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Fabled Gale Academy

January 21, 2016
By K-Twriter, San Antonio, Texas
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K-Twriter, San Antonio, Texas
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Author's note:

I was inspired to write this piece out of my own experiences with my father. The task was never my job but it felt like that on the inside.

“If i can’t be the person i am around you, then i won’t hesitate to leave your world”

Fabled Gale Academy is where I feel alive; with all the challenges, my friends, and opportunity, I can be myself. Myself as in Shi no Musuko, the son of Death. My friends call me Shinigami. As the Reaper’s son I have a lot to live up to, trying to keep track of everyone who has run out of time is unbearable, so my father assigned me with a task. Collect ten souls of students by the end of the school year. If I do that, there’s a chance that I might get my own Death Scythe.Though I can handle doing that in a few simple hours, there are certain ways to do it that will make me someone that stands out this year.

Mrs. Feito pointed to the diagram of great legends and their destiny. The legendary master elf Futoji no tamashi, who gave his life so that the Elven tribes could live on without fear of their greatest enemy, Burakku zetsubo, my father. As the teacher explained Futoji’s valiant sacrifice, her gray, but intense eyes gazed with hatred into mine. Mrs. Fieto had always hated him since the day she found out he was the son of the Grim Reaper. She had grown up, like the majority of students at FGA ,with strong faith in a popular elf tribe , The Negaimasu Tribe. As part of their beliefs, members of the Shifu Family were viewed as monsters, thus her despising me at the zenith of her ability.

“ Shinigami! Please come up here and describe the cruelest enemy of the elf tribes back in the Era of Despair. “

It's known as the era of triumph to us. You've become so egotistical Mrs. Fieto. I rose out of my seat in the back of the classroom , and slowly shuffled my way to the front. I looked up, only to see the mendacious whispers flying throughout the classroom. Nervous, I look to my friend Fia , daughter of the Black Knight. She nodded, encouraging me to say,

“ The elves cruelest enemy? That's simple.”

The students knew the answer. The name, Burakku zetsubo almost rang in their ears but  was suddenly cause of shock as I said,

“ Their prejudice! “

My eyes flew around the room, scoping out my target. The perfect chance to strike; when they’re flustered they're easier to kill. I summoned my daggers, my temporary weapons until I get a death scythe, and they appeared in my 7 hands in a whirl of black fire. Swiftly running, stabbing, and ending. One elf, Muzai, had died at my hands, leaving the class in a pallid fear, the teacher in horror, and my number of students left to kill, 3.

My only friends here at FGA. Fia , the daughter of the Black  Knight, Bisutoteima , The next in generation to tame the terrifying Nightmare, and Shoakuma , a young shape shifter who enjoys taking the shape of animals and playing pranks. I walked down the halls leading to my locker and opening it to find a little monkey in it and an empty lunchbox.

“ Thanks for the lunch Shinigami! I’m stuffed! “ it squeaked loudly as it devoured an apple, “ Wait  what’s happening to me! “

The monkey instantly changed form and became a human, stuffed tightly in the locker.

“  Shoakuma, you’ve done this 88 times exactly, did you really think I wasn’t going to do anything? I poisoned my lunch with the ancient Keijo no shiru solution: which is mostly aimed at Shape Shifters like you , you won’t be able to shape shift until sundown. Have fun you little tyrant.”

I walked away, silently laughing at the shouts of frustration coming from Shoakuma. Fia and Bisutoteima were down the hall, discussing their latest plot to fill every room in the school with itching powder. My heart fluttered at the sight of Fia, he had loved her ever since the first day he saw her. She had curly black hair, stunning emerald green eyes, and a smile that stopped Shinigami in his tracks every time he looked at her. Bisutoteima had been his best friend since they were kids and they always used to always cause trouble in the little village the lived in. There was never a dull moment when these three were united.

“ Hey Shinigami ! ”, Fia gave him a light kiss on his cheek, “ So have you killed anyone interesting today?”

“ If you consider Muzai interesting, i guess “ he responded.

Fia instantly broke away from him, “ Muzai? The most popular teacher’s pet there is? Honestly Shinigami, you need to learn to only take the souls of people that no one cares about. “

“ Well killing myself isn’t an option, and my father wants me to kill the important ones. Besides if anyone wants to see the little brat he’s right here. “

Shinigami summoned a small , ocean blue orb. Muzai’s last screams replayed over and over again as he picked up the glowing sphere. Then five elves walked down towards them

“ Oh look it’s the nobody gang,” said the biggest one, “ What’s the killer holding? “

Seconds later the hard glass orb hit his face and fell into the hands of another elf.

“ I-It’s Muzai!” the elf screamed.

Shinigami was then slammed against a locker by the biggest elf , Yoku shira rete.

“ What the hell did you do to Muzai, you monster? “ he raged.

“ The same thing that will happen to you if you don’t back off. “ said a voice behind them..

Bisutoteima walked up to them, now holding the nightmare’s flaming scabbard in his hand, and Fia strolled up to them with her famous dark rapier, Kyofu no hakobi-te.

