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Devil May Cry Backstory

May 24, 2012
By Heaven_Leigh_96, Montezuma, Iowa
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Author's note: This was an assignment for my creative writing class. We were to take a popular video game series and add a new character with a new back story.

(Sintheia) Knock, Knock, Knock. I rose from my couch and pushed mute on the remote control. After I had pushed my black hair out of my face, I opened the door. When the door opened, my heart skipped a beat. He stood in the doorframe with his hand poised as if to knock again. “Dante?” Surprised leaked into my voice. He smiled a meek smile and nodded towards the other man that stood beside him, “Hey, Sintheia. It’s been awhile. We need to ask you something. First, can we come in?” My voice was the coldest I could make it. “You owe me three grand. Until I have my three grand, you’re not getting any more money from me.” The man that stood beside Dante cleared his throat, “May we please come in. Dante isn’t asking for money this time. I wouldn’t be if he was.” “Friend? Dante‘s only friends are the ones who can give him his next high. You can’t pull the wool over my eyes. He has no real friends.” Slowly I opened the door and stepped aside for them. “But, if Dante doesn’t want money, this must be important. If not, I’ll throw you both over my balcony.” The man that claimed to be Dante’s friend nodded at me and practically dragged Dante in with me. “Thank you for letting us explain. I hope you’ll understand what’s happening.” There was no helping to notice that this man and Dante seemed to be close. He had light colored hair that was up in a ponytail. “Dante, tell me who this man is.” Proud of myself for not letting my voice shake. I turned to him. “You told me that you trusted no one. Even me. Is that why you put a knife to my throat?” “Look,” Dante knew I was pissed. He was hiding behind his friend “I know you’re confused. I know I‘ve really f*ed up our relationship but I really need your help. It turns out that I‘m human and that I have to trust people.” Gesturing towards his friend, he finished looking embarrassed. “Jesus, Dante, Your more f*ed up than me.” I shook my head and then I remembered that Dante wanted to ask me something. Knowing Dante, it’s probably what the best pizza joint in town is. “What did you need to ask me about anyways?” Vergil sighed before he spoke. “We need your help on chasing down a demon. Dante told me that you have many connections down below.” “Sintheia, please.” Dante gently put his hand on my shoulder. “We both need your help.” His blue eyes were full to the brim with tears. “I know I’ve been horrible to you, but I swear I’ll make it up to you.” A single tear fell down his face. The upset look on Dante‘s face melted the ice around my foolish heart. “Okay, I’ll do what I can.” Standing at perfect position, I kissed his left eye, taking the yet to form tears from him. “You’ve been the reason of many tears from me. I won’t be the reason for any tears from you.” Vergil coughed politely and nodded his head at the door. “Dante, we need to get our weapons ready. It’ll be a long drive.” A smooth smile came across my face, “I have weapons. You’re welcome to look and if you see anything you want, let me load it up and you can have it.” Dante nodded and walked down my hallway to a black door with three separate locks on it. “Uh, Sintheia, how do I open this door?” “You don’t. That’s my job.” I walked past them to my open bedroom. Funny, I thought I shut my door. I opened a drawer on my cherry oak nightstand. I thumbed through all of the papers and pulled out a set of keys. I jogged back to where Dante and Vergil stood; I felt a prick of pain on the back of