode because I know, YOU WANT MORE!!!

OH BOY!!! It’s great to be back writing in this JOURNAL, not diary. Buddy let me say I’ve missed letting out everything here. Ok so now that we’re in Halloween season, let me tell you a bit of what has happened with me because trust me, IT’S A LOT TO EXPLAIN. So, as usual, I came from school after being scolded by Mr. Tchaikovsky… Yeah sorry for never bringing up his name. It’s just that to begin with, his last name is so COMPLICATED to pronounce to the point that I laugh thinking about Tchaikovsky the COMPOSER!!! and well, MY MOM opened the door just three.. minutes... after… I was grabbing some cereal to eat just because... She walked in. My Madre was tired though so I was assuming she would not get angry for how late I got home. BUT HOLY SMOKES!!! I. was. Wrong. “ROCCO BOYD MEDINA!!! Where the heck have you been?” She didn’t sound angry, however, she reminded me of the serial killers that appear on her series of “Imperfect Crimes” she would watch on TV at 2 PM. I just told her I stayed at school because in Math Honors, there was something I didn’t understand and in Music, I forgot my folder. She, of course, didn’t believe me. Man, SOMETHING ABOUT MOMS being great detectives or something... “Hijito, you think I’m a day old... NI A PALOS VOLUDO. (No way but in the strict-Latina-mom-way to say it.) Usually, people take at least 15 minutes, half an hour, or at most 1 hr. You made it here at 6!!!” I told my mom that yes I was late home but I came back at around 5 PM. “LIES! Paula was here the whole time and she didn’t hear a peep at ‘around 5’!” Suddenly, my “AMAZING” sister came and said the following... “Maybe he was with his GIRLFRIEND,” she said with the biggest smirk that showed her retainers. Damn, I wish she would’ve NEVER said that because there’s nothing that triggers and saddens my mom more than the idea that her “16-year-old baby” has a girlfriend. “So, that was why you have been ignoring me lately and paying attention to that f... blessed phone.” My sister was trying to maintain her calm. However, that backfired. As the older brother, I just gave the COMMAND to my sister to just go to her room, and well my mom told her the same. Later, my mom was having a TENACIOUS grip on her chancla and extended it to start aiming. Then, she received a call from Dad. I thought she was going to tell him but no. So she said we will have a talk and that she’ll take away my phone for a second week consecutively. I didn’t want to discuss with her the fact that I bought my phone because then she’ll bring up the whole “family contract” where I “have to obey her rules as long as I live under the roof of my parents’ house.” So all of my happiness basically contracted and turned into anger and joy concurrently. However, she does NOT like Vico so I couldn’t tinker. Later on, I put the cereal away and ate a bit of the strawberry gelatin on the fridge. After eating, I went to my room and started writing music with my ELECTRIC guitar to talk about rebellion and treachery. I mean my sister was the main reason I wrote this song. My mom was angry and what she said made things a LOT worse. She had to bring up her condescending attitude when days before she promised me she wouldn't snitch since I bought the camo jacket she wanted. So I finished it, and then I started thinking about the kiss Vico gave me, and out of nowhere, I got tingles... 

The days passed and finally Vico and I went on a date. I don’t know if it was necessary because she’s naturally pretty, but she had a really nice contour on her face which shocked me!!! I got captivated with how beautiful she was either way; therefore I told her that, and we kissed. Not only did we go to the Chinese restaurant with tables of a specific contour, but we also went to a Haunted House. Once I thought things were going well I saw Nico trying to condescend to guys around him for having better looks and getting girls numbers. I have a lot of questions to ask. First of all, how come the girls weren’t asked to be taken out because of COVID-19 PROTOCOL. Lastly, what do girls see on him other than abs? I mean if he’s attractive, I’d be a PLAYER!!! And Vico knows this since I told her I go to the gym... Anyways, I didn’t pay attention to that and I just went inside to pay for me and Vico... She ended up paying for herself because she felt bad... Then I see Lupita and Santos more together than ever. We later joined them and we went in together… We took a picture together and everything went ok because like Santos, I hugged my girlfriend. Later on, we finished and Nico was walking toward us... The only one that saw him was me… I wonder what he will do THIS TIME? 

Stick around to listen to a relatively larger episode than this, because I know YOU WANT MORE!!!

This day did NOT end up well at all. This was basically the critical moment in which Lupita and Santos were going to be good with each other. As I said before though, Nicolas HAD to come and RUIN everything... 

