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Midnight Manor

December 16, 2010
By Beth. SILVER, Blyth, Other
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Author's note: This story was inspired by my class at Middle School- I lived with them for 3 years- without them this story wouldn't exist.

“We’re going on a trip to Midnight Manor!” Mrs Rudd exclaimed to the class. There was an odd assortment of yes and no’s but Mrs. Rudd carried on “we will be staying there for seven days, you will need.” However, Mrs. Rudd had lost the children’s attention at the word “stay” the children of six white were too busy exchanging facts and tales to listen. The day passed quickly, at home time Mrs. Rudd said, “I want you all to be here by 09:30 tomorrow otherwise we leave without you.”

Wednesday came quickly for most people, all barring Jessica her uncle had mysteriously vanished, whilst exploring the castle, she was dreading the visit. The bus ride there took three hours, but when they got out, the boys played football and the girls did skipping races. They all took their bags from the bus driver then waddled off towards the manor.

As they walked in through the large wooden doors, they saw a diamond chandelier swinging gently in the breeze. They walked through another set of doors and found them selves facing an extremely large staircase.

Many steps later, they found themselves in a dormitory there was a guide waiting for them.

“This is the boy’s dormitory; no girls are allowed to enter this room with out permission from the teachers, as with boys going into girls rooms.” The redheaded guide instructed them.

“At 8:30am you will come for breakfast, it lasts one hour arrive any time after you will not get any breakfast. Lunch starts at 1:20pm and lasts an hour the same rules apply to all the meals so do not be late. Dinner is at 7pm and you must make it here on time.” The red-haired woman continued.

The boys’ attention had wondered to what lay behind a small wooden door, and the girls were giggling and arguing about what the guide desperately needed doing with her lipstick as it was smeared across her face.

“Right single line and follow me; Mrs Herron has given me a map...”

“Thank god or we would be wondering around Africa if Mrs. Rudd didn’t have a map” called a boy from the back of the line. Sure enough, Mrs. Rudd figured who it was. Liam Scott.

As they walked up even more stairs, the girls began to whimper and cower against or behind their friends and in extreme cases the boys. A mouse crawled out from a hole in the wall and scuttled towards them; all the girls screamed and tried to hide.

“It’s just a mouse!” Jack said snorting at the girls’ behaviour; Ben tapped Jack’s shoulder,
“But that isn’t” Ben laughed. The one thing Jack hated more than girls was RATS. Moreover, that was what was staring at him through evil red eyes, down a long scruffy snout.

“Jack’s afraid of rats, Jack is afraid of rats” The boys and girls chanted. Mrs. Rudd realising what was happening shouted: “STOP!”
Every body stopped and stared that was not like Mrs. Rudd the only time she did that was when she was embarrassed or scarred.
“We have missed our turn,” Mrs Rudd said trembling “and this place isn’t shown on the map!”

“I did say we would get lost.” Liam whispered to all his mates (Daniel, Skye, Bethan, Jake and Ben C all nodded)

“I’ve heard about this place and there are pictures on the Internet, It’s the haunted hallway. Marc said quietly and slowly.

“OH, yeah I’ve seen the pictures too we are lucky we won’t be here at night.” Daniel added and he went and cuddled Jessica.
There was footsteps coming from the hallway, the girls screamed again a shadow started to grow on the wall. There was a fight to hide behind Wallis and April who both up to now had acted quietly.

Alex, Jade, Becky and Lauren Taylor were pinching pieces of paper and pens (off Thomas and Connor who had both brought drawing pads) and scribbling a will in miniscule writing onto a piece of paper.

Lauren and Becky were saying that they would always be friends and even if one is killed, they will think about each other every day. Bethany, Chloe, Sharna and Aimmie we are screaming at the top of their voices. Dylon and Tyrone were franticly finding their friends.

Then Jessica called out “where are Natasha and Anna!”
“Holly and Sam have gone missing as well!” Shouted Connor and Lauren.

“This is my Teaching career at an end!” said Mrs. Rudd dramatically.
“I see wire let’s follow it.” Shouted Ben Connel, so following Ben, they followed the wire. It had took them to the silver door Liam being bold opened the door and to every ones surprise a pleasant breeze filled the room.