my neck. I turned around searching for what caused the pain. Seeing nothing, I turned back to the men. “Sorry. I thought I felt something.” Dante shrugged as Vergil nodded an okay at me. After unlocking the door, I looked at the boys with a huge grin on my face. “Get ready for your socks to be knocked clear off.” (Vergil) When Sintheia opened the door to her arsenal, I couldn’t help it but a low whistle escaped from my teeth. This chick had everything from innovative swords to hand guns. She had to have traveled around the world to get this many weapons. It was insane! Dante glanced at me and smirked. “This was bigger; I took some of it home. I’m trying to create my own arsenal.” Sintheia walked in and looked around. “What kind of demon are we trying to find?” Dante frowned, “We’re not really sure.” He glanced at me for help. “I think Vergil said it acts like a Beowolf, but it walks on two legs.” Sintheia glanced at me and I noticed how beautiful she really was. Her black, curly hair was thick and curled to perfection Her violet eyes could stare right into a man’s soul. Into my soul. Dante’s a dick. He brought me here for a reason and I doubt it was to get weapons. He wanted to show off. You’ve been the reason of many tears from me. . . Sintheia’s words echoed in my mind. Dante must have done something horrible to her. . . “Dante’s right, it acts like a Beowolf but it doesn’t walk on all four. I thought that maybe it could be a demon some one created but I’m not sure.” Sintheia nodded and turned away from us, “Man-made means you have to have short hand blades and silver bullets. I’m sure I have enough to go around.” Surprise laced the outermost fringes of my mind. This girl not only owned the weapons, she knew what she was talking about. Dante sure knows how to pick ‘them. What does or did she see in him? Shaking my head, I moved towards one wall and watched Sintheia pull down hand blades and guns. “Vergil doesn’t use guns.” Dante suddenly said when Sintheia pulled down a certain gun. “Why?” Annoyance was clear in her face. “It’s the only long range way to kill a man-made.” She turned to stare at me, “Is it against your code of honor or something?” “I just don’t think that a true warrior should have to lower himself to the level of guns. They’re almost like cheating.” Sintheia considered what I said as she pulled down a set of hand blades. “Nicely said. It would have taken Dante almost three months to think of that.” Again she turned and pulled down a sawed off shotgun. “However, I don’t believe that any weapons have levels. Their importance goes down to the wire. The only true weapon is the one you use to save your ass from being slaughtered while in a fight.” I nodded in agreement. “Good point.” Dante burst into laughter, “Holy s***! The well worded Vergil just ran out of words to say!” Sintheia frowned at him, “Yeah, at least Vergil knows when to accept defeat and leave a subject alone. You should learn from him. How many fights did you start because you thought you were right?” Dante pouted and grumbled under his breath. It was along the lines of “Damn Vergil thinks he’s so much better than me!” I know I shouldn’t have laughed at him. It would just encourage him, but I couldn’t help it. Dante was just enough crazy to balance out the annoying. Sintheia laughed too. Her laugh was like a wind chime in a fifty-mile gust. “Well, you guys can fight it out, but I have to find something to eat.” Dante turned to me with an excited look on his face, “Ask her about her Taco Salad.” I sighed, poked my head out the door, and looked straight into the eyes of a demon. “Dante, it’s time to start firing those bullets.” My voice grew with volume. “There’s a demon here.” That’s when I heard a scream from the living room.