“Well you two seem to have forgotten what happened days ago,” he said.

 “I’m surprised that somehow you decided to come up to us after you were with all those girls…” 

Thank goodness that after Santos said that, we weren’t in the haunted house because then Nicolas and Santos were going intense. I couldn’t help seeing my friend fight by himself. “D-d-don’t get in there babe!!!” said Vico, which is our code for “BEAT-HIM-UP.”

Luckily, Nicolas ended up on the floor and defeated by Santos and me. We were nearly at the sight of the police since they were close to the haunted house!!! After that, the four of us headed to where our cars were in order to go somewhere else. WE WERE FORTUNATE to be wearing masks because people didn’t recognize us!!! We ended up going to Wendy’s since its location correlated to where the majority of us wanted to go. It was the closest restaurant to us and most of us like the food there. 

I mean Lupita didn’t really vote because she said that AS LONG as it is FOOD... she’ll EAT whatever... Ok... A second thought that might’ve been phrased wrong...Why did I have to say that??? I don’t know…

 Anyways, we all headed there and just as we got out of our cars, we saw an AMBULANCE... Close. To. Where. We. Were. At. Minutes. Ago. We heard CRYING and Lupita got scared the most that she, straight up, LOST hunger... We decided to peek to see what was happening because the thought that the corollary to rotting in jail was MURDERING SOMEONE, was TERRIBLE... There the ambulance was and it carried two people... One of which... was NICOLAS. We all freaked out and decided to go back to where he was being taken by the ambulance. Policemen put caution signs all over the area where the tragedy happened. We saw a gun and two other people there... We asked the policemen what happened... They immediately asked the relationship we had with him and we just all said things out of nowhere. Lupita said she was her sister. Vico ACTUALLY said it was our classmate. While Santos and I said it was our “cousin” because his parents are our siblings’ godparents... Anyways we got our point across and they explained to us everything. We thought it was our fault; HOWEVER, it turns out we didn’t do anything bad but it was that some of his cousins were walking to the haunted house when someone pulled over and shot him and one of his cousins. We were all shocked about that... It’s so weird how so many things happened on just ONE site in such a short period of time. This was such a cumbersome thing to take in honestly. We started citing evidence of who it could’ve possibly been. We saw someone parking close to the haunted house, a little too close. This can kind of correlate with what has happened just now. Then again, the car left, and well we couldn’t really have a good picture of who that guy was and what was his deal or his problem. We wanted to know why both Nicolas and his cousin were shot and if there was a reason behind it. We were clueless if the shot was meant for his cousin or Nico but yeah… So, after the police asked us questions, they basically let us go. We thought about eating again or going back… Since we just focused on Nico and his health, for the most part, we just headed RIGHT to the HOSPITAL... Everyone came to my car and I DROVE EXTREMELY fast… I’m completely shocked at the fact that the police never stopped me. Minutes later, we arrived at the hospital to see how Nico was... The doctor came… what will he say???

Stick around for another episode because I know YOU WANT MORE…

I’m just going to start out by saying THIS... 