The wire went further down the track they carried on following it, whilst half way through the whole class found themselves on the floor having collided with four very familiar people.
“HOLLY, SAM, NATASHA, ANNA!” Shouted everyone.
“NO time to explain run,” Anna Shouted back by the time every one was on their feet.

Another set of footsteps added to the classes a more clip-clopping sort of noise

“Why do you want us to run…?” Asked Skye
Too late her question was answered; a monster with gleaming red eyes a bulls head and a man’s body was pounding towards them. They ran for what seemed hours on end through a winding maze of tunnels, when they eventually got to the silver door. They shut the door, piled everything in the dormitory against it, and ran to the phone down-stairs.
“WOW Mrs when you said it was for History, I never knew it would be this far back!” Shouted Daniel T who was beetroot in the face and panting, but he still had his sense of humour.

All the girls screamed, as Bethan drew her hands from the curtains covered in spiders, they were crawling up her arms, up her tracksuit top sleeve. She screamed. All the girls screamed again.

“Who has done this to Bethan?” Skye shouted in to the group of girls.

Mrs Rudd hearing the racket ran into the dormitory followed by Liam Ashley and Daniel Thompson.

“What on Earth is going on in here, surely you are not having nightmares about the haunted hallway again are you Lauren or you Aimmie?” Mrs Rudd asked

“No Mrs Rudd.” The two girls said together

“It’s me Mrs. Somebody has put spiders in my curtains.” Bethan told Mrs. Rudd
Liam and Daniel were on the floor laughing clutching their sides, when they finally stood up the girls looked solemn.
“OK we did it but we didn’t realise it would be Bethan opening the curtains, we hoped it would be Mrs. Herron.” Daniel said blushing and facing away from the girls, who had replaced their solemn looks with a murderous stare.
“It was a dare Liam, Ben and Jack all made us do it, they said we could” Liam stated

“I don’t care what they said you could do, all I want to know is why you would even try. There is more than a 50% chance of someone else opening those curtains; it could have even been me!” Mrs. Rudd exclaimed. “You two are on clean up duty for the rest of the stay, every day I want the silver ware cleaned and polished perfectly.”

At 7pm, the children followed Mrs Rudd to the hall where a long dinning table stood in the middle. Seeing as they had missed lunch because of their little trip down stairs the class was ravenous. After dinner Daniel and Liam followed Mrs. Herron down to the kitchen where 35 plates, 35 bowls and 105 knifes, spoons and forks stood waiting for them.

“I’ll wash and you can put things away” Liam said and started on the washing.
Half way through when Liam’s fingers were like prunes; whilst Daniel was carrying a heavy pan to the cupboard, he opened the door and looked up. He was staring into a pair of blank white eyes. Daniel screamed and ran. Liam picked the pan up and went to put it in the cupboard but found the same white eyes, he looked further down, looking for a pocket in which he might have a wallet so he could tell whom it was. There were footsteps in the hallway.

“What’s wrong!” Chloe shouted, “Is somebody scared of Mr. Bones”
All the girls of six white were standing in the doorway and laughing madly.
“YOU DID THIS!” Shouted Daniel from the back of the crowd.

“Yes, don’t you like Mr. Bones we found him in the science lab upstairs? Come on Mr. Bones we’ll take you back up to the lab” Lauren shouted over the laughter of the girls and with that, she lifted the skeleton out of the cupboard and turned to carry him upstairs.

“I’m so tired,” Jessica, moaned sleepily from a chintz armchair in the corner of the girls’ dormitory, “I think I’ll get some pyjamas on and then go to bed.”

Meanwhile in the boys dormitory the boys were betting on which girl would freak out first.
“£1, on Natasha, Skye and Bethan.” Liam Scott called across the room.

“I’ll take it, but I still think that Chloe, Aimmie and Sharna will get freaked out first.” Jack replied. So deep in conversation, the boys had no idea what was happening in the girls’ room.

Whilst Jessica had been getting her pyjamas on the other girls were guessing on whether or not Daniel would kiss her.
“I don’t think they will,” called Bethany “Jess really hates Daniel”

“But you should have seen them on the way down to dinner, they were complementing each other, Daniel even said Jessica’s hair looked nice.” Natasha argued

There was a knock at the door,
“We’ve got a free period, tomorrow how about playing football with me and the boys?” asked Mark from the doorway.
The girls all agreed, so after breakfast, they changed into tracksuits and went out into the gardens where they found all the boys waiting for them with the goal posts made and ready. It was a terrible defeat for the girls, 12-1 to the boys, Dylon did not make it any better he was upfront and kept slide tackling the girls when they did not expect it. Wallis kept falling over and splattering every one with mud, every time she kicked, which gave the boys a great advantage.