When I left the arsenal, I felt the same pinprick of pain on my neck. Reaching to touch my neck, I felt a spine of a feather stuck in my skin.

Fallen Angels.

I ran to the living room hoping that Dante and Vergil could fend for themselves.

Once in the living room, my bare feet squished into something wet. Looking down, all I saw was blood. The walls, ceiling and floor were soaked with it. A shrill scream formed in my throat. I was able to hold it in until something put its hands around my waist. Even through the screaming, I could hear Dante’s guns going off.

“Hush!” A sickly voice snarled in my ear. “It’s time for you to show your true self.”

Pain flared in my back just underneath my shoulders. I couldn’t keep a grip on reality. I thought I saw on of the boys enter the room but I wasn’t sure. All I hear as my eyes shut were gunshots.

Fight Dante. . .

Vergil had just warned me about the demon when I heard Sintheia scream. I rushed out the door shooting demons as I went. My boots squished into her carpet. I knew something bad had happened.

Once I was in the living room, I almost puked. There was blood on everything. That’s what my boots were in. I saw a crumpled ball of black and knew that was Sintheia. I tried to get closer to her but the damn demons kept ganging up on me.

One jumped onto my back and I heard a faint voice in my head telling me to fight. Sintheia wasn’t moving anymore. I ran forward ignoring the demons. “Vergil!” I screamed for my friend as I leaned down to make sure she was okay. She wasn’t.

Sintheia’s whole back was completely drenched in blood. Just underneath her shoulder blades, there was a cut so deep you could see white. Her bone. I could feel my Demon Trigger taking effect. I‘m starting to go mad. That’s when I heard gunshots.
Turning my head, I saw Vergil firing off twin 9 mms. I nodded and looked back to Sintheia. I saw more white now than I had before. Touching her neck as an attempt to find a pulse, I felt feathers under her skin.

Fallen Angel.

Her skin became cold. Slowly her eyes opened. There was no white. The entire eye you could see was filled with blood. She blinked and I realized the blood was inside the eyes. She pushed me away and stood.

Once she was standing she looked across the room, one demon looked her directly in the eyes. She growled like a wolf and moved towards it. Slowly her shirt moved. As it began to rip, I could see more and more of white with red stain on it.

Glorious wings exploded from her back, spraying a new layer of blood onto the walls. Her wings flapped once to rid of excess blood. That’s when the demon she had made eye contact with lunged right at her. When he was about three feet away, she threw up her wing. When the demon collided with it, it screamed and fell on the floor writhing.

Vergil looked at her in surprise but then whistled and threw her one of the 9 mm. Of course, me being a fool, I forgot about the demons that had surrounded me. Quickly, I turned and began to shoot my own handguns. Soon all that was left was the one demon that Sintheia had made eye contact with.

When I turned to face her, her wings had folded back into her skin and she was straddling the demon. Effortlessly, she bit into his neck causing the demon to scream. Her hand moved to clamp over his mouth and she continued to drain his blood.

Soon, the demon stopped its struggle and turned into ash. Once the demon was fully decomposed, she rose and her hands began to shine a pulsing light. The light grew in strength until I couldn’t see anymore. Then it just stopped. All of the blood was gone and Sintheia had blood dripping from her eyes that were back to their normal color.
Slowly I began to walk toward her.


When I woke up, Dante was holding me, and demons were everywhere. In the distance, I heard gunshots from Vergil. I was in to much pain to notice him. Everything was in a red haze. I blinked and pushed Dante away and stood. Then I stared at a demon. The pain I had felt earlier came again and I heard a whoosh of wind and tearing of fabric. Something came out of my back.

Fallen Angel. Protect yourself.

After whatever came out of my back appeared, the demon rushed at me. My reflexes kicked in and I covered my face. Another whoosh of wind and in my face were feathers. They were white, but stained with blood.

My blood. My Wings.

The demon hit against the wing and fell to the floor. I heard a whistle from Vergil and looked up in time to see a handgun being thrown to me. I reached up and grabbed it. Once I had the gun cocked, I began to shoot. The one demon I had a run in with was on the carpet screaming in pain. I ignored him and continued to shoot the rest. After ten minutes, all that was left was the one demon.

Drain his blood. An icy voice in my head commanded, Make him feel pain.

I did as the voice commanded and attacked his throat. My teeth bit right past the skin. The demon screamed.

Shut up! The voice snarled.

I clamped my hand over the demon. He ceased his struggling. His blood slowed. I could feel his body die right in my hands. He turned to ash.

I rose and my hands felt like they had been set on fire. After that, all I felt was pure bliss. The pain, the wings, the demons and the blood was all gone. Good.

I’m now a demon.


I knew Sintheia was a demon just by the way her name was spelled. However, from what I just saw, I now knew to which extent she can go without relying on her demon powers and it’s sure a lot more than Dante can.

What that light was, I still don’t know. The light pulsed colors similar to something that looks like a Demon Trigger. That’s not what really scared me; it was the fact that she drained a demon of not only his blood but also his life. Now she looked normal expect for the blood draining from her eyes.