 It was nearly eleven o’clock. Three hours passed since we left the haunted house. The happy moments and our happy faces faded so quickly with the AC/Heater wind of the hospital. Everything good was slowly descending and just becoming an excessive amount of... CONFUSION??? I can’t even think of a correct word to describe what is going on right now. Nico didn’t die... However, due to the shot, he was devoid of blood… Vico seemed really worried so I just hugged her really tight. Santos was angry because of what happened to him, but LU-PI-TA... She was crying just as I would if I were ALONE in a room, BREAKING THE WALLS, and THROWING EVERYTHING I see to the floor; and, crying my guts out because of my dog’s death, which I really hope that never happens with BumBum. One, because he’s my main buddy. AND Two, me throwing everything would not be a decent thing to do. He’s a 3-human-year-old Shih Poo who is named BumBum because he’s SO adorable that your heart won’t stop going Bum Bum… ANYWAYS, yeah… We needed to buy the whole section of Costco’s TISSUE PAPER for her because damn... I feel bad for Lupita and, yes, Nico deserves some sort of sympathy. I felt ashamed, angry, sad, devastated, furious, enraged, or I DON’T KNOW Somehow, his parents were contacted by the nurses and the medical secretaries close to his room. I don’t know if time passed quickly or if Santos and I came here quick, BUT HOLY COW... His parents came in here faster than the popularity of worldwide POP (and that is really saying a lot)!!! Anyways, they came in and they seemed determined to KILL the doctors, nurses, and whoever shot their son. By the features on their faces, they seemed to be of Jewish descent. Fortunately, they tried calming them down, especially the dad who started getting ticks and, later on, a panic attack. Santos and I believe he has ADHD (A.K.A attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder). Once he got medication and got his stress reduced by his wife, he calmed down. However, since our group and Nico’s cousins were the only ones there, we got asked an INFINITE amount of questions from his parents. All we said was that we were at the Haunted House and we had a dissent with Nico but of something very “secondary”. Again, something with moms or just parents being such interesting detectives for some random reason. Either we didn’t explain ourselves well, or she didn’t believe our actions, even though I’m a former Advanced Drama student. Suddenly, the only female cousin that was there told Nico’s mother that we were telling the truth. She looked small but round-faced and seemed to have quite a shockingly, tough attitude. She did quite spoil it by saying that he did have a purple eye, but he got shot by a guy from a gang that only they knew. THAT news fell as if someone was being thrown a bucket of freezing water. The other cousin came close to them, who was a tall and skinny guy, said that he contacted the policemen that were nearby and that he just got a call saying that he got caught. He said that no matter how much true “money” he had, there was a deficit of money. Nico’s dad got up and he said he’ll press charges against him so that he’ll ROT in jail. The doctors came by and they determined that the amount of blood he lost was more than what was expected and someone HAS to donate blood quickly or his death could be imminent. Turns out his mother had the same blood type as he did. For sympathy, I did it too. I mean, despite the fact that he was annoying, presumptuous, two-faced, and whatever, he is a human... Suddenly Nico woke up and the doctors let us know. So we were the first ones to make it in... He actually apologized to us in the most honest manner possible. He APOLOGIZED TO US as he never did before. I was somewhat preoccupied because he was sounding quite weak, which wasn’t  something normal of him. Later on, we just left the room very devastated… This didn’t end here though. Just as the four of us walked together, Santos wanted to hug Lupita, but she got ANGRY!!! 

“NO. Don’t you dare touch me?” 

“Lupita, listen, at least we know that Nico wasn’t really hurt by us,” said Santos. 

“Wait what? So basically since you weren’t the one who committed the crime you just DON’T care.”

“It’s not that I don’t care. However, why are you so worried? Didn’t you say he creeped you out? If things happen they have to happen. I don’t get why you are sobbing a lot for someone who isn’t worth it... It isn’t because you like him right???” Santos said that and as soon as he stopped, LUPITA slapped him…

“At this point, I have no idea who isn’t worth it…” said Lupita as she ran away and went home. Santos was running to try and catch her up, but things didn’t go as he thought it would...

We left them… We were talking about what had just happened and I just had to tell Vico this to make things go worse than what it currently was... “At this point, I do NOT understand who is more stupid. Nico for arguing and fighting with us. Santos for treating Lupita horribly. Lupita for thinking of the two as if she were a…” 

“So that’s what you think of her... Go on, finish your sentence already,” said Vico angrily. 

The problem is that Lupita and Santos are driving me nuts already. Vico bringing up the subject didn’t make things any better, but I should’ve never said that. 

“I wanted to think about something else and all you did was bring this up,” said Rocco as Vico didn’t slap me. However, she kicked me in the place where the sun DOES NOT shine. 


Days passed and the weekend came by. I tried contacting Vico but she didn’t answer. The holiday season came by and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. 

The question is WILL she answer me soon??? Also, what will happen to Nico and the court case with the gang leader??? Also, this was a really long episode written by me. So will I say more than just this???

Stick around for more about me because I know... 