“My hairs a mess,” moaned April from the goal posts. Lauren Taylor who had scored the first and only goal for the girls was covered from head to toe, with mud and was later congratulated for her goal.

After showers-every one needed one- the class walked down to lunch. Mrs Rudd and Mrs Herron obviously had something to tell them as they were on the edge of their seats.
“This was found on the bathroom door, just about a minute ago,” Mrs. Herron Sympathetically said to the class, she passed a note around. It read:

Dear Children,

I’ve took Skye, Marc and Anna, If you want to see your friends again, I want my Niece Jessica Parker to meet me at the grand father clock in the entrance hall at 11:30pm on Wednesday the 14th of May 2008.


James Henry Miller-Parker.
P.S: Jessica you need to be alone. Do not worry your friends are safe, For Now.

“Damn, that’s today, Oh I really don’t want to go.” Jessica cried desperately.
“You are going, because I want my Skye back!” Bethan warned Jessica.
“We want Anna, back as well!” shouted Becky, Jade and Holly.
“And we want Marc back” shouted the boys.
The class advanced on Jessica slowly.
“That’s enough.” Shouted Mrs Rudd

“Ben, I can’t sort my pen knife out will you help me?” Asked Connor
Further, down the table, there was an argument; Jake lunged at Ben Connell, knocking him to the ground. Jake punched Ben hard in the face, But Ben fought back he kicked Jake in the kneecap sending him to the floor. Alex, Sam and Liam Scott were crowding around them yelling “fight, fight, fight!” repeatedly

It was coming up to 11:30 and Jessica had just arrived at the grandfather clock she heard footsteps…

The author's comments:
-- About Mrs. Rudd and Brad Pitt, my teacher had always fantasized about Brad, so i figured i'd put him in the story :)

“Jessica! Jessica, Jessica!” called Wallis Running down the corridor, when she reached the grandfather clock. No one was there. Nothing but Wallis, and the tall mahogany grand father’s clock were standing in the corridor. She heard shallow breathing, “w...that’s there?” Wallis asked cautiously.
“Wallis is that you, thank god, somebody came, Mr. Parker-Jessica’s uncle- has taken Jessica!” Skye’s worried. “He left a note.” She continued. Skye wandered out the shadows and pointed at the clock. Wallis rummaged around at the bottom of the pendulum case; she found nothing but disturbed mice. She checked in side the clock face, cabinet and found it stuck to one of the cogs.
Dear children,

I have taken my darling niece Jessica, for a while so she can get to know me better. The other three children are hidden at various places around the manor; hope you enjoy your treasure hunt.

James Henry Miller-Parker.

The two girls ran to the rest of the class waiting patiently in the common room that stood between the two dormitories.
“Mrs Rudd, Wallis found this, it’s another note.” Skye said quietly but rather, fast as if hoping that it if she said it quicker it would be less painful.
“Where are Marc and Anna?” asked Alex curiously.
“Aren’t they there, Wallis where are Anna and Marc?” Jade added Peering around Wallis.
“Yeah, where is Jessica?” Asked Sam
Mrs Rudd, Wallis and Skye had tears in their eyes (but for Wallis and Skye they were not tears of sadness)
Everyone could tell by the look on Mrs Rudd’s face what had happened. She walked out the room.
“Let’s have a remembrance,” Wallis crossed her fingers and carried on “party for Jessica.”
They were half way through singing “for she’s a jolly good fellow” for about the 100th time when Bethan called out above the heads of the boys “where are Anna and Marc?”
The party was put in the bin the whole class stuck on some warm clothes, (mini-skirts and t-shirts, it is cold in a castle at night) put batteries in Jessica’s lucky bag (they definitely needed it) and put food in Daniel’s mini-fridge that he took with him everywhere.
“We’ll split up into two parties I’ll lead one and April can lead the other” Liam nodded to April, she nodded back “these people go with April, Wallis, Alex, Bethan, Thomas, Tyrone, Chloe, Aimmee, Natasha, Ben K, Jake, Daniel T, Becky and Bethany. The rest of you follow me and STAY ALERT!”
The class split into their two groups, one made for the eastern wing of the manor, towards the Library and dining hall and the other group made towards the western wing, with the grandfather clock.