Sintheia turned away from us and I saw her wings slowly press themselves into her skin.

Fallen Angel. Every time those wings come out, it will cause an injury on her shoulders.

Punishment. Punishment for what?

She turned to look at Dante and me, “What happened? I know I grew wings, but I blacked out. One demon cut across my shoulders. At lest, I think it was a demon. I couldn’t really tell I was busy trying not to scream at the blood.”

“Yeah, Dante will know more, I only got here when you woke up and grew wings. Did you know you were at least part demon?”

She sighed, “I don’t know who my father is. My mom always said that he was damned to hell, so I guess it would make sense then.”

Dante cleared his throat, “Some one should look at your back. Where the wings are can seriously do some damage if this starts to happen a lot.”

Sintheia glared at him, “You think I knew that I could do this? For twenty-two years now, I considered myself a human. Now you come here and I’m a demon. How do you think this is making me feel?”

Even from where I was stood, I could hear Dante’s stomach growl. “Hey, Sintheia, I think He’s hungry. What do we do-”

“He can go get pizza.” Sintheia snarled. She turned towards Dante, “Get my purse. Knowing you, your tab hasn’t been paid for a year.”

Dante frowned, “it’s only been six months since I paid for it. But, I make it up by hunting down demons for the owner.”

I snickered.

Dante turned to me, “Why doesn’t Vergil pay for this round?”

“Because Vergil’s not hungry.” I snapped at him.

“Oh that’s total bull s*** and you know it. You just like to act like a demon, but guess what dude, we’re part human.”

Sintheia laughed, “Boys, boys, you’re both pretty. Alright Dante, where’s my purse?”

He turned and walked into the kitchen, “It’s gone.”

Sintheia rolled her eyes, “Really, Dante. This is just sad.”
She followed Dante into the kitchen.

While they were in the kitchen, I walked around her living room getting a good feel for the place. I stopped in front of a double bookcase and browsed the titles. She owned many books on demons and how to defeat them. I stopped when I saw a book on half bloods.

Picking it up, I flipped through the pages. It was all about how we were conceived and the growth cycle. If she were full demon, having an offspring with any demon would cause a half-blood. Maybe she was just looking up information before hand. I stopped on a page that was marked with a post-it note. The note read; Dante. . .

I read on and noticed that the page was on the how to kill a half-blood.

Dread filled my stomach, she knew about Dante and me. And here I was hoping that she didn’t know about us being half bloods.

What am I going to do? Dante loves her, but she wants him dead. It doesn’t make any sense.

Sintheia poked her head out the door, “Hey, Vergil, you sure you aren’t hungry. Dante ordered a large pizza; there’ll be plenty for all.”

I smiled and shook my head no. “I’m not hungry right now, but I might have some later.”

She nodded and walked back into the kitchen.

She was drug Dante with her into the living room. Dante grinned at me before flopping on the couch. “Man, what a night. We found a new demon. Vergil used a gun and Sintheia is going to help us find the weird demon.”

I nodded in agreement, “Yes, what a night.”


Vergil and Dante stayed over; I made them sleep in the living room. When I woke up, I heard them bickering somewhere in my house.

Shutting my door behind me, I walked into the living room thinking that’s where they were. Not finding them in there or the kitchen, I walked to the arsenal. There they were fighting over who got the best set of hand blades.

“Uh, guys, I get the best set. After all, this is my house.”

Vergil nodded but Dante frowned at me. “But, all I have is one sword and hand guns.”

“There’s the key word; guns. As in more than one. I haven’t even picked out what I was going to use yet.”

Vergil wasn’t paying attention to us; he was looking at the hand blade. He picked one up and tried it out on his hand. “I don’t know why we are fighting over weapons, all which are here are in pretty good shape.”

I took the set out of Dante’s hands and walked towards Vergil, “Since you’re so wise, these are yours.”

No matter how much he tried to hide his surprise, I saw it flicker in his eyes. He took the set from me and smiled, “Thanks.”