To be honest, I kind of missed writing here and letting every single thing about my, intriguing, but EXTREMELY, weird life out. It is a lot to explain. Well for now I know that I guess Vico is part of the past and I don’t really have to worry so much about her… This, of course, can be differentiated from SANTOS’s case. THAT IS MORE THAN OBVIOUS. The last time I ever talked to him, I remember he started simping over her, as much as he thinks that he should never cry over a girl that might’ve not been worth it. FOR THOSE OF Y’ALL who don’t know what simping means… YES, the literal translation is a man who is very submissive or overestimates a woman to A VERY HIGH EXTENT. However, in Santos’ case, it could be applied with crying over a girl by asking the following things... “WHAT DID I DO WRONG?” Or... “WHAT DID I FAIL TO DO?” “WHAT WILL BE OF HER LIFE?” AND… a bunch more of the most ILLOGICAL things I have ever heard him say... Seriously, I love and give my best for the girls I date and all, as much as I hate to admit so. HOWEVER, I differentiate and evolve in the sense of becoming more mature and try to reduce the anger or frustration of some stupid girl that was NOT the indicated one… I told my LATINA mom about it and she said, “You know HOW MANY relationships I was with before meeting your dad??? Seriously I had a really big line of dates… Longer than the line of people going to the upcoming Bruno Mars concert. (That kinda explains why after two kids, she likes keeping a really good physique and taking care of how the order of her eating factors alters the product or waste.) Roquito (Spanish diminutive for little Rocco), your father has given me the love that no other man has. Yes, we discuss, and yes we fight because, obviously, I AM ALWAYS RIGHT and he is so stubborn. (Yeah right.) So what I am trying to say is that one needs to RECOGNIZE their mistakes in a relationship. Assume or get through consequences with DIGNITY, deduce your relationship with the LEAST dramatic way possible, and DO NOT cry over any woman that is not your MADRE because I HAVEN’T DIED YET!!!” In conclusion, she induced me into saying that there will be a lot of wrong girls coming into your life before you even meet the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE...





November 26, 2020

Ok… so it’s been nearly a month after the shot that Nico got, we all went back to school and well I met this one really attractive African-American girl by the name of Khadeja. She also likes music and she is basically the new Missy Elliot, or for the new generation, the new Nicki Minaj. All the time I listen to her music, all I hear is just spilling bars and bars and it is so GENUINELY intriguing. Also, let me say that she’s been a truly supportive person. The thing is, in this motherflipping judgmental society we live in especially in Elite Way High, they would really judge some interracial couples. I don’t care about it to be completely honest, but she does and I told her not to worry so yeah... And that anything she does, she has my complete disposition. I am quite happy that I’ve digressed from talking about Vico and Santos and all. However, I haven’t known about Santos for a month now… Moving on to life lately, CORONAVIRUS has been diffusing all over our state. We live in California and it is quite tough because our place is being hit the hardest. On top of that, everything Trump said when the elections were going along was quite diffusing and VERY illogical. The elections took FOREVER to have a final result revealed so I was VERY EXCITED!!! Around November 9, they revealed that our president was BIDEN and that the one and only KAMALA HARRIS became the first FEMALE vice president!!! YO, this is so SATISFYING!!! Not many people know this but as a man, I support feminism FOR SURE!!! This is just history right here and I remember my mom cried with emotion because she said that WE’LL is ok. So by far, that was the only good thing... Going on to today, THANKSGIVING, we went to my uncle’s house to spend time there, and with my cousins… 

I will say this, there was a lot of toasting if you know what I mean... So I was spending time in my cousin’s room. His name is João and he is half Argentinean, half Brazilian, and born here. THAT MAKES NO SENSE BUT HE IS MY FAVORITE COUSIN EVER. I also speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese (and well ASL), however that dude speaks Portuguese as Paulo Coelho or any Portuguese novelist, because that dude is SO SMART, or I don’t know... Not to be weird but he has a very suave voice when he speaks in Portuguese and it’s so genuinely attractive... Ok yeah moving on... WE were chilling out in his room playing video games until very late, and then the music got VERY loud…

It turns out my family was EXCEEDING in toasting or celebrating that now they’re DRUNK... My dad was there in the whole party thing going on, and he was all “Son, I know I work a lot, but I love you with all my heart. I just want the best for you and you’ll always be my favorite…” Ok… I mean I won’t say my dad doesn’t love me because he really does, but the weird thing is I’ve never heard him talk like that and in my mind, I was thinking, where did my dad go??? I mean, is he REALLY ok??? I guess it was just me… So yeah, drinking and partying could describe what was going on at that point... Everything was ok until it was 2 o'clock AM…

THE POLICE WERE KNOCKING AT OUR DOOR SO YEAH THAT WAS AWESOME… Funny thing is that my youngest cousin, Milly, opened the door. However, she couldn’t keep face… SHE STARTED SCREAMING and ran to us... So then, I opened the door... They were telling us that apparently we were making TOO much noise... However, my GRANDMA came out saying in her broken English, “HELLO, WHAT IS YOUR NAME??? LISTEN... MY SON NO DO ANYTHING WRONG AND IT IS THANKSGIVING SO I DON’T KNOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING KNOCKING ON OUR DOOR AT THIS TIME OF THE DAY…” Then, the police spoke up and got really angry at her and so my MOM came by and she started screaming at the policeman... “YOU MAY NOT DISRESPECT THE AUTHORITY,” the policeman said. Of course, they didn’t care about it, and he immediately said…