Liam’s group walked into the Library, they started pulling books furiously fast out of the shelves hoping a secret passageway would reveal itself when one of the books was torn from its place.

The door gave an eerie creek and swung shut.
Connor turning sharply, around said “someone go and check the door, make sure we aren’t locked in.”

“I’ll do it,” came a reply from Holly who was already making her way to the door, she rattled the handle “OH NO, It’s locked. The girls screamed again.
The room gave a sudden shudder. Everyone screamed this time, the books on the floor started shaking too. Then, they rose into the air and started hurling themselves at the kids. The group ran in different directions, occasionally, knocking others over.
The other group however, were not having as much bad-luck as the other group; they had found a trail of slime to follow. Alex thought it was ectoplasm, the stuff ghosts are made of. Nevertheless, they followed all the same, it lead them to a small dark room in the bottom of the manor far below the grandfather clock.
“This is the perfect place for a ghost to hide!” Tyrone whispered from the back of the group.
They heard voices from within. Daniel and Jake pushed to the front of the crowd and opened the door silently.
The group stared
“MRS RUDD!” shouted Chloe, Aimmee, and Natasha.
“OMG!” Said Becky
“It’s just a teachers meeting!” Mrs Rudd explained
“It’s Brad Pitt,” Squealed Ben and Bethany
Mrs Rudd was standing there with Brad Pitt a galaxy bar and saucepan in her hand.

During this time the other group had escaped the flying books, which had happened when Lauren Brown accidentally through one of the books and ripped of its cover.
“I wonder why that happened” Asked Daniel Pattinson who was still grieving Jessica’s disappearance.
“It’s probably because of the Magic stops...” However, Liam was cut short because Jack said
“No, you idiot, my name is Liam” Liam snapped back
“No, Marc is over there!” Shouted Mark
Sure enough, Marc was walking towards them, shaken but he looked fine.
Liam text April to tell them they had found Marc, she text back saying they had found Anna, and a few more people. If you where in the common room you would think that there was a robbery going on, but the party was back in swing with no worries now apart from how Mr. Rudd was going to feel about Brad Pitt.
Dylon and Ben where talking with their fingers crossed that Jessica would return and a couple people where hoping that too! Daniel and Lauren walked across the room holding hands wearing smug grins; Lauren overheard Dylon saying, “I hope Jessica comes back when those two snog!” Lauren stood on a table and shouted “Shame on you, hoping that Jess will not come back.” The music faltered then stopped
There was a roar of “YES!”
“Let’s go and get DRUNK!” Lauren shouted at the top of her voice
“I beg your Pardon,” Said Mrs Rudd walking into the common room...

