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The Red King's Sword

November 11, 2011
By Moira Bailey, Burlignton North Carolina, North Carolina
Moira Bailey, Burlignton North Carolina, North Carolina
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The Moment Aelita Hopper returns to school from spring break she knows something is up. The trees are bathed in red, orange and yellow even though it's April. Things go missing from dorms regularly and people are disappearing. Call it paranoia but almost everyone places the blame on the mysterious students from Bloor's Academy which has recently and temporarily merged with Kadic. Things get weirder when Aelita runs into her friend Larana Safire-eye who unbeknownst to Aelita is member of the Jedi who have come to earth to build the legendary council of Warriors. But the young heroes chosen for the job as brave they might be are unskilled and inexperienced not to mention nowhere near ready to go up against the Sith or retrieve the Red King's legedary sword. Only through teamwork and braver can Aelita, Jeremy, Larana, Obi-wan, Aang, Katara, Charlie, Olivia, Tony, Edien, Jared, Will, Sora and Kairi lead their friends to victort and along their way they discover if you stand together you'll never fall.

Moira B.

The Red King's Sword

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