“THIS IS ENOUGH… YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!!!” I went away with João to get my mom’s car and go to catch up with my mom at the police department... When we forgot that the one that might have the money was our dad… This was the longest I’ve written and there is a reason for it... However, now what will happen with my mom??? Will my grandma and her get out of jail??? Will my dad come and help us??? 


To be continued…


Well, here we are back to this disaster… As you already know, my Thanksgiving started out quite good but then things hit a huge wall. So my grandma and mom were sent to jail and basically, permanent imprisonments were imminent. Somehow, all of my father’s excitement and celebration just stopped. Somehow, he managed to make it to the police department where we were at. He even managed to get the money to get them out… Suddenly, the eminent police chief came to solve all of this. He basically freed my grandma only because there wasn’t any point… My dad had to pay more money to get my mom out and it was so weird. All they said was “they disrespected the authority so pay up or ELSE!!!” The way he said that-which sounded demanding was ok but his facial expressions killed me. He looked so similar to Rango from the movie!!! Anyways… the good thing is that he finally released my mom and my grandma… Thank goodness I wasn’t seen by anyone from school or anyone I know. Yeah, that was a very very very chaotic Thanksgiving. 

December 9, 2020

Khadeja and I had many classes today and it was cool. We are kind of dating right now, however, the two of us don’t really enjoy labels in our relationship. It was fun though, we had music together and it was nice. All the time, I just looked at her ethereal face while she was playing the violin. I don’t know her aesthetic was so ethereal, engaging, angelic, and heavenly. I was playing drums for that class, or I am wrong… I play DRUMS, PIANO, GUITAR, BASS, I sing and I know some ukulele, violin, and Latin percussion… but that doesn’t matter… Just seeing her face and how cute her voice was while she was singing… reminded me of Jennifer Hudson… MAN… she is just perfect… MOVING ON Ok so we left music… and later on, we had lunch… And yes I skipped talking about chemistry because that class is boring. However, Khadeja and I had lunch and it was the best thing ever. We were just joking with each other and nearly had a food fight which ended real quick because the lunch ladies were just about to kill us… “You damn kids!!! You better not throw that food or ELSE!!!” And listen, the classical “threatening” phrase of “OR ELSE” doesn’t actually scare me. However, this lunch lady is REALLY big and reminds me of my REALLY big aunt, and meanwhile here’s 5’11” athletic slim me. Also, the way she said it reminded me of my mom’s threats for not doing something she told me to. SO do you actually believe I was going to just stay here and let things be? OH HELL NO!!! So Khadeja ran away and we went to the gas station which was just 2 minutes from our school. Moving on… the hours passed and finally SCHOOL WAS OVER for the day… AND YES I said the day because unfortunately we still have two motherflipping days!!! I mean, the only good thing is that today at night, Khadeja and I had a brilliant date. I told my mom that I was going out with SANTOS and a couple of friends from my gang. AND WHAT SHE DOESN’T KNOW… is that I hardly ever talk to that dude anymore... I wonder if he is still being so hysterical as he was while he was “trying” to have a good relationship with Lupita and dealing with everything he deals with. It was really nice because it was only around 7, but you could already see the moon… maybe not as full as we might’ve wanted to but hey it was nice… Also, I don’t enjoy bragging about my girlfriend but... her knowledge of ASTRONOMY and PLANETARY SCIENCE kills me and makes me love her more... “Hey babe... so on December 14th there will be a solar eclipse,” she said to me. Then she whispered, “Do you want to meet up somewhere around 6 AM?” I didn’t know what to say... The one that usually proposes stuff is me. On top of that, I HATE WAKING UP early unless I really have to. However, her knowledge just eclipsed my knowledge of just anything around me that I just said yes… So I took her home, and we kissed before she left. It was just awesome and things couldn’t be better now. Until I made it home. I called my mom a bigillion times to tell her that I was going to be home late. At the end of the day, she is not a professional with technical support at all. Her phone didn’t charge even after she didn’t even plug it in… So she got really angry because I made it late home and extrapolated that I went with my friends to smoke “drugs.” Will my mom EVER understand that if I have ever done drugs in my life, there were only once??? 