6White were huddled around a small table in the middle of the common room, discussing there next move of action. Bethany and Anna had already been sent to distract Mrs Rudd and Daniel Pattinson and Liam Scott had been sent to cause a riot in the hall (they were planning on loosening the chandelier so it would fall from the ceiling)
“I’ll take a group down to the cellar!” exclaimed Lauren Brown
“No I am Daniel said I could!” Shouted Lauren “Didn’t you Daniel.”
“Sorry Lauren, I did promise her.” Daniel replied. Dylan, Marc, Tyrone and Thomas all came rushing in at the same time.
“We nicked the map out of Mrs. Rudd’s cupboard, then we overheard her and Mrs. Herron talking about all the ways to the cellar are locked or barricaded and the only one left is the passage we locked the Minotaur in.” came Dylan’s voice.
“OH, PANTS!” Shouted Ben Connell everyone turned and stared.
“Why are you scared, you didn’t get snatched by that thing.” Shouted Natasha, looking at everyone’s faces they were stiff with horror.
“Right change the plan then” Wallis said simply
Who had been in a bit of a huff lately as Lauren was only speaking to Daniel
“How about I lead a group of boys down to the Minotaur passage and you,” Ben K indicated to Holly “Lead some girls down to the cellar passage ways and try to get through the barricades, but try to find Liam, Daniel, Bethany and Anna, I hope to high heavens that they aren’t lost.”
“Right follow me, lads and keep your eyes open. Who’s got a phone in the girls group?” Asked Ben All of the girls raised their hands. “Text me if you find any one.” Someone’s phone bleeped
“We’ve got a message,” shouted Liam and Jack together as everyone put their phones away. “It’s from Liam.” Jack stated
It says, “HELP, HELP Jessica has got a maniac uncle I’m in the Minotaur passage, Daniel Pattinson is in the kitchen stuffed in the fridge, Anna and Bethany are no-where to be seen. HURRY UP I’M WAITING.”
Lauren Taylor having fainted at the news of her boyfriend woke with a start. “Minotaur passage. We’re dead.”
“Where is Mrs Rudd she usually checks up on us every half an hour.” Shouted Jade, the class turned to face her every face wearing the same expression, grief, mingled with sadness.
Aimee and Chloe burst into the tears. Whilst Connor, Sam and Alex’s hearts fell to the pit of their stomach. Finding the others was scrapped and they set of in two’s and three’s to find Mrs Rudd each group had at least one phone and they where all going to meet up at the grand father clock in a hour. Natasha’s group consisted of April and Becky. They had been given the dining hall which being large had very few hiding places.
“Oh, I can’t be bothered,” moaned Skye and Bethan from behind a magazine whilst, Holly was searching the girls dormitory. Bethans’ phone rang it was, Jake “Daniel has been found meet us at the grandfather clock.” Moments later, Skye’s phone rang it was April this time “Anna has been found pass this message around!” The class were all pounding towards each other with a powerful feeling of happiness.
“We’ve found Anna and Daniel!” Exclaimed Mark, very enthusiastically.
“Now all we need to find are Mrs. Rudd and Jess!” Wallis said brightly.

Lauren and Daniel sat down that night and decided to do it. They announced it to the class and were only interrupted once when Daniel Thompson shouted, “So you are actually going to do it?” Lauren had to tell them what she meant, “we’ve decided to have a candle-lit dinner.” The class was so disgruntled at this news they lobbed paper aeroplanes at Daniel until he said he would kiss her at least. The girls had found a game of monopoly in the cupboard and were in teams (at the moment Lauren Brown, April, Becky, Bethany and Anna Were winning.)
“Right we are bankrupt we’ll sell all our properties for £250 each who wants them!” Said a gloomy Natasha. Instead of playing Monopoly Jade and Holly were planning how the class were going to find Mrs Rudd, Liam Ashley had so cleverly stated “Give you a bet, she’ll be walking around Africa.”
Dylon, Both Ben’s, Marc, Thomas, Tyrone, and Jake had been sent to try to find Jessica and every one was looking forward to her return. Liam Ashley, Sam and Connor had gone to steal food from the kitchen for Lauren and Daniels romantic candle-lit dinner. Jack, Mark, Alex, Wallis, Chloe and Aimee had all signed up for being waiters and servers for the lovely couple.
It was fast approaching 7:30pm (when the dinner date was set for) and Lauren was getting advice from Bethan and Skye on what to wear, what to eat, what to talk about and most importantly how she should act. She did not want to look as though she was expecting anything other than a dinner date (although she was.)
Lauren and Daniel had just sat down for starters when a commotion started outside the door banged open and in the doorway stood...

“Jessica!” Called Daniel, bewildered by his X-girlfriends appearance. Jake, Dylan, Ben, Ben, Marc Tyrone and Thomas came rushing in, “Well we found her!” panted Ben Kirtley.
“How did she know where to find us?” asked Lauren.
“Oops.” Breathed Dylan.
“How much did you tell her?” Asked Daniel.
“Will you stop referring to me as though I’m not here?” asked an agitated Jessica

A scream came from downstairs,
“That sounded like Wallis.” Shouted Connor, mirthless laughter came from the hallway,
“And that sounded like Mrs Rudd.” Shouted Sam over the screams echoing from the hall.
“Everyone down stairs!” Shouted April
“What about a plan?” Asked Daniel Thompson.
“No time, someone could be getting murdered and you’re not bothered?” Asked Jade incredulously.
The class charged out the door, hopped the stairs three at a time and then opened the door to find...