I nodded and moved to one side of the room, “After this, we need to get moving. My contacts are always busy. We’ll be lucky if we can get ten minutes with her.

Vergil pulled down a sword and looked at me in awe, “This is a twin blade, there’s only two sets left in the world.”

I shrugged at him, “It was a gift from the royal family in England. The other one is with one of my contacts. She knows that if I ask for it to give it to me.”

“I see.” Vergil held it up as if he wanted to use it but was afraid to ask me.

“Take it.”

He nodded and put it in its sheath. After he had it strapped to his side, he looked for more.

Dante walked beside me and picked up a gun. I nodded to him, “Yesterday, she told us that we didn’t have to ask.”

I nodded again, “Meet me in the living room when you’re done.” Both men nodded and got down to work. I picked up three guns, magazines, five blades and one sword.

I left the room and walked into the living room. Sitting on the couch, I noticed a book sitting on my coffee table. It was marked with chunks of paper.

Picking it up, I walked into the kitchen to pack some food. It took a while to get to my contact’s meeting place. I put the book in my snakeskin purse and went back into the living room. There were the boys ready to go. I nodded at the door and left.

Vergil looked at me, “You aren’t going to lock that?”

I shrugged and smirked, “I have cameras, any one comes in, I can track them down. Besides, I locked the arsenal. No one’s that dumb to try to steal from me. They know I have demon friends that wouldn’t be afraid to kill them if they stole from me.”

He nodded, “That seems like a good reason not to piss you off.”

I laughed at him and unlocked my car. “I have rules for this car, no one is shot gun, that’s for my gun. If you want to listen to the radio, you listen to what I put on. Finally, there is no eating at all. I’ll allow you to drink something, but no beer. Understand?”

Both nodded at me and we got in the car.


We were in the car for about an hour until we reached our destination. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, Sintheia’s contact was at a strip joint. Shaking my head, I looked at her and frowned, “Is this really where your contact is?”

She nodded and walked in the joint. Vergil shrugged at me and followed her. That’s when I noticed something had changed in Vergil; he hasn’t been mean to me all day. It just wasn’t right. He was always rubbing in my face that he was younger and stronger.

What has happened? Did he fall for Sintheia? Why would he? He’s colder than the snow. Sintheia doesn’t love me, so maybe. . .

I shook my head and walked into the joint. Sintheia and Vergil were waiting for me at the door.

“Did you have a conversation with a pigeon?” Vergil asked me with a laugh.

So much for Vergil being nice to me.

Sintheia rolled her eyes at me and turned away. “My contact’s in the dressing room.”

“Who is your contact any way?”

She smiled. “You’ll see.”

As we worked our way to the dressing room, I couldn’t help but to look around, the people here looked like they were, dead. I thought one of them was growling at me. “Vergil, these people don’t look right. I think that they’re zombies.”

Sintheia nodded at one and opened a door. Inside a woman was sitting on a bed with a shotgun in her hand. The girl had long blonde hair and gray eyes. She smiled at us and rose from the bed. She put the gun on the bed, “Sintheia, I haven’t seen you in almost a month, I was beginning to think that you fell off the face of the Earth!”

Sintheia laughed, “Oh. I’m sorry! I’ve really busy here lately.” She nodded to Vergil and me, “Dare Lynn I want you to meet a couple of my friends, Dante and Vergil.”

Dare Lynn smiled at us, “Nice to meet you.” She walked to the mirror and began to put on makeup.

Sintheia cleared her throat, “Do you know of anyone that could create a man-made Beowolf?”

Dare Lynn looked at her in surprise, “The only person I can think of would be Christian, but he’s gone now.”

Sintheia nodded at her, “I see.”

