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Section Three

September 18, 2013
By Pig_navy98 BRONZE, pittsburg, Kansas
Pig_navy98 BRONZE, Pittsburg, Kansas
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Section Three is a dark place that no man or woman would want to be sent to. It tells outsiders that these people are insane or a mistake in society. After the world fell, the City rose from the ashes of the old world, giving birth to citizens who studied humans without a second thought.

Sky never thought he would be in such a place, even after the murder of his parents (not that he cared too much about) and the mishap with his best friend and older brother figure, Mark.

In Section Three there is a boy named Phantom. A little dark and maybe a little disturbed, Phantom might be the help Sky needs to find the answers a he needs to know about Section Three, the City, and the Elders, the ones who control their everyday lives.

But just when Sky thinks he can solve all his problems he learns the biggest secret ever and it just might be the down fall of everything he ever believed in.

Diane B.

Section Three

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