“WALLIS!” screamed Jessica, the creature Wallis was cowering away from changed targets and started towards Natasha. Jack dived in front of her just in time for the oddly distorted creature to bang off the small rounded table Jack was holding up. The creature whimpered then turned and ran through the open door.
“Wallis are you all right, what happened?” asked Chloe; whilst Alex came rushing in to tell everyone where the mutilated Mrs. Rudd had went.
“She ran into the wall and then disappeared,” Alex plainly said his lack of excitement obviously meant he had tried something that hurt.
“We need Liam.” The girls agreed in whispers.
“Fine then tomorrow we’ll go into that Minotaur passage and save Liam if he’s not already dead.” Mark Decided.
“What about Bethany and Mrs Rudd?” Asked Becky
“Well, I’ll be honest but maybe a day or two with out a teacher will be Okay.” Lauren Brown owned up.
“But everyone’s forgetting what’s happening tomorrow.” Said Bethan in an all Knowing Voice.
“What?” Asked the class.
“Six Red are coming.” Butted in Skye
“Oh aye I remember there is a year group boys footy match the day after tomorrow” Liam roared over the chatter.
“And Six Blue is coming in two days time.” Anna shouted from the middle of the class.
“We need to talk to Mrs Herron.” Aimmee told Jessica
“I wouldn’t if I were you.” Jessica said joining the conversation.
“Why?” Asked Wallis
“Because she works for Jessica’s Uncle,” Alex whispered in a mysterious voice.
“How do you know?” Asked Jessica
“We guessed.” Connor said trying to imitate Alex’s mysterious voice, but failing terribly.
“ENOUGH we need to save all our friends by noon tomorrow, who knows what’s wrong with Mrs. Rudd?” Asked Jade.
“Oh, I Know, I Know, picks me, pick me.” Bethan shouted
“I’ll pick you for a meeting with pain.” Sam joked
“Yes, Bethan” Jade said pointing at Bethan who was waving her arm wildly in the air.
“Well I don’t know but Skye does. Don’t you Skye.” Bethan said in a childish voice.
“Yes I do, but it isn’t pleasant,” Skye Started- the class hung onto her every word- “Her soul is possessed by the stone basin. Jessica’s uncle has been planning it with Mrs. Herron since we arrived.”
“You have got to be kidding me.” Holly laughed
“She’s not I remember him saying that, it isn’t a Minotaur in there it’s just a holographic picture.” Natasha argued
“Let’s go then if it is not a real Minotaur which I very much doubt there is, we might as well save Liam and try to work out the clue to where Mrs. Rudd’s uncontaminated soul might be.” Lauren Brown stated.
“Right straight to the passage girls in the middle surrounded by boys.” April said making sure everyone was in line.
“Hup one two three, forward March!” Daniel laughed clutching his sides and holding onto Chloe for support.
Lauren, Anna, Aimmee and Becky where having a rock, paper, scissor match to see who got to be in front none of them wanted to be, Anna won, so one step behind the boys she lead every one behind her through the dark and cobwebbed filled corridors. Occasionally hiding behind a statue or something similar to escape a terrified mouse.
Jake and Daniel Thompson moved the furniture away from the silver door, which again when opened filled the room with a pleasant breeze,
“Right keep your eyes peeled. Any Questions before we go in.”
“Will any of us die?” Asked Ben Kirtley
“Not today, hopefully.” Liam replied
Will we come out alive?” Asked Ben Connel.
“Yes, hopefully.”
“Are we allowed to blink?” Asked Jack
Someone stamped on Jacks foot, whilst Liam answered.
“Everyone apart from you!” Liam Joked

“Oh, it’s really dark.” Whispered Becky, the door swung shut.
“Okay who closed the door?” Asked Daniel Thompson
“I thought I was supposed to...” Answered Jake.
“You idiot now we’re locked in.” Ben Shouted at Jake.
Natasha rattled the door, and then whispered something in Sharna’s ear.
“We are locked in.” Sharna moaned.
The class hurried along the winding maze of tunnels until they eventually came to a fork opening.
“There are 2 different openings which one shall we go through, or shall we split into Groups of four and five,” Liam Ashley asked everyone voted for group of four and five “here are the groups:
All okay, let’s go then”

“We’ll stay here to make sure nobody comes back.” Jade’s group decided
“Okay But be careful,” Skye said to her Bethan.

“Right I’m going in after them, it’s been more than an hour... will whoever is shuffling their feet stop!” Cried an agitated Alex everyone looked around nobody was shuffling their feet, well not that they could see.