Suddenly there was a flash of black light. Sintheia was holding a knife and Dare Lynn was transforming. Sintheia pushed her up against the wall and slammed the knife into the woman’s throat. Blood was dripping from her hands. Dare Lynn was coughing and pulling at Sintheia’s hand. She turned back into her human form. Sintheia murmured something in her ear before she twisted the knife as hard as she could. She released the knife and turned to me.

“We need to get ready. Did you notice the people out there; she turned them all into zombies. How she did it, I have no clue. It really is a shame, she was a good demon.”

Vergil cleared his throat, “I think the zombies felt you kill their master.”

There was multiple bangs on the door. The smell of Dare Lynn’s blood was starting to make me sick. Vergil had already pulled out the twin sword that Sintheia had given him. Sintheia picked up the shotgun off Dare Lynn’s bed. Finally, I pulled out my Ebony and Ivory. Sintheia aimed the shotgun right at the door. When she pulled the trigger, blood splattered from the outside in, she had hit one of the zombies right in the eye.

Vergil gave out a mighty battle cry and rushed out the gaping hole where the door was seconds ago. He slashed through five zombies before I even was able to pull the triggers. Sintheia followed suit and rushed forward shooting the shotgun. I moved swiftly shooting as fast as I could.

I noticed that Sintheia’s back was again bleeding and she was slowing. A scream escaped her lips and those strange wings ripped from her skin. Not only had she shed a new layer of blood onto the walls but she had caught the attention of everyone, including Vergil.

“Fallen Angel.” A zombie moaned and lumbered toward her.

She stared at the zombie for a split second before she shot it in the face.

“Run to the door! There’s too many of them!” Vergil called to us.

Sintheia nodded and grabbed my wrist, “Hurry, Dante, they’ll kill us.”

We ran as fast as we could to the door. Once outside I rushed to the car, “Hurry, let’s go!” Turning back, I noticed that people were staring at the door. “What the f***?”


I was inches away from Sintheia when we got out of the strip joint. Dante rushed forward for some reason. I glanced Sintheia over to make sure she wasn’t hurt. Relief flooded through me when I was sure she was fine. The only thing that had changed was her eyes. They were black now. I didn’t know why. She seemed closer to me than before, maybe I pulled her closer, but I just had to close the gap.

When our lips met, I heard Dante snarl from in front of us. That’s when I heard a gunshot. I expected to feel pain in my back, but there was nothing, no one made a noise. The only heard I heard was Sintheia’s panting. Then I figured out why no one was talking, they saw Sintheia’s wings.

She protected me.

Anger filled me as I turned to glare at Dante, but all I was a bloody white. “Sintheia, please move the wings, I need to teach Dante a lesson.”

“No.” Her voice was firm. “He’s still shooting at us.”

“I must have really pissed him off this time.” I tried to laugh but I couldn’t from within the wing’s protection I saw one of the zombies we had foolishly left alive in the strip joint open the door and walk out. It snarled at us as it limbered forward. “Don’t look now, but here comes Mr. Rot Stink.”

Sintheia nodded and turned to look at the demon. She pulled her wings away from us and began to walk toward the demon. Since I was behind her, I could see her pull out a knife from behind her back.

“She’s going to slit its throat, huh?” Dante was still pissed at me but had turned civil after he saw Sintheia pull out her knife. “How long have you wanted to do that?” He glanced at me before drawing one of his handguns, “You’re lucky she’s a demon or you’d be a bloody mess on the cement.”

I shrugged at him. “We need to get these people out of here.” When Dante nodded, I turned to the throng of people standing watch, “She’s going to kill this one for you, no one is going near that joint, it’s infested. If you do, good-bye. If you don’t want to help us get rid of these buggers, I suggest you leave, now.”

Dante nodded and the people began to walk or run away. That’s when we heard some huge crash within the building. Sintheia turned away from the zombie to look at us in surprise. The zombie lunged at her trying to knock her over. She slashed the zombie. Before the creature had hit the ground, she had decapitated it.

“Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.” I grumbled under my breath drawing the twin blade Sintheia had given me.