Stick around because I know YOU WANT A LOT MORE!!!

“Why are you so late huh???” said my wonderful madre… 

“I was hanging out with my friends after helping each other out with homewo-”

“YOU WERE SMOKING DRUGS HUH?!?!?!* AH HA! I figured it out…* That’s WHERE the smell comes from…”

I show her my strongly scented hand sanitizer…

“WELL, don’t change subjects…A DONDE FUISTE???* Y CON PERMISO DE QUIEN???* O QUE VOS PENSÁS QUE TE MANDAS SOLO!!!*” (Where’d you go? With whose permission? Or what, you think that you can do anything you want since you are “older” now???)

“MOM te he mandado como VEINTE LLAMADAS Y MENSAJES!!!” (I SENT YOU TWENTY calls and messages)

“De CUÁLES LLAMADAS y MENSAJES me estás hablando AH???” (What calls and messages are you talking about?)

“MOM just check your PHONE!!!” 


“Ok, dear sweet mom, would you like to come with me upstairs to check your phone?”

“OF COURSE sweetheart, why wouldn’t I???” 

We made it upstairs and my sister, Paula, stopped her JOJO SIWA playlist that drives me NUTS!

So I made it close to her nightlamp, to find out that her phone was, in fact, NOT CHARGED and close to the farther part of her mattress.

“JUST AS I THOUGHT!!!* You didn’t charge your phone AGAIN!!!”

My mom’s phrase could be described with just this expression…


“Look mom… let me facilitate things for you, alright??? Look we will wait 5 minutes until your phone turns on at LEAST with 3% of battery... If you see the figure or logo representing messages and calls in there, I swear…”

5 minutes later...

PAULA came to the room... the thing I am jealous about is that she has such a fleet body for a girl of her age. Her face of satisfaction later turned into a VERY feign worried voice which killed me.

“Mom, what is going on?” she asked.

Meanwhile, we ignored her and my mom said, “I am so sorry nene. I didn’t even know that my phone wasn’t on, I swear. If I could...”

“NO!!! Didn’t you always say that the fundamental thing in the family is confidence, closeness, & communication??? DO you actually think I would smoke??? Do you actually think I would sneak out elsewhere and not tell you???”

I mean between us, I forgot to say that I did help a friend but it was early after school... 

“Mi amor, mi vida... listen.”

“HERE… I have no idea what that fallacy was but look. I am going to go to my room, relax until it is 10:18 and then I’ll go to sleep. However, you guys better go stay FARTHER back because I’ll be loud AS NEVER before!!! Bye.”

Man, I love when I play the role of the affected victim. Surprisingly, my dad came home early from work… Due to how bad my mom felt, she told my dad everything to talk to me.* So my dad knocked, and I just told him to come in…

“Que Paso Papá???” (What’s wrong bro? Papa=dad but you use it in slang for someone who is young, a friend, or someone close to you)

“ Dad, if you came here to talk to me about my mom, I am really busy right now so yeah.”

“ Yes. I know your mom can be very annoying,  however, I still managed to marry her so yeah. I saw you called me too and I apologize for not answering… I do know that you were at school until 4 but you went somewhere else...”

“No, I didn’t!!!”

“You can tell me… believe me… I won’t tell mom.” 

That’s the one thing I like about my dad is that he never fails at keeping secrets.

“ OK that will listen, it's my new girlfriend. Her name is Khadeja and well we’ve been dating for around a month now. I was just hanging out with her, but NOTHING happened out of just kissing and whatever.” 

“It’s ok buddy… At your age, I met your mom so it’s ok.” 


“Well 16 to 17, but yeah. This will be our little secret… Just whatever you need I’m here for you.” 

“Ok thanks, Dad.”

That was quite a good conversation I had with him actually.

Moving on to Day two of the week… As I thought things were fine yesterday… Today wasn’t… Guess who I saw on my way out of the bathroom???

You will find out soon because I Know You Want A Lot More!!!

  So actually we didn’t see each other, we bumped into each other, and that was definitely great… Let me add that this conversation was TOTALLY not incendiary.

“You freaking RAT.”

“Vico…Hmmm, you’ve changed so much. Negatively speaking of course.”

“Oh yeah… It’s definitely negative. So negative that it took me two weeks to find someone new and better than you and meanwhile you don’t HAVE anyone.”

