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The Feared Alpha

December 19, 2019
By LillianDay2002, Fremont, Ohio
LillianDay2002, Fremont, Ohio
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Five years ago nuclear reactors all over the world exploded... Killing off the entire human race and most of the supernatural world. One pack is left standing. The Bloody Rose Pack is the only pack that is left. This is all because of their Alpha.. Alpha Seth Knight... Better known as The Feared Alpha. Before the nuclear reactors exploded, werewolves all over the world feared the name of Seth Knight. He was and still is known as the Alpha that no one can say no to. His aura is powerful, making all the wolves around him know that no one can defy his rule. 

Beore the nuclear reactors exploded he met his mate, Scarlett Knight. She is orginally from The Winterfall pack, but she was exciled from her pack for protecting her two younger siblings. Having Shadow wolf blood in her veins makes her a target for those who want to get back at her father. When she meets Alpha Seth Knight, she immediately knows that he will protect her. She knows she is safe and she is known as The Feared Alphas mate... A Luna that no one would touch because of her mate. 

These two make a powerful couple... One being a powerful Demon wolf... Another being a powerful she-wolf... These two will rule the world... But there is a catch... Someone seen a vision of the future.... Their oldest daughter would be a demon wolf... The first female demon wolf for thousands of years... 

Lillian D.

The Feared Alpha

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