A grunt came from the corridor.
“ Aghhhhhh, a Holographic minotaur!” Cried Bethan “May I just ask what is a Hologram?”
“Well it’s...” Wallis stated but Jade cut in
“NO time to explain!” Jade hurried her as rushing footsteps pounded towards them.

A huge Galumphing creature came out the shadow,
“My God that’s ugly!” Shouted Wallis
“Oh, you’ve always been a pleasure to sit opposite at school” The creature said.
“It’s Liam!” Said a very faint Alex.
“OH, My God, I’m so sorry Liam, I Take back every thing I’ve ever said about you.” Wallis cried
“Like what!” Asked Liam he was coming back to his old-self.
“Maybe now isn’t the time, Wallis remember.” Jade started
However, Wallis and Liam were looking into each other’s eyes and had dreamy expressions on their faces.
The small group and Liam ran into the maze Liam, leading, who now knew the tunnels off by heart.

Further down they bumped into the class; Skye ran and hugged Liam the second he emerged from the tunnel, and came back her sapphire eyes glistening with tears.

“Well, all we have to worry about now is Mrs Rudd!” Holly stated
“Liam do you know where the Stone Basin is?” Asked Jack
“Yep, follow me.” In addition, that was exactly what the class did until they reached a few spider webs, which was where April, Jessica, Lauren T, Chloe, Aimmee and Bethany stopped.
Then they reached a rat, which is where Jack very obviously stopped.

Then they reached a dull brown stone basin, “This can’t be it!” Daniel Laughed.
“I’ll climb in and get it,” Anna shouted
“I’m coming with you!” Lauren Brown butted in
“So are we!” Decided Tyrone, Thomas, Ben, Marc, Dylon Marc and Connor.
“Make a chain, then lower Lauren and Anna in!” Exclaimed Daniel.T
That was exactly what the boy’s and the two girls did not at all reluctant for holding hands, slowly they lowered Anna and Lauren into the basin.
After 10 minutes of tense waiting, Anna and Lauren materialised out of thin air, with a small pocket labelled:
Mrs. Karen Kelso Rudd.
“It doesn’t look very pretty but if it saves Mrs. Rudd, I’ll be happy enough.” Jessica Claimed
“How do we get it to Mrs. Rudd?” Asked a befuddled Lauren
“Open the packet!” Shouted Dylan everyone turned to look at him “It works in the film!”
Anna opened the packet and the weird thing flew out the window, which the children all hopped out of, and followed it up many swirling staircases, then to a room which the old Mrs. Rudd was standing in admiring her normal body in the mirror.
The class bashed the door open and gathered around Mrs. Rudd hugging her from every side.

2 days later.
“ Everybody got everything?” Asked Mrs Rudd in the hall as Mrs Marshall counted the children.
“Come on, out to the busses.” Mrs Best instructed them.
“So that’s it over?” Asked Jessica
“All done, I’m happy about that.” Wallis answered
Mrs. Rudd Came hurrying over.
“I’ve got some news,” she said the class stirred. “All the bus tyres are popped! We’ll be staying here for a couple more days!”
“NO!” Shouted 6White

6white took their seats as the wedding Music started up, every one shuffled in their seats, Karen Rudd, Lauren Taylor and Holly Stoneman waltzed up the isle towards the priest and three rather handsome boys.

“Do you Lauren Taylor take Daniel Pattinson, to be your lawful wedded husband?” Asked Father Thomas
“I do!”
“Do you Daniel Pattinson take Lauren Taylor to be your Lawful wedded wife?” Asked Father Thomas
“I do!”
“Do you Karen Kelso Rudd take Brad Pitt, to be your lawful wedded husband?” Asked Father Thomas
“I do!”
“Do you Brad Pitt take Karen Kelso Rudd to be your Lawful wedded wife?” Asked Father Thomas
“I do!”
“Do you Holly Ruth Stoneman take Jonathon Pitt, to be your lawful wedded husband?” Asked Father Thomas
“I do!”
“Do you Jonathon Pitt take Holly Ruth Stoneman to be your Lawful wedded wife?” Asked Father Thomas
“I do!”
“I proclaim you all husband and Wife! Congratulations!”

The guests came chasing after the new couples to congratulate them and give them gifts.
“It’s so good being back here.” Lauren told Holly as they were getting bottles of larger for Jonathon and Daniel.
“I know it was one of the weirdest and best experiences in my life it would be first but my Hen night topped it by far!”

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