“For your information, I proceeded with my life and I have a very attractive girlfriend who ACTUALLY has talent and doesn’t need to be part of a stupid drill team to be so popular in life inside or outside social media.”

“I don’t even know exactly why I started talking to you to begin with...However, I am going to leave because I feel as if I am trying to catch my breath and being inundated by your toxicity.”


Somehow, I kinda missed that side of her that’s so exciting, incendiary, yet annoying. The weird thing is that she was about to leave until I pushed her against the wall and just held her. She was wanting me to let go but I saw it in her eyes and she still felt something for me. This is the weird thing. I kind of missed being around her and being so close to her and I thought about everything that has happened with Khadeja and me. We were both SO immersed in our relationship that it was different yet nice to see us together again. However, I also think about the fact that we broke up only because of Lupita and Santos. 

“Do you really like her?” Vico asked.

“To be honest I don't even know what to think anymore.”

Suddenly we got so close to each other and it was something that was, to me, unstoppable. This was just going on until, of course, her boyfriend had to come. 


“Who in the world are you?” her boyfriend asked.


I guess it makes sense why she would be dating him instead of me. I mean yes, I've got a little bit more muscular, but at the same time, he's way more buff than I am and I don't know why this kind of reminded me of the story that Santos and Nico went through. I tried to act as if everything that just has happened to the two was impervious to me.


“To be honest, I don't know man. But you should teach your girlfriend how to walk properly.”


I don't know exactly how long I took, but, through the hallway, I walked. The funny thing is just as I made it to my classroom, the class was nearly over and everyone was packing their stuff away.  The school day, so far, was honestly quite boring until Vico and I encountered each other. Funny thing is, winter vacation is right around the corner, literally.  I didn't realize Khadeja had been texting me at least three times to know where I was going to sit during lunch. So I guess that helped me think about something else that was not Vico.


I went to grab the food out of my locker, but the arrival of Vico's boyfriend to my locker preceded my chance to even go to the cafeteria. 


“Dude, what do you want huh?”

“Listen, Mister Argentinian wannabe singer, stay away from my girlfriend!”

“How about you tell your girlfriend to stay away from me. To begin with, she was the one that bumped into me while I was heading out of the bathroom.”

“I saw how you were looking at her so don't try to act as if you don't feel anything for her.”

I swear on my mom, I wanted to kick him in the guts with the waterproof boots that I got from Big 5.  If I didn't do it, though, was only because I saw Khadeja coming. 

“Look, I think you got the wrong interpretation of what has happened. So listen,  I don't even know who in the world you think you are to start getting pissed at me. However, why don't you tell your “girlfriend” to leave me alone if you care so much about it.”


“Rocco Boyd Medina. Can you explain to me, whose girlfriend are you talking about?”


Man, this is horrible and I did not want her to hear about this. I couldn’t believe Khadeja watched silently as the two of us talked about Vico. What will happen now? Will this be the end of the two of us? 


Stick around because I know YOU WANT EVEN MORE.

This was quite a tough day for me… Things went really bad and WHY did I become so bad at lying suddenly???

“Well, I am waiting for an answer…” Khadeja said. 

“Babe listen to me. I…”

Why in the world did I stop?

“YOU like my girlfriend. Come ON!!! Just say it already,” Vico’s boyfriend said. At that point, I wanted to destroy his “big dipper” looking face. 

“THAT IS NOT TRUE. Khadeja, I was just heading out of the bathroom, and then she bumped into me but nothing happened.” 

That IS the truth… nothing really happened. I guess it was just there. We let everything flow and it became stronger than me or the two of us. It felt as if minutes went by so slowly. 

“Then, this idiot came and made it seem as if I was flirting with her which I was not. I was just asking what is her deal? Then she started saying that she moved on and I told her I did too. My point is, NOTHING HAPPENED.”

I had to say it straight to his face because he would start judging me and just end up ruining everything.

Of course, she didn’t believe me. 

“Why? What did I ever do to you? I just proved that I cared about you. I tried to make sure that you were okay.” Khadeja said and immediately later, she started crying.

“Look Aaron (the name of Vico’s boyfriend), I don’t know if I am lucid or if you’re the stupidest* person ever and doesn’t understand English, but why don’t you just BACK OFF???”

He left with a HUGE grin on his face which one couldn’t tell later because of his mask. 

Anyhow, this didn't go as well as he thought it would be.