As soon as I spoke more of those damned zombies walked out. I teleported myself forward with a growl. The zombies had no chance.

Sintheia lost hold of her knife when three zombies tackled her. Thank God, that she had another one strapped onto her thigh.

She growled and all I could see was blood. I didn’t know whose blood it was but it scared me.

When did you start caring?

One of the zombies that had tackled Sintheia was backing away from its companions. The other two zombies continued to attack her. Pure, hot hatred caused my vision to go red and I could feel myself change.

In a blink of my eye, Dante had thrown one of the zombies away from Sintheia. Or what was left of it.

Sintheia had eaten parts off the zombie’s face away when she had been fighting it. The third zombie’s now lifeless undead body rolled away from Sinetheia’s still form.

I walked over to her feeling my human body taking form again. Her eyes were closed and I couldn’t tell if she was breathing. My fingers touched her ice-cold skin. Before I could register what I had just done, her eyes slowly opened.

I gasped at what I saw.


I had lunged at the zombie that had lumbered out of the joint. He and I crashed onto the cement. I bit down on his throat and pulled. The zombie’s head was held by a string of muscle tissue. After I had cut the tissue, I heard another zombie growling behind me. I fished a knife out of the scabbard on my back as I approached the beast.

The zombie turned to me, sniffing out of his almost decomposed nose. Not only could the zombie smell me, but I could smell the rot of his body and the disgusting lust that he had experienced just moments before we showed up. He limbed toward me with a snarl that showed off his black teeth. I blew him a kiss as my knife sliced the air between us.

When the knife entered the zombie’s eye, I teleported forward and ripped it from it’s eye. It screamed. Around me I could feel the presence of more of the damned bodies. My eyes crashed closed when I was forcefully pushed onto the ground.

The smell of rotten flesh burned in my nose as a zombie clawed at my face. I fought blindly until I was able to get her away from my face. My knife had been knocked out of my grip when I was tackled. I snarled and grabbed at dead hair. When I had a lump in my hand, I pulled it’s owner close to me and bit down on something’s nose.

The decaying flesh tore away in my mouth leaving a bitter taste. I spat it out and continued clawing and biting the creatures.

Seconds after I had bitten the one closest to my horizontal frame, My head began to pound and my vision slowly slipped away from me leaving everything blurry. The more I fought against the zombies, the harder it became to move my limbs. Blunt nails raked down my face inches from my lips. I stretched my lips and pulled the fingers into my mouth before clamping down.

The little vision I had completely blacked out leaving my body paralyzed. I could hear a zombie try to shuffle away. The other ones began to scream. Their clawing against my skin became frantic. There was nothing I could do to fight back. More blunt nails continued to drag against me. I screamed and then it was peacefully numb.

My eyes opened, all that was to be seen was black. Slowly I could feel the stinging sensation the zombie nails’ clawing had left as color started to creep back into my sight. Fingers touched the side of my face when I heard a man gasp.

“Zombies.” It hurt to talk. Blood trickled down my neck as the world swam into view. “Kill them.” More blood, more pain. Vergil’s concerned gaze flickered across my vision as I attempted to blink the black away. “Vergil. Kill. Zombies. Humans.”

Never had my voice sounded so pathetic. My arms stopped feeling like lead and I slowly raised my arm to my neck. My fingers traced loose flesh as I felt the wound that was leaking. Tears I couldn’t stop slipped down my face as I felt another bite close to the first start to bleed.

“Sintheia, are you okay?” Vergil’s blue eyes shone like he was going to cry. “Jesus, what the hell happened?”

Vergil began to fade from my vision, in his place kneeling towards me. “Sintheia.” He growled. “Take them to me. It’s time.”

More tears fell in a rapid succession. “I understand Master.”

He smirked and walked away, bringing flickers of reality to me. The reality of me laying on concert bleeding with Vergil beside me asking me if I’m okay.

Dante stood just a few feet from us . Blood dripped down his arm. Just like it would if I took them to their father.