It was a clash as the other three mustered their magic powers in a full forced frontal attack. As fireballs danced down the halls Bisutoteima reflected the mass attack with one powerful swing of Furemingu saya. Three elves lay scorched on the ground as two focused a precise attack with their mystic bows. Barely , but swiftly, dodging  the attack with a sliced cheek Fia and Shingami blasted a huge combination attack called the  Kurohomura no reipia. Leaving Shinigami, with only one soul to collect.

“ Hey dad, you told me to collect ten souls, any special requests for my last kill? “ Shinigami sneered as he dropped 9 souls in front of his father.

“ In fact, I do,”  he boomed, “ If you’re going to be a Grim Reaper, you need to eliminate all feeling you have towards any other human soul.”

“ You know I don’t care about anyone.”

“ Good; then kill Fia.”

The words struck him like a gale of a storm. Kill Fia? Shinigami couldn’t,  He had loved her since they first met, and she felt the same about him.

“ No! Father I refuse to be a lifeless , hollow, husk of myself! you can’t control me! I have Feelings, and just because you never care or realize that i do, doesn’t mean they’re not there!”

“ Well then, you’re not my son if you have feelings; You are a disgrace to the Shifu Clan!”

His dark father turned away from him and disappeared in a black inferno. Leaving Shinigami alone in two worlds.

All the parents where there, everyone Shinigami knew was here. Fia was still alive. His dad watching from the front seat. Parents of the students Shinigami had killed came to demand one last time that I must be punished. The School Representatives and Administration had refused in fear of my father. So I wouldn't get punished.

“ Shinigami Shifu! Advanced Performance in Swordsmanship and Mathematics. “ the Principal muttered grudgingly.

Boos and shouts of disapproval flowed through the auditorium. All of a sudden, The Grim Reaper stood up.

“ I really don't want to work on a day like this but if you make me,” He pulled his scythe from a black case slung across his back,”  Duty calls…”

The world stood silent, as if every living soul on the earth heard him. He sat back down and looked up to the stage.

“ Continue…” He beamed to the Principal.

Ankoku Jidai no kyofu! Advanced Performance in Swordsmanship and Science!

It was obvious, now would be my chance. My father willed me on. I summoned my daggers once more. Running up to the stage. Dashing beneath the shadow. I was on the stage.

A blade flew towards Fia’s head. only to be blocked with Shinigami’s cursed dagger.

“Father! I will not kill her! And will not let you do it either!”

“  You disgrace me son. You will never have a Death Scythe or my Guidance!”

“ I already have something more valuable than both of those things.” he said as he held Fia’s hand like he would for years to come.

“Fine! If you do have feelings, then this will prove it!”

A sable blaze snapped in his hands and the hundreds of parents and students were immediately suspended  in the air by a dark smoke, which easily catches fire killing all in its deadly grasp.

“ If you really do care, then you would try to save them! Or die trying!” He roared.

Honestly, Shinigami didn't care for any person held by his father. He had never cared for a second of his life, but Fia once said to him at a small park by the Futoji lake,
” Just because you're a Reaper, doesn't mean you don't have a heart, if you love me, you can also open a warm heart towards others. If you truly think you cannot, you don't truly love me.”

Shinigami knew what he had to do.

“ Kill them! I don't care! “

His father grinned evilly.

“That's my boy… As you wish…”

Shinigami saw Fia behind the stage, as tears rolled down her cheeks he thought to himself,

“ It will all be better soon.”

A  vast surge of flames filled the room and 499 souls lay suspended in the air. No! I need one more!

He turned to see Fia again, she hadn't been caught in the inferno. He crouched  down to her.

“ I'm sorry…”, he gave her one last kiss, and silently ended her, leaving a black orb with sanguine swirls of pink and red.

“ 500! “

He cast the magic seals and words in the air.

“Tochi! Kurushimi no! Kimishita ! Saigomade!”

“ You're using Spirit magic! Reapers cannot do such things!” , his father yelled.

“ Well I guess I'm not a Reaper,” Shinigami defiantly replied,” Itami nashi no atarashi sekai!”

The souls in the room glowed brighter and brighter, forming a portal in the ground, that Reapers could never pass.

“ You can't go in there! “

“ Like I said, I'm not a Reaper anymore.”

Jumped inside and as the portal closed, his father made one final shout.
“ I - “.

But the portal closed before he could finish.

Shinigami woke up on fresh green grass, he stood up to see the souls on the ground, slowly transforming back into what who they once were.

Families and students sprouted from the ground, cheering with triumph that they faced death and won! Just that moment Fia sprouted up in front of Shinigami, tears in both of their eyes as they held each other like they thought they never would again.

“ But - what about your father? “ she worried.

“ he won't hurt anyone here anymore, and besides, I'm confident that he was going to say ‘ I always hated you.’”


The mighty Grim Reaper sat in the dark empty room that had been filled with souls and his son seconds before.

“ - have always loved you, son. I'm sorry“

One tear landed on the cold tile floor , and one on lush grass. At that moment, they both knew that Reapers have feelings too.

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