“Khadeja, listen it wasn’t my fault. I…”

“Why don't you stop playing that role of a victim huh? What did I ever do to you to deserve this? I love you more than anything else in this world. Thanks to you I gain self-confidence in many different aspects. Why is it that you're like this? Did I do something to you? Are you malevolent and just wanna make sure that I end up suffering later on?”

The thing is NOTHING happened. Love and company are what I feel and have from her.

“Ok, I will tell you the truth. I was just with her and all we did was bump into each other and we each got mad because she messed up my earphones and I messed up her “hair,” but that is all that happened.”

“I SAW YOU TWO!!! So don’t even try to put aside the latent truth that you don’t love me anymore. You guys were about to kiss. I even have a video for you to STOP justifying yourself.”

She showed me and that was, in fact, me and Vico. I tried to say it was a mishap but she didn’t let me talk.

“She was laying her head on you and you guys were so close to kissing. THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT RIGHT??? For you to have her LIE down close to you and say that she loves you right??? WELL, THEN WHY DON’T YOU GO WITH HER??? She can treat you and satisfy you more right??? Just leave already. SHE will definitely value you more.”

And I just couldn’t help it anymore. 

“Listen!!! I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU... I love you because you are the greatest and most important person in my life. I won’t lie to you, when we first started dating, I still had feelings for her, but YOU brought me joy.”


Cheese and rice I have never cried this much in my life... 

“WHY would I let you go if you are the reason for why I feel more confident about myself every day? Khadeja... I love you.”

I got close to her but she got so angry that she just slapped me.

“Don’t touch me. Get away from my life and DO ME THE HUGE FAVOR OF NEVER TALKING TO ME AGAIN.” 

Then she just left to have the few minutes left of lunch by herself. 

Meanwhile, I went to the school library to try to think with clarity what I am supposed to do. I do feel something for Vico, but Khadeja made me gain the confidence I lost after I broke up with Vico!!! This is so confusing and I want Khadeja back. I just can’t think of what to do and focus on something. The room was also quite bright and lucid which made it worse. Suddenly, I started seeing a girl coming my way with short bangs and a black hoodie on... It turns out it is Vico and she was worse than what I was.


“What should we do now???”


I honestly didn’t know and didn’t want to respond to that... However, what is it that will happen with the two of us??? Will there be more to tell about VICO and me???


Stick around because I know YOU WANT A LOT MORE...

The author's comments:

This isn't the final chapter... I'm still writing more.

“OH so now you come here so hypocritically asking ‘what should we do?’ I hate you so much.”

“Well, you know what? Why don’t you go throw yourself off some cliff?” 

She is so confusing. She acts as if she hates me but her eyes say something different. Man, she would definitely win the medal made out of metal gold from being the worst person at LYING.

“The real question is… would that be something you really would wish for me?”

“What happened between the two of us is obsolete. It expired and whatever happened between the two of us… is…”

Between the two of us, I think that we are like the corner and edges of a Rubix cube. With mixing and disturbance, we are separated. However, at the core, we are together even if we don’t want to. 

A couple of minutes later, we left the library to not make it so awkward. However, IT HAPPENED. Somehow, I forgot about Khadeja and was quite negligent of everything she felt. Vico and I kissed again. We were so close. We stopped. The two of us were so close. Then, we just stayed and hugged each other. Our psychology, in terms of our attitude, was contradicting but it was a nuance in how we acted with each other. During the few minutes we had for lunch, she laid her head on my lap, and she messed up my hair. 

“Oh, so THAT’S how you want to play huh???”

And then I started tickling her, better said, more as pinching her. Then, she pinched me back harder and smirked. Somehow, I felt as if that smile was the mettle I have been longing to have back. It’s crazy how one’s life can change in a matter of just seconds; although, it changed for our good.  I really missed having her with me again… She started having a small brightness in her eyes and an apologetic sense to her face. I just couldn’t stop staring at her and her modal dress. 

“Just promise me, whatever you do, that you will always be there for me.”

Her attractive model-like looking face just killed me.

“I will be there in any of the following situations: for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, to love and cherish, until parted…”

Suddenly, a dude, with spiky hair, sunglasses, and relatively good-looking, started talking behind me.

“Rocco, I need to talk to you bro…”


Who might this dude be? And why is he meddling in our nice moment??? Is this an end to something so nice??? 

Stick around because I know YOU WANT A LOT MORE!!!

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