Who are you to refuse my orders? You are nothing but a puppet that I control. Don’t forget it. His voice snarled in my mind.

That’s right, Sintheia. You’re just a puppet. I bitterly whispered to myself. Nothing but a puppet.


The bite marks bled. She hadn’t said more than a few sentences. Her eyes fluttered open for only a few precious seconds before they closed and tears slipped down her face. I couldn’t stand it.

I heard boots crunch. Dante crouched down beside me. “She’ll be okay. I’ve seen her live through worse.”

I glanced at him and was stunned at what I saw. His face showed pain that I had only seen on his face just once before; when Mom died.

Fear lanced through my mind when I finally realized why Dante had suggested that we ask for her help. Dante was in love with her. “Why did you ask her for help?”

Dante turned to look at me. “Why doesn’t matter right now. We need to get her back to the flat before she bleeds to death.”

I simply nodded to him and slowly pulled the limp body of Sintheia into my arms. As I rose, I watched his tears fall onto the cement.


Vergil figured it out. I hadn’t expected him to figure out though. This was something I had kept it a secret from myself. I never wanted him to know. Yet, if I didn’t want him to know, why did I bring him here? He has fallen in love with her, why did I let it happen?


It was midnight when reality hit me. I woke with a volt and I could feel the weight of someone else laying beside me. I reached out to touch the warm body beside me. The body growled in it’s sleep before rolling away from my touch. It was one of the guys but I couldn’t figure out who it was.

I shook my head and slipped off the bed, checking back to make sure the figure was still asleep. I smiled when I saw a flash of a blue duster sitting on my floor.

I turned on the light and clamped my hand over my mouth to cover my scream. Blotchy red marked decorated my face in random order. My neck, bandaged in white. Red seeped through in parts. Memories of pain flashed through my mind when my fingers touched the spots.

Sparta had wanted me to take his sons to him. If I took them, he would kill them. Dante and Vergil meant to much to me just to lead them to their killer.

I sighed and touched the side of my face, fingers following the scratch marks. Sparta had taken control of his puppet once again. Obviously to show me who was still in control. A small smile slipped across my face when I had made up my mind.

I mean a puppet has to break the rules every once in a while, right?

I woke to find an empty bed in an familiar place. I jolted and saw my coat in the corner of the room. I slipped out of the bed and grabbed it, pulling it on as I walked around the room.

I was unarmed. I’m hardly ever unarmed unless I’m with someone that I trust. No one. Where was my weapons anyway?

Metal glinted out of the corner of my eye. The sword was sitting there on a littered desk. After the katayna was in its rightful place at my hip, I looked through the papers and frowned.

The perfect, cursive letters spelled out words and thoughts that could only belong to one person. For some reason I couldn’t figure out, I could place a face but not the name.

A pretty face with black, curly hair and violet eyes. Who was she?


I’m numb. There’s a giant, gaping hole where my heart should be. A woman I had loved with everything in me ripped it apart. She finished ripping me to pieces when she left.

She had a pretty face with black curls that fell just right down her eyes and purple eyes so pretty you could drown in them. A pretty face with no name. Why couldn’t I remember her name? Who is she?


I took away their memories. They don’t need to know me. I’d only cause hurt. I cried while I did it though. I had grown to like the twins. They are nothing like their coldhearted father. They didn’t know that he controlled me. That’s something that they will never need to know.

I smiled softly as I hid and watched them walk through my home bewildered. They no longer knew the name Sintheia. It had to stay that way. I had to keep the memory of them buried when I faced Sparta.

They left one by one and I was left alone in a now seemly empty space that once was a home. After Sparta was done with me, they’d have to clean my remains off the walls. I laughed as I walked around my house for a last time.

My vision began to flicker. Sparta was here now. Tears fell down my face when I could hear his boots thud on the tile. I smiled softly in a mirror and turned to face him.

That smile was still there when he began to cut.


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